Gabbie Hanna tried to EXPOSE Trisha Paytas... (it didn't work)
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Let's talk about everything that's been going on between Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna...
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  • Nosheen Alam
    Nosheen Alam

    gabbie literally doesn't deserve to say anything, especially if she can't even respect trishas preferred pronouns smh.

  • Luanna Campbell
    Luanna Campbell

    Bro the intro kills me every time.😂😂😂bye

  • Nicole Pease
    Nicole Pease

    Everything gh says about other people is actually what she’s saying about herself 🙃

  • Lucija Janković
    Lucija Janković

    Not Gabbie not respecting Trish's preferred pronouns. Idk if thay are at fault at this point or not. If they ask to be left alone... leave them

  • Hwang Jooa
    Hwang Jooa

    Just when you see that trash in a drama and she be looking right , know that the other person is banana coz they he making Trisha looks normal and right

  • Sindy J
    Sindy J

    GH needs to leave Trisha alone

  • Jayrec12

    can this old lady leave trisha alone like just stop.

  • Laynie Soultz
    Laynie Soultz

    Gabbie also continuously misgenders Trisha and I have a hard time believing it’s on accident 😡

  • Louise Francisco
    Louise Francisco

    Gabby is starting to get toxic.....

  • Louise Francisco
    Louise Francisco

    what season did i miss?

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B

    I usually don’t make accusations like this but since Gabbie straight up said that she’s trolling, I don’t care anymore. I’m bipolar and there was a time, I got more attention from my family because of it. My sister suddenly started acting very strange. Kinda like Gabbie in her Tiktoks and so on. She ended up admitting that she just pretended to get more attention ... since GH is known to be quite attention seeking, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what she’s doing, too. Again, usually I don’t say stuff like this but here it’s just ...

  • Rachel_E

    Finally someone using Trisha's correct pronouns.

  • mariah love
    mariah love

    I’m really not here to hate on Gabby even though she has done some messed up stuff but looking at all the stuff that she has went through y’all wouldn’t think she wouldn’t become a toxic person???? not to excuse the shit she has done but let’s think about who she used to hang out with 1. She’s eager for friends 2. She thinks a lot of things are about her when they’re not 3. Making huge mistakes and not seeing the other side of the story or perspective ONLINE.

  • btrsy nrzm
    btrsy nrzm

    gabbie calling trisha a narcissist is just so hypocritical tbh

  • Crystal Lazaris
    Crystal Lazaris

    Wait does Trisha go by they?

    • ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ᴛᴇᴀ
      ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ᴛᴇᴀ


  • Secia Sagastume
    Secia Sagastume

    Why did I even watch this video 🤣

  • Andriana Huizar
    Andriana Huizar

    bruh the internet is fucking delusional lol? now everyone’s kissing trishas ass but wasn’t everyone just against her for faking d.i.d? or that she was trans? and now she’s saying she won’t talk to someone who won’t seek help lmaoo this shit is too much 😂

  • Elly Anicete
    Elly Anicete

    I hope someone on Gabbi's team guides her but sis knows how to stay in people's mouth so, get it Gabbi! lol

  • PogiOni

    the most annoying thing from this video is Gabbie not using Trish's correct pronouns

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis

    I should thank Gabbie Hannah’s “episode”, except for Trisha, I’ve started following the people she’s mad at. I don’t like Trisha Paytas but I hope they sue Gabbie for emotional duress... no I don’t, it would be too triggering for them. I just wish she’d respect their boundaries and leave them alone

  • Chanel Cupcake
    Chanel Cupcake

    Being nice to someone doesn't mean they're your friend

  • aileen lievanos
    aileen lievanos

    all issues aside, gabbies hair straightener sucks lmfao

  • Deej C
    Deej C

    Let's not ignore Gabbie always misgendering Trisha

  • PinkyChiChi

    When you step back and look at all Gabbie has done, it is FRIGHTENING. Anybody remember that movie, Single White Female?

  • Leo1sdead

    Honestly, drama, blah blah blah, whatever. Be a piece of shit if you want, but don't misgender someone just because you don't like them, and can't get what you want. Stop acting like a baby and grow up

  • Keena Min
    Keena Min

    Did Trisha change to they/them pronouns? Or were they referring to Trisha and someone else? I’m so confused, haven’t watched any tea in a while.

  • Marla Marvaso
    Marla Marvaso

    Gabbie thrives on drama. I can’t stand influencers like her.

  • Problem Addict
    Problem Addict

    Didnt she just try to expose her not that long ago

  • Sophie Munch
    Sophie Munch

    Trisha has become the complete sane person here and Gabbie has become like insane and she really is the "monster" (hope people get the refrense) xD

  • F x
    F x

    please let gabbie disappear from the internet forever it’s already overdue

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough

    She's irrelevant.

  • Ouf

    i think gabbie is having a breakdown... and trisha is literally just trying to vibe

  • Morticia Addams
    Morticia Addams

    I just noticed how much Trisha looks like miss vanjie omg wooorrrrrrrrrrrrk. Gorgeous ♡♡♡♡

  • Gracie K
    Gracie K

    Gabbie is literally crazy lmaooo

  • Eyeshadow Demon
    Eyeshadow Demon

    Gabby and Trisha are both around my exact age. For one I couldn’t imagine arguing this hard over something like that. Idk...also, this is only my opinion...I feel like gabby may be a bit too old for this tik tok bullshit. I know I feel like I am.

  • Daisy Singletary
    Daisy Singletary

    Why is Gabbie blatantly misgendering Trisha? Does Trisha still use 'she/her' too?

  • Mandy Powell
    Mandy Powell

    Gabbie Hanna reminds of the woman Amy from “Amy’s Baking Company”. Remember that episode of Kitchen Nightmares?

  • Darn Tootin
    Darn Tootin

    When has Trish said anything about that idiot? This entire year has been about her moving forward. I've seen most of her videos and tiktok. None of them have any mention anyone other person except her family. Something wrong with that Gabbie dumbass. I've never watch her stuff but seen her in others videos. She's always seemed a little off to me. Until she can always show videos and TikToks specifically done about her, she needs to move on and leave everyone else alone!

  • diaryofseresha

    Living for your intro song "omigod imma expose you" 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯

  • thicc kitty
    thicc kitty

    Gabbie is really weird. Like she needs intense therapy

  • Talitha Thompson
    Talitha Thompson

    Wut the fuck

  • jon tharpe
    jon tharpe

    Iran and Israel are killing each other and are going to war. Columbia is on the brink of total collapse and the united states is pissy about two people who dont even matter. What the hell is wrong with everyone? You're all living in a fantasy world. Its disgusting

  • Nugget Von Mattenhorn
    Nugget Von Mattenhorn

    gabbie needs to stop throwing around such serious terms like she knows what she’s talking about. She calles everyone who disagrees with her a manipulative bitch like there’s so many thing wrong with calling them that

  • Alyssa Meekis
    Alyssa Meekis

    she’s probably the most annoying person EVER

  • Amrita Autumn Kabrich
    Amrita Autumn Kabrich

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I feel like Trisha is starting to change for the better.

  • mittens

    were Gabbie's tweets before Trisha came out?? Because not once did Gabbie use They/Them when referring to Trisha.

  • Kalea Alysse
    Kalea Alysse

    Trish still stinks

  • Lauren Klaus
    Lauren Klaus

    Honestly I really feel like Gabby needs medical help. Her mental state seems to be so chaotic and off, she’s being so problematic and doing ANYTHING to make people acknowledge her and it’s kinda scary lowkey.

  • Katharina S
    Katharina S

    lmao Trisha posting responses every 2 minutes. I'd love to see a post where Trisha thinks first and only makes one post about it instead of just releasing every emotion as soon as it comes up

  • Adridelosrios

    Why is gabby still a thing? Never liked her, she seem too.... fake?

  • LadyCydonia

    Gabbie needs to be put in a ward

  • Dodi Fehér
    Dodi Fehér

    I used to like Gabbie and I always felt sorry for her bc the hate she got from being ugly to being a lier but in the past few years she became so dislikeable she's so passive aggressive and such a bad lier I don't know what happened to her she used to be fun at least for me but lately I only see some messed up shits about her

  • Luke

    I love Trisha so much

  • Goldie

    At this point, I am unfollowing every tiktok influencer tic tok is destroyed Trisha paytas and her address the situation was in responsible which what can I expect the both are unresponsible

  • We finna Make it
    We finna Make it

    still don't remember Trisha having a talent lol

  • Brenda Marin
    Brenda Marin

    The gabbie girl didn’t age well. Like who even is she

  • Cats Reviews
    Cats Reviews

    Me and Gabbie both are part of the big nose club!

  • CrayCrayKenzie

    she just looks like she’s abusing some drugs. whether that be prescriptions or street drugs, idk, but she needs help.

  • Comrade Tia
    Comrade Tia

    Trisha deserves to be happy, they've always been used for clout or for the self interests of the ppl around them.

  • Amber R
    Amber R

    Gabbie started losing views. Trishas views go up when she has breakdowns, so now Gabbie is going batshit for the attention.

  • Irish Bethany
    Irish Bethany

    Gabbie argues with people to stay relevant and others shouldn’t bite

  • Axplo

    I love the fact that you respected Trishas pronouns

  • Mandi Nikohl
    Mandi Nikohl

    Yea, I agree they just have different perspectives of what friendship is. I've experienced it in my life & I feel like pretty much everyone has even if they don't or haven't realized it yet.

  • Nouhaila Elbachaoui
    Nouhaila Elbachaoui

    whats wrong with her voice

  • PlutoIsn'tReal

    If Gabbie thinks the only bad thing about herself is her nose, she's delusional 😐

  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose

    GH needs a 5150 hold

  • Jessie Eleena
    Jessie Eleena

    gabbie is obssessed with trisha cause thats the only time she gets any attention and clout.

  • Beanieboohypehouseglam

    All gabbie wants is drama 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • salwa

    Gabbie Hanna should be cancelled indefinitely. Period.

  • Erese

    How did That Gabbie girl from 'WHAT IF IM THE MONSTERRR' meme become into this.

  • Ray the gay
    Ray the gay

    I love that spill is respecting trishas pronouns

  • Savannah Morrow
    Savannah Morrow

    People have wronged both of these women through their lives, being mean to them, whatever the case. People try to make them both sound crazy, they always have. Every person has their faults and every person remembers things in their own way (not siding with anyone I'm just saying) so who ever really knows the truth of a memory. (Besides Gabbie realizing she was wrong about the dinner thing, but anyways) and both of these women put themselves in drama that has nothing to do with them all the time. I've always still enjoyed both contents but it's always a mind boggle when it comes to who I think they truly are (especially in drama like this) so I've chosen to just not watch either one now 😂

  • charlie

    title number two: gabbie hannah misgendering trish on purpose for 10 minutes

  • Jazz Murros
    Jazz Murros

    Trisha is not even close to being narcissistic

  • Athena Ng
    Athena Ng

    Gabbie Hannah scares me

  • Shawnee Gao
    Shawnee Gao

    not gonna lie - after watching all these drama videos gabbi hanna seems like the worst person ever. how did she ever get big in the first place

  • Artsy Kai
    Artsy Kai

    This has nothing to do with the video but my opinion of Trisha has changed SO MUCH over the past years. Now I'm just very happy that they've been getting help and exploring their gender identity like they've always wanted/needed. I'm glad that they're doing better, and I hope it continues that way!

  • JFeen Roblox
    JFeen Roblox

    See While gabbie Hanna has lost views, mental stability, and overall internet face, whilest trish is over her killing it, happy and popping off..

  • Tori Wisniewski
    Tori Wisniewski


    • Tori Wisniewski
      Tori Wisniewski

      not she!!!!!!

  • Yuuki Sasaki
    Yuuki Sasaki

    Is Trisha using they/them pronouns? I never knew! I had noticed the usage in the video and looked more into it! Did they post it somewhere and i’m just blind? Or was it more on the down low? Regardless, super happy for them!

  • FatalFlame Cat
    FatalFlame Cat

    I like Trisha, she's a kind and caring type of person, plus her personality is lovely and she's adorable.

  • Sophia Troanska
    Sophia Troanska

    Trisha describing herself is hilarious

  • Crow

    Really random and not really much about the drama but I'm really glad that you called Trisha Paytas by their new and proper pronouns! (:

  • M

    Anyone notice how Gabbie has the same hair as Hila...

  • I'm bored send help
    I'm bored send help

    Gabbie luv ... ur looks aren’t the reason why people hate you it’s ur personality

  • Vanessa Kehlani
    Vanessa Kehlani

    8:43 not gabbie being respectful towards Trisha’s pronouns....

  • Jewel Spivey
    Jewel Spivey

    Not Grabby using the wrong pronouns for Trisha over and over like that

  • leah brown
    leah brown

    I love the fact that you’re using trishas pronouns 🥺🥺 not many people do that for them xx

  • john eicher
    john eicher

    That’s revietechusa’s song

  • イチゴ甘い

    She gives me that “I’m the cool mom” vibe. Seriously, she’s an adult and is responsible for her own actions. Seeing her being petty and just trying to be “in” is so uncomfortable lol I dunno. I feel like if people don’t give her attention, she will just ease to exist lmfao

  • Storms

    That ‘somebody’ was Rachel Oats. I know she’s not as famous as the others but seriously… use her name.

  • Chris Swervy
    Chris Swervy

    Gabbi thinks anyone who is cordial to her means friendship / Trisha thinks it's just acquaintanceship. Now tell me who is in the wrong?

  • Mary Simpson
    Mary Simpson

    Dear God, please accept Gabbie Hanna in exchange for Jenna Marbles. Sincerely, everyone

  • Georgie

    yay nice one for respecting trish’s pronouns a lot of people just disregard them ):

  • random panda girl
    random panda girl

    I think gabbie was probably told by a therapist that she's doing all these things but instead of hearing that she herself is the problem she heard the other way that others are the problem

  • DoOt

    (We stan respecting pronouns) Gabbie just wants attention, and shes getting it, so I guess she won and Trisha just needs to let Gabbie dig her own grave lmao

  • Notta Nuke
    Notta Nuke

    She just never been punched in the face. Its a thing.

  • HUMC4L

    Here's how we solve this problem: Fucking ignore it. Grow up for 4 seconds and realize this isn't a real problem and move on lmao

  • Natasha Leite
    Natasha Leite

    I'm not a Trisha or Gabbie stan, but also, didn't Gabbie said she wasn't friends with Trisha when she told Jason that Trisha had Herpes? So... I don't think this is a particular mental health issue, I just think she is a compulsive liar.

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