first vacation of the summer with my boyfriend
I stayed in the world's largest potato for our first vacation of the summer with me boyfriend! (P.S. if you haven't been seeing my vids pop up, click the bell by the subscribe button to get notified!)
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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    don't forget to press the bell by the subscribe button so you'll actually see when i post videos! smash like for big potato. OK BYE I LOVE YOU

    • Madeline Khimani シ
      Madeline Khimani シ

      It’s been a year since I found Haley and Ryan i don’t know what RSloftrs I used to watch cause Haley and Ryan are the best duhhh aww this vid brings memories of me binge watching them when I found them

    • Grace B
      Grace B

      Haley Pham the difference between your thumbnails tho lol

    • Tayla Hill
      Tayla Hill

      Love you two 💕

    • Donovan

      Haley Pham I live in idaho one of the locals I loved seeing you in my bike state and my home airport have flown in and out many times sense my mom works for the airlines Alaska to be correct wish I could have seen you in the airport

    • Isabel Delgado
      Isabel Delgado

      Haley Pham You just posted how I quit Starbucks and then you got Starbucks😭 But that would probably be me too

  • Mr Coolmanluc
    Mr Coolmanluc

    I love the difference between Ryan’s thumbnail and your thumbnail in this video😂

  • u6a

    female cow XD

  • Payton Whiteaker
    Payton Whiteaker

    Hayley: this place is soo cute Ryan: "smacking the potato"

  • lilyauna mae
    lilyauna mae

    Haley:"this place is so cute" Ryan: *attacking a bug in the background*

  • Jordyn

    Origin loves you now because you like Dutch bros

  • Eguy

    When you realize a potato is nicer than your housr

  • Ella Goldring
    Ella Goldring

    ive never heard that much of the song before haha

  • Charis Tomb
    Charis Tomb

    'I've never touched a cow' YOU WHAT?!? 😂 I wake up to cows outside my window

  • Jenisa Drown
    Jenisa Drown

    I’m just re-watching all of Haley’s videos don’t mind me

  • etka yılmaz
    etka yılmaz

    I want to eat shoes JWNSBEKWMSDBBEJD

  • Fredrika Brown
    Fredrika Brown

    Haley in the airplane was an actual mood.

  • Kimmy’s Roblox
    Kimmy’s Roblox

    He thought it would be 22 outside

  • Jjballetduckie .M
    Jjballetduckie .M

    I love this vlog ahhaha

  • authentic VFX
    authentic VFX

    Who’s here after they’re married ?

  • Jazzy Affi
    Jazzy Affi

    Where did you get the mushroom hat!! I loooove!!!

  • Oniish XX
    Oniish XX

    She is so flippin cute

  • CcC 11
    CcC 11

    He be watching Mumbo jumbo

  • Julia KAZAH
    Julia KAZAH

    15:01 "editing hakey"

  • PhillyBirdz Gaming
    PhillyBirdz Gaming

    And I thought Spock was small

  • rreewwqqaaa PlayZ
    rreewwqqaaa PlayZ

    R we hat going to slide past the fact that Ryan was watching mumbo jumbo

  • Eva

    Haley : so I ran back in to the potato Me : paahahahhahahaha

  • sarahaharrison

    it is a ovol no cornors

  • Julia Joseph
    Julia Joseph

    I stan dolly 💕😂😂

  • Mariangel Molina
    Mariangel Molina

    It is super cool to know there is still people waiting till marriage, I was hopeless I could find my future husband (that waits till marriage)

  • Yaxel Nuno
    Yaxel Nuno

    I recongize every where she got krispy kreme in meridian just upsets me

    • Ryan Davy
      Ryan Davy

      Same I live in nampa idaho

  • Yaxel Nuno
    Yaxel Nuno

    If anyone else from idaho is watching like my comment im so upset i did not gt see her even though i live in boise

  • Lexi's Lifestyle
    Lexi's Lifestyle

    14:58 teheheh *hAkEy*

  • Totally Creative
    Totally Creative


  • First Last
    First Last


  • hope kathryn
    hope kathryn

    “Ryan took a shower, and then I took a shower. AnD tHe sUnsEt iS oUt nOw” lol i almost peed my pants

  • Gull *
    Gull *

    Who's there after they're engaged?

  • imogen jones
    imogen jones

    who's watching these after Ryan proposed?

  • Meg Allen
    Meg Allen

    Correction. FIANCÉ

  • Noodle Face
    Noodle Face

    idaho sounds like i the hoe

  • Genocide Jack
    Genocide Jack

    I was not expecting that intro

  • Karli Brooker
    Karli Brooker

    More like: our first vacation with my fiance😁😁

  • Lilly Rogers
    Lilly Rogers

    Not in 2020

  • Brian

    Ryan has good taste in Minecraft RSloftrs

  • Jerry West
    Jerry West

    Tbt when we could travel

  • Gabriela Hawver
    Gabriela Hawver

    Was Ryan watching Mumbo Jumbo???

  • Hannah Bergquist
    Hannah Bergquist

    First Dutch!! Ahhhh, see Dutch bro’s is WAY better then Starbucks

  • Gwen Covey
    Gwen Covey

    is it an actual potato

  • Dominic

    man be watching Mumbo Jumbo lol

  • Ariana M
    Ariana M

    I like how the outside is country but the inside is very bohemian and nicely decorated

  • Isaac Beale
    Isaac Beale

    we stan dolly the cow

  • Mia Little
    Mia Little

    all these comments are so funny lol pretend I'm one of them I I I V

  • Devyn Brennan
    Devyn Brennan

    “Can you pay attention and shut up.“ Lol 💀

  • Agnar Guðmundur Kristjánsson
    Agnar Guðmundur Kristjánsson

    My man mumbo jumbo

  • Anna Gierczynski
    Anna Gierczynski

    The worlds largest potato how romantic.

  • Nour Abbas
    Nour Abbas

    This is so funny hahahahaha

  • sabra beaty
    sabra beaty

    Mumbo jumbo

  • Grace Woodhouse
    Grace Woodhouse

    U R so positive even when you be sick!!! Ilysm

  • hannah bland
    hannah bland

    Haley : This place is so beutiful Ryan : *starts hitting wall so bug dies*

  • Henri N
    Henri N


  • Nick Faber
    Nick Faber


  • willa

    When Ryan was snacking the potato he was making mashed potatoes 😂

  • Ashalia .s
    Ashalia .s

    Normal people: 🌅 Watch the beautiful sunset and having a romantic time.✌🏻 Haley and Ryan:🐄 Talk to a cow for 2 minutes straight and call it a big dog 😂😳

  • Mary Parsons
    Mary Parsons

    Get you a mans whos gonna kill the skeeter for you

  • Lizzie M
    Lizzie M

    U have not lived until u have been a potato in a potato

  • Lizzie M
    Lizzie M

    U have not lived until u have been a potato in a potato

  • Samyna Allen
    Samyna Allen

    it is so crazy to see where i live in your videos lol i love you guys so much💕

  • Elsa SAGE
    Elsa SAGE

    DoEs It sMelL lIke PoTaTo In ThErE?

  • Eito Naraoka
    Eito Naraoka

    6:00 only Asians will get it

  • Siddhi Chopra
    Siddhi Chopra

    Not to forget, this was a business trip.

  • Jack Rogers
    Jack Rogers

    I watch Mumbo Jumbo too!

  • Adrianna P
    Adrianna P

    "mother fricker " -ryan trahan 2019

  • oMoose

    Dolly protecc Dolly atacc But most importantly... Dolly call Ryan’s shoes wacc

  • FinnieGamerGuy

    what is that music in the backround


    You guys are the cutest 😂 ❤️ ps... Ryan Mumbo Jumbo is the best

  • Tense Rasberry
    Tense Rasberry

    Omwah u dwid tripe in biiihg potatooooOOooOooIOOOO WHOASSAAAADDSFDG

  • Mohorun شهاب
    Mohorun شهاب

    Why the fuck is there no screen

  • lujayn migdadi
    lujayn migdadi

    3:55 "i can't do it Ryan" MY HEART

  • JuicyBblue

    1:53 I smell **SPOON**

  • ella lin
    ella lin

    this scream single to me in 10 different languages

  • Sophia Bailey
    Sophia Bailey

    Editing Hakey 15:12

  • natsuko

    I love how ryan just goes to support his girlfriend, while she just is doing her thang and you hear him go “ay ay ayyy” cutest thing ever 🥺🥰

  • Victor Blackmore
    Victor Blackmore

    God the horn sound is fuckin annoying when you’re high

  • Batool Jafri
    Batool Jafri

    nobody: Literally nobody: Me: * crying at how pretty the sunset is and wishing i could see it in person*

  • Phase Aiden
    Phase Aiden


  • Piotrek Nowacki
    Piotrek Nowacki

    I know my comment is very late but potato can't have corners SO this touches are simply on the wall not in corners.

  • Leah 32016
    Leah 32016


  • Ashley Aesthetic
    Ashley Aesthetic

    The biggest potato is Ryan 😂😂ITS A JOKE CHILL👌🏽

  • Lawson Baker
    Lawson Baker

    Man was watching mumbojumbo, champion.

  • audrie xoxo
    audrie xoxo

    I love this 0:00

  • Maeve Rodgers
    Maeve Rodgers

    That potato is nicer than my house and also bigger than my room. Rip

  • Jammed Saucer
    Jammed Saucer

    Who els watches mumbo jumbo like Ryan

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen

    Me when school starts 0:1

  • Dumitru Dubița
    Dumitru Dubița

    wait wtf, also that ox was pretty angry and i am not sure if drinking apple vinegar in the morning is a good idea

  • Edmund Synnah
    Edmund Synnah

    0:01 that's a meme right there " when he have a bad breath" 😂😂

  • Steezy Jay
    Steezy Jay

    The poor man next to Ryan

  • isshaaa

    Uh can I move in?

  • happyface smiling
    happyface smiling

    lol you guys are so cute

  • Eshal Mahmood
    Eshal Mahmood

    Don’t just drink apple cider vinegar. You have to dilute it with water or it will hurt you.

  • Emma Longars
    Emma Longars

    Like so Haley can see I hope your reading this Haley so my boy best friend is Vietnamese and I’m African and everyone says we’re literally dating but we don’t know and I’m starting to see it that but I feel like his family would be racist (behind my back) what do u think?

  • Faryal M
    Faryal M

    AHAHAHAHAHHH 0:52 - 0:54

  • Z J
    Z J

    The way he said Haley after she said there was nothing to do in there was so funny and pure

  • Purplecat4607 ,
    Purplecat4607 ,

    Imagine have more subs than ur bf

  • Juliana Beesly
    Juliana Beesly


  • Idil Akpinar
    Idil Akpinar

    ok but that bathroom was soo much more beautiful than i tought it'd be wth

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