Hermitcraft 8: Episode 31 - MOONERS
Mumbo Jumbo
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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo starts a Hermitcraft cult based around the moon gradually approaching the Hermitcraft server. This Minecraft cult called the mooners is dedicated to staying awake, and praising the moon for its efforts. Mumbo builds a Minecraft temple with automatic Minecraft redstone contraptions. Mumbo Jumbo also works on the Mumbo mega base, making the back of the Hermitcraft base actually look good.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I genuinely think of the Sun and Moon orbiting the Minecraft world, for some reason the idea of a sun centric solar system in the Minecraft universe seems odd to me. Of course in real life I know that the earth is on the back of a turtle accelerating at 9.81m/s through space, but Minecraft differs from reality a bit.

    • PurpleJaedd

      I think it's technically a tortise but ill let it slide

    • Phantom Fascist
      Phantom Fascist

      Moon cult already exist 🤐

    • hyperhyatt

      Oli how come you don't stream on RSloft like back and season 7 when you did the hundred days

    • BadReportCard

      That's a relief. For a second I thought you actually believed forgot the earth orbits the sun...

    • Finn De Haan
      Finn De Haan

      im a moaner

  • Hippopr0🇺🇦

    Mumbo you could add a despenser that gives people jump boost and slow falling when a hermit enters the temple to give them moon effect

    • kyle

      How fast the night changes

    • Zayan Khurram
      Zayan Khurram

      i agree

    • Retronyx


    • Zarzar

      Jump boost beacon perhaps

    • Shock The North
      Shock The North

      I 100% agree with this

  • Windchilled

    "I can't just walk around calling myself a mooner, people are gonna think I'm weird!" I think they'd call you a luna-tic if anything

    • Dopl

      i read that at the exact moment jumbo started saying that statement

    • orange over
      orange over

      That was hint of what was going to happen MMXXI in Roman numerals is 2021 😮

    • Critical Role Ace
      Critical Role Ace

      Take the like and get out of here

    • HenryPlaysYT


  • Liban M.R.
    Liban M.R.

    TIP, a good one: Use like a one tier beacon with the jump boost under or around the Mooner's Temple!

    • Naufal IsM
      Naufal IsM

      That’s SmArt

  • Caleb Wooten
    Caleb Wooten

    I feel like rather than 'mooner', you should go with 'lunatic.' Also, why not use some endstone for parts of your mooner temple, maybe parts of the floor or moon. Just a suggestion.

  • Rachael Piotte
    Rachael Piotte

    "Look! Our lunar neighbor has sent down wakefulness friends!" killed me.

  • Viani PZN-0148
    Viani PZN-0148

    I think, Mumbo should add a beacon with jump boost in the middle of the temple (because low gravity you know?) That activates every night and every time a member joins.

    • Dev O
      Dev O


    • Poultry Pants
      Poultry Pants

      @Slade I Guess Yea, and using redstone you could swap the glass to change the beacon color to light blue during the day. Or you could just leave the beacon visible, I think that would look pretty cool. It would also look like it was beaming up to the moon.

    • Slade I Guess
      Slade I Guess

      @Poultry Pants since it’ll be night, the beacon could be black to hide it

    • Alex Gao
      Alex Gao

      Gooo lag

    • Jaimmv

      Yeah he can just use a piston to block the beacon beam at day

  • m3li0r

    Teacher: “I’m not an artist” *proceeds to draw the most terrible thing* Mumbo: “m not a builder” *builds great crescent almost 1st try*

  • Beau Zeau
    Beau Zeau

    "Embrace the moon with open arms" All I can think when I hear this is, The moon just wants a hug!

  • PrototypePlatform

    impulse: moves house so he can see his factory from the centre of boatem. mumbo: haha moon building

  • TheSarcasticModerate

    Mumbo: - Has an A level in English - Used terms like “plinths” and “lunar terraforming” - Could probably teach a course in electrical engineering if he just replaced “redstone” with “electricity”. Also Mumbo: “Adjectives?”

    • Connor Moriarty
      Connor Moriarty

      How about the fact that he says the sun revolves around the earth?

  • Pseudodonn7

    So, let me get this straight. The boy who has a Wizard-themed district decided the answer to the large moon was science; where as the redstone genius' solution to the large moon was to start a cult. Did... did Grian get Mumbo's soul when Mumbo took Grian's? Because I think that was a two-way transfer now.

    • Snowowlmv3

      Like how you, chair, are right under someone named table.

    • chair

      Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

    • Table

      best hermitcraft conspiracy theory ever.

    • Kristia Lalantacon
      Kristia Lalantacon

      That..... actually could be it.

  • DxMInx

    "I haven't kill anything" Also Mumbo in his mind: *"I just caused natural causes"*

  • Doggo

    ceo technically is correct for a janitor title: Cleaning Every Object

  • HW_driver

    Mumbo: replaces grass with more moonery blocks End stone: am I a joke to you

  • Evil Alter Ego
    Evil Alter Ego

    You should declare Pearlescent Moon as your lord and saviour the Mooner Lisa.

  • ClockworkC0rvus YT
    ClockworkC0rvus YT

    The two constants of every hermitcraft season: Corporate Espionage and Cults.

    • Sunshine Crystal
      Sunshine Crystal

      And if there are cults you know mumbo is behind it XD

    • Sub To Ninjastrike🤣
      Sub To Ninjastrike🤣

      And old bases with cult like backstory and big futuristic structur on it

    • Demens

      @syft3land Theres a vid of him showing a build that he didn't finish the back of from like 4yrs ago so idk

    • syft3land

      @Nixoid Now I'll admit to not watching Grian much (if at all) before Season 7, but didn't that one start during that one with Grian not finishing his Mansion? Also, if Grian does end up finishing the back of his cave, will it still count as a 'constant', or is it just something that happens occasionally like Mumbo joining the BTM meetings?

    • Nixoid

      You forgot "not building the back of things"

  • This is not a YouTube channel
    This is not a YouTube channel

    2:39 mumbo “I welcome all events and happenings on the hermit craft server” Me: are you sure about that it’s going to be hard to clean up the moon that comes crashing down

  • Dante Strider
    Dante Strider

    The "moon" being mad because everyone is sleeping the night away is literally part of the plot of My Little Pony

    • Meme LeScream
      Meme LeScream

      only the first episode or two

  • Shezestriakis

    I get the joke of calling yourself a "Mooner", but I feel like I should inform you that we prefer the classic term "Lunatic". Thank you.

  • Syberyah

    "Ciclical meaning circle. I hope." Circular, Mumbo. It's called circular. *Cyclical* means "occurring in cycles; recurrent."

  • Mr Teleport1
    Mr Teleport1

    Grian has gone the scientific route, building the observatory Mumbo has gone the cultish route, building the temple

    • Parciwal Gaming
      Parciwal Gaming

      he should build a rocket to escape the earth, if the moon comes crashing in!

    • Azrell Drekmorr
      Azrell Drekmorr

      @Moo the vegan Study, Wordship, and Fear

    • Tjark Schweizer
      Tjark Schweizer

      @Phsycres Conquest Why exactly do you want me to brush up on history? If got something wrong just point it out. Listen, I can see the point that you are making here and in some individual cases, religion might truly have made people more curious but I am talking about the big picture here. Religion is fundamentally about make believe which means it usually does not inspire critical thought. Rather it does the opposite, it prohibits critical thought. Interestingly this has even been verified in studies about the effects of religious belief. Particularly, people who were raised religious have been shown to have reduced critical thinking skills and appear to be generally less intelligent. I find these results to be quite worrisome by the way but I guess I am also going of topic. I am not sure why you keep mentioning that there were religious scientist. I mean there still are and it matters as much now as it did back then: nothing! It doesn't matter what any scientist beliefs. The only thing that matters in science are the facts, because facts are objectively verifiable. If you think that the existence of religious scientists somehow adds any form of validity or weight to religion then you are mistaken. I also feel a need to correct you on the matter of Einstein being Jewish. Only his parents were Jews, he himself was either an agnostic or even an atheist. He would have never identified as an atheist though, because the term atheist was very misunderstood in his day, largely do to religious people demonizing the term. "Thirdly the Bible specifically says... " Please, spare me with the old fable book. I rather read all three parts of lord of the rings again. The story is much more consistent and the characters are way more likeable. Also, again. No! Science did not come from religion! The first scientists all being religious does not mean that religion had anything to do with the origin of the scientific method. Have you never heard of the "correlation does not mean causation" principal? Since you apparently don't know this, the naturalistic philosophies that later turned into the scientific method can be traced back to the critical thinkers and philosophers of ancient Greece who were not strongly religious but skeptical people who rather asked questions then to assume answers. That is what made people more scientific! Skepticism! Not religion! Especially not Christianity! As I am reading through your comment again, a question arises. Are you Christian, by any chance? You seem to be quite focused on Christianity and you even appear to be under the false impression that the bible can be used as an argument. That would certainly explain why you are being so defensive of religion and Christianity in particular even though I did not actually attack religion. If you don't like hearing what a religion is then that is your problem and your attempts at arguing with me won't solve that problem. As far as I know there are only two ways to deal with the truth. You can either deal with it or deny it. My guess is that you will simply ignore everything I wrote if you even bothered to read it at all. If you made it this far I wish you a good day.

    • WanderWithAlice

      Hahaha, I love the two different routes! One looks towards the future, while the other went back 1000 years...XD

    • MiaTheWatcher

      @Riley Grimes OMG the Watcher!!! Holy sh*t i meed a fanfic based on that now

  • Yooperdude

    So I commented this on MatPats local 58 theory video but I thought I would mention it here. What’s happening in hermitcraft almost perfectly fits into the film theory about local 58, as if they are connected in some way. In his theory the moon gets “bigger” or actually closer, almost as if it is a living entity because of the destruction happening on earth. Supposedly there are some people that worship the moon and they believe that their worship will protect them from the moons distruction. Mumbo’s new “mooners” fits this theory as well. I don’t know if this is correct but this just seems like too much of a coincidence not to mention it.

  • xabier

    You should make a landing platform for the moon, so that when it reaches the earth is has somewhere to land peacefully

  • Qw3rtScapes

    Mumbo: “I haven’t killed any plants” Also mumbo: has fireworks that use sugarcane to make”

  • LEDS

    The moon being mad that everyone is sleeping through the night and attacking is basically the plot of the first two episodes of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic.

    • LEDS

      @Mark Harrison I'm saying that making HermitCraft 20% cooler would take 10 seconds flat.

    • Mark Harrison
      Mark Harrison

      Are you saying you know how HermitCraft could be 20% cooler?

    • Lightning Shield
      Lightning Shield

      You're not wrong

  • Raphsodicnote38

    I like how Mumbo's first idea when he sees that the moon is big is to start a cult.

    • • Can0Cringe •
      • Can0Cringe •

      If I had a nickel every time Mumbo started a cult, I reckon I’d have four nickels by now.. Which isn’t a lot nor is it strange that it’s happened four times, because this is the Hermitcraft server we’re talking about.

    • MrMoo1452

      It’s just like Local 58 (Look it up)

    • Bemzie Clash Royale
      Bemzie Clash Royale

      Nice grammar, very easy to read

    • Another Cub
      Another Cub

      Honestly, I was expecting at least one cult this season.

  • Dergus

    Mumbo: their are two ways to process the moon getting bigger. *Proceeds to mention 4 different ways*

  • Turtle Clan
    Turtle Clan

    Mumbo: "I'm good I haven't killed a thing" Me: well more like statistically haven't killed anything but really your an aggressive man.

  • _Rapid

    I’m predicting that the series will end because the moon crashed into the world and destroys everything. 🤔

  • Raven Mouse
    Raven Mouse

    With no beds, mooners will pop back at spawn. Yall should make a huge temple there so the mooners can be "rebirthed" under the moon each time.

    • Ultra Gaming
      Ultra Gaming

      Or just use respawn anchors

  • Deathly Drained
    Deathly Drained

    Man, mumbo is gonna be so surprised when he realizes that you can right click the daylight sensor and turn them into nighttime sensors instead of having to create a Redstone torch circuit.

    • chair

      @Mert Yanar you do have a solid point, maybe thats why he created the shrine but still put redstone in it

    • Mert Yanar
      Mert Yanar

      @chair Technically They didnt switched souls mumbo take grains soul so grian is soulless and mumbo has 2 souls

    • Sebastian Torre
      Sebastian Torre

      Mumbo just made your comment into a load of mumbo jumbo.

    • Pixel Man
      Pixel Man

      @Mumbo Jumbo hello mumbo, pls make bedrock edition v8deos

    • chair

      @Mumbo Jumbo Grian has a wizard themed-base but used scientific observations to monitor the moon... whereas you, the redstoner, formed a cult out of it upon noticing the moon is becoming bigger. Is this the effects of you switching souls with Grain?

  • Catten

    And now I’ve gone from a Mooney to “POTENTIALLY” forming a cult… potentially as he forms the servers only cult

  • WanderWithAlice

    I noticed that this season of Hermitcraft is all about the moon! Bdubs started off with a moon starter base...and Gem has some moon details at her base...now with the giant moon, observatory and mumbo's temple...I see a theme...

  • 1nTell - Runescape Guides
    1nTell - Runescape Guides

    I would love to see the 20hr unedited version of one of these episodes. I feel like it would be nuts to see the time frame.

  • Metal Monkey
    Metal Monkey

    There's 1 spot in the back that's missing a block, I always see it when impulse is coming back from his farms. I think it's just 1 block but it's very noticeably

  • Thumb Up
    Thumb Up

    Don’t you just love it when your janitor makes a cult worshiping the moon.

    • Misi Csadi
      Misi Csadi


    • zac joseph
      zac joseph

      take note Mr Ricardo!

    • MimaSweets

      that's the plot of control

    • Big bird
      Big bird

      @fantasy horrible I'm glad you made it through school

    • Darthraider 100
      Darthraider 100

      @fantasy horrible no?

  • Joe Delk
    Joe Delk

    “I’ve gone from loving the moon to creating a cult around it.” 😂 😂

  • Spence Duggs
    Spence Duggs

    I know these episodes take time, but I genuinely cannot wait for the next one! It'll be just in time for the update, meaning fresh content to explore at the very least... And if the theories people have been making are in any way correct, the moon just might do its thing as well! I'm so excited! :)

  • Dots Dot
    Dots Dot

    Im quite fond of the Moon event that has been going on in HC season 8. Feels like im a reluctant passenger to the end times.

  • Mikinak

    Mumbo: _Peace, Love and Plants" Also Mumbo: "Dispensers can just honestly jump off a cliff"

  • TopHatSurgeon

    The moon: Grows Grian: Builds observatory to carefully study and track the growth of the moon Mumbo: We can make a religion out of this!

    • Apuji

      History of hermitcraft, i guess

    • • Can0Cringe •
      • Can0Cringe •

      @themboFriendsimp joe who :)

    • Xz-Gacha:Helen-zX

      No don’t

    • Byakuya Togami
      Byakuya Togami

      @YannickTheGamer joe mama

    • themboFriendsimp

      @YannickTheGamer joe hills, he's the hermit who whispered helpful prompts to mumbo during the start of the season speech mumbo did. He's also the guy who along with Pearl set up the resupply egg at spawn. In the skirmishes of episode one he supplied some of the combatants with tools and weapons after they died. He runs the flower shop at the flower forest biome and is sharing his base with ZombieCleo.

  • X Studio
    X Studio

    Idea for red stone contraption: Locked Chest, Every-time someone opens it, It drops a catontop of it, Using a trapped chest and a dispenser,

  • Corbin Little
    Corbin Little

    " I love the moon its the under appreciated one of the 2 things that orbit us everyone is always talking about the sun" -the greatest physist like ever

  • violetbeans12

    To be fair if I did see a temple the size of an ant I would be impressed.

  • (Internet_Entity)

    Great episode as always, but can we take a moment to appreciate that sponsorship intro? That was awesome.

  • HenryPlaysYT

    I love hermitcraft, keep up the good work!

  • Avelize

    This season has been great keep it up

  • Tiger Face
    Tiger Face

    Mumbo: only the finest for our new lunar neighbour Also mumbo: you’d best believe that I’m going to mess this up

  • Truebornseeker

    As someone who very genuinely LOVES the moon, the idea of a lunar cult starting because the possibly sentient moon is slowly getting closer.... i wanna join!

  • Emmond Steele
    Emmond Steele

    "Look! Our Lunar Neighbor has sent down Wakefulness Friends!" is gonna be part of my sleep deprived vocabulary i swear

    • Centre for Excrubulence
      Centre for Excrubulence

      @Emerald Peri Actually you're right, he could pretty easily get them with end crystals as long as he times it right. I thought it would be too hard because they fly, but they still have to come close. Okay, I'm less concerned now.

    • Emerald Peri
      Emerald Peri

      @Centre for Excrubulence but he might convince them to fly into fire or crash on an end crystal to show loyalty to the moon

    • Centre for Excrubulence
      Centre for Excrubulence

      He's not even allowed to kill them. HE'S NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO KILL THEM.

    • Aiden Asbach
      Aiden Asbach

      It's a terraria crossover, the eye they sent looks like The Eye Of Cuthulu and eventually they will fight the moon lord

    • Luuk Hakvoort
      Luuk Hakvoort

      Me, at 4 am

  • l Ace l
    l Ace l

    Make a little waterfall coming out of the back of the statue running into the lake

  • TheAdvertisement

    16:22 "I mean dispensers can honestly just jump off a cliff." That isn't very peace love and plants, Mumbo.

  • Marcos Alves
    Marcos Alves

    so i watched the video before it went private. he basically finished his base with some plants and chatted with Grian about the moon. and apparently he's allucinating too

  • creepy furrguy
    creepy furrguy

    You should of used the end stone for the moon It would of looked a lot more like a moon

  • Issac Martinez
    Issac Martinez

    Grian: Makes an observatory to study the giant moon. Mumbo: Starts a cult. This is why I love Hermitcraft.

    • QueenOfDarkness93

      Ren and Doc: get brain washed by the moon rock and want to kill mumbo

    • Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends
      Voidbear, AKA FNAF and Undertale can be friends

      Ren and Doc are about to join the cult lol

    • WanderWithAlice

      Sounds about right! lolz

    • Sage Jungwirth
      Sage Jungwirth

      Grian- we shall figure out what's going on with SCIENCE! Mumbo- if I give the lunar neighbor a temple for ritual sacrifice I will be spared!

    • TheRocketDoctor

      well well well... how the turn tables

  • Biopticweb

    Happy birthday Mumbo! Hope you have a great day!

  • A Kostoulas
    A Kostoulas

    You should change the statues on the plinths out with moon phases since there are 8 of each Also add jump boost beacons to mimic zero gravity

  • Jacob Simon
    Jacob Simon

    Hey mumbo, if you do the portals again, maybe try do the doors from Monsters ink If you do a HermitCraft episode though, maybe try mix your base with impulses.

  • Man Man
    Man Man

    I'm not shure how you would use it but use the water drip from a bubble column to make more realistic tears

  • Augusto Gonzalez
    Augusto Gonzalez

    "I've been a good person this season" -Mumbo jumbo; just a couple of episodes after squeezing a human soul out of Grian's body

    • YOUjustJEALOUS

      @Scott Cowick and with waffles

    • J3rred


    • YOUjustJEALOUS

      Technically the machine did the squeezing

    • Snipe508

      "Human" soul? Grian's soul is obviously a waffle

    • JanembaFreak

      @Chava Hello fellow egg watcher

  • 0_0

    You could add some single glass panes floating around the moon to look like stars, also the ones holding the tears in place wouldn't stand out as much.

  • Nick Urquhart
    Nick Urquhart

    From "Peace, Love and Plants" to "Peace, Love and Phantoms" all in one episode. Nice!

  • Kaylee Thompson
    Kaylee Thompson

    Everyone always is looking at the moon and using the sun as measurement, The sun: oh so I’m a ball of fire, the light that provides you life and being able to see and your more distracted as using me as a tape measured for A ROCK

  • Error 54
    Error 54

    Never in my life would I think that Mumbo would make a cult.

  • Crackman

    Moon: *gets big* Everybody: "OMG what is happening, is this how it ends?" Mumbo: "I'm going to bake it a cake and become a mooner."

    • Liminal System
      Liminal System

      @Wilhuff Tarkin Underrated pun

    • ScreecherMC

      @Z3NFye what does it mean

    • Optimax71

      I imagine the moon thing has something to do with when Hermitcraft updates to 1.18

    • Wilhuff Tarkin
      Wilhuff Tarkin

      What a Lunatic

  • The Ewwnicorn
    The Ewwnicorn

    I imagine Bdubs must be some kind of demon to the mooner statues since he’s known to sleep a lot

  • Wax Is Melty
    Wax Is Melty

    you should add a Jump Boost beacon on top of the temple to make it feel like you're on the Moon

  • DenaTheGale

    Dead coral has a lovely rocky texture if you’re looking for a moon rock aesthetic :)

  • ietsiets12

    Hey i might have a new redstone idea idk if this is possible bout could u try and make an elevator that can stop at multiple floors

  • Merdop

    Mumbo describes all ancient religions in one sentence: “I’m guessing the earthquakes are happening because I haven’t built the temple yet”

    • Hecking Bamboozled
      Hecking Bamboozled

      @Cinnamon4 Ada Right, but the person you're responding to isn't necessarily disrespecting religions by adding to the claim that natural phenomena are responded to by religious folks by things like praying and faith in modern religions as well. It's one thing to be an edgelord who says things like "religion bad >:(", it's another to understand that religious people explain aspects of the world differently than a scientifically minded person would.

    • zʐʑžʒ28

      all religions*

    • Lizzie - Beth
      Lizzie - Beth

      @maciok bro-

    • Julius Spieweg
      Julius Spieweg

      I literally thought the exact same thing

  • 5K with out any Videos
    5K with out any Videos

    I just watched a mustached man make a cult around the every growing moon God I love hermit craft

  • Sonia

    I'm waiting for Peace, Love, & Plants to turn into Conquest, Temple, & Moon

  • JS Maddy
    JS Maddy

    hermits when they notice the moon becoming big Grian: science mumbo: religion

  • Bad Animation Studios
    Bad Animation Studios

    On the back cover it with the blue design. That would make it look like armor.

  • Craig Thomas
    Craig Thomas

    I love how Mumbo days "Fitting the redstone in here might be impossible" then he just goes and does it

    • Wesley Powers
      Wesley Powers


    • ChaoticCactus

      @Timbo Jones I’ll be honest, the whole thing confused me…

    • Racdiecoon

      @seigeengine give me a world download to what you had, il make a mod to add rats if i can, im a visual modder, not a coding person, but i know minecraft commands like i know the back of my hand. i need a new project

    • seigeengine

      @Timbo Jones That's the one. Yeah, I was more interested in the idea of a dungeon than the card mechanics stuff. I got looking into commands and summon creatures, how I could do NPCs, items, etc. It was meant to be like an adventure map style dungeon crawl on the server I play on. The issue being the only other people I play with aren't into those kind of games anyway, so I'd basically be making it for nobody out of sheer personal interest in making that thing, and I couldn't be bothered for more than two days, so all that got done was building the entrance - again, a decorated stone henge area with a giant statue on a hill with flaming eyes (at night), the middle of the henge having an altar that only opens during night to let you drop down into the start of the dungeon crawl. Then I did a cave you fall down into, followed by a two level dungeon area. There was a whole "it's dangerous to go alone, take this nerfed wooden sword" NPC, and a secret to get some quick food right off, and I was working on messing around with silverfish as "rats" or something like that when I lost interest. Of course, it's meant to be run on it's own, so the secret bonus food and the sword NPC (it's an armor stand with a name lol) and all that sort of stuff has to be able to be reset with a button press, so I had to also set up command blocks and whatnot to handle all of that.

    • Timbo Jones
      Timbo Jones

      @seigeengine you forgot the name of Decked out?

  • Lenny Chapman
    Lenny Chapman

    mumbo that was without a doubt one of the most creative and entertaining sponsorship videos I have ever seen (also the video = goog) keep up the good work

  • abe

    you should add a jump boost beacon at the mooner temple to simulate low gravity

  • Kelly Dolan
    Kelly Dolan

    I think this is my first time seeing Vicki (hope I am spelling that right). bless her for putting up with Oli's crazy schedule.

  • Frederik Fjellerad
    Frederik Fjellerad

    I perfesonally think that a LUNARtic would be a better name than a mooner