Hermitcraft 7: Episode 1 - NEW BEGINNINGS!
Mumbo Jumbo
Today is THE START OF HERMITCRAFT 7! We are gathering resources, building a starter base, building starter farms and getting diamonds!
0-Tick sugarcane farm: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wVzD...
Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
Instagram: instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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  • Ryan Krozz
    Ryan Krozz

    Mumbo: "I'm trying to get all these villagers back in their houses." Also Mumbo: *Completely ignoring village Bell*

    • Creeper Armor
      Creeper Armor

      Orr he read the wiki

    • Bha1Rex

      @kuang jui tsou CONFIRMED, YOU ARE A VILLAGER

    • kuang jui tsou
      kuang jui tsou

      Kirby Hypno the village bell is what villagers look for during daytime to share gossip. They will gather around the bell and if there is none they will look for one. When a raid occurs the bell will ring and alert the villagers, jump them out of their beds at night and cause them to return their houses.

    • Mr Amac
      Mr Amac


    • Gage Morton
      Gage Morton


  • Scaredy Silverpants
    Scaredy Silverpants

    "I feel really bad for deforesting all the trees..." And thus began peace, love, and plants, a whole season early

  • JoAnna Morris
    JoAnna Morris

    I love how he does something with his skin almost every season. (I’ve seen the series before, I’m rewatching) And also it feels odd to see the old iron texture..

    • Grayzo105

      I miss 1.16

    • Dayrius Tong
      Dayrius Tong

      Same lol

  • Dori Bachrad
    Dori Bachrad

    Mumbo: “I reckon I could mine literally all day long” Also Mumbo: let’s do a vid mining for 12 hours Also mumbo: tHiS iS hElL

    • a very good fantastic name
      a very good fantastic name

      @Joshua Dowd that was the joke, the comment spelt recon before it was edited

    • Joshua Dowd
      Joshua Dowd

      @a very good fantastic name unless mumbo works for the cia which I really doubt he does it’s reckon

    • Dori Bachrad
      Dori Bachrad

      @Erik Caldwell did u watch the vid he was dying

    • Erik Caldwell
      Erik Caldwell

      The 12 hour mining operation was not hell because he had haste2 and efficiency 5 which he said in another video was incredibly satisfying

    • Keychain Wolf
      Keychain Wolf

      Mumbo: a little bit of conrete Also Mumbo: a 3 hour concrete making vid Also Mumbo: tHiS iS hElL

  • Jaketssassin

    When you are here when he is at like Episode 72

    • mr gummybear
      mr gummybear

      When you are here in Season 9

    • Madness in a Cone
      Madness in a Cone

      @Bazzz yeah im enjoyinhg season 9 so far

    • Bazzz

      or season 9?

    • RinRyn

      Im here when hermitcraft 8 is already done

    • Toby G
      Toby G

      I’m back after the next season was finished…

  • Matchbox

    Season 7 starts* Almost every hermit: this jungle is really beautiful!

    • Java Jake
      Java Jake

      Matchbox looooooooooooooooooooooool

    • Hannah

      Yup. And at the end there's no jungle left xD

    • DaKillerpyro

      Matchbox Amost every hermit : *Destroys the jungle*

  • Ducky Doo Doo
    Ducky Doo Doo

    Imagine building a massive build Then it didn’t have a 1 block center

    • Tito Yudhananto
      Tito Yudhananto

      and you must rebuild it😢

    • Black Wolf Boi
      Black Wolf Boi

      Ooof Relatable

  • Mr. Bealvie
    Mr. Bealvie

    Iskall: "Is that a new animal?" Stress: "Its Mumbo!" cracks me up everytime.

  • Derek G
    Derek G

    It's really fun going back around a year later seeing how Mumbo and the Hermits improve

  • XxpromlggamerxX !
    XxpromlggamerxX !

    Me on the first day: Almost full iron, hasn’t even found diamonds yet Mumbo on the first day: full enchanted diamond, has full access to the nether

    • Sub 2 Mr Wijk
      Sub 2 Mr Wijk

      Me first day finds iron after playing for 2hours and not having a house yet

  • Michael

    “A creeper blew up my balls” This season is about to be a whole lot better than last.

    • Rex Wallach
      Rex Wallach

      Not as good as 8

    • nhtweeker

      Lmao 🤣🤣

    • nhtweeker


    • Canada Countryball
      Canada Countryball


    • Canada Countryball
      Canada Countryball


  • jOeMamA

    “I’m just going to completely pillage this village, I apologize guys” -Mumbo spits bars. 3:48

  • SquareisEpic

    “That’s a new animal! It’s Mumbo!” *demonic laughing*

  • Saturn Smiles
    Saturn Smiles

    "It's gonna be like... *a hobbit hole* " Grian: "eh?"

  • Vanilla Foot
    Vanilla Foot

    “ I can’t believe it, a creeper blew up my balls”- Mumbo 2020

    • Lassiissi

      I bet he knows what he means

    • Vanilla Foot
      Vanilla Foot

      @CianAlaBantot Good 😈

    • CianAlaBantot

      Its literally 12am rn and your pfp is gonna give me nightmares, also im your 69th like

  • Olaficorn

    I love how he had the bread in his offhand at all times cuz its just giving me the mental image that he's stolling about with a baguette tucked under his arm 😂🥖

    • The Bronx Army
      The Bronx Army

      Yeah it’s hilarious

    • Parkydude11

      I can definitely relate

    • MMIV

      *casually holds 51 baguettes under his arm*

    • HTM

      Why is your brain built this way 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    • Talar Kojayan
      Talar Kojayan


  • Deactivated Account
    Deactivated Account

    Sees slimes Mumbo: We can get sticky pistons going! Me: I can make leads so I can get animal friends!

  • Jack W
    Jack W

    When you are finally watching mumbo's hermitcraft after he's finished his series

  • WowweCrafter Gaming
    WowweCrafter Gaming

    Think about it. His mega base this season is like an upgraded version of his first ever base in season 2. Really nostalgic, he went back in time with the knowledge he has now and made it better.

  • Samuel Woodmansee
    Samuel Woodmansee

    RSloft when im listening by myself: "I would like to live here!" RSloft when my parents walk in: "A creeper blew up my balls!"

    • Makenzie Sharp
      Makenzie Sharp

      @Music man 😥

    • Sub 2 Mr Wijk
      Sub 2 Mr Wijk


    • tumnaka913

      thats so true dude

    • Odhran Grace
      Odhran Grace

      @Swetha bro you took it too far

  • DrogosBaggins

    Xisuma: "alright guys the jungle over here is my land." Everyone else: books it to the jungle to build a hobbit hole

    • MrBean

      It's another jungle btw

    • Haroun

      @Mom pick me up I'm scared or a snail

    • Mom pick me up I'm scared
      Mom pick me up I'm scared

      Or a meatball

    • Haroun

      @LyfeLined OK as y like 😂😂

    • LyfeLined

      @Haroun Nah

  • Prytolox

    the nostalgia in this episode is just too much

  • Triceratops

    I just finished watching all of grian's season seven in one go, now I'm one to Mumbo!

  • ToucanPlay

    10:12 “I do feel really bad deforesting the trees in front of my base” That’s when he knew he would be about the peace love and plants.

  • TeaTime

    "Yea There isnt any bookselves in here." *Walks into the wrong type of house*

    • Jack Weis
      Jack Weis

      @More Gaming Potato same here I watched him back in hermit craft 5 then stopped for a while. But I just recently started up again!

    • More Gaming Potato
      More Gaming Potato

      @Rj-Animates I just started watching mumbo again after a few years!

    • Rj-Animates

      @More Gaming Potato u rewatching this whole season too?

    • More Gaming Potato
      More Gaming Potato


  • OneWolf

    When his “starter base” is better than my Minecraft house that I’ve had for almost a year. 👁👄👁

    • Benjamin Slatcher
      Benjamin Slatcher

      My best house is a dirt shack compared to his house

    • a retard on the internet
      a retard on the internet

      My looks amazing

    • Kenza Rezyarifin
      Kenza Rezyarifin


    • Pietro Catalano
      Pietro Catalano

      Bah, it's better but I like mine more.

    • Winter Yay
      Winter Yay

      @Charlie Salter true

  • Shashwat Rathore
    Shashwat Rathore

    "A creeper blew up my balls." - Mumbo Jumbo, 2019.

    • Shashwat Rathore
      Shashwat Rathore

      @Max Gibson A'right. Well, will kind of make sense seeing how strange 2020 was.

    • Syalerter


  • Blake Swindell
    Blake Swindell

    Me: Takes five days of real time to get Diamonds This Guy: Get it’s on hour 3 of playing

    • Banani Biswas
      Banani Biswas

      @ghostyyy yeah I mean it's bassically a big flex in singleplayer

    • ghostyyy

      @ Damandeep Singh nah not on multiplayer when there's shops and trading

    • Damandeep Singh
      Damandeep Singh

      @UtilityBaton ye cuz diamond kinda useless when u have every netherite tool en armor

    • UtilityBaton

      @jd trur how is that a weird flex. it's basically the most common flex in minecraft

    • jd trur
      jd trur

      @ghostyyy weird flex but ok

  • Erttfrg

    I can't believe we're already a year in, time flies...

  • Kian Kavanagh
    Kian Kavanagh

    This man really did more things In 1 episode than I’ve done in one month

  • Levy Chevy
    Levy Chevy

    What Mumbo says: "But I'm also gonna be going futuristic and modern" What I hear: "I need an excuse for the elaborate redstone mechanisms I'll be using"

    • EpicTurtle Life
      EpicTurtle Life


  • Calvin Miller
    Calvin Miller

    "I forgot a water bucket" After just calling himself a professional lol

  • The Tea Lord
    The Tea Lord

    They good thing with watching old episodes is that you don't have to wait for the next episode.

  • Leon Bachteler
    Leon Bachteler

    I just realized that this season started in episode 1. If you look at all of the other seasons, they start at zero. I'm currently sitting here in the corner of my room being sad.

    • Dayrius Tong
      Dayrius Tong

      Hermitcraft 8 started at 1

  • Fred Johnson
    Fred Johnson

    just got back into Minecraft after like a year, now I'm rewatching all of hermitcraft s7: by God I have missed this

  • Asianpersuasian :3
    Asianpersuasian :3

    Mumbo: Hobbit holes are adorable Grian: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

    • Travis Crawford
      Travis Crawford

      low key this one is nicer from the outside

    • Asianpersuasian :3
      Asianpersuasian :3

      Nathan Shirley fine

    • Natalie

      7 w 7 it’s mostly the universes vs dimensions that bother me

    • Asianpersuasian :3
      Asianpersuasian :3

      Nathan Shirley but that’s a WHOLE extra letter AND a whole extra space

    • Natalie

      The quote is “i am four parallel universes ahead of you” at least if you are thinking of the same thing as me

  • TheManTeo

    Anyone watching this and seeing how much he’s improved at building?

  • Edward Bowles
    Edward Bowles

    Mumbo:"I want to live there" Me:"you do live there" edit: thanks for all the likes

    • Mirat Parmar
      Mirat Parmar

      @Krystian Dymurski then why are you woooosh-ing?

    • Krystian Dymurski
      Krystian Dymurski

      @Mirat Parmar idk if im stupid but i dont understand the joke...

    • Mirat Parmar
      Mirat Parmar

      @Krystian Dymurski !!! You dare?

    • Krystian Dymurski
      Krystian Dymurski

      @Mirat Parmar yes

    • Mirat Parmar
      Mirat Parmar

      @Krystian Dymurski no

  • De BonBon
    De BonBon

    Can't believe its been a year. Feels like it started yesterday

    • MrTaco53


  • Christian B
    Christian B

    let’s just all remember that at the moment he got the cover me with diamonds achievement, grian was with professor beak. let’s all just remember that.

  • AkodoKusamoto

    Mumbo: "I'm really liking this hobbit hole!" Grian: *laughs in two-story hobbit mansion*

    • L1ngy

      @TheLowten no it looks like a hobbit hole , that is what they look like

    • Maddie D
      Maddie D

      Omg I low key only read the comments to find stuff like this, it always makes me laugh, and it's even funnier when I agree lOLoLOl

    • TheLowten

      Mumbo likes his hobit home until he realises it looks like a minion

  • ITSOnz

    You know ... It feels like it started like a month ago... I never missed an episode from him grian nor iskall Its just like a series but everyone is a main character in their videos

  • Tormented_fork

    Just finished watching the series finale and thought I would come back here. I cried.

  • Gobbed

    12:15 me painfully watching mumbo get flint with his fist and not his diamond shovel

  • Dying 2 Play
    Dying 2 Play

    Ughhh, I waited SO long for a new Hermitcraft series to start so I could watch Mumbo, Grian and Gang start off as freshies again. I'm just starting it now with 74 episodes to binge from EACH member! No shortage of content here. Love the start Mumbo, keep up the AMAZING work.

  • My Name Is
    My Name Is

    Mumbo: *creates a base and gets diamonds and redstone* Grian: *floods Scar’s base with zombies*

    • Snoop Gameplay
      Snoop Gameplay


    • Gamer Ted
      Gamer Ted

      your right lol

    • Ivy

      And getting professor beak

    • guy who trash talks
      guy who trash talks

      Dominator 1O1 snail

    • yaicob.com

      Both equally valid

  • CallumIsOK

    How far they have all come in a year :')

  • Ryan

    Man, it's so crazy re-watching this video and looking at just how much progress they've made.

  • I like minecraft
    I like minecraft

    Happy one year anniversary hermitcraft season 7 :D

  • Prasad Bhalerao
    Prasad Bhalerao

    This feels like a new season after the turf war in 2021 !

    • Charlotte Evans
      Charlotte Evans


  • KoitHP

    Xisuma: I'm gonna save those diamonds until I have fortune and make profit. Mumbo: Look at my new outfit!

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods

    The energy and excitement in his voice. Good vibes, good vibes.

  • Sunset Ren
    Sunset Ren

    Cutting jungle wood and other trees that are huge really hurts. Especially natural ones. I tend to avoid the big ones until I make a bass or house or something on them.


    Just casually rewatching in late season 7.... Mumbo saying he is going to use the terrain to build his base just so that he can casually remove is all to build his mega base later hahahaha

  • Just a Nerdy Hobbit Girl
    Just a Nerdy Hobbit Girl

    Just watched all of Grian's existing season 7 vids (my first hermitcraft experience), and now I'm going to start watching yours! :)

  • Humanatee

    Mumbo: has stone tools Me: *looks away for one second* Mumbo: has diamond

    • Carrot

      @Buster Boi what

    • The Album Reviewer
      The Album Reviewer

      Just like his redstone contraptions.

    • drakeston 53
      drakeston 53

      I did that to my friends in our private server. Then got slaughtered by 4 guys in iron wit diamond swords I supplied 😂😂

    • Jonathan_Gariepy

      FOR REAL!!!!

    • ʛʛJACKYBOIヅ


  • Blueo

    Mumbo: Look at how long it took me to just get a stack Also Mumbo: Goes and picks up the half stack of items he left on the floor, as if it were not there

  • Noah Reese
    Noah Reese

    That’s crazy that hermitcraft 7 is exactly a year old today

  • maroon 345678
    maroon 345678

    Been watching since the flying machine tutorials and your content never gets old

  • Κωνσταντίνος Φακής
    Κωνσταντίνος Φακής

    After years I’m finally interested in hermicraft and here’s where I’m starting

  • Eros Envy
    Eros Envy

    I feel like everyone is forgetting that you can remove enchantments with a grindstone now 😁

    • Forks

      imja WAIT WHAT I NEED THIS IN MY BASE I never knew that because I have a world we’re I put frost walker on my boots and it socks I need it gone like now and never knew a grind stone was that good I just thought it was anvil 2.0 or sum

    • imja

      @Chloe Dressler Yeah but with grindstone you get the xp back and that is useful.

    • Chloe Dressler
      Chloe Dressler

      Eros Envy probably because they would just make a new pickaxe if it didn’t have the right I enchantments

    • Whacko Otaku
      Whacko Otaku

      Naht Fizzles it’s a new item which removes enchantments

  • Emys E46
    Emys E46

    I've recently found your channel and yes I'm going to watch this series now

  • RougeRed

    Mumbo builds something that would take me atleast five days to build:such adorable

  • Toby G
    Toby G

    Watching Mumbo’s chests after the mining session was painful as a miner that always organizes the hell out of my resources

  • NetherPlayz

    Who else is binge watching this series to wait for the next hermitcraft 8 episode?

  • ThisisChris999

    What about episode 0!?!? Anyways, it's a good day for hermitcraft. Maybe since he now has honey block access, Mumbo can make a walking base :P

    • Kendall Tower
      Kendall Tower

      ThisisChris999 that’s exactly what I thought 😂

    • Snorlax


    • TETNTM

      Me: Episode 0 was the last episode of season 6. Everyone else: ._.

    • Radnom

      ThisisChris999 oh yea

    • T1Logan

      Well if you have watched other season episode 0 is because he is gone during the week the sever starts so the episode is to gather resources

  • Angela Lybbert
    Angela Lybbert

    When it comes to good caves, I found a massive cave system in my basement. Still exploring it over a week later

  • GameTrap

    Coming back to one of my favourite seasons and… No optifine looks weird

  • AceOfGames

    "I could mine all day" INTENSE FORESHADOWING

  • Francesco Lucchetta
    Francesco Lucchetta

    I'm from the future: this season will be a crazy ride! :D

  • Crazyjaks

    mumbo: *amazed how quickly xisuma gets enchants* grian: *amazed how quickly mumbo gets diamonds*

    • Z Bisson
      Z Bisson

      No one noticed he tamed a parrot

    • maddy b
      maddy b

      me: amazed at grian’s base

    • Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams

      LolLITh no, trolling scar

    • The Wandering Gamer
      The Wandering Gamer

      Me: *amazed how they have diamonds*

    • Sarah S
      Sarah S

      LolLITh I know his starter home is bigger than my regular Minecraft base

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith

    This guy starts a game and by episode one he’s done more work than me in any world

  • Er-S

    I can't believe its been over a year now. Good old memories!

  • Benjamin Chi
    Benjamin Chi

    Mumbo : "I could mine all day long" Me : *smiles in 12 hour mining session*

  • Ahsan Soomro
    Ahsan Soomro

    10 months later still the best ep 1 ever

  • Chomperone

    Grian in Season 6 episode 1: "these guys know minecraft" Iskall: *mistakes mumbo for a new mob*

    • Douglas Jude
      Douglas Jude


    • J Colby
      J Colby


    • Zilch



      I was reading this while this happened

    • the treblecleff
      the treblecleff

      Grian: in the future Builds go brrrr

  • Jelly Blue X Roblox & Aaron Craft Beans
    Jelly Blue X Roblox & Aaron Craft Beans

    Basically Mumbo at 5:24 It's enough to make a grown man cry.

  • Dorothy The Lunchbox Thief
    Dorothy The Lunchbox Thief

    “I feel bad deforesting the trees that are kind of in the area… …. Well I guess I can just replant them.” -Peace, love and plants Mumbo, says me from the future

  • Micah

    Going to watch this for the first time! Edit: After 11 days, I have completely watched the entirety of season 7!

  • sara jagodic
    sara jagodic

    I used to watch hermitcrat 6 and im really missing that time of my life. I stopped watching your videos and now im starting to watch the new season beacause it reminds me of the time when i was happy and good things were happening in my life. Thank you for these videos I dont think you realize how much they help me.