Hermitcraft 8: Episode 30 - W̸̘̔E̴͓͘Ḯ̷̙R̵̢̉Ḓ̶͐
Mumbo Jumbo
This Hermitcraft episode is the weirdest Hermitcraft 8 episode I think I have ever uploaded.
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In this Hermit craft episode, Mumbo Jumbo gets experimented on in Zedaphs Minecraft Laboratory, Gets a new hat from GoodTimesWithScar which matches up with the Hermitcraft Boatem sports horse. Mumbo also joins a boatem meeting where Grumbot 3.0 decides his fate as Boatem CEO.
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  • Fredbear

    I'd like to point out, Mumbo, that you don't just have a waffle, You have a burnt waffle.

    • Great Beavers
      Great Beavers

      Wait a minute burnt waffle, his builds are getting better.. soon he'll FORGET TO FINISH THE BACK OF HIS BUILD!

    • gizel els
      gizel els

      @Waffle Tube your name just makes that even funnier

    • - - moni - -
      - - moni - -

      ah yes.

    • pineapple

      @ivana klaric im eating oreos goodbye plans to be healthy today

    • LetsDoDaPumpkin

      @qtopia20 *meme music*

  • Aidn Shorts
    Aidn Shorts

    I'm here for all the moon conspiracies

    • OR2112

      @Patrick Thompson its a reference from the line that comes before the moonlord summons in terraria right? ( if its not then i made a fool out of both of us)

    • Patrick Thompson
      Patrick Thompson

      @OR2112 finally someone gets it

    • OR2112

      @Patrick Thompson ya boi

    • OR2112

      The moon is not getting bigger but closer and that is because C-MOON changed the gravity and made the moon come closer Edit: instead of running away

  • 144p Lobster
    144p Lobster

    "The moon is getting closer, is this some Lunar event?" Minecraft players: Heh cool Terraria players: *"Visible panic"*

    • Shuvelstone


    • SpongyTrout74

      there is multiple things it could be and they are ALL BAD

    • Exo

      @Lord Avocado Let's hope I don't get obliterated in my first few minutes lol, but I probably will. I'll come back when I'm good at the game!

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme

      @☥ EmiPlayzMC ☥ Why thank you

  • AlbaneEdge

    The therapist: "Mumbo moon doesn't exist, it can't hurt you" Mumbo moon: 0:42

    • Clockwork Kirlia
      Clockwork Kirlia

      Hahahaha wow

    • Toast

      I would call that a Moonbo Jumbo

    • Mad_Catter

      I saw that too

    • Dakota Evans
      Dakota Evans

      The comment I was looking for, I was laughing at that moon for a while

  • Brandon Vout
    Brandon Vout

    Mumbo: renames "thoughts of the CEO" to "thoughts of Mumbotato" so no one thinks to replace him with the robot Boatem: immediately decides to make the robot CEO Mumbo: sad janitor noises

  • T. R.
    T. R.

    I once again recommend naming the giant mustachioed statue “Jumbo Mumbo.”

    • 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡!🍭🍬

      @Bushy what contract?-

    • Bushy

      @𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡!🍭🍬 . contract!? LOL LO CONTRACT???

    • ItsPlaz

      @Walle Clyde jumbo bass drum

    • MOJ0 -JOJO
      MOJ0 -JOJO


    • LightslicerGP

      What is the song at around 4:20

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy

    The crazy thing is Boatem is still probably more organized than Sahara ever was in terms of meetings, goals and profits.

  • EliteG

    5:03 Mumbo those are verbs 😃

    • Just A v1nce Troll
      Just A v1nce Troll

      @jjuizz too no dream stan

    • Costumed Creeper
      Costumed Creeper

      @Mr. Mystery are you a technoblade superfan

    • Mr. Mystery
      Mr. Mystery

      @jjuizz too how does technoblade fit in here?

    • jjuizz too
      jjuizz too

      @Mr. Mystery lmao average technoblade fanboy brain

  • Isaac Anderson
    Isaac Anderson

    Did anyone else notice how he didn't replace the gravel after saving pearl's horse?

    • Isaac Anderson
      Isaac Anderson

      I didn't look at the next episode Lol

    • Fleur Vv
      Fleur Vv

      I was about to comment this 🤣 already looking out to the next episode to hear that the horses excaped

  • Ian Robin
    Ian Robin

    I love mumbos comment in Zed's chamber: 'Thats odd things in this chest, where am I? In grians storage?' XD

  • Crossfire

    Mumbo doesn’t attend meeting: promoted to CEO Mumbo attends meeting: Demoted to janitor

    • Saros

      Mafia mobile ads be like :

    • Helmi Juntunen
      Helmi Juntunen

      Everyone who has played the game Control knows that it's actually a promotion

    • Turtilee

      🤣 I didn’t even realize that

    • Binil George
      Binil George

      It's not because he attended the meeting It's because he stopped being a potato

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee

      That's just Boatem.

  • Owen Mau
    Owen Mau

    “You’re going to take it to the Nuremberg” No Scar, Nurburgring is not the same thing as Nuremberg

    • Hydra 59
      Hydra 59

      Nuremberg trials

  • Emily_Nova

    "I can't really imagine Jeffery Bezos launching 2 Billy goats into an erupting volcano of carbohydrates on the weekend but you never know." How is this sentence so magical and under appreciated

  • Marshall

    The Zedaph/Mumbo chemistry is incredible, I need more. Does the lab need a CEO?

  • cursed mailman
    cursed mailman

    Next meeting Mumbo should go inside the robot and start answering them, but not tell anyone about it

  • Braden Cosier
    Braden Cosier

    “Please describe the lifecycle of a frog in only adjectives.” Mumbo: proceeds to only use verbs

    • Huffeyy GD
      Huffeyy GD

      and adverbs

    • ZinTyPhoon

      @DCR2003 My friends and I used to 'insult' eachother by randomly yelling "You're a participle phrase!"

    • TheAstronomyGeek

      Yeah that hurt alot.

    • Inkkles

      @Narrator yes it is, i mixed up my endings, adverbs end with -ly, e.g. he jumped *flamboyantly* into the air like a sweet summer child. i think? iv been wrong so much lately I don't even think I know language

    • Narrator

      @Inkkles they would be considered verbs out of context but could be used as adjectives. Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Adjectives describe nouns. So in "The jumping man jumps high." Jumping is an adjective.

  • resse jivera
    resse jivera

    The fact that Grain switch souls with Mumbo is a side story shows how crazy this season got

  • Nini Melon
    Nini Melon

    Mumbo: This one’s gonna be a weird one. Me, an intellectual: Yes, I could tell by the title.

    • TheSarcasticModerate

      Also the channel. We’re not here for normal, Mr. Aerodynamic Potato CEO Test Subject Moon Cult Leader.

  • GeckGamer

    Zedaph : you have taught us a lot today about what goes on inside your head Meanwhile inside Mumbos head : SPEARS

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    I just thought of the perfect reply: Zed: It's not a carrot Mumbo: it's my cousin

  • Zach Stanley
    Zach Stanley

    playing with all these builders over the years has rubbed off on you lol. Looks great man

  • ExoCryptic

    There should a map called "Mumbo's Stamp of Approval " for any redstone contraption that Mumbo himself finds amazing

  • Just Quietly
    Just Quietly

    You said "is the moon just getting closer?" stared straihgt at it, and didnt even notice it was wearing a moustache

  • Cheery Toast
    Cheery Toast

    *the moon gets bigger* mumbo : “huh that’s some weird lag.”

    • TheSarcasticModerate

      “Weird. The moon lagged into our atmosphere.”

  • n0t-J

    "Hermitcraft isn't weird" *discovers two mountain goat trapped in the corner of a floating caravan, and decides to lead them into the nearby potato volcano*

    • bohanwithb

      caravan help by a gaint tree titan named theresa green which is a pun for trees are green

    • MsDiamondia

      Admittedly, his reaction to goats is so far the best one=) Al others just killed these poor animals xD

    • MrSylfa

      You completely failed your post, you're supposed to quote a statement, then *disprove* the statement afterwards…

    • visible confusion
      visible confusion

      Uh that’s normal

    • Bulldog

      Don't forget Mumbo getting tested by a fellow hermit in hmm... unique ways.

  • X-phoid

    “The moon is getting bigger.” I totally thought he was talking about Pearls base based on where he was looking!

  • Levy Chevy
    Levy Chevy

    When you realize that Mumbo hit the -donkey- car with his shovel trying to dig it out, and based on how many hearts it had (it took 13 ticks of damage, or 6.5 hearts; plus his shovel) he could very well have actually killed it, i.e. counting toward his stats

  • Madcat

    14:40 I love how the goat just looked at the blocks like _"Wait, potato man, what are you doing"_

  • Vaank

    Wait, doesn't the moon look like a derp Mumbo face at 00:41 ?

    • Drawings And Things
      Drawings And Things

      I knew I wasn't the only one who saw it

    • An idiot
      An idiot

      yes the clouds make it like that

  • bbotelhoHI

    MOMBOJOMBO, the statue could occasionally “spit” water out using red stone when a potato sacrifice is made, to add to the aesthetic and lore of the peace love and plants story

    • Justin Smith
      Justin Smith

      Grian will just end up feeding his base again.

    • Athena Merva Carmentia
      Athena Merva Carmentia

      666 likes... That's not good

    • Bird Eat Fish
      Bird Eat Fish

      The spuds shall power the supreme deity that bless Mumbo's land and give it prosperity

    • Jellibeanz


    • Wingraptor Sundaughter
      Wingraptor Sundaughter

      Mingy Jongo is the only right answer

  • coconutcore

    Mumbo: “This episode has been…” Me: Amazing? Yes, yes it has.

  • mysticCabinboy

    "Explain the lifecycle of a frog in adjectives" *Mumbo uses verbs* *its super effective*

  • Liam 8005
    Liam 8005

    “Describe the life cycle of a frog using only adjectives” Mumbio: uses verbs


    I like when Grian experienced kinetic energy when everyone else were experiencing weirdo energy lol

  • Sam Renshaw
    Sam Renshaw

    Zed: "in adjectives." Mumbo: I'll use verbs.

    • Fried Chicken
      Fried Chicken

      @TheMrVengeance why is everyone arguing with you and most are bad at grammar. Noun : Thing,place,idea,name Verb :Doing word Adjective : Describing noun Adverb : Describing verb

    • Corndog Frog
      Corndog Frog


    • Damien Gattoufi
      Damien Gattoufi

      @TooThe Left it absolutely is that boring thanks for checking in man

    • TooThe Left
      TooThe Left

      @Damien Gattoufi faild us all broe. Different is tat eye undrstand that langwige doesnt foolow silly rules (I give up auto correct kept fighting me)... for reals here who cares? what are you adding to anything? Is your life so boring that are reduced to this. Correcting peoples Grammer? Hope the katharsis feels good 👍.

    • Damien Gattoufi
      Damien Gattoufi

      @TooThe Left im just gonna leave you to that and possibly wonder how bad the school system has failed you

  • Meh

    “I have an A-Level in English” How mumbo. How do you have an A-Level in English?

  • Lily Cooke
    Lily Cooke

    Mumbo: Now I’m going to push them off the edge… They seem angry! Me: Still pondering why your English teacher would be watching this video

  • BaneBeard

    Hey Mumbo, just wanted to say thank you for all these videos. I started playing Minecraft to connect with my nephew, it's still not really my thing BUT I've learned a huge range of stuff from you that helped me expand my skills and not feel so stupid next to my nephew. I really appreciate all you've done for this community, you're a good dude, thanks again.

  • Маргарита Голубева
    Маргарита Голубева

    "Are they attracted to wheat" is wild out of context.

  • Tranquilotl

    “Describe the life cycle of a frog in adjectives.” Mumbo: VERBS

    • Issaalaa - Racing
      Issaalaa - Racing

      U beat me to it 😂

    • TheMrVengeance

      @Tranquilotl No, it doesn't. "In practice" people are wrong. Again, just look at everyone here calling 'swimming' an adverb. In practice people don't know the difference between 'burnt', 'burned', 'melted' and 'molten'. Frankly too many don't know the correct 'there', 'their' or 'they're' to pick. If I ask people for a vehicle on wheels, the obvious answer is 'car'. That doesn't mean a vehicle on wheels IS a car. It could be motorcycle, it could be a bus. It could technically even be a skateboard. Just because "in practice" most people will immediately say 'car' doesn't make it so. Without being part of a sentence (or at least some context) to give it function, a word can't be a specific part of speech.

    • Tranquilotl

      @TheMrVengeance Again I agree from a theoretical standpoint, but your reasoning fails in practical application.

    • TheMrVengeance

      @Tranquilotl - No, in general use, words are used with context. There's no point in interpreting words without context. Again, give a linguist a single word in a vacuum, no context, and ask what part of speech it is, and you'll not get an answer. It could be anything. A verb, a gerund, an adjective. There's no right or wrong answer, and thus no point, until you put it in a syntactical function. Without context there's no syntax. Without syntax there's no parts of speech. Something isn't a verb until it's in a sentence functioning like a verb.

    • Tranquilotl

      @TheMrVengeance I agree with your points, but in general use, without context, words are interpreted to mean their most common definition.

  • Hot Blade
    Hot Blade

    "The pig has found higher ground," Mumbo says as he stands a black or two above it.

  • Smiley

    “Describe the life cycle of a frog in adjectives.” Mumbo: *gErUnD*

  • Hobnobbin'

    Imagine a mini series where all hermits played other games for certain amounts of time. eg terriaria would be amazing

  • shadow dragon
    shadow dragon

    I love how Boatem thinks octagon made the moon big, but octagon is even more clueless than Boatem is.

  • CadillacmanV

    “Explain the life cycle of a frog only using adjectives” *uses verbs*

    • Moondust2365

      @Parker Wright Who the heck learns about gerunds in elementary? At most you'd be learning all of the basic parts of speech (minus particles), the parts of a sentence, and what I call "levels of speech length" since I don't know the actual term (letters/sounds, syllables, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, etc.)

    • Moondust2365

      @Galdoug The full definition for adverbs (based on what I learned at school) is that they are "words that describe verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs", but yes.

    • A. Nonny Mouse
      A. Nonny Mouse

      they're nouns

    • CadillacmanV

      @Johann MC I know that guy as well

    • Johann MC
      Johann MC

      Hey! I know that guy!

  • ivan eend
    ivan eend


  • Amy Christiansen
    Amy Christiansen

    Hands down the funniest thing I’ve watched all week. Meeting room was perfect, lab results should be back soon, and the wing is fantastic. There’s a newborn on board. Cracked me up :)

  • GameBustoNaut

    zedaph: "that was the life cycle of a frog, using only adjectives" mumbo using only verbs: yeah

  • Lucky Gacha
    Lucky Gacha

    Building Suggestion: Add some leaves and vines to tie that overgrown look on the mountain it's on.

  • J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-
    J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-

    I can’t believe people think Mumbo isn’t CEO, even though Grian said that nothing changed.

  • _Eztli_The_Watcher_

    You were the first hermit I watched back in the beginning of S7 and I can say that I was somehow not confused about this video... I have learned not to question the shenanigans of Hermitcraft and it is a peaceful life.

  • uneasycylinder. png
    uneasycylinder. png

    Zedaph’s probing has extremely strong taskmaster vibes and I love it

  • Kirby Hypno
    Kirby Hypno

    Mumbo: "What are adjectives" *Only uses verbs* Also Mumbo later: "Volatile object" Mumbo I am so confused by you sometimes


    Mumbo picking out red items was like one of those "prove you're not a robot" things where you have to select all the boxes containing a train

    • TheBigCheese

      Hmm this image does have about 12 pixels of a traffic light and the resolution is only slightly better than Donkey Kong...

    • Arturo Cofresi
      Arturo Cofresi

      I always pick the opposite of what it asks... its fun.

    • Matsemimim

      Its called a CAPTCHA

    • david macko
      david macko

      Actual fun fact about those its not to prove ur not a robot its to train the robot to identify certain things

  • Spectre

    Number 8 is the first Hermitcraft series I've seen. I freaking love it. So much chaos...fun!

  • Dux Angus
    Dux Angus

    From the moon getting larger and the Eye of Cthulhu appearing, we can confirm that the advent of the Moon Lord is upon Hermitcraft.

  • Ben Rinehart
    Ben Rinehart

    Actually it’s Gerunds that end in “ing” - Gerunds being verbs/adverbs that are conjugated to be used as adjectives; the conjugation being an “ing” suffix

  • SluggishRain

    Mumbo: “I welcome our new close lunar neighbor.” Also Mumbo: *tries to blow up the moon*

  • Tren I
    Tren I

    Zedaph: describe the life cycle of a frog using only adjectives Mumbo: *only uses verbs* Zedaph: fantastic

    • TheMrVengeance

      @StrategicGamesEtc - Actually what we've learned is that none of *_you_* know what an adjective is. The waiting spawn. The swimming tadpole. The jumping frog. All adjectives. Deverbal adjectives to be specific. Verbs can be used as adjectives when they describe a noun. You can even use a whole verb phrase. The frog jumping through the grass is called Greg. "jumping through the grass" is an adjective there.

    • Caiden Duncan
      Caiden Duncan


    • StrategicGamesEtc

      @Frye Mattingly Honestly, I think what we all learned from that, is that neither of them knows what an adjective is.

    • Frye Mattingly
      Frye Mattingly

      Uses only verbs... by following the instructions of the *scientist*... LOL

  • Codypoptarts

    I think the moon is pulling a majora's(I think that how you spell it) mask and former porkboy is going to travel back in time and save everyone and stopping himself from becoming porkboy in the first place

  • Elizabeth Grace
    Elizabeth Grace

    I love how explaining the life stages of a frog using only adjectives ended up only containing verbs 🤣

  • Zapp909

    Mumbo: “is the moon just getting closer” Me: *flashbacks to the moon in majora’s mask*

  • Stéphanie Yates
    Stéphanie Yates

    Zedaph: Describe the life of a frog using only adjectives. Mumbo: *uses three verbs.* Zedaph: Fantastic.

  • MCisAwesome95

    The moon is getting larger every day, and there's that shaking that everyone's getting. I think the moon is about to fall on the Hermitcraft server

    • Cory Gunz
      Cory Gunz

      @Garrett Carr that’s his ultimate form lol

    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr

      @Dan Cojocaru why are you here then?

    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr

      @Cory Gunz lol scar is obviously the happy mask salesman

    • DragonFrost

      this aged well

    • Kirby?

      And no one thought to enter the moon at the end?

  • nobli2310

    I like how Mumbo's base is pretty much just a pretty storage system

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little

    I love how half of the videos this season has mumbo apologizing for it being a weird video for someone new to hermitcraft

  • Vennise Mae
    Vennise Mae

    i think this episode has the best comedic timing from everyone that was a part of it lmaooo amazing job on this hermitcraft episode!

  • Impossible

    so, scientifically, the moon has some gravitational effect on the earth, which is seen in the tides, right? if the moon gets bigger it would have an even bigger pull on earth so, if we apply irl physics to hermitcraft minecraft (which 10/10 doctors would not recommend, because you might spawn something lol), could the moon being bigger be causing the rumbling look at me, getting very in-depthly invested in another block game server

  • Dumb D. Luffy
    Dumb D. Luffy

    I love how he just casually said “I traded souls with grian”

    • WistyFish

      Maybe grian will start oinking at random

    • FSG

      @Arturo Cofresi pfft

    • Arturo Cofresi
      Arturo Cofresi

      @FSG Grian doesn't know it but he has potatoes for buttocks :DDD

    • FSG

      @quindarius gooch yes, that was on purpose

    • quindarius gooch
      quindarius gooch

      @FSG grain?

  • Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken

    Zedaph : Say adjectives Also Zedaph : **Proceeds to say adjectives are verbs** Mumbo who is... : **Corrects him**

  • Snowowlmv3

    5:09 The funny thing is, none of those were adjectives. They were all gerunds.

  • BradRx05

    I thought the hat also looked like an Aztec headdress which works wonderfully with your new statue.

  • Jacob Ballard
    Jacob Ballard

    Mumbo speaks about the moon getting closer My mind: you've met a terrible fate, haven't you.

  • Phoenix

    Zedaph: "Describe the lifecycle of a frog in adjectives" Mumbo: *proceeds to use only verbs*

    • Kiwii

      @Hunter Williams No, adverbs are just adjectives that modify a verb rather than a noun. You can turn most adjectives into adverbs by adding -ly. For example: adjective: A quick fox (quick is an adjective, fox is the noun) adverb: The fox runs quickly (quickly is an adverb, 'to run' is the verb) (I notice 'running quickly' doesn't really sound idiomatic but I'm not a native speaker and I was too lazy to think of a better example.)

    • TIGFX


    • Nabjab94

      @Andre IceCold Oh yeah that is also true! and same with the examples I gave could also be verbs depending on the context

    • Valoeghese

      Well, they are participles, so they could be adjectives as well

    • Andre IceCold
      Andre IceCold

      @Nabjab94 well, all words he used are, in addition to being verbs, are adjectives. For example, "The waiting man was tapping his foot." In this sentence, waiting is describing the man, and the verb is was and tapping.

  • Lance Brunkal
    Lance Brunkal

    The only thing I can think of when it comes to the big moon is just how sad it'll be when it Majora's Masks straight into the world

  • Erich Loehr
    Erich Loehr

    We said it together “it’s a pokey stick”. We must be soul sisters

  • TheStone

    I absolutlely LOVE your content Mumbo! What a legend you Are! Keep up the good work!

  • ORigIN

    0:44 I love how the clouds make a moustache on the moon.

  • Flame Is Here
    Flame Is Here

    The only not weird thing is the fact that everything is weird this episode.

    • Flame Is Here
      Flame Is Here

      It's been two months and this comment got so popular-


      That's weird

    • Protik's Story
      Protik's Story


    • M3g4bl4z3

      Hmmm weird

    • Super Cheesy Muffin
      Super Cheesy Muffin

      @Ian Lujan omg yes

  • TheNinjaNolan

    The moon actually does get closer and farther through out the month