First day of riverdale season 5! | Madelaine Petsch
After 6 months of not working... we're back baby! Join me in vancouver for season 5 of Riverdale.
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Hey there, I'm Madelaine Petsch! You may recognize me from The CWs 'Riverdale' as Cheryl Blossom. I made a channel just so I could show you guys who I am when I'm not being Cheryl :) Subscribe for all things 'Madelaine' & for videos all about my adventures, bts footage and more!

  • Stanislav Atanasov
    Stanislav Atanasov


  • Tshiamo Moeng
    Tshiamo Moeng


  • Annika A
    Annika A

    are noone gone talk about the dog piee, its green

  • R_ Babyy!
    R_ Babyy!

    I’m so happyyy

  • Matthew Westberry
    Matthew Westberry

    “I won’t say it back.” Me doing all the hw that I left for future me in the past

  • Carlos Manuel da Silva
    Carlos Manuel da Silva


  • Jazmine Ramage
    Jazmine Ramage

    You should definitely make more videos with Vanessa!!

  • Maja Skonieczna
    Maja Skonieczna

    when are the new episodes of riverdale? I love you ❤️

  • MarblexCherry

    "Dramatic in this HoUsE!" *She says while in a trailer.*

  • MarblexCherry

    6:40 omg the captions- I'm dead

  • Eri Marshmallow
    Eri Marshmallow

    POV: ur here the day after thanksgiving

  • Lofi Core
    Lofi Core

    omgggg i freaking love riverdale and i hate how people say its becoming a musical like they did a few song and it was only because it was a part of the show for the school

  • Sydnee Platt
    Sydnee Platt

    It’s sad that Cheryl does in season 5 go watch the trailer sorry cherry bomb 😕

  • Sarah Valentina Sanchez Zapata
    Sarah Valentina Sanchez Zapata

    Amo a esta mujer con locura

    • Valentina monroy
      Valentina monroy


  • Emaan Kamran
    Emaan Kamran

    am I the only one who thinks Riverdale is perfect and the musical episodes make it fun ?!

  • Brigitte Alexandra Cordoba Roa
    Brigitte Alexandra Cordoba Roa

    No entiendo nadaaaaa Pero aún haci la estoy viendo ja

  • sabri :v
    sabri :v

    me looking for the ages 👁️👄👁️

  • Sarkastyczna

    Poland text [*]

  • brian spencer
    brian spencer


  • Karina Potter
    Karina Potter

    I’m just at season 2 and i really like it :))) But i heard that season 3 and 4 are cringe..))

  • Ciara Loves
    Ciara Loves

    I feel bad for Jughead and Veronica bc They are so Kind and Now- 😭😭😭

    • Jemima

      wait what do u mean

  • Carrie Pierson
    Carrie Pierson

    Madelaine you are so beautiful...

  • hawt cheeto
    hawt cheeto

    i wont say it back that SENT MEE

  • Bec Taddeo
    Bec Taddeo

    POV: your here in november

  • Gaming_ Maja
    Gaming_ Maja


  • Shea Marthey
    Shea Marthey

    i was just waiting for her to say 1

  • Shea Marthey
    Shea Marthey

    there is this one thing that goes over your mouth for your mask there should be some on amazon

  • Morena Huchaime
    Morena Huchaime

    Her skin shines as much as she does as a person


    alguien mas se vio mas de dos veces riverdale y ya quiere la temporada 5

  • Jujubas da Júlia
    Jujubas da Júlia

    Hey, I know I'm new but I know how to edit videos. Do you want me to be your publisher? you send me a video and i edit then you tell me if i can be! 🥺

  • Clara Rojas
    Clara Rojas

    no me importa no entender mucho lo que dices en tus videos pero igual eres fantástica tu personaje en riverdale lo interpretas perfecto eres una de mis personajes favoritos en riverdale

  • Clara Rojas
    Clara Rojas

    eres la mejor

  • Alina Nightcry
    Alina Nightcry

    I have exactly the same mask as you 😂

  • Zielony_ Piesek_48
    Zielony_ Piesek_48

    Hi Madeline!! I love you so much and i love your films!! I'm in your fandom!!

  • Eugenia Nalerio
    Eugenia Nalerio

    No entiendo nada pero like👄👁️👄

  • Debbie Fassel
    Debbie Fassel

    Hi I need to stop watching the show but I think I need to start watching it again

  • Karissa Thomas
    Karissa Thomas

    Okay im obsessed I cry when bughead doesn't make it for ever I literally think its a reality and imagine you guys -_-

  • Patch BTW
    Patch BTW

    Madelaine: Ain’t that right babaycakes Me: Oooooooooooo 😂😂

  • Abby Whitehead
    Abby Whitehead

    He knows the one who has a black hair I don't Archie a nobody Idaho mom and I know your head but the red hair and her mom

  • D


  • Sakaisha Olala
    Sakaisha Olala

    Only the first serie (also S2 I geuss ,don’t remember) of Riverdale are good but like the last one REALLY doesn’t make sense it’s like they just made a story up quick cuzzz they dind’t have anything else🥴

  • Mélyna89

    I love u so mutch🥰

  • priscilla martinez
    priscilla martinez

    They do make a thing that goes in your mask so it doesn’t touch your face

  • Angelina Delmonte
    Angelina Delmonte

    Who else is sooooo happy for season 5 I know i am

  • Hannah Equestrian
    Hannah Equestrian

    who else loves riverdale! love you madelaine ! but right now i'm reWATCHING riverdale andhave a great day luv you!

  • Luna lovegood Official
    Luna lovegood Official

    Madelaine I have a question is it true ur scared of water? Sorry for exposing u

  • A D
    A D

    I love the show😩

  • la_ likeuse
    la_ likeuse

    we need french subtitle😭

  • flurellas

    Pov : Riverdale S5 IS HERE!

  • Eryn Lenhart
    Eryn Lenhart

    She should make a video telling how she got cast as cheryl

  • Sanaa Jaiyie
    Sanaa Jaiyie

    I’m not even done with the episode when archies dad gets shot so let me calm down..

  • Google meets
    Google meets

    I like riverdale but hate the fact how so much people died

  • by eve sweet
    by eve sweet

    7:16 as evelyn evernever

  • Lidwin Lidwin
    Lidwin Lidwin

    Actually Riverdale has so much book references if you get all of them the series become way more interesting

  • olivia jean
    olivia jean

    26 year olds getting ready for prom

  • mike rod
    mike rod

    i think im the youngest person to watch riverdale im 10

    • mike rod
      mike rod

      @Sanaa Jaiyie ok hiiii friend i think

    • Sanaa Jaiyie
      Sanaa Jaiyie

      I’m 12 but my Netflix account has that I can watch TV-14

  • Mayra Collin
    Mayra Collin

    Riverdale sucks. But for some reason, I can’t stop watching. It’s addicting and confusing.

  • lexi.
    lexi. are these haters doing here am don't usually cure online but TADAY is my day like are u for real?! I love the singing eps what's so bad about them the actors and the show writers and the directors spend time on those and. CRINgY lines are u for REAL REAL like bruh it ain't funny Meadlaine, am sorry u have to get these in YOUR COMMENT SECTION but these just leave them to let them make their own show we can see then if Riverdale is bad or not

  • okeh -
    okeh -

    You have grown so muchhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh so glad you got your riverdale jobbbbbb!!

  • Anelisse Alicea
    Anelisse Alicea

    I can't wait for season 5

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams

    Hi Madelain

  • lakeisha631 franklin
    lakeisha631 franklin

    When dose season 5 come out

  • Kiera Christelle
    Kiera Christelle

    She’s so unproblematic and I love it

  • Sofia Campiño Rodríguez
    Sofia Campiño Rodríguez

    I love (me volví bilingüe, ya soy experta en el inglishpinkis)

  • Annalise Dominguez
    Annalise Dominguez

    I love all the actors and the tv show is amazing too!!! Can’t wait for season 5 when does is come out

  • booboo perez
    booboo perez

    I'm like the biggest RIVERDALE fan ever by the way don't tell but your my fav actor on the show and then Lili


    i love you♡ i wont say it back

  • Emie-Jade Beaudoin-Bell
    Emie-Jade Beaudoin-Bell

    :oh I love your nails Madelaine:AAaAAaaAAaa Im dead😂

  • Karen Taren
    Karen Taren

    those eyelashes looking rough lol

  • Elizaveta Guskova
    Elizaveta Guskova

    жду 5 сезон ривердейла

  • casey halliday
    casey halliday

    Who else is excited for riverdale season 5 cause I can’t wait

  • Ella Diaz
    Ella Diaz

    Is it sad I feel like I know her from these vlogs??.

  • Qween_miyah King
    Qween_miyah King

    She is one of my favorite actors

  • Cassie Clark
    Cassie Clark

    YAY so excited

  • Flower Puff
    Flower Puff

    Wait they film in Vancouver Canada???

  • Dryna Pettyson
    Dryna Pettyson

    Great video but pls stop making that drink noise

  • Daniel Paquette
    Daniel Paquette

    If ya need a editor I do editing

  • Kusuma Ahmatova
    Kusuma Ahmatova

    I love riverdale. Guess im weird then.

  • Xristos Kavva
    Xristos Kavva

    I love Riverdale 💖💖💕😍

  • Dylan Solomon
    Dylan Solomon

    Not to make it about the new Riverdale but when does it come out

  • Ellie Ruth Doyle
    Ellie Ruth Doyle

    where do you film and which state do you live in and you should do a video about you things about you

  • Dream of Dindi donald and indi
    Dream of Dindi donald and indi

    When is it showing I've reached only season 3 and I thought it was over...

    • Geri Tisdale
      Geri Tisdale

      @Dream of Dindi donald and indi Not sure. It's on Netflix in the US.

    • Dream of Dindi donald and indi
      Dream of Dindi donald and indi

      @Geri Tisdale thx but season 4 is not showing in Netflix so how can I watch it?

    • Geri Tisdale
      Geri Tisdale

      Season 5 premiers in January 2021. Their contact is for 7 seasons.

  • Dipali Thapa
    Dipali Thapa

    i love her intro

  • Ashley Beytia
    Ashley Beytia

    Yay season 5

  • Roblox Emma
    Roblox Emma

    Wo sind meine Deutschen???😪

  • Villondo, Naomi T.
    Villondo, Naomi T.

    cant wait season fiiiive!!

  • Alpaslan Bü K
    Alpaslan Bü K


  • Tony


  • Tony

    😁cutest dog ever like mine and I love your hair color and KJ Apa to

  • Paul Westfall
    Paul Westfall

    I love you I love Riverdale

  • Maddyson Gordon
    Maddyson Gordon

    Wait season five is coming out in January

  • joseph Beverly
    joseph Beverly

    riverdale yayyyyy

  • Rebekah F
    Rebekah F

    Did she just let her dog pee on the sidewalk?


    okie ion know y people dont like the musical episodes i love all of it

  • Rosa Maria Comparato
    Rosa Maria Comparato

    i am red 😂

  • Faith Florell
    Faith Florell

    You are in Vancouver, so where are you originally from? Also can you do a QNA

  • Luciana Chamarez
    Luciana Chamarez

    No entiendo inglés pero veo sus videos igual, amo a esta mujer ❤️

  • Savanna Tyson
    Savanna Tyson

    i love riverdale and i didnt know Vanessa is having a baby

  • Pedro Renatti
    Pedro Renatti

    ilysm ✨

  • Pedro Renatti
    Pedro Renatti

    I need to the season 5 now!

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