Hermitcraft 8: Episode 26 - MY REPLACEMENT
Mumbo Jumbo
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  • docm77

    You missed Hermitcraft meeting today! Just saying;-)

    • MortalPJ

      oh no!!! darn

    • Dragon Fire
      Dragon Fire

      @Chocolate Thunda 3 mo ago :o

    • Alastair Rhodes
      Alastair Rhodes

      Put an ⏰ in his gaming office riminder

    • Alastair Rhodes
      Alastair Rhodes

      Put an ⏰ in his gaming office riminder

    • Alastair Rhodes
      Alastair Rhodes

      @Max S Hermitcraft

  • Nurul Amin
    Nurul Amin

    Mumbo:**want's the potato to talk back** Also Mumbo:**Not realizing that he's just making Grumbot 2.0**

    • Zim

      holy crap

    • Hasna Cat
      Hasna Cat

      i thought i was the only one :,D

    • Alien in disguise
      Alien in disguise


    • Bard Stein
      Bard Stein

      He even has the Grian fringe!

    • Sungho Lim
      Sungho Lim

      Grumbot episode two: Attat of the tats.

  • Jester1219

    Mumbo: “The only person seeing this room is me” 1.5 million people: “yes only you.”

    • TheRookie

      @P to _ 2,173,460

    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr


    • GG


    • P to _
      P to _

      2127000 now 2022-02-10 19:59

    • 4nt0n


  • Pedro C. B.
    Pedro C. B.

    Mumbo Jumbo: "I'm the least musical person ever" Also Mumbo Jumbo: "Anyway, here's Wonderwall"

    • Dylan Frost
      Dylan Frost

      I totally forgot about his wonderwall machine

    • Alvin Wu
      Alvin Wu

      Anyway, where is the wonder wall jukebox?

    • Levi Griffiths
      Levi Griffiths

      This needs more likes!!

    • Guus Thomassen
      Guus Thomassen

      he actually created a broken chord there lol

    • Equated

      just like... "i'm the best CEO" and i managed to kill pearl in one of my favorite way i've ever seen in my life.

  • Priya Patel
    Priya Patel

    Who else thinks one of the automatic responses should be, “Scar, where’s your company car?”

    • Somebody_Else

      o yes

    • A296

      Give this man likes

    • Laura Close
      Laura Close


  • PyroXSpin

    Hopeful filler thoughts: I'm Chuffed to bits I'm Chafted to bits Its really quite simple Grians Right Grains not right Peace love and plants I Agree with Impulse I Agree with Pearl I Agree with Scar Elaborate Please As Ceo, I Understand There Goes the Budget

    • PyroXSpin

      @Zach Wolf So right, definately some Business jargon in the mix. Synergy Buy low sell High Investment Thats a tax Write-off Time management

    • Zach Wolf
      Zach Wolf

      CEOs are required to say synergy

    • Deadgamer

      Destroyed the 666 likes😢

    • Baran Orak
      Baran Orak

      The "Chafed to bits" (or at least that's what I think "chafted" is supposed to mean) is absolutely hilarious and disgusting when you realized that he just finished biking 1000 km..

    • Ikar Aviator
      Ikar Aviator

      @PyroXSpin Let's just cover it with moss More sponsorship should do house saturation is a cheerful creation Why Treesa is not on the meeting? PÆNTS I'm literally peeled off to hear that You got private cars and jet! What else do you want from me?!

  • Gustavo Hen
    Gustavo Hen

    You should put simple/blend thoughts like “I agree with Grian!” “That’s a good point, we have to think more about that” “We have to improve our profits, so will this be worth for it?” “We shall rethink our strategy” “I’m not a fan of Impulse’s idea”

    • Arindam Gupta
      Arindam Gupta

      Another reply being, "this idea has me chuffed to bits"

    • Clonker bonker
      Clonker bonker

      @William Wijaya blend in

    • William Wijaya
      William Wijaya

      I think u meant "bland" or plain. Blend means a mix of smth or mixing things

    • @Andrew Davis yes

    • Andrew Davis
      Andrew Davis

      Yes but make a third of the responses “I’m not a fan of impulse’s idea”

  • Mel Mac
    Mel Mac

    I can just imagine the text-tatos saying things like “That’s pants.” “I’m chaffed to bits!” “I agree with Impulse on this one.” among other potato-y puns.

    • aswer huio
      aswer huio

      Mumbo: is the least musical person ever Also Mumbo: recreates Beethoven’s 1st Symphony 13:20

  • Tjitte Bouma
    Tjitte Bouma

    The chest makes a sound, so they can detect that you are there in your room when submitting an idea. A hopper is silent when accessing, so maybe that is better to use in this case.

    • Emelie

      ​@JS Maddy Never underestimate the acute hearing of troublemakers ;) the chest sounds is quite distinct, so there's a chance to hear it through the noise anyway. But then again they'll also be flying around in mine carts and hopefully excited and disoriented enough they wouldn't.

    • JS Maddy
      JS Maddy

      don't forget the constantly moving pistons launching minecarts around the room. their sounds are enough to cover a chest opening one

  • Daklr

    In today's episode, Mumbo throws piston accelerated stones at his billion-dollar quartz wall

    • aswer huio
      aswer huio

      “You can’t miss a meeting if you are a meeting” wise words from a wise man

  • Downhour Productions
    Downhour Productions

    You need to have an automatic response that simply says “I disagree with Grian”

    • Ahmed Al Hosni
      Ahmed Al Hosni

      G: We should keep Mumbo as CEO M: I disagree with Grian M: Ohh what have I done?!

    • SpareOpossum849


    • Beau

      Absolutely lol

  • LT Motions
    LT Motions

    "Even if most CEOs just sit there and do nothing" Mumbo really just gave his hot take on capitalism

    • Nomis Real Fun
      Nomis Real Fun

      @Dani Falk Jensen Except Scott Adams went off the rails and is now super far right

    • Dani Falk Jensen
      Dani Falk Jensen

      Mumbo Needs to look up Dilbert

    • seusdafirst

      he's not wrong!!!

  • Staci Thompson
    Staci Thompson

    "I wanna make it clear that I'm incredibly buff" You see, that SOUNDS like a joke. But as far as I can recall I'm pretty sure mumbo could snap me like a twig, which is not something I thought I would say about a minecraft redstone youtuber

    • Tapatorta

      Mumbo’s a sexy beast, that’s what he is

    • egirl_issues

      captainsparklez aswell...

    • Jack

      I’m scared

    • TheUltimateHomieG Senior
      TheUltimateHomieG Senior

      why do you think his parents gave him his middle name they wouldnt give that to a weakling

  • Wolfogon

    "You can't miss a meeting, if YOU ARE the meeting" Mumbo K Jumbo, Art of CEO

  • Reedmg

    Famous last words: This plan is absolutely flawless

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    If I had a nickel for every time Mumbo was replaced with a giant face of himself to oversee a Boatem meeting, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

    • Cowen18

      If I had a nickel for every time someone built a llama in the shopping district, I’d have 2 nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.

    • Novalite3

      @PyroXSpin Savanah lmao Saraha but close 🤣

    • Momfat

      How is it weird? This is Hermitcraft

    • Victor de Bastos
      Victor de Bastos

      Copypastas destroyed RSloft comments

    • George Cook
      George Cook

      Perry the platipus???

  • Niffin the RPG gamer
    Niffin the RPG gamer

    Ah Hermitcraft, the only place where when a meeting is coming up, everyone is excited about it.


    mumbo:- "pearl is dangeraously nice sometimes" *pearls starts giggling*

  • Hydr4

    I just realized that Mumbo will never get the "Monster Hunter" advancement.

  • Desmond Bromwich
    Desmond Bromwich

    Mumbo: "these are the two diamonds left in boatem" says while holding 7 diamonds

  • gilles quentin
    gilles quentin

    Mumbo: *spends 15 minutes making a redstone contraption Also Mumbo: “let’s start the redstone”

  • david777

    “You can’t miss a meeting if you are a meeting” wise words from a wise man

    • Xertunbolt

      Wise words from a wise meeting

    • Great Beavers
      Great Beavers

      Meanwhile Grumbot: " You abandoned me Papa! " Mumbot: " I don't even know you! "

    • Sun Dee
      Sun Dee

      that sentence needs to be on a potato too lol.

  • Emanuel Hill
    Emanuel Hill

    Mumbo: is the least musical person ever Also Mumbo: recreates Beethoven’s 1st Symphony 13:20

  • Ben Sanders
    Ben Sanders

    I like how throughout the video there was just slowly less and less minecarts going around the machine which gives me high hopes for the meeting

  • CaGiBa

    Didn't you all realised Grumbot has now evolved into his potat form? This is just perfect.

    • Mojave mon
      Mojave mon

      Yay grumbot

    • Zaid Ewais
      Zaid Ewais


    • Ģłıțçh

      The return of grumbot !!

    • Benny

      He even has the Grian hair…

    • Your daily dose of stuff
      Your daily dose of stuff

      Yes... yes he has.

  • MusicalBowTie

    Grian when he realizes Mumbo put this much effort into a one time meeting room: 👁👄👁

  • Hameleosha De Hoga
    Hameleosha De Hoga

    "re-thunk" is now my most favorite word in existence

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    Now thunk is an official word in my dictionary. Thunk: verb making the sound heard when mumbo is rethinking his life choices.

  • GalacticViper

    The "Ill see myself out: after the sweet potato joke made me laugh even harder lol

  • Levi Griffiths
    Levi Griffiths

    Yo, Mumbo should put random quotes about potatoes in the machine. Like: "Friends are like potatoes, when you eat them they die" Everything in this world is either a potato or not a potato" "Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate" Edit: Thanks For The Likes :)

    • Secret Secret
      Secret Secret

      "Ask not what can potatoes do for you, ask what you can do for your potatoes"

    • Schlugel

      "Mumbo, how do you feel about the profits" "Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate"

    • Psychopathetic


    • Olli

      "The only issue is my parents are still alive, but that can be changed"

    • Gwilex

      Potatoes gonna potate

  • Skullywing

    "Pearl is dangerously nice sometimes." Best quote of 2021

  • DX-Gamer 88
    DX-Gamer 88

    "Hey Mom, can we get Grumbot?" "Sweetie we have Grumbot at home." Grumbot at home :

  • Aditya Jha
    Aditya Jha

    After seeing pearl's reaction to mumbo's death I was so worried that she will come to help and that line 'Sometimes pearl is so nice that it becomes dangerous that got me I literally couldn't stop laughing

  • Pawan Paul Jay
    Pawan Paul Jay

    The seriousness with which you espouse redstone on wool had me choking on my water. This next meeting is gonna be memorable.

  • MuddyPuddle

    These last two episodes might be my favourite of the season so far. I love seeing you do silly redstone contraptions.

  • lienepien

    Grian at Octagon to Mumbo: "Why do we not have stuff like this at boatem?" Stuff at boatem: Ps: ♥ I love this contraption!

  • if1oopthepig

    "Even if most CEOs just sit there and do nothing." Mumbo spitting straight facts!!

  • Daniel Carrigan
    Daniel Carrigan

    mumbo: I can pretty much blend in! this is like my camouflage! me: hey, were did his head go?

  • Ike Wenger
    Ike Wenger

    Calling it now, Grian is going to say “Wow, Boatem was so much better off back when mumbo was gone”

  • CitrousLynx

    "they will be able to pick up my thought in the air and it would be absolute glorious momment" -Mumbo 2021

  • Ramen Noodle
    Ramen Noodle

    I never thought I would see a combination of grian, mumbo, and bdubs in 1 face

    • nika andriadze
      nika andriadze

      Grumbs. (Grian+ Mumbo+ Bdubs).

  • Gabby Jones
    Gabby Jones

    Mumbo: “The last two diamonds in boatem” Most people: “you have 7 diamonds in your hotbar”


    “If there is a man that can break things, it’s definitely him” You can tell mumbo is still mad from last life.

    • Nyle Eam
      Nyle Eam

      Right 😂 and he just broke Docs redstone last time. Redstone contraptions are just not Grian proof

    • Lane Robertson
      Lane Robertson

      But that's all in the p-aha-st now.

    • Endless peace
      Endless peace

      @General C same but i have a lot of other last life members I watch.

    • exceptional gamer
      exceptional gamer

      Yo with everyone got this picture lol

  • Zach Selchau
    Zach Selchau

    If one of the pieces of advice shot out by Mumbo's replacement is that a random Hermit not even at the meeting is wrong, that'd make my day lol

  • TheOddWolf

    Mumbo in hermitcraft: *chills* Mumbo in 3rd life: *Panic's*

    • Suppexe


  • Gecko guy
    Gecko guy

    I love how he uses 2 episodes for just the meeting room

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    Mumbo when building the armchair: I got no words to say for my self, every of them are used Mumbo normally doning episodes: "chuffed to bits"

  • Sungho Lim
    Sungho Lim

    Now thunk is an official word in my dictionary. Thunk: verb making the sound heard when mumbo is rethinking his life choices.

    • Sungho Lim
      Sungho Lim

      @D. Caine I just found out my because was off. I guess I thunk.

    • D. Caine
      D. Caine

      @Sungho Lim: Well, the film is from 1933, so I only know it from reruns on TV... ...I can't speak for Mumbo, of course :)

    • Sungho Lim
      Sungho Lim

      @D. Caine was mumbo around back then? LOL Lets just say he was. Just bacauase... Thunk.

    • D. Caine
      D. Caine

      @Sungho: I first heard this from Ray Bolger, in "The Wizard of Oz": Oh, I Could tell you why The ocean's near the shore! I could think of things I never thunk before... ...& then I'd sit... ...& think some more!

  • Thriiller

    You're are definitely my favorite Minecraft player to watch because I am just ~fascinated~ by the red-stone stuff, watching you figure it out and get it all working is super fascinating to me (I wish I could comprehend redstone, but I never seem to be able to figure it out).

  • Blaze

    I am glad I am getting back into the series after being away for almost a year! Keep up the great work :)!

  • Vin Sal
    Vin Sal

    I am SO excited to see this meeting! Curious - if you're close enough to hear the meeting, will everyone else be able to see your name plate through the wall? Invisibility potions to maintain the illusion, maybe?

  • Jacobo Blanco
    Jacobo Blanco

    The amount of effort that Mumbo puts into not making an effort is impressive.

    • Fire lord 2000
      Fire lord 2000

      @Fusion ok thanks I’ll do my best

    • Fire lord 2000
      Fire lord 2000

      @PsychicPi thanks

    • Fusion

      @Fire lord 2000 I’ve looked at ur channel and ur doing great keep grinding bro 👑

    • PsychicPi

      @Fire lord 2000 Nice profile pic.

    • THE3NDER

      Just like real CEOs...

  • James Mankel
    James Mankel

    Hey mumbo love the content just starting watching season 7 while waiting for the next season 8 episodes all the hermits are amazing looks like so much fun but had an idea that would fit the story for season 8 pretty good since you are always a nice hermit to all the other hermits and with the peace love and plants stuff you should create a secret alterego mumpkin jumpkin or something else funny that causes minor inconveniences to everyone with your own secret underground bunker lair would be really funny and so unexpected for your character but would fit really well would be hilariously funny to watch see if the hermits could figure it out

  • John Root
    John Root

    Man, Mumbo. You’ve really taken your humor to higher levels. You’ve always been hilarious good fun but somehow you’ve improved on yourself lately.

  • CrazeBanana

    Finally realised what feels different of this season The lack of war

  • Pierre Trouve
    Pierre Trouve

    Hello Mumbo. Thanks for all your content, enjoying it a lot :). I just had an idea regarding the fact I watch a lot of Hermits to follow the season. I think it could be great if we had some time indication on every hermits video to be able do a follow up : for example the day number in Minecraft world. So from a video to another, we should be able to match patterns and situation we want to see from another angle. I know I wanted to see the scar POV of Grian AFK time, and having a day number to match would have allow it to make it way more simple. Just an idea, anyway it's always amazing :). Good luck !

  • David Brooksby
    David Brooksby

    You need a decoy idea chest. If someone does sneak in they will be tempted to put their own thought into the brain. You set up a system that detects when the fake chest is used. Then an error thought is automatically places into the que and the next thought that comes out says there was an intruder or an error. Just a ceo thought.

    • Meme LeScream
      Meme LeScream

      call it an intrusive thought

    • Andre Luiz
      Andre Luiz

      Lets be honest, in boaten the two that would (more probably) do that are Grian and Scar, they would break the redstone before be able to go full inception like this.

  • Ar Nalwa
    Ar Nalwa

    Hey mumbo, an absolutely HUGE fan of the channel, keep up the good videos! I have an idea for your base. The circuit you use to detect you going into your base which opens the doors, you can hook it up to these potatoes on the sides made with Redstone lamps and glass which flash a few times. Good luck for the rest of the season!

  • Robin Rehlinghaus
    Robin Rehlinghaus

    This „Because I am, of course, incredibly buff“ at 4:27 sounded so genuine hahaha

  • Isa och Bell Vloggar
    Isa och Bell Vloggar

    15:08 "I feel like im in a creepers brain" Does that mean that creepers brains are ampty?

  • Iron mat
    Iron mat

    Mumbo: *Creates a mumbot that gives out advice for important stuff* Everyone: *Sad grumbot flashbacks*

  • Andrew Glass
    Andrew Glass

    "The Potato of Oz..." *oh dear.* Mumbo, you do remember the Wizard was using a false and massively overblown image to make himself look like an intimidating leader while making promises he couldn't follow through on? And what happened when a particular party of four showed up?

    • Lane Robertson
      Lane Robertson

      @Ols. How does that flow so well? It shouldn't, but it does anyway.

    • AnimalsAreDaBest :D
      AnimalsAreDaBest :D

      i’m 1000th like 😈

    • Rhythm

      @Kixtii Never lol

    • Ols.

      Follow the boatem pole road

    • Blufire 670
      Blufire 670

      Toto would be pumpkin dude

  • Arrow Official
    Arrow Official

    3:59 *’These are the only 2 diamonds left in Boatem’* Also Mumbo: has 7 diamonds in inventory

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    "Even if most CEOs just sit there and do nothing." Mumbo spitting straight facts!!

  • MusicalBowTie

    When Mumbo realizes that they only use the meeting rooms once then make a new one: 👁👄👁

  • 666GJC

    This is the first mob farm I've built. Love it so thanks for the design. Only issue with my build is the spiders seem to be able to jump back out of the flames and onto the lower platform so i end up with dozens of spiders all around the hole to the flames...? Is it my build ? Thanks. Actually fixed it. I had too much water running off one of the upper platforms i had built incorrectly. Sorted that and all good.

  • TheGamingSpace

    Has anyone realized that Mumbo is basically the Pringles head now? lol

    • Egar Enterprises Inc.
      Egar Enterprises Inc.

      @DarkSpeler Ok..

    • kriepEEr


    • DarkSpeler

      @Egar Enterprises Inc. Sheesh you say you don't want any stupid arguments but here you are actively seeking them out.

    • Egar Enterprises Inc.
      Egar Enterprises Inc.

      @DarkSpeler Not trying to be smart but, Saying someone in the internet for their typo or shitty joke is child is inaccurate. Some neckbeards are now screenshotting someone having a stroke in the internet, And expect gold emojis will magically appear.

    • DarkSpeler

      @Egar Enterprises Inc. Kinda proved the point yourself with that comment...

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    Mumbo’s frames tanking as he walks through Boatem shows the strength of hermits against a top of the line computer.

  • emo haralampiev
    emo haralampiev

    Hm, it's been like 3 and a half years since I last went to school, but still hearing of the time 7:10 (or rather 19:10) just sparks a bit of joy in me cause that's when we used to finish school.

    • emo haralampiev
      emo haralampiev

      @crazydo1phin Hm, I think about 13:30 or so. If we're in the afternoon that was. The part of the year which were in the morning were about 7:30 to 14:00. But also not entirely sure, cause it's been some time.

    • crazydo1phin

      you finished school at ten past seven???? what time did you start

  • Shadow Panther
    Shadow Panther

    4:28 I like how he says this jokingly then you remember he actually…is incredibly buff. Like he biked 147 kilometers in a day wtf.

  • Calleigh Desmond
    Calleigh Desmond

    Mumboooo for the future use coordinates to determine if a system will be placed in line with something else

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C

    Mumbo really has outdone himself this season - he's always been an incredible builder but MAN this is just blowing my breath away! :D the mumbo replacement is downright adorable

    • James Freedman
      James Freedman

      @TheFieryWarrior yea man, I couldn't sleep one night because anytime I yawned or lay down boom no breathing for me

    • TheFieryWarrior

      @James Freedman relatable

    • James Freedman
      James Freedman

      @TheFieryWarrior had that a couple days ago, not fun

    • Muhammad Areeb
      Muhammad Areeb

      @VallieMC C 😂😂 reminds me of all the times uncles got their nephews noses . If you want it , you better take it

  • Luiz carvalho
    Luiz carvalho

    I love how Mumbo does redstone... its almost backwards.. so crazy

  • Crawford Fleming
    Crawford Fleming

    For your thoughts you should code an item to be a lightbulb

  • Yogansh Khandelwal
    Yogansh Khandelwal

    Finally we have a redstone contraption which is *actually difficult to understand*

  • AK 123
    AK 123

    I didn’t know Grumbot had a distant cousin!

  • Dark Oak Leaves
    Dark Oak Leaves

    Mumbo, the likeness of your replacement is impeccable.

    • DavidT1D

      What replacement? I thought mumbo just cloned himself

    • excraz

      Indeed, if only his eyes would look from side to side.

    • Garett Johnson
      Garett Johnson

      Hmm maybe not replacement,how about... temporary substitute!

    • janraine martin
      janraine martin

      @Strawberry Seal grian said he's replacing him in one of his video

  • flyambule

    Serious question, why is Boatem so laggy, even a bit far away from all the redstone? The Hermits must be sooo frustrated in that area :D

  • Shahlemon

    You know what would be absolutely hilarious? If Mumbo himself flew out of the mouth with the elytra and landed in a minecart

  • Fauna 5000
    Fauna 5000

    Hey mumbo, could you maybe explain how you use furnaces in redstone?