Giant GOLD VS SILVER Fashion Show at Home to Reveal $10,000 Winner - Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo
First, Rebecca Zamolo created a giant vampire ceremony at hacker mansion. Spending 24 hours facing biggest fears. Matt and Rebecca twin is missing after switch up battle royale at hacker mansion for 24 hours. Finally the game master network created last to leave circle wins $10,000 gold vs silver challenge. Now the game master said a mystery judge would arrive at our home to see who wins $10,000. If Matt and Rebecca win they can keep the money at home but Maddie might win with her new crush. Team silver vs team gold. The fashion show starts off with an action packed like movie stunt. Next it is the diy portion and food tasting challenge. It is just like 123 go or troom troom where they have to make awkward funny situations with the judge. This guy looks familiar do we know him from somewhere? Do you think team gold or team silver will reveal the winner? Hopefully it doesn't turn into a battle royale for 24 hours. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo

    Are you able to SUBSCRIBE with Notifications on? Who will win this Gold vs Silver fashion show?

    • Jessica Scott
      Jessica Scott

      I am really a big fan of you

    • Twannae Rose
      Twannae Rose

      Hi I love your videos from Twannae Rose and I am not a robot.

    • lilya bshinnati
      lilya bshinnati


    • ruby and lacy
      ruby and lacy

      Hi yes

    • Edward Tonge
      Edward Tonge


  • Kim Barrentine
    Kim Barrentine

    The judge is agent D


    Daniel RZ twin took somthing of Mr.x!!!

  • Kim Barrentine
    Kim Barrentine


  • Sequoia Lipsey-Maclean
    Sequoia Lipsey-Maclean

    Gold silver challenge

  • Jessica Louis
    Jessica Louis

    At matt and rebecca home

  • Jessica Louis
    Jessica Louis

    king pin

  • Metro Warren
    Metro Warren


  • Claire Carroll
    Claire Carroll

    I think Maddie and you

  • Artistic A
    Artistic A

    Rebecca do you trust a Halloween hacker in the game master because they might be working with Mr. X

  • Christi Sauer
    Christi Sauer

    Dynamo but do you think we are not hackers

  • Averie Macay Garcia-Hamilton
    Averie Macay Garcia-Hamilton

    Gold versus Silver

  • Ali Asghar
    Ali Asghar


  • Aimee

    Gold sliver challenge

  • Estefania Solis
    Estefania Solis

    BuI like your friends and your fat

  • Remi Webber
    Remi Webber


  • Meena Patel
    Meena Patel

    That judge is agent d

  • Muan Li
    Muan Li

    Muan cute

  • we make bracelets
    we make bracelets

    Gold SUV chilg

  • Ava With the Flava
    Ava With the Flava

    Golden silver

  • Natasha Pepper
    Natasha Pepper

    I can Rebecca zomolo

  • Kim Dale
    Kim Dale

    Gold silver

  • Ayeesha Jael Lopez
    Ayeesha Jael Lopez

    Yeah that is agent d😌

  • Ayeesha Jael Lopez
    Ayeesha Jael Lopez

    Gold selver challenge

  • tim Shedd
    tim Shedd


  • Sweet Honey bee Queen
    Sweet Honey bee Queen

    Gold silver challenge. Done✅😊

  • Jenny Rivera
    Jenny Rivera

    Maybe it's your channel but I doesn't mean you have to win purposely I love Maddie more then you

  • Ralph Artigas
    Ralph Artigas

    Gold vs silver fashonshow challange

  • Kaelyn Daniels
    Kaelyn Daniels

    GOlD vs Silver

  • Pawel Zhfuk
    Pawel Zhfuk

    rebecca:gold matt:gold Noah:silver maddie:silver

  • Mollie-Grace Slee-Jones
    Mollie-Grace Slee-Jones

    K.P on the creepy doll means Kin Pin I think😮😮

  • Mollie-Grace Slee-Jones
    Mollie-Grace Slee-Jones


  • Aaron and Crystal Townley
    Aaron and Crystal Townley

    Golld v s sillver😘🎤🎧🐳☕🏘🌏🗺🔙🔚🔛🔜🔝.

  • Hannah Jones
    Hannah Jones

    Mat mat mat mat mat

  • Kathia Santos
    Kathia Santos

    Gold vs silver chaling

  • Kevin Till
    Kevin Till

    That doll that said KP means Kin Pin

  • Daisy Maltby
    Daisy Maltby

    Gold vs silver

  • world of the world magic I love magic
    world of the world magic I love magic

    gold vs silver challenge

  • Emily Crum
    Emily Crum

    Rhys is not sly gold is angnt D

  • Maxx Monstvil
    Maxx Monstvil

    Gold vr silver

  • Lidya Setiawan
    Lidya Setiawan

    kp means king pin

  • Summer Borel
    Summer Borel

    I am gold

  • Christopher Halliburton
    Christopher Halliburton

    Gold Silver Challenge

  • Kids Aceves
    Kids Aceves


  • Milani Blount
    Milani Blount

    Gold silver challenge

  • trynece miller
    trynece miller

    Gold vs silver

  • Bhattarai family
    Bhattarai family

    Hi there

  • Danielle Doherty
    Danielle Doherty


  • Ildiko Dobor
    Ildiko Dobor

    I love sparkling water Okay Maddy I really like it

  • Ildiko Dobor
    Ildiko Dobor

    Whoever hacked Person Ha-ha ha

  • Ildiko Dobor
    Ildiko Dobor

    Well cool

  • Ildiko Dobor
    Ildiko Dobor

    Go silver challenge

  • Julian Plata
    Julian Plata

    KP means kingpin

  • manila beaton
    manila beaton


  • Stephanie Ella321!
    Stephanie Ella321!

    I saw a little bit of a ghost

  • Mila Violet Channel
    Mila Violet Channel

    T-the doll I-is the doll in the basement Daniel I’m scard

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    Prison and Daniel been hiding cameras in there

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    I mean in rhs

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    And he snuck in your house to get them

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    The game master gave Daniel tapes

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    But you got to keep it quiet

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    Not even his best friend or you

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    He says no one can know

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    Leaving the secret but he doesn't want me to tell you

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    And I know who it is

  • Bethane Romo
    Bethane Romo

    Rebecca someone has been hiding with secrets

  • Giselle lopez
    Giselle lopez


  • Giselle lopez
    Giselle lopez


  • Giselle lopez
    Giselle lopez

    The mystery judge is weird and also familiar I don’t know that’s weird I am weird


    Gold silver challag

  • Giselle lopez
    Giselle lopez

    Gold and Silver Challenge

  • Sjsjshehe Star
    Sjsjshehe Star

    The Gold teem is Going to win

  • Sjsjshehe Star
    Sjsjshehe Star

    Gold and silver challenge

  • Holly Weiland
    Holly Weiland

    OMG danel is hidding something frome you the game master told danel and that gudge look at the video silver and gold and he was on the phone and he went upstares and was taking pictures of you guys

  • Heba Sakor
    Heba Sakor


  • aventurassobreruedas De jesus
    aventurassobreruedas De jesus

    Gold vs silver

  • The Vsco Club Girls
    The Vsco Club Girls

    GOLD SILVER CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abdulwahab I786
    Abdulwahab I786

    Wheni pause they Said Blah blah blah

  • Gabby I’m 13
    Gabby I’m 13

    Gold and silver

  • Dalya Wallace
    Dalya Wallace

    Gold vs silver

  • Via Baking
    Via Baking

    I feel so bad for Rick😢

    • Via Baking
      Via Baking

      Because sly gold got mad at him


    MR X was talking that time rz twin snached the key from MR X's pocet without him seeing

  • Sheree Ann Williams
    Sheree Ann Williams


  • Damian Magana
    Damian Magana

    Go golden

  • Kayla Ryan
    Kayla Ryan

    I think the judge was agent d

  • - StarBucks -
    - StarBucks -

    Gold Silver Challenge !

  • Gaz Hunt
    Gaz Hunt

    Gold silver challenge

  • Sarah Rånes
    Sarah Rånes

    Rz twin took something out of his pocket lol

  • Rayan Sabsoub
    Rayan Sabsoub

    I like the zam fam

  • Rayan Sabsoub
    Rayan Sabsoub

    Gold silver challenge

  • Roseanne kerrigan
    Roseanne kerrigan

    Silver fashion show and I don't know Margo

  • Inga Anne Grethe Buljo
    Inga Anne Grethe Buljo


  • Elena Galvan
    Elena Galvan

    No Rick nou

  • Elena Galvan
    Elena Galvan

    Gold vs silver Challenge

  • Livia Fuck
    Livia Fuck

    KP means kingpin



  • Sarah Lambert
    Sarah Lambert

    Sora and gold Challenge

  • Hatchimals TV
    Hatchimals TV

    Gold versus silver challenge

  • Bryan Love
    Bryan Love

    gold silver challenges

  • Rose Al Saedi
    Rose Al Saedi

    14:6 the jugde was holding his phone

346 хиљ.