Mumbo Jumbo
In this FINALE episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo wraps up everything with the Mumbo Mega base, and the Mumbo Industrial district, then hops on the Boatem Rocket built by GoodTimesWithScar and leave Boatem forever. This season of Hermitcraft has been incredibly fun, experimental and creatively fulfilling, with a huge change in the way that I play the game. I am incredibly proud of the videos I created, and I hope you enjoyed this season.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    ENDING WITH A BANG! This season has been fun from start to finish. I've pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, and have heavily enjoyed myself. Thank you all so much for watching, interacting, and participating in this epic adventure, and I will see you in Season 9!

    • T00Eyez YT
      T00Eyez YT

      Out of all the seasons that could end early it was this one… 😢 😳

    • BloxMan

      @Lucid Nightmare umm... sure... The entire season

    • BloxMan

      @Bumbleshanks I'm assuming it's just because it's a lot more fun to start off fresh for a game changing update such as 1.18

    • Luna Davis
      Luna Davis

      @D4rkrays idk if you have seen it yet but on Grain’s video he was at 1/2 heart when they were on the rocket. So Grain baited Mumbo into a “high five” which did the damage to kill Grain.

    • Turt1eXing

      Peace, Love and no more Planet...

  • Steven Wu
    Steven Wu

    Mumbo: Spends hours and hours making a huge auto sorting and storage system. Also Mumbo: Doesn't use it at all.

    • Lasercraft 32
      Lasercraft 32

      That's how you know he's become a full builder.

    • Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
      Kutsuge Mind Urmoks

      @TheGreek1994 I thought the same but after watching some Hermit's it's pretty clear that some had projects they still needed to finish (Impulse and Welsknight for example) Apparently what happened was that the Hermitcraft seed wasn't that good in 1.18 and they really didn't have that good of terrain and thus they decided to end the season.

    • TheGreek1994

      @Kutsuge Mind Urmoks thought the same. It felt like they only just finished their bases. I think it’s because they ended up losing steam toward the end of previous seasons.

    • Mike Smit
      Mike Smit

      @Kutsuge Mind Urmoks it really did though

    • Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
      Kutsuge Mind Urmoks

      This season felt extremely short

  • MysticMoonIight

    In Season 9 Mumbo will tell this to Grian: “Grian” “Is the sun big?”

    • Jordan Richards
      Jordan Richards

      "Grian... is my head pig?"

    • Meme LeScream
      Meme LeScream

      @Your Frien Skeeter galactihermitcraft time

    • CuddlyBubbles 69
      CuddlyBubbles 69

      @Browny The Vanilla Cake and then it’s frozen

    • CIA agent l redacted l
      CIA agent l redacted l

      This shouldn’t be that funny, why is this so funny XD

    • random crap
      random crap

      It should be a giant cow

  • Iron mat
    Iron mat

    Technically Mumbo failed the “Peace love and plants” plan since right before the end, he killed Grian with a high five! So in the end, Grian won the war

    • •Bunny•

      @Landon Lee He did, when they were falling into the void Grian asked for a high five knowing that he was on half a heart.

    • Shuvelstone

      OH NOOOO

    • Bradan Roberts
      Bradan Roberts

      @Myrillya was wondering the same thing... I guess Grian was planning this for a while.

    • Gregory Norris
      Gregory Norris

      @Nikolai I had missed the statistic at the end and wasn't sure what happened in that dark hole.

    • Patriot

      Yeah grian won

  • Ieago

    However many times I see it, I can't believe how badly I feel for the villagers.

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @anchovy moon: *loads gun

    • anchovy

      Didn't you see their Villager News in 60s video? At least some of them escaped

  • Fully Random User
    Fully Random User

    Suggestion: everybody who was one the boatem escape rocket should at least start distorted in season 9, judging by the fact that they jumped into the void.

    • KwikBR

      @Davis McArthur that basically happened to grian

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      would be funnier if they saw the new world below them, thought they were gonna land in the water but they all hit 1x1 islands on the surface of the water

    • Aura Fireblood
      Aura Fireblood

      They come out the other side with a new blank hole to the void, with their rocket still on the other side so they keep all the stuff they brought

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano

    For everyone who didn’t get it, grian was on half a heart, causing Mumbo to accidentally kill him at the bottom of the boatem hole, therefore breaking Mumbos Peace, Love and plants commitment (timestamp: 13:32)

    • TheRealDavis660

      Also look at 22:36

    • Alex Kelsey
      Alex Kelsey

      Also at the very end of the video mumbo shows the stat given to him by grian

    • Jorge Jiménez Velasco
      Jorge Jiménez Velasco


    • Nixson Henderson
      Nixson Henderson

      @Ahsoka Tano Oh thank you so much!

    • Ahsoka Tano
      Ahsoka Tano

      @Nixson Henderson Sure! Just watch from 13:32

  • Edo


    • ItzJosh55

      @Joshorator Nice opinion, fellow Josh

    • Joshorator

      nevermind, I forgot about 5, 5 is my favorite.

    • Joshorator

      @ItzJosh55 I liked season 3, but that's probably just nostalgia kicking in. 6 season 6 was also great.

    • Phantom_

      @ItzJosh55 7 was my favourite but just because of the bases and the whole mycelium war

    • ZT

      @Eli Cokelet for real it was great

  • Thomas Hogan
    Thomas Hogan

    As long as next season has more lore like this one as a “continuation” of the story.

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @Rvve Duio the flip you talking bout'?

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      i was thinking that boatem should have had a mascot. in boatems first attempt, they tried blending the genes of all the members to form a mascot. the mascot being called "good times with jumbo grimoonpulse". gtwjg was going to have, grians eyes, mumbos mustache, scars grin, impulses hair and something about pearl. anyways, something went horribly wrong, and they ended up with a large, 5 headed Frankenstein-like creature that managed to escape the boatem genetics lab. after the incident, they tried cloning the boatem pole and genetically altering it to form a humanoid being, that wears a sailors suit. this new mascot was dubbed "boaty mcboatface". anyways, gtwjg is now like a boogey man like creature, occasionally popping up in hermits videos hobbling around in the background. always in the corner of your eye, disappearing before you can turn your head to get a better look. it also does stuff like cut down bottom parts of trees, place down random bits of redstone, build confusing doors in the middle of nowhere and put 1x1 holes in cliff faces. it always comes back. it keeps transferring to the next season somehow

    • nudnud9

      @Rvve Duio ah, you're a bot aren't you? i've seen your replies...

    • Rvve Duio
      Rvve Duio

      The storage room roof illusion, is probably my most favorite idea you’ve had. It’s actually the most dope thing I’ve wanted to build from your channel.

  • NaufalM

    3:38 the earthquakes are so strong that you can feel it while flying through the air, yet the hermits' build are completely unaffected

    • Khan Khan
      Khan Khan

      It's the power of passion

  • -FutureTaken-

    Them: The biggest plot twist was season 8 being a simulation Me, an intellectual: Mumbo putting trees on scars build

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      now wait just a minute. i'm the only person who's supposed to be from the future right now

  • ToppHatt

    This season it was “Peace, Love, and Plants” Next season it’ll be “War, Hate, and Fossil Fuels”

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More

      Grian's tree block in S9E2: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • -FutureTaken-

      This aged well

    • biolotoxin459

      Kinda accurate

    • no

      @Jay Smith nah it would be war hate and burgers

    • Nerveus Alt
      Nerveus Alt

      Lmfao 😂

  • Archility

    Grian was literally half a heart for most of his finale and it makes sense lmaooooo he kept hitting mumbo tryna get him to kill him. Thats genius

  • Malpheus

    It was a short but sweet season. It does help to have things end on a bigger note rather than the usual gradual fading over time of older seasons. That being said, season six still holds a special place in my heart as the best of both worlds. S6 was extremely long, filled with content and managed to end on Demise which was a big enough end for the season.

  • Violet Majesty
    Violet Majesty

    The season started with you getting Scar to build a custom tree in front of Grian's starter base and ended with you building custom trees on Scar's mega base, how the tables have turned! This was the first season of Hermitcraft I ever got to watch as it happened, and I really enjoyed every second of it. I loved the storytelling aspect of Season 8 (though I'll understand if you all decide not to continue it, especially since this was a more experimental season). I can't wait to see what new chaos you'll bring about in Season 9! Also, Grian caused you to kill him, ending your peace love and plants streak right before the season ended, is a good reason to possibly switch to war hate and industry next season. XD

  • Kohai

    This season was the shortest, yet funniest. And fun season I've ever seen

  • Frost King
    Frost King

    In case anyone missed it, Grian was purposefully on half-a-heart, so when he told Mumbo to highfive him, Mumbo killed him x)

    • Bluepaw WARRIORS
      Bluepaw WARRIORS

      No more Peace Love and Plants

    • Grian Tesla
      Grian Tesla

      Grian was even hitting mumbo since they got in the rocket but mumbo didn't hit back until the high five

    • DarkDarsi

      OH I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! Peace Love and PlannedSabotage : P

    • Frederick Thorne
      Frederick Thorne

      omg thanks for pointing that out - lmao!!!

    • Sillyfegart

      the ultimate troll

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo

    With time, life, and remodeling my parent's house I missed like half of everybody's hermitcraft videos. Thanks to hermitcraft recap I was able to somewhat keep up with what was going on. Im watching all the hermits final/good bye videos. With the new season just getting started I hope I'll be able to keep up with them.

  • Lava B.
    Lava B.

    This season was amazing. And this episode, I mean the nostalgia.

  • Wargaming Super Noob
    Wargaming Super Noob

    Fine sir. Merry Christmas from someone who got a lot of laughs out of this season. I raise you coffee. Looking forward to the next season.

  • bednap

    I was just thinking, "man I wish they'd start anew in 1.18, that'd be fun to watch." and then here it is, the season finally! Really excited for next season, I just hope its longer.

  • Greg Anderson
    Greg Anderson

    Next season Mumbo needs to flip a switch and go all “War, Hate, and Murder.”

    • ahaan’s good stuff
      ahaan’s good stuff

      war hate and *FAMINES*

    • Ñ

      @Davis McArthur yes

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @Ñ i will steal your skeleton

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @John Collins exactly my thinking.

    • Ñ

      Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, dididing. Choon choon

  • where_wolf6

    This season felt REALLY short, sad that it’s over but it was a great season, well done everyone on the amazing builds

  • hawkeye2816

    Dude. This season you had some EPIC builds. You say you're proud and it's absolutely deserved. I'm so good at grand ideas and so bad at execution, but you followed through and pulled it off. Epic. Chuffed is too weak for how you should feel about this season. Looking forward to what you do next!

  • Linren

    Well, he did keep up the peace love and plants the whole-ish season I also can't help but wonder what the world download for this season will look like, what with all the moon damage and such.

  • Rachel Kingston
    Rachel Kingston

    This is by far the saddest and most nostalgic end to this hermitcraft season

  • Victor

    I was wondering why Grian was on half a heart the entire ending sequence and now I know. He had this plan to be Mumbo's first and final thing he killed by saying "let's high five".

    • Bb_bumblebeef

      Oh that makes so much more sense now! For a second I thought Impulse had gone through with his “I’ll make you kill something” promise

    • AmusedApple

      Wait he actually did that because I saw a comment that he should do that and if he did that because of that comment that is amazing

    • Jbear

      OH!!!!!!! I was wondering that too and I couldn't figure out where Mumbo killed someone until I read your comment! Lol! Typical Grian!

    • Dee Bea
      Dee Bea

      Ohhhh that’s what happened!!

    • Thecoolman1

      I just had the most powerful A-ha moment I have ever had

  • A Badd Dream
    A Badd Dream

    The Hermits went full out on the lore this season and it's absolutely fantastic. I'm a late bloomer and only started watching last season but they all exponentially outdid themselves this season compared to last year, AND LAST SEASON WAS ALSO PHENOMENAL.

    • SomeWato

      @Davis McArthur god is here and god is angry

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @SomeWato oh no, i'm from the future. timmy changed and destroyed thhe entire bunker. now timmy has turned into a grotesque mass of burnt flesh that stalks the entities of hell also he's really big now

    • SomeWato

      @Davis McArthur im hoping if thats the case then pearls nether bunkers still around also hoping if that happens then timmy will survive

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      you know what would be cool? if in the next season hermits find ruminants of alien looking stuff or something, leading to an overarching story of why the moon was getting bigger. also small pieces of white dusty stone appear across the world. then it's finally found out that the season 9 map is actually the season 8 map millions of years in the future. the dusty rocks are moon framents.

  • Dragons' Tree
    Dragons' Tree

    This season's sudden ending, with the epic animation and Mumbo's retrospective here, is about to make me cry

  • Ernest Regia
    Ernest Regia

    Finishing all projects in just 36 episodes w/out killing any mobs is mind-blowing

  • tekky_technician

    This ending was amazing! Great season, loads of fun

  • Owfi

    22:36 For anyone who doesn't understand: Mumbo was going the whole season trying not to "kill" anything. Right at the end Grian was on half a heart and told Mumbo to high five him (punch him) and Mumbo killed Grian. Love that.

    • Nicholas Axel
      Nicholas Axel

      The neat part is that grian stay half a heart for so long just for that lol

    • j0rhn

      That is brilliant XD

    • Josiah Hook
      Josiah Hook

      Underrated comment ^ This explained everything xD

    • Uli Schmidt
      Uli Schmidt

      I knew his first kill would be Grian

    • Owfi

      @Pandaros Faolan Excelsior yeah, him being on half a heart was making me worried but it was def planned

  • SirTopNotch

    I've been watching for a while but this was the first season i've actively watched as it's come out, and i bloody well loved it. Almost emotional to see it go, but here's hoping for an even better season 9!

  • SkylightCiel

    Mumbo absolutely killed it this season! Definitely had one of his best builds yet! Overall one of the most entertainment seasons of Hermitcraft!

  • 304banana

    This season has constantly left me in stitches! Thanks for all the fun shenanigans, builds and stories! Onward to s9!

  • Snapdragon

    This season was a trip, a pleasant one that made me cry at the end.

  • mclovin

    Mumbo: Makes a massive storage system and praises it Also Mumbo: *Never uses it once*

    • Bluepaw WARRIORS
      Bluepaw WARRIORS

      It's the Chest Monster spreading.

    • Red Berry
      Red Berry

      @Spacehead I see

    • Spacehead

      @Red Berry it's a bot. If you look at the other comments, that reply is a copy of a comment.

    • Red Berry
      Red Berry

      @Rvve Duio how is that in any way relevant

    • EzPz Games
      EzPz Games

      @Rvve Duio ???

  • TTVchickennuggi

    thank you for all the years of entertainment you've brought me I've been watching you since I was little you've changed my life thank you.

  • Hope Fillled Day
    Hope Fillled Day

    Enjoy your rest guys, this was my first season and I'm missing it already but I have the other seasons to watch so that's something! Can't wait for Season 9 :D

  • Person Alien
    Person Alien

    This was a great season full of wonderful pranks and awesome builds, thanks Mumbo for making season 8 so amazing!

  • Aija Papaya
    Aija Papaya

    this was by far my favourite season. i especially loved how close and unified everyone's bases were

  • x•Gr3g0ry_2oo9•x

    I was not expecting Hermitcraft season 8 ending this early, no I wasn't.

    • x•Gr3g0ry_2oo9•x

      @Creeper Crawlies yeah, but seriously i hate how they scripted the "moon is big" thing

    • Creeper Crawlies
      Creeper Crawlies

      The reason why is because everyone finished their buildings and no one was doing anything so they scripted the ending.

    • Paul Pickett
      Paul Pickett

      @Zordon Elite and they made a point of staying close together, right?

    • Cat Craft
      Cat Craft

      this is the first episond that made me sad not in the possitive sense i made a joke comment last end of season that mumbo will make 50 episodes next season but he made 36!!! even lesss then what i thout relly mumbo are u an ad bussienses now with ur thousands of dollers huh well mery xmas to all but mumbo plz make vids like u used to

    • Daniel Goff
      Daniel Goff

      @Buttered Toast they couldn't do that because in order to get the new stuff they would have to reload new chunks int he world and since there doing the "continent" thing they cant reload chunks

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Mumbo: Makes a massive storage system and praises it Also Mumbo: Never uses it once

  • Mikoto Suoh
    Mikoto Suoh

    Season 8 was so much fun, I can't wait for Season 9! I am hoping for the friendly rivalries of S8 to get taken to the next level, with a whole Season evolving around it (Like controlled PvP. Because we had enough Peace this season👀)

  • Bradley Rittenberg
    Bradley Rittenberg

    Why did it have to go so soon? Mumbo, this was my favorite minecraft series ever. You spent so much time on it, and I can't wait for season 9. The montage from the whole season brought back so many happy memories. Next season, make Grian a tree house.

  • Hayden Harlan
    Hayden Harlan

    This made me nostalgic, and sad that it ended so soon, but I can't wait till season 9

  • WithersChat

    That final animation is just what I needed to be left satisfied.

  • Shuvelstone

    Well, that was... amazing. I am a first time hermitcraft watcher starting at season 8, and i must say, this was an amazing ride. That was as much of a fun ride as... well, anything in the terms of mc content! This is really like the golden days of minecraft, all over again! Thank you so much, for bringing the fun back in full!

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato

    I've been waiting for pearlescent moon to be added for multiple seasons now, and I was thrilled to see it finally come to fruition this season. Loved every moment of it. Looking forward to the next one :)

  • Reii Rii
    Reii Rii

    Quite sad to see this go! But I'm very excited for season 9! Hopefully there would be a continuation of this awesome storyline. Thank you, hermitcraft had been my anchor for keeping myself sane during this quarantine! You guys did a wonderful job and helped a lot out! I'm sure others feel the same

  • Brayden Bell
    Brayden Bell

    I completely agree with the choice to end this season early. Hermitcraft fits a hell of a lot better in the caves and cliffs update. The massive mountains will allow for extraordinary mountain bases with more natural generation and the caves will prove to be an incredible opportunity for more extravagant bases and discoveries. I cannot wait for season 9!!!

    • AZBE07

      @Nerveus Alt 100% no kill...yaaaaaaaa.... totally

    • Fruit smoothie
      Fruit smoothie

      Hey I’m not caught up in hermit craft I left before grian even finishes his base in s 7 can someone catch me up and tell me what is going on please?

    • TooThPasTe

      they should skip season 9 and just go to season 10 for more views. Tactic approved by Apple

    • Nerveus Alt
      Nerveus Alt

      @Sips Tea true

  • 360H3ADSHOT

    Amazing season! Wasn’t expecting it to end but my girlfriend and i are so excited for the next!

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra

    this season is the first time I started watching Hermit craft . Thanks to everyone for all the brilliant entertainment. Epic entertainment.

  • ettu_

    I waited so long for hermitcraft season 8 an this is how it ends a pure masterpiece

  • block of grass
    block of grass

    All the small clips at the end made me so excited for the season 9! I can't wait, i know it's going to be as great as this season was 😭💖

  • Steven Hogue
    Steven Hogue

    The whole ending of Grian's episode I was like "clearly he is intentionally not eating so he can stay at half a heart, but why!" I just found out. Grian outsmarted everyone!

    • cintia espinoza
      cintia espinoza

      @xAmqn its grian. sorry i write it brong

    • TheCamillaRose

      @Lon3Wolf 542 @SimplyToxic @ChestBoat he did it so Mumbo would have a kill to his peace love and plants

    • Tomos_MC

      found the answer, btw, grian said hihgvive with mumbo so that mumbo would kill grian. Which of course ruined peace love and plants xD

    • limellicorn

      rightt I was sitting there watching him on half a heart for so long and just wondering WHY. He's not one of the hermits I expect to walk around on half a heart lol

    • Evil Murlock
      Evil Murlock

      Same for me, I was like PLEASE EAT SOME FOOD. Damm what a giga brain chad

  • Cute Kitsune76
    Cute Kitsune76

    I had so much fun watching this season of Hermitcraft and I can’t wait for the next season

  • Spooky

    So peace, love and plants this season… does that mean Mumbo becomes the Doomslayer next season?

  • miabelle gemzon
    miabelle gemzon

    The clips at the end almost made me cry, but this season has been awesome!!!!

  • Caleb Haines
    Caleb Haines

    This season was amazing, it really went off with a bang! so excited for season 9, Good luck.

  • Charles Kuhns
    Charles Kuhns

    You know it’s getting serious when the hermits sync up their uploads

    • MunchieDMC

      @MunchieDMC Don't listen to these non mustache Havers it's grain not grian

    • NightVOLT


    • Lizzie - Beth
      Lizzie - Beth

      Exactly what I thought...! I opened my subscription box and saw all the video and thought what the heck has happened is the world ending... I was strangely right...

    • Seth the dank lord
      Seth the dank lord

      And when they have Element Animation help

    • Laariv80

      @Robbe bruh man can’t even spell really

  • savasyn

    This was my first season watching Hermitcraft and it was awesome!! Too bad it ended up being so short as I loved everything you all had going. Looking forward to whatever comes next season :)

  • Isaac Marcus Lam
    Isaac Marcus Lam

    What a great season, loving the production quality and small elements added that really enhance the experience

  • goldensupmanz

    This was my first time watching a full hermitcraft season, I’ve been watching mumbo for several years but only when the first episode of this new season came around did I start watching which made this video so special to me


    Loved the season...surprisingly early finish but, I assume thats for the new update...looking forward to season 9 😄 great job everyone!

  • DerpyDerpsters

    The ending montage was so good And I can’t believe grian spent the whole episode on half a heart to trick Mumbo

    • Prince of X
      Prince of X

      Proof is at 22:37

    • Cilliers_Coetzer


    • Obrik

      Ahhh. thank you, I wasn't sure how he'd gotten a player kill

    • Frog

      @mr skeleton man around 13:43

    • mr skeleton man
      mr skeleton man

      anyone have the timestamp of the high five

  • NoiosoBear

    This season was amazing! I can't tell if this one was shorter or if it just went by so fast from how great it was

  • Grace

    This was my favorite season so far, Mumbo. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • CuddlyBubbles 69
    CuddlyBubbles 69

    I like all the flashbacks, the end of this season was incredibly well done.

  • Krafter

    THANK YOU MUMBO FOR A GREAT SEASON; the first season I've watched in its entirety.

  • Ashmaneena

    Can we just talk about how... he did it. The absolute mad lad didn't 'kill' anything until the very end of the season. Even if it was an accident, I think we can all agree if there is one thing that was going to break the record it was always going to be a Grian. Way to go Mumbo!

    • PeamP Studio
      PeamP Studio

      @Gleee Tenderers Ohhhhhhh, now that made sense! I was wondering why Grian was on half heart and didn't eat in his episode.... Wow....

    • JamAttack

      I can guarantee Grian got the idea of breaking that from a comment section or reddit, I remember reading that idea somewhere,

    • Gleee Tenderers
      Gleee Tenderers

      @demonic_granny84 at the end when they fall into the void and it cuts to black as Grian and Mumbo high five, Grian was on half a heart the entire escape sequence so when they high fived it killed him and Mumbo’s peace streak came to an end

    • murasaki rin
      murasaki rin

      @demonic_granny84 Grian asked for one last high five while he was on half a heart causing mumbo to kill him before the botem hole did. Mumbo didn't know Grian was on only a half heart cuss grian planned it to break the peace love and plants. That about sums it up.

    • demonic_granny84

      I’m sorry who did he kill. How did it happen.I watched this video in 2 parts.

  • Cute Kitsune76
    Cute Kitsune76

    I had so much fun watching this season of Hermitcraft and I can’t wait for the next season

  • DeadDagerDragon

    This was my first hermitcraft season thank you to all the content creators that made it amazing

  • Charmaster24

    Wow, this was a short season. Though it was one of the best in Hermitcraft history.

  • Toby Dunk
    Toby Dunk

    My two favourite quotes “is the moon big?” And “it died of natural causes, but I think I was the natural cause”

  • RustyGun4Hire

    That's hilarious that Grian tricked Mumbo into killing him at the last possible second there at the end when they were falling with that good old high five... Mumbo even shows his statistics in the very last 5 seconds of the video. 🤣

    • SHDXW

      Top 10 anime betrayals

    • U. Flame
      U. Flame

      I was waiting the entire season for him to do that

    • Isré!

      @Devdatta Bhat He did that to make people watch other hermits videos! It's the same as in Last Life, other people who died on their last life didn't really put in the part when they spectate so that people would check other people's channel to find out what happend

    • Devdatta Bhat
      Devdatta Bhat

      Grian stayed on half a heart for half of his video and didn’t even put in the part where he died. I was disappointed, thinking that he didn’t get mumbo to kill him after all. Idk why he didn’t put it in his video though.

    • Draper Toris
      Draper Toris

      Grian said he was going to find a way to trick Mumbo into killing him before the end of the season

  • CrabCakes

    Oh man I can’t believe this season is over so soon! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in season 9! ☺️

  • Kelly Dolan
    Kelly Dolan

    I can't believe they collabed with Element Animation for that send off! That was incredible! I am happy Element is still working hard.

  • Shell Master
    Shell Master

    The fact, I've watched this entire season from Mumbo, Grain and Impulse. I've grown from finding Grian in season 6, this was the season, that I found Impulse and Mumbo 🙂 Loved every part of this season ❤

  • Christian

    What a blast it's been. And what an ending. Looking very much forward to the next season!