Hermitcraft 8: Episode 34 - BOATEM WITHER
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo gets haunted in the Boatem area, and a wither is spawned by the invisible man. I also make progress on the Hermitcraft Season 8 Industrial district. We then join up with a few other Hermits and put Zedaph into the chamber.
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  • StarAce

    The server glitching Grian completely invisible was the best organic continuation of the 'no sleep' storyline in Boatem. 😄🤣

    • Ashley Cailing
      Ashley Cailing

      @Northern Ninety7 yes, an aerial wither fight

    • Northern Ninety7
      Northern Ninety7

      @BobDaGranny In his video

    • BobDaGranny

      @Northern Ninety7 where?

    • Northern Ninety7
      Northern Ninety7

      @BobDaGranny It was. Grian said Mumbo played along.

    • Turtilee

      It couldn’t have been better! So funny! 🤣

  • TBNR doodler
    TBNR doodler

    When Mumbo realises that the moon isn't peaceful, doesn't love him, and isn't a plant so it must die.

    • Sidharth V Jain
      Sidharth V Jain

      Gives off Krikkit vibes

    • 87Goats🇺🇦

      @VamPDX agrees

    • VamPDX

      Mumbos first kill will be the moon

  • Adam Radford
    Adam Radford

    "It was GRIAN! ... Of course it was grian" the tone of voice was that of a best friend who never had any doubt it was the other. I loved it

  • Efren Arevalo
    Efren Arevalo

    Those Bees saved Boatem from the initial impact. If it wasn't there, the wither would've shot the nearby chickens near the ground more.

    • Efren Arevalo
      Efren Arevalo

      @GCS Animations idk about buried chickens but I was talking about the chickens Grian spawned from throwing eggs at Mumbo.

    • GCS Animations
      GCS Animations

      Aren't there still chickens buried with pressure plates and note blocks all around Boatem?

  • Ojas Agrawal
    Ojas Agrawal

    From "I love the Moon, I lead a cult worshiping the moon" To "It is time for us to blow up the moon" We all grew up :')

    • Ojas Agrawal
      Ojas Agrawal

      @diapason "Growth is relative"

    • diapason

      this series was like six months long how did we all grow up in that time

  • EyItsGallery

    The Blowing up the moon should be called “Operation Daylight Saving”

    • cornedbeefloaf

      lol it failed

    • Raven Paine
      Raven Paine

      You my friend have won the internet today. I know you posted this 5 days ago, but I just saw it, so sorry for the delay

    • Mystic Melby
      Mystic Melby

      @Enzo Luiz the pun season, he should PUNch the moon, not funny Ik… I’ll leave

    • BraeTheBrave


  • LavenderKasper

    When moon gets big Mumbo's reaction 1: Actually realize its big 2: Start a cult 3: Blow it up

  • EzraEpic

    "it is now time to blow up the moon" Gru: WE WILL BE THE GREATEST VILLAINS OF ALL TIIIIME

    • BigBadger • 100 years ago
      BigBadger • 100 years ago

      In terms of diamonds: We have no diamonds.

  • Onidii

    The whole invisible thing was so funny, if I hadn't watched grian's pov first I would've been freaking out though haha

  • SnowYetii

    "The Cod father" was genius. I've never heard that before, and coming up with that on spot was just incredible.

    • Sandpaper

      @iloveowls90 Nah, im pretty sure taking into account the context its a play on the movie "The Godfather"

    • BigBadger • 100 years ago
      BigBadger • 100 years ago

      Guys, it was a sarcastic comment

    • DigitalDusty

      I could only think of Jimmy. He is the Codfather (At least on Empires SMP)

    • iloveowls90

      actually might be a reference to a friend and his name in his smp he plays is/was codfather(empires)

  • Cosmic Caleb
    Cosmic Caleb

    Knowing that Mumbo’s reaction was genuine makes this 100% better

    • Tricky Trey Perfected
      Tricky Trey Perfected

      @A Lee that's uh... that's the reason he was trying to find the villagers.

    • Disearned

      @No name Hermitcraft only plans and stages things when it is about a story, like the season 7 grass vs mycelium war. any other time it is just a group of friends having fun (i think i remember hearing this from Grian himself one time)

    • No name
      No name

      @Rebecca McLoone Aren't we on the same page here? I don't think HC is planned or scripted, my comment was intended to imply the same as yours. When I say about mumbo playing along I mean because he knew more than likely it was grian invisible but pretended not too, to carry on the joke and to see where it would go. Instead of calling out grian and ruining the whole thing.

    • Rebecca McLoone
      Rebecca McLoone

      @No name I think what he meant about ‘playing along’ was that when weird stuff started happening, he didn’t immediately leave or out them as an invisible person, he just pretended that it was part of him going crazy. He didn’t say ‘okay not funny, whoever you are, cut it out’ he just kind of went ‘what on Earth is going on have I gone crazy’. Grain took advantage of a glitch that made him invisible and decided to have some fun, its clear that its not scripted or planned.

    • Phil

      @Daniel No, I mean it probably wasn't staged; the comment below yours says he went back to grab emeralds but I'm too lazy to verify that.

  • Mudit Bansal
    Mudit Bansal

    Mumbo : I can't even build industrial farms anymore Also Him: Has Grian's soul inside him

  • Ishan J
    Ishan J

    After watching Mumbo's waterfall lake in night, i believe that it would look extremely great if Mumbo uses Glowberries to light it up a bit. Y'know kinda like moody lighting.

  • Steffen Aarsnes
    Steffen Aarsnes

    9:40 The phantoms evilly laughing in the background while Grian is expressing his despair about all the items he lost is just hilarious! Such a massively entertaining episode, and it might be my favourite ever!

  • James Begin
    James Begin

    *Mumbo breaking into Grian's villagers* Me who watched Grian's video before this: "This is where the fun begins"

    • Travis Hudson
      Travis Hudson

      *When the moon won't let Mumbo escape Grian's villagers* Mumbo: "Blast, this is why I hate flying!"

  • Famus Jamus
    Famus Jamus

    The funny part is this isn't even the first accidental Wither that Cub's been called to help with this season.

    • Alexander Bieber
      Alexander Bieber

      @Kratz5ive is it bad that I read that in Cub’s voice despite clearly knowing that it’s a Doofenshmitrz quote

    • Techhunter Talon
      Techhunter Talon

      This time, it's because he was the closest Hermit to Boatem and happened to be online. He lives right in their backyard, pretty much.

    • The Game Guy
      The Game Guy

      “Cub the slayer of accidental withers” it has a ring to it

    • Abhu Khanal
      Abhu Khanal

      @Messy Nessie CubFan "The Wither Slayer"

    • Kyranite 4Star
      Kyranite 4Star

      @Nana Macapagal That would have been both hilarious and devastating...

  • The_ Senate
    The_ Senate

    Mumbo: "Is the magical horse playing tricks on me?" D2 Players "First time?"

    • Aurora Blade
      Aurora Blade

      I absolutely did not expect to find other Destiny and Hermitcraft fans, ever. Infinite neigh

    • The_ Senate
      The_ Senate

      @Enderknight39 "The protogalactic horse has proclaimed it: *utterly bonkers*"

    • Enderknight39

      *incomprehensible neigh*

  • Threadfinn

    Grian's gasp at 9:30 sounded just like the wither

    • How To KDJ
      How To KDJ

      Wtf, it does!😅

  • Elena

    Mumbo K.Jumbo has stopped being a mooner to become a lunatic, and I'm in for it

  • Nick Weston
    Nick Weston

    That first bit was like a psychological horror

    • Horizon Penblade
      Horizon Penblade


  • Online

    "It is time for us to blow up the moon" Grian may have released a wither, but Mumbo has decided to one-up him and commit lunacide

    • Magikarp

      How dare you be this funny

    • Viktoria Ehrenkvist
      Viktoria Ehrenkvist


    • FPS3

      Evil is going to the moon!

    • Its_Levi


    • Davide Dalera
      Davide Dalera

      Been thinking he should've from the beginning

  • Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson

    Just an idea, but I think adding a moon into the ceiling of your storage room (with some sea lanterns) would really help in terms of lighting and pulling the build together, also with the moon-theme of this part of the season it'd be a nice momento

  • Intanpatr

    1:44, if I had a nickel for everytime a horse on the hermitcraft server, showed the way to a hermit, I would have 2 nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice. The first time a horse showed impulse where the teg was, now this! DeJa Vu

    • Intanpatr

      @MSMFan01 RSloft oh whoops

    • MSMFan01 Youtube
      MSMFan01 Youtube

      Umm, You Misspelled Dejã Vu

  • Rizzly

    Mumbo: “ my base is done” literally built a mountain to just put one room in the entire thing

  • Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell

    *Intense Last life Flashbacks* 1:42 - "Well you see Grian, it's a shame couldn't find those diamonds behind that stone, Because I left these villagers... RIGHT... HERE!"

  • Zevox

    Id love to see you build a secret tunnel that connects to everyone else's bases so you can do surprise visits without them ever knowing you were there

    • Caleb JEPW
      Caleb JEPW

      @Mumbo Jumbo

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      That’s more of a grian thing

    • lordxaine

      "Last night, I had a dream we got so rich from the app, you and I bought matching side-by-side mansions. But there was a secret tunnel connecting your front yard to my back yard. What do you think that means?"

    • *Šk¥lłå*

      @MAPUGA you thank :)

    • BrenTek UntimedDisaster
      BrenTek UntimedDisaster

      @MAPUGA this is amazing

  • Beepbeep Lettuce
    Beepbeep Lettuce

    I love how a lot of Hermits are turning towards interesting Redstone instead of pure efficiency

  • Hybrid

    "It's the codfather" That made me laugh very hard.

  • Nillanaphid

    I said this last episode, but I think Mumbo should make a series of Portal-inspired catwalks, pistons, abandoned offices, pipes, and hallways in the empty spaces of the armchair. It would be a fun play on the whole natural vibe of the place and an interesting easter egg for other hermits to find.

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee

    Once again, asking the horse proves to be beneficial. Remember when Diamond Hooves betrayed Joe and pointed out the T'egg?

  • Steven Wu
    Steven Wu

    Hey Mumbo, since your base is finished, why not move Tree-sea to the front of your base, as in a guard of Peace, Love and Plants. Then she could protect your base from dangers such as uncontrollable Withers, and flying Ravengers.

  • aidanmania

    I like how is his mind all a base needs is storage and nothing else

    • Jakob Geigel-Clermont
      Jakob Geigel-Clermont

      Mumbo: My base is done! Me: That's not a base, it's a storage system with a fancy door that doesn't work...

  • Richard Steidl
    Richard Steidl

    Is nether also affected by the moon gravity? I think it is time to move there, nether is now quite life-supporting ;)

  • Whitney Ammerman
    Whitney Ammerman

    I love that the magical horse (Which is magical because Scar landed on it) literally led Mumbo actually lol

  • Ryanthe Doctor11
    Ryanthe Doctor11

    "Mumbo it was me I need help" was the greatest chat message I've ever seen

    • TheRealEstebanz :v
      TheRealEstebanz :v


    • 87Goats🇺🇦

      @-FutureTaken- 🤣 I remember that build battle vid

    • 87Goats🇺🇦

      That is just grįåñ simplified

    • Lazerjolt

      @BlueFire Animations Yep

    • Warriorlyy

      @Aaron Maslanik who is this grain character you speak of?

  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson

    Mumbo: "How many are there?!" Me: Twenty-six, counted them myself

    • Aztec Patrick
      Aztec Patrick


  • Jesentra

    If you're looking for a name for your manufacturing district, how about the Goldberg District, after the Rube Goldberg Machines.

  • Uncle Jimbo
    Uncle Jimbo

    I had a similar problem with making a stone generator about a week ago, I managed to fix it by having the pistons push exactly every 15 redstone ticks and then using a 1 tick redstone pulse. It should fix your issues with having cobblestone generating in your stone generator. (4 redstone repeaters, 3 on 4 ticks and 1 on 3 ticks.)

  • ThatGuyRaptor

    that farm is really sustainable

  • Mattie Sanders
    Mattie Sanders

    “If it’s a gray area it’s a good area.” The real makings of a CEO.

    • Ives Family
      Ives Family


    • Nugget Chicken
      Nugget Chicken

      He is a janitor now

    • David M
      David M

      Mumbos redemption arch

    • Monochromatic

      @iiThxo Both grey and gray are correct, just the former is mostly used in UK while the later is used in US.

    • iiThxo


  • Derpywaffle018

    “Peace, love, and plants” Also him: “It’s time to blow up the moon”

  • Julia- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
    Julia- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    Man, I never thought being a hermit was so scary.

  • Puky

    Am I wrong or could Mumbo actualy attack the wither but just leave someone else to kill him?

  • Demon killer
    Demon killer

    Can we just thank these guys for producin vids for us

    • Game player
      Game player

      @Biker Ayyan I agree

    • Biker Ayyan
      Biker Ayyan

      I just checked out your channel and for a starter you are doin great

  • That’s a Dead Kid
    That’s a Dead Kid

    Grian: "I made a MISTAKE!" Cubfan: "Where" Cubfan certified homie.

    • Jake-Amir Blumenfeldwitz
      Jake-Amir Blumenfeldwitz

      cub gives me massive dad energy haha

    • Buddy Nugs
      Buddy Nugs

      This actually the third time this season I've seen cub save a group from a wither 🤣

    • Giulia Gabriela
      Giulia Gabriela

      Or maybe everyone is so used with Grian shenanigans that they don't even ask anymore what happen

    • Andy B
      Andy B

      Grian: "I made a mistake!!" Cubfan: "Where?" Grian: "....YES"

    • シュガー

      I love cubfan's response of instead of "YOU WHAT?" as it is unexpected but "where?" as in casually asking the location of said mistake because it is expected to happen

  • ForeignSleet

    because you have done peace love and plants, next season do 'kill kill and kill' where you are obliged to kill every mob in sight

  • MtJensen18

    I feel bad for Cub. Coming to save the day, thinking you were ignoring him :'(

    • ChristinewhoYT

      actually it's just the voice thing that didn't pick it up for some reasons

  • DeckT_

    Heres an idea either for next season or maybe this season's base: I would really love to see a more functional base. Why not include a lot of the main farm you use the most inside the base and connect some automatically to the storage and make the base more of a liveable space rather than just a huge impressive build with just a storage system and a bed inside . just an idea ! you do you of course ! keep up amazing videos

  • HydesR01

    "It is time for us to blow up the moon" Come on Mumbo, we all know that's just lunar-cy

  • アレックスAlexander

    Mumbos shriek of terror was just **chefs kiss** perfect. When I watched Impulse's video first, I knew there was a wither, but didn't know why. I assumed they just needed to kill one for some reason and chose a horrible location. This was much, much, much better than I ever could have anticipated

    • Whitney Ammerman
      Whitney Ammerman

      Yeah, I watched Impulse's then Grian's then Mumbo's

    • kae


    • Ryan John Hernandez
      Ryan John Hernandez

      True when impulse joined i was like ‘ohhhh that’s why there was a wither there’

    • Silent Thunder
      Silent Thunder

      hahaha similar here, I watched Impulse first a couple days ago, and my thoughts were "what on EARTH is grian up to now!?"

    • Queen Lioness
      Queen Lioness

      same lol XD

  • Ssmithj3

    Mumbo I often come back to the beginning of this video because its just so unsettling and terrifying to watch, and I love it

  • Modernist927

    I was genuinely terrified when the signs started appearing, the withers started half-building and there was nobody there

  • Komodo Wing
    Komodo Wing

    this would be a lot more sinister if i hadn’t watched grian’s episode before this

  • Shadow Star13
    Shadow Star13

    Can we all agree it's a good thing that Grian lost a bunch of other witherskulls. RIP for the rest of his stuff.. This was so crazy I love it.

  • pink papita
    pink papita

    Love how they still haven't removed the cobwebs that Doc and Ren used to kill them

    • Harry Manocha
      Harry Manocha

      @Socron Gaelith excellent point

    • Jaws Trock
      Jaws Trock

      @Blaise Warrington exacly my point

    • Daniel

      Its a grave sight now

    • Blaise Warrington
      Blaise Warrington

      @Jaws Trock mumbo has never crafted a sword in hermitcraft season 8

    • HeroOfTheWinds

      @Jaws Trock shears work too.

  • Arro studios
    Arro studios

    It’s gotten to the stage that when I log into Minecraft, I expect to see a moon bigger than the 1.18 caves

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Mumbo : I can't even build industrial farms anymore Also Him: Has Grian's soul inside him

  • SlimmingBoy

    Grian gasped like a wither at 9:30

  • Khym

    i just wanna say i am incredibly proud of your build mumbo, and i'm excited to see more building from you in the future

  • ResponsibleFox

    "This base is completely finished" *proceeds to look at the broken door*

    • Roman Mlejnek
      Roman Mlejnek

      @takne it's a bot

    • spritemon 98
      spritemon 98

      *not to mention the large space inside of the armchair*

    • dragon


    • takne

      @Anna ОpenVip you copied that comment

    • Random HQ
      Random HQ

      @Mountain-Wolf It was sent by poultry man

  • MagicalButterfly

    Mumbo: the boatem pole js gone Grian: it's OK it's reperable "casually falls down the Boston hole"

  • Andrew Holzmann
    Andrew Holzmann

    MUMBO YOU HAVE SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO! As the leader of the Mooners, you swore off sleep, and you burned your bed... yet at 8:13, in your storage room, we are able to witness a bed. It looks like it has seen frequent use. Have you, Mumbo, been, in violation of your oath to your beloved moon, been sleeping the night away!?!

  • Jerry Jerry
    Jerry Jerry

    8:08 the tactical retreat to the Mumbo cave.

  • Prometheus

    5:06 this is like we had good mumbo and now evilmumbo is coming to light because he's been repressed for so long

  • Jack Tapman
    Jack Tapman

    Mumbo went from: "I love the Moon, I lead a cult worshiping the moon" to... "Let's blow up the Moon" in one episide.

    • Laura Babalova
      Laura Babalova

      Mumbo: goes in front of a crowd made up of boatem members Mumbo: We will blow up the MOON!!!!

    • tri dra
      tri dra

      "All it takes is one bad day"

    • The Intergalactic Bunny
      The Intergalactic Bunny

      Well, maybe it was due to Ren and Doc killing him

    • Rudy

      "I've come to make an announcement"

    • Seth Graves
      Seth Graves

      It's his character arc

  • Ciro Alves Nolasco
    Ciro Alves Nolasco

    Oh my good, I laughed so hard at Mumbo's reaction to the wither spawning

  • Experiment Shadow
    Experiment Shadow

    This season is definitely more interesting I love it

  • N40r

    "It is time for us to blow up the moon" he said whilst pointing a tnt cannon at Bdubs's base

  • Thomas Goerke
    Thomas Goerke

    “It is time to blow up the moon” Me: that’s just like that one Doctor who episode “Kill the moon” except they don’t let it live. If ya know you know

  • SpaceMonkeyBoi

    Mumbo entering the villager hall: "I sense a great disturbance in the force..."

    • ahmed4363

      @It's Tomato Gear BANANAS

    • I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
      I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me

      @Cytorb really me too lol ⬆️

    • Cytorb

      @It's Tomato Gear same

    • It's Tomato Gear
      It's Tomato Gear


  • a random comment
    a random comment

    I’m starting to question Mumbo’s peace, love, and plants morals.

  • Anthony Bury
    Anthony Bury

    I thought at first this was gonna be a setup for some sort of time travel storyline later on to prevent the destruction of boatem by the moon but nope it was just Grian

  • Lisa de Groot
    Lisa de Groot

    Mumbo: “how many are there?” Grian: “36, counted them myself” lol

  • BiggestRook101

    I've come to a revelation of something: so if blocks float when on ground, they are living things till there mine and left out for 5 min till they die, so in theory wouldn't that mean mumbo has killed millions and millions of blocks?

    • railey nash
      railey nash

      That dosent count that his kills is zero in his whatever that record it so it dosent count

  • wings of the phantom ghost
    wings of the phantom ghost

    Man, I never thought being a hermit was so scary.

    • Cunkie


    • Tertiary taygeta
      Tertiary taygeta

      @Kazaha ツ They do that now.

    • Arnav Aditya Singh
      Arnav Aditya Singh

      @Kazaha ツ By the looks of it, yes.

    • Kazaha ツ
      Kazaha ツ

      @Anna ОpenVip did this bot just copied the top comment?

    • AntStartsRants

      @Anna ОpenVip copied

  • Gufran Ahmad
    Gufran Ahmad

    If I had a nickel for everytime a wither has been summoned by mistake and I have been asked to help during season 8 I would have 2 nickels, which isn't alot but its weird that it happened twice. ~Cub

  • E&J Gaming
    E&J Gaming

    I can imagine the season finale for this season, the moon is crashing down on boatem, and everyone is fighting the phantoms and escaping to safety of the moon’s great attack.

  • OfficialTeej

    I'm only 5 minutes in and this is already the greatest, most entertaining episode of hermitcraft EVER

  • ThatPsySquatch

    Been absolutely loving the no sleep story arc!

  • DK

    Anybody: How much would you sacrifice for Peace Love and Plants? Mumbo: Everything, Including Boatem

    • The Serious Chicken
      The Serious Chicken

      Notes does count when you say everything

    • I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me
      I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who Subs To Me

      Even wither dude ⬆️