Geologist VS Hermitcraft
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Hermitcraft video, Catherine Mottram of the University of Portsmouth Geology department reacts to the mountains on the Hermitcraft server. Catherine explains how Minecraft mountains are made, If the Hermitcraft Boatem district is impossible, and tips for terraforming in minecraft.
A big thank you to Catherine and the University of Portsmouth for making this video possible, and a big thanks to Dave Gibbs for reaching out!
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  • Catherine Mottram
    Catherine Mottram

    Thank you so so much everyone for all the amazing comments and feedback, it was so much fun to learn about your minecraft worlds, thanks @Mumbo Jumbo for the fascinating insight- I think the worlds are fantastic! It's also lovely to be included in such a supportive, positive community! It's wonderful that you enjoyed learning about rocks so much! Please leave me some comments about what aspects of rocks and geology you are interested in and what other videos would you like to watch? You have inspired me to make more videos so keep an eye on my youtube page for more content about our amazing planet and the wonderful world of geology!

    • TwoGunToast

      Even if you just made comprehensive videos of stuff youd learn in school books or a museum exhibit about geology it would be great. Educational content thats engaging is always a good thing.

    • Fake noob
      Fake noob

      What do you think of the waterfall having magical origins?

    • obqoGaming

      Thank you, @Catherine Mottram, for such a great explanation! ❤

    • Inspired Gaming
      Inspired Gaming

      @king noir Yeah, especially with granite. I don’t think I saw any granite there, let me know if there was.

    • king noir
      king noir

      what about igneous could that be here as well?

  • docm77

    I loved this video! Hermitcraft meets Education. Well done Bumbo and Catherine! More of this please!

    • Jake Leo
      Jake Leo

      The level of enthusiasm on her face talking about her job and her field. If I don't get this much happiness and enthusiasm from my future job I'm quitting.

    • The Black Hole
      The Black Hole

      Bumbo really lol

    • EndGamerPlays

      B u m b o

    • kevin grass
      kevin grass

      @kit bits it’s from when he was bumbo baggins lol

    • Joost Huibregtse
      Joost Huibregtse

      @Tzur Gvili Famous Last Words

  • Hissterical

    I like how she calls the mountains by the hermit's names.

    • stick

      Grian Cave

    • avery frost
      avery frost

      And cub valleys

    • James Gray
      James Gray

      Mount Mumbo Mount Scarmore Mount Pearl Mount Bubbles

    • Xaver

      i just assumed he put it in a format like "Mumbo: [image] Scar: [Image] etc.."

  • FortisConscius

    OK, right this NEEDS to be an, albeit infrequent, regular thing. Geologist Vs Hermitcraft, Architect Vs Hermitcraft, Engineer Vs Hermitcraft, Historian Vs Hermitcraft, Interior Designer Vs Hermitcraft, Physicist Vs Hermitcraft... This is really good lateral thinking. Truely novel and creative content.

    • Rosh Asensi
      Rosh Asensi

      @Henrique Macedo Religion vs Hermitcraft

    • Gunner Burgess
      Gunner Burgess


    • Hel

      and informative! I love hearing people talk about things they are passionate about.

    • Gmer0002

      Hmm i think i have an idea whos gonna be the engineer how bout Real civil engineer it's a good channel

    • G Goble
      G Goble

      I agree!! It would make a great series❕😃

  • Ocyruss Teadt
    Ocyruss Teadt

    She looked genuinely happy and ecstatic to share her knowledge about geography. It's rather nice to see someone so passionate about a subject get to express themselves in a public manner.

    • Kennedy Lamartine De Souza Lima
      Kennedy Lamartine De Souza Lima

      @Slevin Channel Geography: People's land ownership and cultural development. Geology: Earth's processes of mineral formation and erosion. Yeah, totally related! Like astrology and astronomy (the same things really).

    • Jake Leo
      Jake Leo

      The level of enthusiasm on her face talking about her job and her field. If I don't get this much happiness and enthusiasm from my future job I'm quitting.

    • rockstar 5934
      rockstar 5934

      @Slevin Channel You should take English lessons.

    • CelticShadow

      she is a lecturer and a geologist. so i mean her job is to study geology and then talk about it and spread that knowledge to other people and students in hopes they learn this stuff and get as invested as she has. you gotta be excited about your work to be a good lecturer.

  • Dravin Allen Vlogs
    Dravin Allen Vlogs

    Talking about picking up rocks. Catherine: “Look at what it’s made of!” Me: “Hmm… this is made of rock.”

    • Jake Leo
      Jake Leo

      Check the back, it usually has the name or serial number for the rock

    • Ayush Purohit
      Ayush Purohit

      Ahhh yes, the rock is made out of rock

    • Bigrizz91

      @Wereowl9 it doesn't matter

    • Wereowl9

      @CringeKid Matter? What's the matter with you?

    • Ty

      Exactly what I was thinking

  • Gatarrrrk

    God, everything about this video is wholesome: Hermitcraft meeting Education, community's welcoming and showing interest in geology, Catherine's response, Mumbo being Mumbo. Absolutely love this.

    • UnknownUser

      @Guy MAN uhhmmm what?

    • Keith DABEAR
      Keith DABEAR

      What @GuyMAN

    • Guy MAN
      Guy MAN

      The Hog Rider card is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5). He is a very fast building-targeting, melee troop with moderately high hitpoints and damage. He appears just like his Clash of Clans counterpart; a man with brown eyebrows, a beard, a mohawk, and a golden body piercing in his left ear who is riding a hog. A Hog Rider card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

  • Bakin

    I would literally watch a 2 hour documentary with Catherine just talking about this it is so interesting

    • 𝙲𝚘𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚡𝚡 𝚅𝚘𝚒𝚍
      𝙲𝚘𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚡𝚡 𝚅𝚘𝚒𝚍

      I would 100 do the same, rocks aren't interesting until you know about them

    • Bigrizz91

      god no

    • Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel

      @Methodz And more yt-channel about science: Sci Show, Joe Scott, Professor Dave, Sci Man Dan.

    • Methodz

      She has a RSloft channel

  • Tonic Phoenix
    Tonic Phoenix

    Catherine: "Now this one looks the most realistic..." Mumbo: "ight im out--"

  • Alyssia Smith
    Alyssia Smith

    I LOVE how Mumbo's practical film making skills came together with his content creator video making skills to produce this amazing final product! 👏🏽

  • ZombieCleo

    I kind of want to do a video now with the same title which is just me saying: "This is nice" and "Oh gorgeous work" and "This is so beautiful". Seriously though, it's nice to see other geologists getting enthused about the subject, it's really fascinating to listen to and reminds me how long I've been out of the field. Great work from both of you!

    • يوسف محمد
      يوسف محمد

      @Chicken_Kiev well you are free to like what you want but I don't really like this wired roined theme. It is just sumehow uncomfortable to look at that's it, also I am more intersted in redstone machinary than the building stuff

    • يوسف محمد
      يوسف محمد

      @JACOB FREDMAN well budy. This was only my openion. I am still a big fan of mumbo as he is . Though I don't really abbriciate people criticize my openion unliss they have a bitter one, pro.

    • Mystearica

      @Mumbo Jumbo I was gonna say 🤣🤣 I thought I was crazy for a minute.

    • Mark Thomas
      Mark Thomas

      I came to the comment section JUST to see if anyone had mentioned yet that there was ALREADY a geologist IN HermitCraft... lol way to join the party, Cleo XD

    • IceMetalPunk

      @ZombieCleo Mumbo: "So, Cleo, does this look like a thing that could exist?" You: "Mmhmm, sure, that's a, erm... metaisolithic structure from like... volcanos in Kartia, which is totally a real place I didn't just make up. And real things, too."

  • jelli jjang
    jelli jjang

    This is actually a great way to teach Geology to people of all age groups! It introduces different types of mountains and rivers and even some rock types while still incorporating something fun and familiar to many people. :)

    • Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel

      Great video and i wanna add: Science-RSloftrs aint rare. Many have incorporated the mindset that fusing Entertainment+Education is the way to go into the creation of their content. Joe Scott, Sci Show, Sci Man Dan, Professor Dave, Hbomberguy And PBS Space-Time are all extremly entertaining.

  • bailey hung
    bailey hung

    HAHAHAHAH LMAOO Mumbos soul was crushed when she called the mountains "small scale" after all the time, work and effort he put into it. Love the transition to him jumping off the cliff lol.

  • Kairon156

    I love that my brain now calls Scar's mountain "Mount Scar" after hearing her talk about it.

  • Virgo Heart
    Virgo Heart

    What a cool lady! She's easily likable and her passion for rocks and minerals is contagious. I can totally imagine her taking kids on a field trip and just talking about rocks.

  • insert_artist_here

    I love how excited she sounds while she’s talking about rocks, you can tell she’s genuinely passionate about how all of these things work

    • Cole Colins
      Cole Colins

      @Sparky Geologist student here - Regarding "rock tasting", that's actually something that does occur, lmao. Like, f.e., certain minerals taste salty, while others may not taste like anything at all. That knowledge compared with other characteristics of the rock can help with identifying it! And it's actually not unsanitary either. You don't like, just lick the cliff lmao. You take your pickaxe, break a piece of the rock from the formation you are interested in, and have a taste from the 'fresh' side, that was hidden from the world till your pickaxe forced it out Anyway this comment got long haha, sorry for the impromptu essay

    • Rukey Burg
      Rukey Burg

      I'd like to correct it that she is more passionate about rock formations (or mountain formation) and the shapes of it. After all you see her explaining how a mountain is shaped and her explanation about it's more about your ideology how you believe types of rock formations / mountains exist. Passionate about rock formations sounds better and more correct to me. Passionate about rocks sounds dull and more about collecting them and nothing else, then I'd rather collect minerals :P

    • A duck with a YouTube channel
      A duck with a YouTube channel

      @Joshua Belote no, not at all. Just because you’re not passionate about something doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.

    • Edward Harris
      Edward Harris

      @Sparky Oh they werent joking...

    • aym_gei

      shes a stoner... she study rocks

  • Sophie Schaaf
    Sophie Schaaf

    I honestly never liked Geology but this has made me actually invested and interested! So amazing, good job!!

  • Dave

    I just love that the most realistic mountain of the bunch, is the one with a ballerina cyclops in it.

  • Mordechai Sanders
    Mordechai Sanders

    I love her gentle way of saying "yeah that's not realistic" or in her words "I'm not sure that's feasible"

  • ToxicFlicks

    I love how she matches mumbos energy and wholesomenesses, you can tell she is very passionate about what she does by how eager she is to teach some one about what she does

  • Greg Ameele
    Greg Ameele

    It takes an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding of a topic to explain it so simply like that, she really knows her stuff and must be a fantastic teacher

  • kaitlyn beans
    kaitlyn beans

    As a woman who has a bachelors degree in geology, I love seeing other passionate women in the same field! Geology really is such a cool, amazing, and interesting friend of study!

    • Mus_tard

      @Drone Dride you really felt the need to get hung up on that didn't you?

    • Drone Dride
      Drone Dride

      You really felt the need to tell us you are a women didn't you

  • ConnorSinclairCavin

    In theory the waterfall *could be a non-spewing geyser… where the water flows in down low, then boils over lava deep down and shoots up through the core of the mountain, cooling off as it rises, returning to a liquid state as it finally crests the flow zone… but if so then that water would likely be rather warm and very nutrient rich, making the surrounding stone all covered in algae, lichen, and plant growth…

  • KasamiAlt

    I love the way she refers to the builds by the builder's names, it's quite wholesome in a way

  • DHRG

    I love how professional and passionate catherine is and then mumbo just adds his little sparks of comedy piecing this video together perfectly

    • Crystal Cruz
      Crystal Cruz

      And yet he still manages to convey a huge amount of information. Mumbo. Teaching through Minecraft

    • ToucanPlay

      @Jasper Green hi JayJay

    • Mystery

      @Jasper Green I’m sorry

    • Jasper Green
      Jasper Green

      Hey my nickname is JJ

  • Travis Boser
    Travis Boser

    I'm a geologist who's been following you and your redstone videos for a while. I love the interaction of Minecraft with real geology and have been itching to see more real-world associations within the game (give me volcanoes in the game, Mojang!). So to see you go to a geology professor has been the absolute best! Our geology club at my alma mater has a geology club styled Minecraft server that we hope to construct some real-world geological models like mountain folding belts and volcanic features :) Keep up the cool ideas!

  • TheAdvertisement

    I have the utmost respect to both mumbo and Catherine for collaborating on studying mountains made of virtual blocks.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Catherine is full of energy and great at explaining.. Mumbo has done a great job at shooting this well... ..the rock identification element of Geology is still tedious to me

  • Adrien Renaux
    Adrien Renaux

    I'm a universtity student in Geography, and I would love to have Catherine as a professor! She seems very fascinating! It's awesome that this video that is geared toward people that don't know much about geology can still teach lots of applied geology to someone that has had a full university class about it!

    • Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel

      Great video and i wanna add: Science-RSloftrs aint rare. Many have incorporated the mindset that fusing Entertainment+Education is the way to go into the creation of their content. Joe Scott, Sci Show, Sci Man Dan, Professor Dave, Hbomberguy And PBS Space-Time are all extremly entertaining.

  • Felix Morin-Graue
    Felix Morin-Graue

    Geologist: You need to build a bigger mountain range. Mumbo: Dying inside.

    • Terigon

      @Realization -iously sus

    • Yeah Buddy
      Yeah Buddy

      He could remove the waterfall

  • Skadipalico

    As a geologist, specifically hydrogeologist, this video is amazing. Thank you Mumbo and Catherine for showing how incredible the field of geology is.

  • Punk Rock Zoologist
    Punk Rock Zoologist

    Catherine is fantastic! I love how passionate academics are about their areas of study. I would be exactly the same if someone asked me to talk about aphids or weevils.

  • Stonehawk

    Oh my god Mumbo. Oh my god I can't even EXPRESS to you how much I love this. This is EXCELLENT, TOP TIER RSloft content, the truly engaging informational kind and not just the usual brain rot full fiction. Thank you so much for putting this together, you AND your new geologist friend. You're lovely!

  • Ann Lindsay
    Ann Lindsay

    Got to be my favourite non-build related video! Very interesting to hear how the Mumbo-Grian-Scar mountain range could exist. Absolutely love how invested and excited she is about her topic

  • dandymcgee

    Geologist: "You need a whole mountain range behind it feeding the waterfall." Mumbo: "I just didn't finish the back."

    • cactus c
      cactus c

      lmao, the best comment!

    • anchovy

      @Sandwich People And his soul too

    • Sandwich People
      Sandwich People

      @anchovy and his waffle

    • CallmeBrine_

      Nah he aint a certain cod in a red jumper

    • Sapphire

      Let's see how many subs I get from this comment.,........

  • John Nooyen
    John Nooyen

    one thing I picked up on in my intro geology class elective was that diorite and andesite have approximately the same mineral and silica content, the main difference is grain size, if it cooled fast (extrusive, possibly ejected out of a volcano) it will have larger grains and be closer to diorite, and if it cooled slowly (intrusive, likely magma trapped in the earths crust) it will have smaller grains and be closer to andesite. andesite, diorite, granite (and even basalt) are all igneous rocks meaning they formed from cooling magma.

  • Filqon

    As a man who has once completed grade 8 geology, I can officially concur that she probably makes some really great points

    • Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel

      Great video and i wanna add: Science-RSloftrs aint rare. Many have incorporated the mindset that fusing Entertainment+Education is the way to go into the creation of their content. Joe Scott, Sci Show, Sci Man Dan, Professor Dave, Hbomberguy And PBS Space-Time are all extremly entertaining.

  • Marie Guenièvre
    Marie Guenièvre

    That's such a good video ! I love how you mixed hermitcraft and education. It was so interesting to learn about all that. Thanks Catherine for the fascinating explanations and thanks mambo for making this kind of videos and always creating such interesting content :)

  • Erica Goodman
    Erica Goodman

    10:49 I picture a university professor taking a break from marking exams to check their emails, and getting an email that just reads, "look at this cool rock I found!"

  • Maddi BM
    Maddi BM

    I have never in my life been interested in geology, but Catherine is an amazingly inspiring educator - and now I'm super keen to learn more about rocks! What a wonderful human!

  • Crepnick

    Watching this video as someone who does A-Level geology, this is brilliant.

  • Victor_E_Dafeet

    Honestly most geologists I’ve ever met or seen always are very nice and extremely passionate about their work/study, like most people wouldn’t get this excited about rocks or even things they have interest in, but the passion I see from geologists and archeologists is admirable

  • Mina Price
    Mina Price

    This was really fun, I'd love to see similar vids in the future, perhaps an architect?

  • SimplySarc

    This was a great video idea!

    • Joshua K
      Joshua K

      Here's a gem easier to find than Slamacow!

    • willthewill


    • Abdullah

      He's alive!!!

    • Shaun Pathrose Paul
      Shaun Pathrose Paul

      Will u post again?

    • the [insert name here] channel
      the [insert name here] channel

      minecraft animator guy pogu

  • CamoSquid21

    I love how enthusiastic she is about what she does and what she's talking about!

  • Tyson Medina
    Tyson Medina

    Thank you for this video she inspired me to look at the rocks under and above me and how she said it anyone could do it I’m an ocean away and her advice still holds true

  • Scrath

    Wow, Catherine is such a precious person :D I could spend hours listening to her talking about rocks and earthquakes :D It's lovely to see a professional having so much fun and passion about their subject, and even being able to explain complicated contents in an understandable manner to people have absolutely no clue about the topic!

  • Sitz.Platz.Bleib

    This reminds me so much of my good old intensified course on geography back in school where we covered some Geology too - it was one of my favorite subjects so this video was so great to watch! =D

  • casesandcapitals

    I'm delighted by the way she refers to them as "scar" or "pearl" like that's the name of the mountain itself instead of the person who built it, which is such an easy mistake to make because scar and pearl sound more like mountain names than people names :D

    • Username 1123
      Username 1123

      And it can be called liek that cuz Mount. Scar is being eroded which what left would be "scars" and it formed Mt. Pearl that just like a pearl, they form from tiny bits into big bits, and for Mt. Mumbo...well...its..yeh

    • Kommandant Galileo
      Kommandant Galileo

      Scar Mountain, I like it

    • Hertsu

      It was kinda bothering me

    • Giaxo 17
      Giaxo 17

      Mt. Mumbo, Mt. Scar, Mt. Pearl, and Mt. Double are all apart of the Hermit's Range.

    • Sapphire

      Let's see how many subs I get from this comment.,........

  • Pedro Oscar
    Pedro Oscar

    I absolutely loved this video. It was informative fun and really interesting. Absolutely love Catherine's energy and passion to teach what she loves. I feel like this is the kind of way that new people can interact and learn about topics that are usually thought of as uninteresting or too complex for newer minds. You should definitely do more with different professionals

  • Hi-Def_Pixelation

    Loved this different take on our favourite mountains. Thanks Catherine for the interesting and funny insights into the Boatem landscape!

  • DonaldDuckITH

    This video was really interesting! I especially enjoyed the way each rock formation was described and how they would or could have come into being! It also felt like a mini-documentary. Well done Mumbo and Catherine!

  • Ismail Ahmed
    Ismail Ahmed

    I genuinely really enjoyed this. It was an unexpected collaboration of field and so informative!

  • nissin

    I really love when professionals passionately talk about their field, her energy just makes me smile!

    • Techhunter Talon
      Techhunter Talon

      Feel like most Geologists tend to be passionate about their stuff and won't blame them. Often rocks and the like are far more interesting than what they might seem at first glance.

    • SornDP

      That was my exact thoughts during this video

    • sallensmae

      10,000% agreed.

    • defintly noob
      defintly noob

      Simp i think

    • amomaxx

      Me too!!

  • Emma Rounsville
    Emma Rounsville

    I love geology!! I almost did a minor in geology at college, and thinking about rock formations you guys build on hermitcraft is honestly very fun!

  • Zak K
    Zak K

    Im 14 and in high school, and I've always wanted to be a biologist or palaeontologist, but i think this has inspired me to be a geologist

    • Booklat1

      Biologist here but I suggest you learn about both while in school, lots of cool stuff to discover in these areas. Narural history depends a lot on the knowledge of both areas (specially if you like paleo, both geology and biology are important). Just have fun while at it. cheers

    • TheFoeslover

      @Catherine Mottram She actually replied (Geologist in the video)

    • Elon Musk
      Elon Musk


    • Catherine Mottram
      Catherine Mottram

      Go for it!

  • Owain Crossman
    Owain Crossman

    Catherine energy is incredible! She just is beaming with life like truly high on life and speaks with such passion about her expertise, this is the type of teachers or lectures that we need to truly inspire the next generation! She seems lovely as well :)

  • The1Stefan

    Great video, amazing to get an expert to make this video with you Mumbo, and the cinematography is brilliant as always Mumbo!, and Dr Mottram is brilliant on camera, comes across really natural, engaging and passionate about her knowledge!

  • Krosh Bot 9000
    Krosh Bot 9000

    Nice to see a different type of video once in a while, and this is certainly different from any other past videos on this channel!

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      Mutant creeper 101

      You stole my picture

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      Go to his film channel called mumbo

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      @Creed_ZH agree

  • Skierus

    This was awesome I would definitely love more content like this, interacting with a professional to forge a story out of your builds, and get advice on what you can do to improve like with scars build is just amazing

  • Lauren Hahn
    Lauren Hahn

    This is the coolest Minecraft video I've ever seen. Two of my favorite things, Minecraft and science, smooshed together! Thank you, Catherine and Mumbo!

    • Slevin Channel
      Slevin Channel

      Then you will like other science-youtuber. This Geologist has a yt-channel, but others also. Like Joe Scott.

  • Matthew Napoletano
    Matthew Napoletano

    This was actually so cool! We can really see the creativity of her profession when she's discussing how it can be real and have actual geology elements :)

  • Evie 0h
    Evie 0h

    This makes me super curious about the information and research the team at mojang got when they did this new caves and cliffs update, most of that was mountains, cliffs, geodes, cave formations. I wonder how interesting it was to work with geologists!

  • Wdomino Games & Media
    Wdomino Games & Media

    This is such a great lesson! You will look into this in another way. I wonder if she could judge the new Mountain generation since 1.18 as they aimed for realistic and gigantic shapes.

  • Sarah Waitekus
    Sarah Waitekus

    This is amazing content! I may one day use this video to teach my children about rock cycles. "Earth science" is one of my favorite sciences and I hope to share that love with my kids.

  • jort koolen
    jort koolen

    This is simply hilarious! Your reaction to "good question", the mountains being tiny and also the jumping off the mountain!!!!! Hilarious

  • SkylightCiel

    SHE'S SO COOL! Clearly really really cares about what she studied and she's SO knowledgeable about it. It's just so darn charming.

  • Dudeocat

    Now we need "Electrical Engineer VS Mumbo's Storage System"

    • ProwiserPuffling

      @{Agent_8} i dont even know what a woosh is

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      Hamza Ali

      @{Agent_8} ayyyyyyyyyy pog 😫

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      LOL I loved this comment

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  • Rhys Stuart
    Rhys Stuart

    This lady speaks so passionately and excitedly about geology. I love hearing people talk about their passions, even if I know nothing about the topic. Awesome video! :D

  • Actual Aspie
    Actual Aspie

    This video is amazing! Catherine is great at making her knowledge understandable, and she's really excited about geology! Thank you!

  • Andrew Wannamaker
    Andrew Wannamaker

    This was very interesting! I love hermitcraft and science so this was so cool to see my two favorite things together! Definitely watching this again!

  • Guinea Pig Dance
    Guinea Pig Dance

    I wish this Geologist got more recognition, she's really good at explaining.

  • ShadowFlame

    Catherine: Talking about different kinds of stones, the way the builds resemble to the real world,... Mumbo: *_Stone_*

    • Wilh3lm (aka IsTakenIsTaken)
      Wilh3lm (aka IsTakenIsTaken)

      A fake mr beast stole your comment

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      I am cool and you can't deny it

      @Teyo let me guess, your other foot is now stuck too?

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    • a day in the life of Levi
      a day in the life of Levi

      @Teyo ok so thats a you problem

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  • MyVouge

    The Hermits must be really proud to know their builds are so good that they could be actually real =D

  • Delilah F. Nightingale
    Delilah F. Nightingale

    As someone taking Earth Science right now, it's awesome being familiar with and understanding everything Catherine says :D

  • The Polar Bear King
    The Polar Bear King

    Love this. Combines my two favorite things: Geology and Minecraft.

  • norcalzx3

    Such a great video, who knew science and Minecraft could crossover in such an entertaining way.

  • Alted

    Catherine: "This is just a small tiny building block" Mumbo: ~jumps off a cliff. ~dies I would've done the same thing. lol

    • dimmenmakker

      It made chuckle out loud ont the tram ffs 😅

    • Dalton Pearson
      Dalton Pearson

      Catherine: mega? …I don’t think so.

    • N

      @Melon just report him

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      @Sapphire 0 maybe?

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  • Molly Roe
    Molly Roe

    Love everything about this video!! Mumbo, thank you for going for this! Also, I would be thrilled to sit down with Catherine, have a coffee, and learn about geology. Her students are lucky to have such an engaging lecturer!

  • notnik0

    This is absolutely incredible! This is the most interesting geography lesson ever!