Grian's Funniest Moments (Hermitcraft 8)
Grian is a funny guy. These are some of the funniest clips of Hermitcraft Season 8. If you don't know who Grian is, then what are you doing here? Go check out Grian and the rest of the Hermits for eternal happiness. Alright, maybe not eternal, but go check them out anyways. You won't regret it. Some of the major parts of this video include Mumbo jumbo V.S. Grian in The Great Tree War. Goodtimewithscar and Grian try to lead a charged creeper into the Magical Menagerie. Things didn't go well. Grian says "Nooooooooooo" Mumbo and Grian in powder snow together. And so much more!
If you search on google "how tall is mumbo jumbo?" It'll say 99ft. I knew mumbo was tall I didn't know that he was that tall!
hope you enjoy :)
Algorithm stuff:
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 18 - MAGIC NIGHT SKY!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - AFK ON HERMITCRAFT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - THE DIAMOND HOURGLASSES
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - THE MAGICAL MENAGERIE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - THE GRIANGOTTS BANK
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - LOSING EVERYTHING (again)
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - BIG BOATEM MEETING
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 11 - THE FIRST BUILDING
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - THE BOATEM GIGABASE
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 9 - BASE PROGRESS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 8 - THE G-TRAIN
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - STARTING THE CAVE BASE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - TRADING UP!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 5 - THE BASE INTERIOR
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 4 - VIC-TREE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - BASE PROGRESS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 - GRIAN'S STARTER BASE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - IT'S A START!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - LET'S GO!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 - POTATO BOY
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 3 - TREE WAR!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 4 - GIANT GHAST FARM!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 5 - DOUBLE MEGA FARMS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 6 - MY NEW WEAPONS
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 7 - MEGA BASE PLANS
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 8 - IT BEGINS! sus
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 9 - THE MOUNTAIN
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 10 - I'M SCARED
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 11 - FIRST STAGE COMPLETE!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 12 - END CRYSTAL MINING!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 13 - BEGIN STAGE TWO!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - BRUCE WAYNE OF BOATEM INC.
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 15 - CHEST MONSTROSITY
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 16 - SPORT HORSE SQUAD
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - SERIOUS BUSINESS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 18 - THE BACK!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 19 - MY SCARIEST PROJECT
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 20 - GIANT LAVA FARM!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 21 - what am i even doing?
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 22 - MOUNTAIN TOWN BEGINS!
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 23 - IT'S DONE!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 15: Gigabase Mountains Are DONE!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 14: BETRAYING BOATEM
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 13: DON'T BE MAD...i had to do it
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 12: Building My Boatem GIGA Base!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 11: HERMITS ARE TELLING ME SOMETHING?!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 10: Finished My MEGA Starter Base!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 9: The Swaggon Is Under ATTACK!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 8: OVER-POWERED Swaggon Villagers!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 7: I'm Back With a MEGA Build!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 6: The SWAGGON is Here!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 5: Bee-serk For Tegg!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 4: Big Base EXPANSION!
Hermitcraft 8 Episode 3: Revealing My BIG SECRET!
Hermitcraft S8 Episode 2: Waxing The Hermits!
Hermitcraft S8 Episode 1: You Will LOVE This!
Grian Mumbo Jumbo scar goodtimeswithscar impulse impulseSV Pearl PearlescentMoon Boatem pole boatem hole boatem goal. boatem roles The village of Boatem. Avengers with Hermitcraft. Grian Mumbo Jumbo scar goodtimeswithscar impulse impulseSV Pearl PearlescentMoon Boatem pole boatem hole boatem goal. boatem roles The village of Boatem. Avengers with Hermitcraft. Avengers End Game but its hermitcraft. Grian being captain American Mumbo being iron man, Goodtimeswithscar being Thor. impulse being Antman. Pearl being scarlet witch. this is what mumbo gets for missing a meeting now he's the CEO of boatem. It will be funny when he finds that out. Avengers Assemble music and all but with the hermitcraft boatem gang. Grian assembles the boatem crew. Grian Mumbo Jumbo scar goodtimeswithscar impulse impulseSV Pearl PearlescentMoon Boatem pole boatem hole boatem goal. boatem roles The village of Boatem. Avengers with Hermitcraft. Avengers End Game but its hermitcraft. Grian being captain American Mumbo being iron man, Goodtimeswithscar being Thor. impulse being Antman. Pearl being scarlet witch. this is what mumbo gets for missing a meeting now he's the CEO of boatem. It will be funny when he finds that out. Avengers Assemble music and all but with the hermitcraft boatem gang. Grian assembles the boatem crew.
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 18 - MAGIC CAVE NIGHT SKY Grian is back on hermitcraft and has made a custom sky for the inside of the alley to make it even more magical!
tag 2 electric boogaloo or as scar would say boo 2 boogaloogoo which also works last words are heard the least

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  • Brookie_ Pooh
    Brookie_ Pooh

    "There's only one chicken man and he's retired!" *blows up pearl* Meanwhile Scar... "Eye candy"

    • Edward Jenkins
      Edward Jenkins

      2 weeks later, 'iCandy'.

    • PonZieGuy

      scar says the darndest things 😂

  • Gagh HuH
    Gagh HuH

    i just love when Scar is ashamed and starts to dig himself in the ground

    • Dennis Wijker
      Dennis Wijker

      @Adam Johnson it's perfect comedic timing :D

    • Adam Johnson
      Adam Johnson

      @Dennis Wijker It's the slow turn, it just slays me every time. The expression is just amazing.

    • Cospaws

      I love how I know the exact moment you’re talking about without watching the video 😆

    • Gagh HuH
      Gagh HuH

      @Dennis Wijker its like hes not controlling that body just with keybord and mouse but like an acual body if that makes sense

    • Dennis Wijker
      Dennis Wijker

      I loved that eventhough the MC faces are expressionless, he managed to give that moment so much expression and humor. After the explosion he just stares ahead... then slowly turns to Grian, and then moves the his head back a tiny bit, as if he's sneakily taking a look at the destruction he caused. And then lets fall his head in shame, and digs down. It was perfect. I watched it several time, full on laughing the entire time :P

  • BextoMoose

    Grian is great with any Hermitcraft member, but him, Scar, and Mumbo bring something out of each other

    • Tierstin Williams
      Tierstin Williams

      And Iskall..

    • Ally Marie
      Ally Marie


    • IPad_user

      @BextoMoose oh you are right I will try to remove that comment from everywhere

    • BextoMoose

      @IPad_user what does that have to do with anything. Also, I feel like PonZieGuy (Original Uploader) is the only one who has the definitive rights to remove the reply, even if it's annoying self-promotion

  • Rigel

    Scar: makes his skin have a custom hat Grian: puts rick astley on his waffle

    • Zip Playz
      Zip Playz

      He didn't actually

    • FunniManYT

      I am gonna make sure you get 1K likes before a month

    • Ruchi Khera
      Ruchi Khera

      @Rigel oh ok thanks

    • Rigel

      @Ruchi Khera he didn't it was edited in the video

    • Ruchi Khera
      Ruchi Khera

      @Rigel I have mr genius I am just asking whether grian actually rickrolled us...cause I have forgotten and if he has which episode

  • FeltSteam0

    Grian this season: Lets NOT build a mega base Grian later on: Lets build a TERRA base

    • Hi :)
      Hi :)

      @PonZieGuy yes that sums it up perfectly

    • Ben germin
      Ben germin

      He technically never build a base bigger than a mega base tho

    • HalooCrazyJ

      Gigabase? An idea from a giga chad

    • Villager Supremacy
      Villager Supremacy

      @an annoying btch treesa

    • an annoying btch
      an annoying btch


  • NoneKnows

    I know Grian says his singing voice isn’t good, but his “OOOOOOOOOOOU”s are so high and actually sound good

    • Chloe :3🇺🇦
      Chloe :3🇺🇦


    • AlyssaFire


    • Its_ Andriette
      Its_ Andriette


    • Blidea


    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games


  • Brookie_ Pooh
    Brookie_ Pooh

    "Mumbo's is, 'we got a starter base at home'" I'm wheezing

    • Anastasia Castellanos
      Anastasia Castellanos

      (3:07) Just spent a few minutes looking for this

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games


    • PonZieGuy

      lol so true

  • arwen1ish

    I have watched grian and scar moving charged creepers far more than I care to admit and the way scar turns around when boo blows up gets me everytime 😆

    • arwen1ish

      @NONNAME152 its 1 of the shops built by keralis, bdubs and tango

    • NONNAME152

      Whose house did they “renovate”? 12:35

    • KayJay’s Creations
      KayJay’s Creations


    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      @MrSylfa lol

    • MrSylfa

      I think playing that clip while someone is having a coffee is attempted murder, was coughing for 5 mins afterwards from starting to laugh despite my situation...

  • KreetsJr

    I like to imagine Grian just being the tired mother of Scar and Mumbo

    • Zip Playz
      Zip Playz

      @PonZieGuy Imagine Martain And Joel in that family too that would be so funny even a girraharfe would laugh

    • KreetsJr

      @Septemberwolf5 games I think any mom could start a war after one too many glasses of wine

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games

      Nah I see him as a chaotic child he has started a war in ever season of hermit craft he’s been in

    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      That's literally what it is.

    • Oshrit Mejirovsky
      Oshrit Mejirovsky

      And he is stil a child himself

  • Josh DLC
    Josh DLC

    Boatem literally started out as a farm around a pile of boats... Look at boatem now, in all it's glory

    • A Sappy Ghost
      A Sappy Ghost

      @PonZieGuy botem is all blown** up

    • Hi People
      Hi People

      according to impulse (livestream a couple days ago), they planned on making communities (such as boatem), but i dont think that they planned specifics, they just intended to group up one way or another, and Im so glad boatem was formed

    • AridLlama610

      Boatem is my favorite place in all the hermitcraft seasons

    • Josh DLC
      Josh DLC

      Thanks for the heart!

    • Anarchix le gauløis
      Anarchix le gauløis

      @MinecraftMan777 I started watchin impulse and scar thanks to this team up. Its all a-boat boatem crew.

  • lighrtshro

    I just love how Grian is so upset at the start because the deep slate was sold out, and then goes and sabotages mumbo’s cheapslate several times. Do you want pain? Or do you want diamonds? Make up your mind Grian.

    • Aurora Paisley
      Aurora Paisley

      No pain no diamonds

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games


  • Chiachi Mariachi
    Chiachi Mariachi

    *We may only get one Good Time(tm) with Scar but fortunately for us the first one hasn’t ended yet*

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games

      *I’m still reading it as “good times with scar” how bout y’all*

    • UltimateGames78

      This is too emotional

    • PonZieGuy

      it blew my mind when grian said that

  • Infinite Donuts
    Infinite Donuts

    The funniest moment of this video was the part with Scar and the charged creeper.

    • PonZieGuy

      yeah i like that part

  • EnzoGB

    The fact that i actually remember every single clip in this vid is pretty scary

    • Ally Marie
      Ally Marie

      Same 🙃🙂

    • Maj.Mythic

      @PonZieGuy obsessed as well

    • jem 56
      jem 56

      Haha yeah.... Probably have spent too much time watching hermitcraft...

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games

      @Justachickenpassingby hello I want to join the obsessed gang I’m obsessed with hermit craft (lol) I usually forget everything tho-

    • Septemberwolf5 games
      Septemberwolf5 games

      Same it’s cuz I’m absolutely obsessed with hermit craft

  • Alex Locke
    Alex Locke

    I love how Grian has attempted to make Mumbo the head of something twice, and both times he’s actively gone against it

  • Grae Boi
    Grae Boi

    Grian out of context is purely amazing lmao

    • cherrydontlikeyou

      90% of grian's videos are out of context.

    • PonZieGuy

      he does says some pretty funny stuff 😂

  • Gun

    Hermit craft is what true comedy is and it feels like prime youtube its just a bunch of friends messing around and having fun

  • Sunil Nambadon
    Sunil Nambadon

    13:20 Scar is just the master of comedic timing

    • Versale Youtube Vanced
      Versale Youtube Vanced

      he is a genius

    • GhaniG

      kinda like Technoblade with the slow turning there

    • PonZieGuy

      he is! 😂

  • Mr. Wakefield
    Mr. Wakefield

    Still my favorite. "Eye candy"

    • PonZieGuy

      mumbo do be looking snazzy 😂

  • Moon-lava1

    LOL I JUST REALIZED, Grian said "is that not just the worst boat you've ever seen? A creeper with a phantom in it"

  • Harrison Lack
    Harrison Lack

    god damn it, that's the best rick roll I've had since 2014

    • PonZieGuy

      that's high standards to live up to :)

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell

    I forgot about the Hermits learning that Creepers climb ladders.

  • Pesky

    You did include all the funny scene I remember! Honestly LOL😂

    • xcon78

      @PonZieGuy you forgot when they were all trees and when grian faked being afk and scared scar ): but everything else was in the vid 👍

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost

      @PonZieGuy O would love to see it. There are already plenty of boats in Boatem, why not a whale too. I think it would fit in very well. And whales are way too rare in Minecraft. I don't think I've ever seen a Minecraft whale before (except for dolphins)

    • zlBadBoy

      @PonZieGuy it has to happen

    • SPZdarkapple

      @PonZieGuy well now we gotta do it

    • PonZieGuy

      @Sebastian Jost right the giant whale. I knew about the giant whale... is the giant whale actually happening?

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L

    This was well made, I just wanted to say something because I really enjoyed the video and you did an incredible job on it

    • PonZieGuy

      that is a very nice thing to say, thank you so much :)

  • Volutedsauce

    Did this guy just rick roll us with grian’s waffle. Touché

    • PonZieGuy

      lol :)

  • Anvay Vaidya
    Anvay Vaidya

    9:33 Hands down the funniest moment in hermitcraft history.

  • Eleanor v
    Eleanor v

    15:40 When he went up the ladder thinking he was safe I was literally like "Grian No! They can climb ladders! Your're not safe yet!"

  • Random Person :)
    Random Person :)

    “My two braincells sometimes just don’t communicate to each other.” *I felt that.*

  • Ben germin
    Ben germin

    Scar leading the creeper to Grian's magical menagerie is the literal definition of you can be a super well respected person but still be goofy and newb af 😂

  • CinnamonBunStew 88
    CinnamonBunStew 88

    “Even for us, this is weird.”

    • PonZieGuy

      well put lol

  • Jacob Ballard
    Jacob Ballard

    When grian mentioned the grain Evo fans: it has arrived from the deep pits of 2018

    • Ulfurkjalkur

      Evo was a fantastic series tho lol

    • PonZieGuy


  • Ayush Dash
    Ayush Dash

    knowing every episode these clips from made it so much more funny

    • PonZieGuy


  • Paradox

    Is nobody gonna question the time the ender crystals magically reappeared in the meeting room?

    • PonZieGuy

      Nothing to see here :)

  • Qaassim Mahmood
    Qaassim Mahmood

    At 13 :32 the honking donkey makes it ways funnier 😂

    • PonZieGuy

      it adds so much lol

  • I will sub to you if you sub to me :)
    I will sub to you if you sub to me :)

    "I hit the wall so hard I can see my WAFFLE from the INSIDE" -Grian, 2021.

    • PonZieGuy

      @I will sub to you if you sub to me :) Lol

    • I will sub to you if you sub to me :)
      I will sub to you if you sub to me :)

      @PonZieGuy Nice try but Ive used that link so many times lol.

    • PonZieGuy

      you forgot the best part

  • Sebastian Jost
    Sebastian Jost

    What a video to start the day. Thank you for this edit

    • PonZieGuy

      what a comment to end the day. thank you for this comment :)

  • NoobsailerRBH

    6:30 Why is no-one talking about how wonderful Grian's laugh is?

  • Itz Magma
    Itz Magma

    6:28 cant stop watching impulse failing

  • lemon_boy


    • PonZieGuy

      scar is so funny 😂

  • Puffish

    "you only get 1 good time with scar"

    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      "But fortunately for us that time hasn't ended yet"

    • PonZieGuy

      then I hope it never ends :)

  • Zale Raisuto Povs
    Zale Raisuto Povs

    9:34 you had us in the first half ain't gonna lie

  • Aquadragon the Commenter
    Aquadragon the Commenter

    Finally a video i can watch while eating my sandwich

    • Brie_can_kinda_draw

      Same bro!

    • Aquadragon the Commenter
      Aquadragon the Commenter

      @PonZieGuy oh you have no idea how many scrolls i had to do just to watch a good vid while eating a sandwich, a perfect sandwich needs a perfect video, balanced as it should be

    • PonZieGuy

      you have no idea how relatable that is XD

  • Creating_Bow

    Maui becoming concerned and coming to check up on him is just the sweetest

  • Gun

    Grian: I never got to use my monstree pun😔 Mumbo: Oh what was it?

  • Astro

    All these clips make me smile everytime



    • PonZieGuy


  • AM Esleigue
    AM Esleigue

    When he say grain that his bread from season 7 LOL

    • PonZieGuy

      lol XD

  • Queen Lily
    Queen Lily

    This is amazing I love grian and love how you added so many funny moments!

  • Iz Thistle
    Iz Thistle

    6:13 baby axolotls do snack on each other’s limbs but they grow back really quickly so possible

    • PonZieGuy

      HOLY CRAP!

    • PonZieGuy


    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      What the f***

  • jishakkb

    I love when he says 'WE'RE MARY POPINS YAAAALLLLLLL'

  • AlyssaFire

    9:24 "Nibble. Island. OWWWWW-" "I hit the wall so hard, I can see my waffle from the INSIDE."

    • AlyssaFire

      *sudden rickroll*

  • LuigiBoi42

    You know it’s hysterical when the Cod Boi laughs like a hyena.

  • Redstone Monster
    Redstone Monster

    man, i had laughd at all that at least twice during the season, once on grian's videos and once again on mumbo's or someone else's, but somehow this time was even funnier lol

  • Reality

    "This won't be like the mansion, this won't be like the mansion." Grian: doesn't build the back of the alley

  • The Plague Doctor
    The Plague Doctor

    Be careful at 9:33 there is rick roll

    • PonZieGuy

      yes there is

  • ᴘɪᴇ - -"
    ᴘɪᴇ - -"

    Grian is so funny!

    • PonZieGuy

      that's true


    Mumbo: peace, love and plants Also Mumbo: Can you set squid on fire?

  • Mel Cox
    Mel Cox

    Grians maniac laugh 😂 6:30

  • Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston

    10:38 that might be the best part

  • Notch Poodles
    Notch Poodles

    11:59 I️ wonder if Scar ever figured out that there really was a real one

  • Tova Ek
    Tova Ek

    shouldve actually included the part where they are trees instead of just the mention of it :>

    • PonZieGuy

      oh you just wait... That sounds a lot more intense than i was going for. so here a smile :)

  • Getsuga Tenshou
    Getsuga Tenshou

    7:21 The hero we love

  • Mike Zeerpy
    Mike Zeerpy

    the charged creeper fiasco actually had me in tears 😂😂

  • Masquerade_TF

    “What is Mumbo going to be if he’s not CEO” Scar: Eye Candy

  • Jos Tiband
    Jos Tiband

    This guy is honestly the best thing that’s ever happened to hermitcraft

  • Probly Beetlejuice
    Probly Beetlejuice

    This feels like grian out of context and I love it

  • TheDemonGamer

    That first one was comedy gold lol

  • christmas despacito
    christmas despacito

    love how grian had to comfort his cat after screaming awwh

  • Amber Borowski
    Amber Borowski

    Scar calling Mumbo eye candy gets me every time

  • TGhost07

    I love how Grian bought the attic and never used it

  • BLU13

    Scar edging the charged creeper is the most anxiety inducing bit from season 8, also the slow turn from scar after it blows up the menagerie

  • Random Person :)
    Random Person :)

    “What’s the significance of the chickens?” good question 😅😅

  • Chris Isaach Dela Cruz
    Chris Isaach Dela Cruz

    17:03 perfectly cut scream

  • Paisley Blackner
    Paisley Blackner

    I just don’t think Grian really realized all of this nonsense that he says 🤦‍♀️😅😂

  • Jesse Zavala
    Jesse Zavala

    6:18 beautiful terrain Grian: copper is done… oh an pearl… an Mumbo exploding

  • Sealllion

    You have done the world a great deed

  • Nat Hubb
    Nat Hubb

    "what's with the puns this season" if only he knew what l-aha-ast life had in store

  • Clara's Cats
    Clara's Cats


    • PonZieGuy

      What... it wasn't me! It was the man in the chicken costume! 😄

  • ElectricShadow20

    "the avengers did this much better" In all fairness, the avengers had one meeting room and one of their members wasn't a wide head with legs That was MODOK.

  • joel jemz
    joel jemz

    mans replying to all his comments, what a chad. also, video starts at 0:00 🙏🙏

    • joel jemz
      joel jemz

      @Caleb JEPW your welcome

    • Caleb JEPW
      Caleb JEPW

      Thank you, I would never have started it right. You truly are a service to humanity

    • PonZieGuy

      I try to respond to as many as possible thx for the nice comment :)