Hermitcraft 8: Episode 29 - GIANT TEMPLE
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo builds up the giant temple on top of the Mumbo mega base. This giant Minecraft statue is based on Mayan temples, and it really finishes off this Minecraft Survival Mega project. Mumbo also steals Grians soul using a Lethal secret minecraft trap, and builds up a hidden bunker in Minecraft to capture him in.
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  • Owlbinky1

    Mumbo doesn't pat himself in the back because he is humble Grian doesn't pat himself in the back because he hasn't built it yet

    • Minecraft 2 Rowan
      Minecraft 2 Rowan

      Because his soul is gone, he can't move to pat himself on his back

    • mehmet seyit
      mehmet seyit

      they are not the same

    • Notch Poodles
      Notch Poodles

      I️ wheezed. That’s so funny

    • Saikrishnan Fun World
      Saikrishnan Fun World

      @Drunk Shinx even though it doesn’t exist

    • Evan Liu
      Evan Liu


  • Aidn Shorts
    Aidn Shorts

    The builds just keep getting crazier and crazier

    • Eddy surya
      Eddy surya

      Game Mode : Save The Seas

    • ExceptionalBeing

      Only one comment on a verified youtuber? Wow

    • Eddy surya
      Eddy surya

      Grian : Yeeh 18:00

  • Bluestar4535

    Grian is the type of person who would see a floating tree and ask, “are you going to eat that?” and then not wait for an answer.

    • Maple Sandwich
      Maple Sandwich

      @Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa is the type of person to say "@Lily Kang is the type of person to say "@FredDeveloper is the type of person to say '@Motion Mania is the type of person to see a Wilbur reference and ask「is anyone gonna eat that?」and not wait for an answer.' and ask 'is anyone gonna eat that?' and not wait for an answer." and ask "is anyone gonna eat that?" and not wait for an answer.

    • Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
      Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

      @Lily Kang is the type of person to say "@FredDeveloper is the type of person to say '@Motion Mania is the type of person to see a Wilbur reference and ask「is anyone gonna eat that?」and not wait for an answer.' and ask 'is anyone gonna eat that?' and not wait for an answer." and ask "is anyone gonna eat that?" and not wait for an answer.

    • Mouse Arts
      Mouse Arts

      Mumbo is the type of person who would see a new type of food and ask, “are you gonna eat that?” and then not wait for an answer

    • Teertha Vyas
      Teertha Vyas


    • UglyEyes


  • Gyrre

    "Room that looks like you'd lose your soul in." Either a cubicle with those funky not quite pale green fluorescent lights overhead, or an 80s big business boardroom.

    • R Ka
      R Ka

      @s. v. YUUUUUUUUUU

    • s. v.
      s. v.

      i got one for ya- classroom.

  • peepytime

    Suggestion: Put one or two little houses on the side of grians base! It would make the bases look incredibly connected, and would make sense why those rope bridges were there! also: i can't stop laughing at the "Waffle???" at the end!

  • FoxJL

    theory: the earthquakes are caused by the moon getting closer. the earthquakes will lead to the server getting 1.18 terrain

    • DEAD_TOH

      SMART 500IQ

    • Generation Christ
      Generation Christ

      Spot on!

    • Senketsu Fi
      Senketsu Fi

      dawn of first day. 72 hours remaining

    • Dónald Eduardo Alpízar Hidalgo.
      Dónald Eduardo Alpízar Hidalgo.

      You're practically a genius

    • Maxim

      @Hironmaxt I understood your reference

  • the Emchk
    the Emchk

    Mumbo: * Sees Grian * Also Mumbo: *HARVEST THE SOUL*

    • Ivan Jen Isaac Tampoc
      Ivan Jen Isaac Tampoc


  • Bluepaw WARRIORS
    Bluepaw WARRIORS

    When I started watching Hermitcraft this season, I only knew it as large builds, impressive Redstone, and Turf War. I didn't expect Mumbo be trying to rip the soul out of Grian. I watch the Dream SMP, and they got Necromancy and a Parasite Egg and that still is terrifying.

    • Bluepaw WARRIORS
      Bluepaw WARRIORS

      @Sk1ttlz What makes it worse is the fact Hermitcraft is Family Friendly. The Dream SMP isn't.

    • hesitantlyclay

      lmaooooo you're so right

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio

    The temple could be named the "Statue of Peclovant" (Peace, love and plants combined into one word), where Peclovant could be like the god of sustainability or something

    • Kplus8

      The God of loopholes & conveniently timed deaths

  • Mark Colucci
    Mark Colucci

    Mumbo: "It's the next day and I'm still jittery!" Might because of those oreo packs?

  • Crazy Turtle
    Crazy Turtle

    I think the temple should be called "Templo le Cherizada", not only because it's very fun to say, but in yucatec mayan it means "Temple of the curly stache" which perfectly describes this work of art. Thanks for all the likes! most I've ever gotten XD

    • Max Hohn
      Max Hohn

      Love this!! 11/10



    • Star Child
      Star Child


    • Benjamin Brooks
      Benjamin Brooks


    • Kameron Lescantz
      Kameron Lescantz

      I wish I could send this comment straight to the top

  • Atticus Eden
    Atticus Eden

    The physics of Mumb’s rope bridges still pains me, but I can’t deny they do look a lot better than they did previously

  • TheNonCoolChild

    i think his eyes glowing during the night would be a pretty good look and could also prevent mobs from spawning something like a piston door or just something lighting up during the night

  • Angelina Dax
    Angelina Dax

    I'm halfway through the episode, so he may have already harvested grian's soul, but it would be hilarious if instead of turning back into human-mumbo he turned into grain-mumbo (ie bread) EDIT: thats an excellent looking waffle

  • Bromanned

    fun fact: ropes and rope bridges in general hang down with a hyperbolic cosine curve. (you can search it up to see what it looks like) (yes, I just used math in the real world)

    • Spectralys

      God your pfp fits so well with that statement-

    • Moondust2365

      Meanwhile, regular bridges that arent flat on the bottom (and arches in general) use an upside down version of said curve, or at least ideally. Smaller arches tend to use semi-circles for the sake of aesthetics, but physics would tell you that given a big enough arch and a heavy enough load, using a semi-circle for the arch will likely just hurt, if not kill, a bunch of people.

  • Damien Hughes
    Damien Hughes

    This season feels like Mumbo has lost all insecurities. He’s making his videos WAY more comfortably and how HE wants to and I’m loving it, the builds are all amazing and idk!!! I just love it!!

    • Alfred _12351
      Alfred _12351

      I sort of miss the awkwardness from season 5 and 6

    • Ben

      ? Mumbos been doing RSloft for a long time haha I think he's just trying something different lol

    • Someone Idk
      Someone Idk

      @Michael Matra nice pfp

    • Ninjamanhammer

      We stan back-patting Mumbo.

    • Skidz

      He's releasing his inner child

  • dashingdog292

    “I might as well just die” I choked on my spit, I’ve never expected jumbo to say anything like that.

  • Lysx

    You should build more temples around the goatem village and call them “the guardians of the goatem”

  • Glytch Meister
    Glytch Meister

    “Once the spirit is broken and enough pain has been inflicted, only when the human has lost aaaall hope, will it be transferred to the soul extraction chamber.”

  • perticl

    You should name the statue: peace love and gigantaplants or stache statue.

  • xyzCrake

    I feel like the statue just needs to be called "Jumbo Mumbo"

    • Floris Woertman
      Floris Woertman

      @Sten PlayZ no

    • ace

      I was literally abt to comment that bc it’s a giant statue of him

    • Squitwort dap Dap
      Squitwort dap Dap

      @Alex .G ps as well, back in the 1800 mumbo jumbo was a racist way of referring to an African god, which is also what this statue reminds you of

    • Tasty

      @Blackxfiied what does that even mean lmao. Act ghetto on a minecraft video? What?

  • GodlyChickenMan

    man this build would be really cool if only it wasn't dwarfed by the massive factory next to it

  • Panda

    I'd love to like rent a house on that mountain. I imagine the community living up there to be so peaceful. I love your build.

  • w01ffr34k

    5:49 it needs those wings from the concept art. it will really tie up the whole build.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Anyone else immensely proud of how good a build Mumbo has made?

  • Dylan Kennedy
    Dylan Kennedy

    Mumbo, You should extend a small part of the city to Grian’s base. This will really merge the two bases and add tons of aesthetic value.

    • Kasper Feld
      Kasper Feld

      And a few buildings on the mountain side down around the lower rope bridge too.

    • monestrMERO

      Give this man an oscar

    • Parker McGowan
      Parker McGowan

      Yes, good idea

    • TamTroll

      adding more "Mountain" between them would be nice too. As it is they look less like a single mountain range, and more like two separate mountains that had a tiny little arch welded between them.

    • Ian Robin
      Ian Robin

      @Ty Pucko and abit more spread out

  • Impermeable

    I absolutely LOST it when he said “ here rises Beetlejuice”

  • TheAdvertisement

    Watching Mumbo build the Soul Extraction Chamber is like watching a villain design the death trap he's going to use.

  • Azade Sağlam
    Azade Sağlam

    I think his name can be "Plumbo" from the "P" of peace and from the "L" of love or it can be Palumbo which sounds like a mythological name in my opinion.

  • Polkadot

    12:07 If this is the season where Mumbo gets a full on villan arc that will just be too hilarious

  • Gemma

    suggestions!! - hot air balloons between yours and grian's bases - vines on the statue to match the overgrown feel of the base -lanterns on the rope bridges

    • n0x_childe

      Not hot air balloons, but the rest are good ideas!

    • Logan DaSilva
      Logan DaSilva

      not so sure about the first one but I love the other two!

    • Carmen H
      Carmen H

      I almost feel like the hot air balloons should connect impulse and mumbos bases not Mumbai and grian, but I love the idea!

    • Костя Бауэр
      Костя Бауэр

      Yes, vines are essential

    • Gabriel Nalom
      Gabriel Nalom

      These are some good suggestions, hope Mumbo sees this.

  • Aidan Keogh
    Aidan Keogh

    With the new assymetrically hanging rope bridge over the top of the mountain, the base looks like it has Dreamworks face I love it

  • MaeTheEmu

    This isn’t a really good name but the temple’s name could be ‘Plap’ (It stands for Peace Love And Plants)

  • Yedidyah de Sousa
    Yedidyah de Sousa

    I feel like your positivity about your builds are rubbing off on me. I've been binge watching your Hermitcraft videos as I was a few behind while I'm sewing. Honestly, listening to your positivity makes it really hard to critique my work. Instead, I am genuinely happy with what I am making

  • Respectable Username
    Respectable Username

    We 👏 appreciate 👏 Mumbo 👏 appreciating 👏 his 👏 builds 👏

  • Mr Greek Porkchop
    Mr Greek Porkchop

    you could call the temple "JUMBO" which its original meaning is "extremely large". That would both match the temple, you and the built as a whole



    • The Demonic Cell
      The Demonic Cell

      Mumbo and Jumbo, living together in peace, love and plants

    • Pikachu

      @ChrisfromGreece nai

  • Freddie Vaughan
    Freddie Vaughan

    The temple guy looks great however he looks very new so maybe add some vines and leaves to the bottom or top to make it look like it’s grown into the mountain If that makes sense 😁😁

  • Hooman1130

    perhaps with the bridge connecting your and grian's base, you can push one side further back. you can have variation in multiple dimensons.

  • Inge

    You should be proud Mumbo, it also inspires me to come out of my comfort zone while im building on my own server

  • GameRaptor

    Oh gosh we have to stop him before he is a Master at Redstone, Building with Style and PVP He is gonna be unstoppable

  • Kieran Schroeder
    Kieran Schroeder

    You should add some mossy coble or mossy stone bricks (maybe even a bit of vines, moss blocks and glow lichen) around the bottom of the temple to make it blend a bit more with the terrain.

    • blue jay164
      blue jay164

      I like this

    • Liam LC
      Liam LC

      That is a good idea

    • 天天都开心

      O he can put like a few per episode to make it look like it’s aging slowly

  • Hunter Stevens
    Hunter Stevens

    I love the fact that he got grian’s waffle from stealing his soul

  • Abigail Seyfert
    Abigail Seyfert

    everything looks so good, definitely needs some vines and leaves crawling up the statue, and maybe even some on the bridges, but other than that it looks amazing!

  • TheAdvertisement

    I love watching Grian try and figure out if Mumbo was calling his bluff and which button to press, when they both do the same thing, and then he figures out they both do the same thing anyways. XD

  • Nancy Vieth
    Nancy Vieth

    Love what you have done with your base! I thought the houses were great, but you have really gone over the top!

  • keco185

    The second season in a row where Mumbo's base has had a heart.

    • louzo

      and its working great on his building skills! you can say its.. more *organic*

    • Alex p
      Alex p

      @Mace Window For like two minutes, that's not long enough to get a birth certificate, so it doesn't count

    • RailGun

      Just wait for it to start spitting out advice for boatem inc. i mean he created Grumbot, i see no reason the temple cant be a sentient overseer of boatem

    • Stuart Page
      Stuart Page

      @Doug dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome if you're considering boatem a cult, then third season- dragon bro's during demise in S6, hermit challenges in S7

    • Mace Window
      Mace Window

      @Alex p S7 had it beating

  • ITZ NOT Water
    ITZ NOT Water

    Please put wings on the statue it would look really good

  • little

    *Mumbo steals Grian's soul* Mumbo: waffle? Fanartists: W I N G S

  • Qu9x

    Bob is the perfect name for him, keep up the great vids.

  • NotNozify

    Mumbo you could do the heart thing again like last season, when you feed it the heart gets filled, but overtime the lights on the heart will keep going down.

  • Bobily

    Love the rope bridges. Some lanterns on and hanging from the rope bridges would look fab. Also you could extend your village to have just a couple of houses on Grian's mountain to give a reason for the rope bridge to be across there and tie them in even more. :)

    • Pagans Unite
      Pagans Unite

      Maybe even have a more modern bridge connecting to Impulse's factory.

    • James Hurn
      James Hurn

      I think the bridges could maybe transition forward to back as well as they are currently quite flat, also adding some vines hanging to make them look more weathered would be cool

    • Mandodlorian582

      @Logan_Alexander same

    • Logan_Alexander

      Hope he sees this

  • BraeTheBrave

    One of my all-time favorite episodes. Thanks Mumbo!😁❤

  • Nicholas Szwast
    Nicholas Szwast

    Hey Mumbo, I want to thank you for creating such great content and building some amazing structures in minecraft. Your redstone projects are awesome, and I am glad to see you improve your building skills. But I must say my favorite part is the humor and shenanigans, it always makes me laugh. I am starting a new chapter in my life that requires the full dedication of my time, so I must say goodbye to watching your videos. But I wish you the best!

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander

    I'm loving the rope bridges and your base overall.

  • JustPolygolfYT

    You should make the statues moustache same as yours. I can see someone else doing that soon 😅

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok

    You should build more temples around the goatem village and call them “the guardians of the goatem”

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    You should build more temples around the goatem village and call them “the guardians of the goatem”

  • Altaria PL
    Altaria PL

    Now when there is a Breage when you fly to your base it looks like smile and some houses like eye's I love this XD

  • Quin Hansen
    Quin Hansen

    My favorite part of this episode is Mumbo saying how he doesn't want to physically kill Grian as it not being a burden on his conscience it's instead a burden on his statistics hahahahaha

  • Unusual Tune
    Unusual Tune

    I would like to submit the name "Bumbo Statoni" for the statue watching over your base, as a throwback to previous hermit craft seasons

    • AleKO

      Or maybe something newer? Like, like... Jumbo Statoni

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy

      I had the same thought.

    • Mason’s Casual account
      Mason’s Casual account

      Was there a bumbo last season? Did bumbo skip season 7?

    • MaxeII

      Bumbo PeaveLoveNPlantoni would be my goto

    • DatsMia

      @Ralph Nicholls yesss yall are rlly creative

  • Slava Andreev
    Slava Andreev

    Useful (and possibly very funny) idea: Build a giant bridge network so that hermits can travel to other hermits' bases BUT fill as much space on the bridges with boats (mostly the surface of the bridges and not the fence posts) because... well... Boatem. But it would also make travel fast since you can line up your cursor and spam click to swiftly switch between boats making you teleport across the bridge. I don't know if this works though. You could just make an ice highway with boats though if you don't like that idea. Please like so Mumbo sees this!

  • Glytch Meister
    Glytch Meister

    Also, you can get a good idea of what shape to make the rope bridge with ~math~. It has something to do with Euler’s constant.

  • thatonedude 24_7
    thatonedude 24_7

    I dub the statue spudacus. I really love the work you have done to your base mumbo. You really have went outside the realm of your comfort zone and it looks amazing.

  • Nano Conan
    Nano Conan

    Definitely "Hill Kong" is the best name for the temple.

  • Keis

    You definitely need to weather the statue, add some leaves and cracked parts, now it look uniform and newly built unlike the base. The statue needs a history

    • Tage Ouchterlony
      Tage Ouchterlony

      I totally agree

  • Dannielle Jacob
    Dannielle Jacob

    mumbo, i've been subscribed since you first joined the server, and while i haven't kept up with every single episode i do check in on what you're doing every once in a while - and dude i do think this is my favorite base you've built, if not genuinely the best. i love it, it looks so good man

  • VoxelVarries

    I really like the temple! It looks super good! Good job mumbo.

  • luke aitken
    luke aitken

    Put some lanterns on top of the fences on the rope bridges and hanging from the bottom of some of the dangly fences

  • LadyDragon

    I love all you have done to your build so far & well it looks like it has really Red square hear on top. & not like a chair no more.

  • Lucky Gacha
    Lucky Gacha

    Suggestion: Add some leaves and vines on the statue to give it some texture and so it matches with that overgrown look of the mountain it's on.

    • Mulasch

      I'd rather put them on the bridges

    • Ace

      Gotta agree with you on that one. As good as the statue looks, to me it doesn't feel like it really meshes with the rest of the build.

    • Bas Mollenhof
      Bas Mollenhof

      Agreed on this suggestion. I think it the leaves and vines looks better on the bridges too. :)

    • Chaoticlifemaker

      Shouldn't that depend on the lore of the base? If the village is populated and there are active temple visitors it makes sense that it would be maintained and clean. If on the other hand the village is abandoned, it would make sense that the temple is overgrown.

    • E Marriott
      E Marriott

      yes i was thinking that too it looks really new and fresh compared to the weathered town

  • Brittany Jackson
    Brittany Jackson

    you should add glowberriers around the parts of your base that have less light! (the front of the arm chairs, the back, and any areas where there aren't any houses) I think it would really dress it up a bit :)

  • Invent

    Regardless of what Mumbo choose to call the temple. I’m calling it Jumbomumbo.

  • Thrill5eeker

    You should add a tail to the monkey that is holding/dangling a heart for love in peace love and plands

  • Garps

    Maybe the temple guy could be called pax amor plantea “ peace love plants

  • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
    Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    It is now canon that grian's waffle is a trait intrinsic to his very soul.

    • Past Tense of Dig
      Past Tense of Dig

      or... Mumbo just got a small piece of Grian's soul. The question is, does Grian still have his waffle?

    • Redstone Shiny
      Redstone Shiny

      @ActuallyPluralmatpat: im so proud of you billy

    • ActuallyPlural

      The question though, is if grian is now missing his waffle.

  • AlphaFlame

    Yeah that moon is definitely bigger than normal, the moon is supposed to be the size of the sun, and the sun is a bit extra big too

  • Briezee

    Nah you deserve it 😂😂 you deserve the hype. This is amazing … you’re like a Builder Mumbo….. Bumbo

  • Dalton Pearson
    Dalton Pearson

    More tree rating needs to happen and more soul reaping it would be interesting for you as the CEO of Boatem to have one attribute of the every Boatem gang member.

  • Funijoke

    Can't wait for mumbo to go around collecting traits from other hermits trying to go back to normal

  • DrThestral

    Grian: “Maybe you’re bluffing, maybe you’re double bluffing, MAYBE YOU’RE TRIPPLE BRLUFFING!” Mumbo, fully aware that both buttons will kill Grian: *yes.*

    • Isaac Blake
      Isaac Blake

      @giddycadet IT IS LMAOOOO

    • giddycadet

      it's literally the scene from the princess bride