Hermitcraft 8: Episode 23 - IT'S DONE!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo finishes the gigantic Minecraft mountain town on his Hermitcraft mega base. He also joins Docm77 for some technical minecraft redstone, Messes with Grian AFK, and makes a lot of building progress on the Hermitcraft server.
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  • notEriX

    I really can't wait to see Grian's perspective of the plane ride-- I hope he was doing another 'AFK near hermits to see what they do to me' bit and covers it in his next episode. I bet he was laughing his butt off the whole time

    • RanStan

      He was actually afk while doing it LOL

    • BunnyBella

      he did, but was properly afk and left his pc filming

    • wizarding gamer
      wizarding gamer

      @Anon he actually went afk but recorded everything

    • Saif

      He did

    • []

      He has his gear though

  • Vertex

    When Grian AFKs: Keralis: Curse of binding Gem: BUSINESS! Impulse: REVENGE! Scar: MARY POPINS! Mumbo: Uses Grian's own prank against him.

    • Nerveus

      Me: NOTHING!

    • Holden Anderson
      Holden Anderson


    • Melon species
      Melon species

      Uno Reverse Card

    • Vardhan Shah
      Vardhan Shah

      "Scar, what are you doing?" Was the best part of that episode

    • Vertex

      @Marito Fuentes Thats what scar said

  • Samuel Salita
    Samuel Salita

    I haven't seen anyone mention how much of a genius DOOM is with his wireless rocket refill.

    • Wallywutsizface

      I see that your phone autocorrects to all caps when you spell the man’s name

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross

      @ᴛᴀᴘ ᴍᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴇᴇ Camila Begone bot

    • Icy Playz
      Icy Playz

      he hasn't invented it

    • Shadow Panther
      Shadow Panther

      True, that thing is ridiculous. I don’t watch DocM’s POV so I have no clue how it works but I think I’m gonna have to start watching him now xD

    • Chris Cross
      Chris Cross

      I seriously did not understand any of that.

  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    "Sofa is English for couch, which is American for long, soft chair." I could listen to Mumbo talk about anything. Dude says he's not very funny, but he's hilarious

    • Exintrovert

      Mumbo is funny and entertaining, and it works for him so well because he doesn’t force it. There are other youtubers who are alright but I think they sometimes work too hard to be witty which ends up detracting a bit from their content. (Not hermits, but other popular channels) I won’t mention names because I’m not trying to start a thing... but yeah Mumbo is just the right amount of personality without cramming it down our throats. I appreciate that about him.

    • Nethaniel Shade
      Nethaniel Shade

      American here, and don't think I've ever used sofa naturally in my life. Couch 100%

    • Andy Greenblade
      Andy Greenblade

      I’m American and yet I say “sofa” considerably more than I say “couch.”

    • Andy Greenblade
      Andy Greenblade

      @do not perceive me Me too-

    • SEVI John
      SEVI John

      @SmellyFishstiks i use sofa 99%

  • BurningGlory

    Mumbo: Explains what Sofa means Also Mumbo: uses felicitous and doesn't bother to explain it

  • zach davis
    zach davis

    Y'know, there's nothing stopping you from making paths up to the buildings by tunneling through the mountain. I think it would look really cool to see paths just *disappear into the mountain* only to *reappear halfway up the cliff face* next to somebody's front door. It would make for quite an interesting commute to work.

    • Aubrey H
      Aubrey H

      I love by the Rocky Mountains and when I do actually hike you can actually count on wide and narrow pathways with lots of nature crowding in.

    • M4lic3


    • Tori Brown
      Tori Brown

      @zach davis at least it's Hermitcraft and not Last Life 😂

    • Benjamin Brooks
      Benjamin Brooks

      I love this idea!

    • Ben Monday
      Ben Monday

      He should add some lime green houses for variety

  • Ian Animates Bagels
    Ian Animates Bagels

    Doc is a madman. It take a brilliant mind to look at the code and understand what makes the game function It takes an exponentially smarter mind to look at the same code to see what makes the game stop functioning

  • Joriel Matthew Cruz
    Joriel Matthew Cruz

    The fact that his base is inspired by Filipino towns and cities, just melts my heart ❤️🥰

    • DRK-XR

      @Anyonion I can confirm Literally just opened my window just to see the exact buildings or even the architects did what mumbo did copy and paste without copying

    • Anyonion

      Yeah Baguio city

    • Arshiya's Aroma
      Arshiya's Aroma

      @Joriel Matthew Cruz You must be so proud! Lucky you, congratulations for getting your town inspired in his video. ;) {I hope he does Singapore next season, I love it}

    • Joriel Matthew Cruz
      Joriel Matthew Cruz

      I am. I see those types of towns almost everyday, because I live in there

    • Arshiya's Aroma
      Arshiya's Aroma

      Are u from Philippines?

  • TheAceOfFlames

    Mumbo:"I'm not a good builder" Also Mumbo:*Makes one of the coolest bases in all of HermitCraft*

    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      19:30 you shouldve sorunded him in cobblestone so he doesnt get attacked by phantoms and when he came back he wouldve thought he was still in the box he made

  • Star_Cube

    5:41 mumbo: I actually play a small part of the event Also mumbo: *hosts the whole pre-show*

  • Baran Orak
    Baran Orak

    Holy smokes I completely thought Doc was joking when he started talking about telekinetically taking rockets from his storage system, that's mind bogglingly insane. I never thought anything like that was even possible...

    • Deborah Sheets
      Deborah Sheets

      You can literally build docs technology on a pure vanilla server using redstone. He uses update suppressors in spawn chunk

    • Coleville Productions
      Coleville Productions

      Neither did I, and it just gets cooler the more you look into it

    • Anindita Paul
      Anindita Paul

      @Ethan Frantz I imagine this is what the first people to use wireless technology felt like

    • Geoman265

      @Julian Emery Can't forget about it if I never knew what it was in the first place Unless it's the lightning thing, but that probably would have been mentioned in your comment.

    • Julian Emery
      Julian Emery

      @Geoman265 you're forgetting about the octagonal copper rimmed portal are ya?

  • Retinetin

    5:00 I really like how this house looks. It looks like a 'normal' version of an End City building. And the vines on those purple blocks look fantastic

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      XD I love how Mumbo is always slamming us Americans for how we say things

  • Bimbi Robotics
    Bimbi Robotics

    19:30 you shouldve sorunded him in cobblestone so he doesnt get attacked by phantoms and when he came back he wouldve thought he was still in the box he made

    • Bimbi Robotics
      Bimbi Robotics

      @chair yeah that's what i thought but still

    • chair

      i think grian wasnt afk at all, his last "current" hermitcraft episode was about afking in hermits bases

    • Bimbi Robotics
      Bimbi Robotics

      @V3nomGaming7 he could’ve used another piston it’s really easy with honey blocks

    • Clover Arcondas
      Clover Arcondas


    • V3nomGaming7

      Piston wouldn't have been able to push all of the blocks

  • DrUltraLux

    What I would do with the pathing is imagine the total build as a more solid block, ignore the waterfall and valley for a moment, and imagine a zig-zag path left to right gradually up the slope, making bridges or stairs as you go. So to get from the bottom left to top left, you cross left side to right side and back again repeatedly. That way you can avoid using ladders completely and it looks more higgledy piggledy like it built up over time. You also get a lot of mini bridges so it looks less like an armchair.

    • ThatOneMonkey


    • ThatOneMonkey


    • ThatOneMonkey


    • ThatOneMonkey


    • Patrick Quinn
      Patrick Quinn

      This is exactly how I feel.

  • T

    After watching Minecraft Live, well, live, I have to say that me and my friends cheered out loud when we saw Mumbo pop up on the screen, even after telling them that you announced that you would be in it! Honestly it was an incredble addition to an incredible show! Well done potato boy.


    Knowing what Grian has been up to recently, his next episode should be interesting...

    • Emerald Emperor
      Emerald Emperor

      @Stormclxudplayz I think it's regional within the U.S. I grew up in Maryland with South-ish parents (one from Mississippi one from Kentucky) and we always said couch, but a lot of my friends were from New York and they all seemed to say sofa.

    • Stormclxudplayz

      @Wambo ok-I’m American and I have don’t recall someone (at least where I live) saying “sofa”-idk bro

    • CHTech Industries
      CHTech Industries

      @Wambo yes, we use sofa. Or at least I do

    • Arasdeeps

      @Wambo Yes, sofa and couch are used interchangeably here in the U.S.

    • Dequei

      @Doge 512 but he have the armor equiped

  • Crystal Dazz
    Crystal Dazz

    I'm an adamant believer in that the meaning of life is to bring a little joy and happiness into the world. You bring joy to mine, and to many others'. Thank you for doing what you do, Mumbo.

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      I have been listening to an audiobook version of “The Hobbit,” and it just makes me remember Bumbo Baggins.

  • Fabio capparella
    Fabio capparella

    I love how mumbo says he has no iron and then he uses his iron blocks to transport grian thousands of blocks.

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson

    “All jokes or non jokes aside…” man this guy is really taking this “I can neither confirm nor deny” shtick too far😂😂

  • Denver

    2:39 This place is the Valley of Colors of La Trinidad Benguet ispired by the favelas of Rio de Janeiro Brazil and now inspired Mumbo to complete his mountain in Minecraft ☺️

    • Guilherme Gonçalez
      Guilherme Gonçalez

      O cara construiu uma favela mermão

  • Old Soldier
    Old Soldier

    Mumbo, with over 7500 comments already, I doubt you’ll see this. But, just in case I’m wrong, I’ll put it here anyway. Your village would the perfect home for the workers in Impuse’s factory. You should build a way for them to get up and down that side of the mountain, and a path to the factory. Then, you could hire Cleo to work her armor stand magic to populate the area. This project has been massive, but you’re far more skilled at building than you give yourself credit for. This is beautiful! 🤠👍

    • BrookieCookie

      You are wrong this is the first Cormen I saw! Great idea by the way

    • S T R O M 嵐
      S T R O M 嵐

      This is a really great idea but that many armour stands could lag

    • Bird More Bird
      Bird More Bird


    • Francesc Ballester
      Francesc Ballester


    • Volbla

      Dude, the next level would be to have a bunch of villagers with beds in Mumbo's houses and work stations in Impulse's factory. Sadly, i'm pretty sure they can't pathfind that far :(

  • Cuppcak47 RTC
    Cuppcak47 RTC

    Mumbo you had a missed opportunity to say: “Grian Grian Grian afk. I’m going to blast you off into space! Grian Grian Grian afk-k-k I’m gonna put you on a plane!” In the Mumbo you are afk tune.

  • Frost Legend
    Frost Legend

    Also, this is coming in a bit late, but I did vote for the glare, as I see GLARE-ing problems with the other 2 mobs, and the glare also lights up areas, and overall would be very helpful in stopping mobs from spawning in all your builds and Redstone without having to f3 on every block.

  • Arbitrary

    it’d be pretty neat to put some lights in the buildings or some of the buildings/some of the windows so it looks more alive at night

  • Michael Brenneman
    Michael Brenneman

    I actually learned yesterday, before watching this video, that a sofa and a couch are not the same thing. although similar, a sofa is more formal and typically has higher arms and a more pronounced back. the key difference is how theyre used. a sofa is for sitting, and a couch is for lounging

    • XCP Xbox 23
      XCP Xbox 23

      r u serious? who learns the difference between sofas and couches?

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul

      And what is a lounge for then

  • crad12891

    Grian's next episode is gonna be a banger. Personally, I'd love an entire second episode of AFK Grian.

    • Humay Mammadova
      Humay Mammadova

      "'Sofa' is English for 'couch,' which is American for 'long, soft chair.'" -Mumbo 2021

    • Animiles

      @Ethon Brown I don't think scar's one was all that creative. A lot of effort, absolutely yes. But I personally like Gem's one more due to the creativity. But of course you may agree to disagree :D

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith

      Grian, logging on, to find himself jerkily moving towards the horizon, "What. In blazes is going on here?" Checks coordinates. "I'M 100,000 BLOCKS AWAY FROM SPAWN! WHAT. MUMBO! CAN'T A HERMIT AFK IN PEACE AROUND... I suppose I deserve this. I set a precedent after all." Title of Grian's next episode, 'Making My Way Home.' And it's literally just him expending all his rockets and eytra durability and having to hoof it for thousands of blocks.

    • bella ander
      bella ander

      Grian: does nothing but stare at his screen Us: _ah yes the content we subscribed for_

    • guido heeling
      guido heeling

      Oh man the scar treathment was so funny😂

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    Of all of Grian’s afk experiments, this one wins hands down.

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato

    I honestly LOVE what you have made here. I’m so proud of you and I am amazed how you have managed to create something that I’ve never seen in Minecraft before. I love the colors of the houses and how you mixed and matched them and I so look forward to see you continue

  • Tyler Sweet
    Tyler Sweet

    Wow mj, your buildings are truly awesome, even for someone who is out of their comfort zone

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    5:41 mumbo: I actually play a small part of the event Also mumbo: hosts the whole pre-show

  • Maximus Xavier
    Maximus Xavier

    Seeing the rocket storage glitch from docm was FASCINATING, I've NEVER seen anything like that before. Truly a mad scientist who lives up to his name!!

    • Anarchix le gauløis
      Anarchix le gauløis

      @MegaOof Do you think i was like: "Doc know how to use a diamond pickaxe to break a nether portail, he's a true madlad" lmao

    • MegaOof

      @Anarchix le gauløis i only learned what you actually meant when I read someone else's comment. and yes it is hard to remove obsidian without removing the portal

    • Anarchix le gauløis
      Anarchix le gauløis

      @MegaOof "Easy" isnt the word i would use. It take an uptdate suppressor and many hours of your time, at least for his huge octogonal portal of this current season. And yeah, the portal is octogonal. Like really.

    • XOXheartAmy

      @MegaOof not if you want the portal to remain active he currently has a massive and working portal made of copper blocks; not a single piece of obsidian in sight in season 6 he had "the cursed portal" which was a 1-wide portal made of diamond blocks

  • Tom Kenney
    Tom Kenney

    I feel the glare could be good for bedrock because bedrock you can't tell the difference in light levels

  • HowManySubsCanIGetWithoutAnyVideosOnThisChannel?!?

    I love the villager huts, they look so perfect on the base!

  • Frost Legend
    Frost Legend

    Wondering if Mumbo is ever going to join the lore that seems to be going on this season.

  • AsilarWindsailor

    Oh that was amazing. I would have never considered launching someone off in to the distance like that. Can't wait to see his perspective X)

  • Trithis

    I really, REALLY hope that was Grian doing his "social experiment" of AFKing by other Hermits and he was recording the whole time.

    • ReplayJay

      I hope he was really afk so that he can go back to his computer a solid 100k blocks away.

    • PangaBoyOP

      @Matty Puff oh yeah. I didn’t even think about this. You have a hugely big Brain

    • Matty Puff
      Matty Puff

      @PangaBoyOP yeah but since it didnt have mumbo in it, and it was very recent, I think he is gonna have this in the next episode

    • Trithis

      @PangaBoyOP Doesn't mean he can't do another one. I mean he only got 3 of the 26 hermits. I think it's safe to say it wouldn't be recycled contend to do it again.

    • PangaBoyOP

      He uploaded the afk video already

  • TheAdvertisement

    15:23 Omg this just brought me back to 2012, sending people up to space was so classic.

  • Solomon_7609 Unboxing
    Solomon_7609 Unboxing

    I love the build style, it has come together so well!

  • Grutar G
    Grutar G

    Fences with carpet might make a nice staircase for some of the steeper parts of your village. You can still run up it (like stairs)

  • Dinozilla

    I love the mountain-side houses and there pathways

  • meBeth

    Just realised that you could rent those houses to the other hermits which may be more profitable than the industrial farm passes last season!

    • Gamer 9 Smith
      Gamer 9 Smith

      @Fractality preach it

    • Fractality

      @Gamer 9 Smith he would need about at least 7 digit numbers as well as actual good videos to make a claim like that, as well as not being a toxic sad excuse for not just a human but a mammal, a single cabbage would benefit society more than them

    • Fractality

      @Doofy 𖨆 no, no its not

    • Veg Monster
      Veg Monster

      Mumbo should add some building at the bottom of the mountain

    • tamber

      we dont need mumbo the landlord 😤

  • Tin Craft
    Tin Craft

    As a Filipino, I am really pleased by your base this season!

  • FuryousD

    i would build some of them facing Inward towards the other side of the armchair (especially around where the bridge is going to go) and some facing Impulse's/Grian's bases, they would still have a great view and it wouldn't look as weird as it does, it looks extremely weird as it is with them all facing the one way.

  • J H
    J H

    Now that Mumbo is also a pro at building and landscaping, just like Scar, he should change his name to "GoodTimeswithStarch"!

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    5:41 mumbo: I actually play a small part of the event Also mumbo: hosts the whole pre-show

  • JaieDoesStuff

    Mumbo: "I play a very small role in the pre-show" also Mumbo: the host of the pre show

    • Manta alfredi
      Manta alfredi

      He does it every year kind of

    • Holden Anderson
      Holden Anderson

      The literal host of the pre-show, with his own segment and commenting on others: I play a very small role. Literally tho I watched this after it so I got very excited when the Mumbo Jumbo was hosting the pre-show on Minecraft live.

    • Ichigo gaming
      Ichigo gaming

      Humble mumble tumble

    • Gyro

      Humble mumble

    • Ichigo gaming
      Ichigo gaming

      @gamingwith din mumble jumble

  • Hi Beacon
    Hi Beacon

    when dream sees what docm did: COPY THAT DOWN COPY THAT DOWN next manhunt: dream uses it and says he got the idea from reddit

    • Hi Beacon
      Hi Beacon

      @rathole woah woah you're a little too spicy there pls calm down

  • RGBable

    Mumbo: I don’t wanna swing anybody’s opinion on the mob vote. Dream: why shouldn’t I, why shouldn’t I ruin the mob vote.

  • Ever Moore
    Ever Moore

    Your builds are amazing!

  • Just Some guy On youtube
    Just Some guy On youtube

    I had an idea for how to get up to buildings on the wall. Maybe making wooden spiral staircases could be cool?

  • Porkoo

    “Sofa is English for couch, which is American for long soft chair” best mumbo quote yet

    • Chris Alexander
      Chris Alexander

      In the south, (of the US) we use sofa and favor the word more than couch. We also use more traditional English words than Northern states such as... Recon, (I guess, or affirm) Yonder, ( an unspecified location) And many more that I can't think of

    • Benjamin Andrews
      Benjamin Andrews

      In the US we use sofa and couch interchangeably. They have pretty equal usage.

    • R F
      R F

      Sofa is also german

    • Bad_Internet

      In bangladesh they say sofa for couch too

    • Cowgirl Ginger
      Cowgirl Ginger

      @Teodor Angelov 863 Mumbo fans UNITE lol

  • Nyerguds

    You should really hold your pickaxe as well when using one of these XP generators. And probably hold something in your off-hand, too. No point in wasting multiple of them to get your stuff repaired.

  • Haley Fox
    Haley Fox

    Definition of sofa : a long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed

  • Skylar O'Connor
    Skylar O'Connor

    Bruh, Doc’s invention got my brain spinnin.

  • Aubrey H
    Aubrey H

    Mumbo, you are the sweetest member. I trust you'll do what you need to do and when you decide. In fact, my 7 year old made his own "van" in his world.

  • Luke G
    Luke G

    Mumbo please please please sell these houses to the other hermits as a “holiday house”, each one can have a sign with their name on it and they can do what they want with the interior

    • Cory

      Me too :)

    • Nick

      that’s a great idea!! i really like that :)

  • Emman 813
    Emman 813

    Mumbo. You make my day. Thanks for the laughs! ☺️

  • Rhanel Candia
    Rhanel Candia

    I was thinking the houses looked liked a popular attaction in Benguet, Philippines. And then he went on to show pictures. Wow. EDIT: The path, particularly the fences, I'd say pretty accurate. lol.

  • Ben Monday
    Ben Monday

    I think that the copy and paste with your houses can be avoided by adding in some lime green colors. Awesome flying machine btw.

  • Louisa Jackson
    Louisa Jackson

    to make more diamonds you can always rent out the houses on your mountains to the hermits for like 5 diamonds for x amount of days lol edit: the price could also depend on the size of the house or something??

  • phiefer3

    One thought on avoiding the "copy and paste" look with this sort of build is you could try changing up the dimensions of the building here and there. Like your larger 2-story building types, if you made one of them 1 block narrower, and another 1 block wider, this would help create a bit of diversity between them other than just a color swap. Obviously you'd need to adjust the design a bit to make it work with the new width and it might not work as well, but I think that's ok. Those little differences and imperfections would feel legitimate.

    • Tjenare jag är Rocky
      Tjenare jag är Rocky

      I am also thinking about diagonals but that is probably too much for a little bumbo to handle ig

    • ʘ‿ʘ

      @Angry Potatoyes always glad to see bumbo doing good

    • Pop

      Are you forgetting about the part that grian got sent to Brazil

    • Allison Little
      Allison Little

      This is great keep going

    • Angry Potato
      Angry Potato

      I agree. It felt too copy paste as I could clearly see the design of a house being recolored onto another area quite a few times, but I am glad to see Bumbo getting out of his comfort zone.

  • GalaxyFlame Productions
    GalaxyFlame Productions

    Definition of sofa : a long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed

  • DarkPhoenix_77

    12:31 Mumbo having one of his rare "CEO of boatem" genius moments It's just a shame it doesnt even profit boatem inc lol

  • Nyle Eam
    Nyle Eam

    Docs infinity rocket on hotbar is definitely a must have for scar who forgets his rockets sometimes😂 it will make hermitcraft a little Scar proof

  • storm shade
    storm shade

    I think it would be a cool idea to make a staircase inside the mountain that can take you to the top or bottom.

  • theAstarrr

    Me after watching Grian’s last video: Well he’s having fun watching what Mumbo’s doing isn’t he, lol

    • Infinity Of Nolan
      Infinity Of Nolan

      @FPS3 I watched grians vid before Mumbos but I think he would also be muted instead of deafened

    • Infinity Of Nolan
      Infinity Of Nolan

      @ow ye men idk but usually he afks in someone's base or somewhere he will be immediately found

    • ow ye men
      ow ye men

      @Edith Roberti yes I know

    • Edith Roberti
      Edith Roberti

      @TheName'sArif i think he wants to see what mumbo would do if he saw grian afk with all his gear

    • Edith Roberti
      Edith Roberti

      @ow ye men hes doing a social experiment to see what the hermits will do if grian afks right next to them

  • LeftHandClutch

    13:49 @ mumbo you should put the path over the roof, it would fit the feel of the whole build

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    The server must've been experiencing a bit more lag than usual as Grian loaded new chunks for several hours. XD

  • Br4dl3y001

    I remember watching mumbo building crazy redstone builds and being amazing and now I’m watching him actually building amazingly and wonderfully beautiful building and it’s amazing watching his growth and it inspires me and this is just Minecraft😂 but it’s amazing

  • BlurryAhmira

    I actually think the glare is the most useless mob mojang made. "It growls at you when its in a dark area" You don't say???

  • 34 Mahir Shah
    34 Mahir Shah

    Gem: I'll Sell Grian Scar: I'll kill him Bumbo: REDSTONE

    • Yellowiolet

      he really had a good plane in store for him

    • very dead person
      very dead person

      he should have left him at height limit for the phantoms.

    • stiky

      Wow compared to the others mumbo is the greatest friend grian has

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C

      Ah classic Bumbo.

  • YannickFilms

    Damn what is it with the refilling rockets, that's insane!💯🤯

  • alex Spencer
    alex Spencer

    “I’m chuffed”, everytime Mumbo says that, I think of a small pug chuffing with a small wagging tail 😁

  • nabbed

    14:20 wooden would look better than dirt to make paths on the edge of the mountain

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Of all of Grian’s afk experiments, this one wins hands down.

  • Kirt Anonuevo
    Kirt Anonuevo

    Mumbo! In case you're still thinking about what to do with the bridge, I suggest building a hanging bridge. It is common here in the Philippines especially in rural areas and mountain villages. I think a wooden hanging bridge really suits your build.

    • Brookcairdd

      I can picture this looking actually amazing especially with the build style hes gone for

    • ARC

      That would look so good hope he sees this.

    • Rohan Jose
      Rohan Jose

      I was thinking about the same thing lol, a wooden bridge would match the aesthetic

    • Mad-E

      i agree a wooden hanging bridge would look so good with this build!!

    • Den

      Considering mumbo actually reads his comments, most likely he will do this!

  • XxKiNgWhItExX

    The flare would’ve been great for bedrock players who don’t have f3 as it shows where the mobs could spawn and would fight mobs

  • Isabella Arevalo
    Isabella Arevalo

    Just a thought that occurred when seeing the reference image for the mountain village, wouldn’t it be a nice way to connect it up to impulses base to slope down in connection with the matching foliage and greenery running up to the wall surrounding the factory? Maybe even a hidden tree house or two to reference Oompa Loompas?

  • oReOnLy

    I Love seeing mumbo get inspirations in his builds from the country where I live. Its crazy to to think that he is living in Eu I think? And he just loves the scenery and structures in the philippines.

  • humanvex658

    its been amazing watching mumbo grow as a builder over time