FINALE! - Hermitcraft RECAP - season 8 week 27
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans
Rock(s) fall, [SPOILER] dies.
This episode covers videos released between Saturday December 18 and Friday December 24, 2021.
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  • Pixelcraftian

    I bet Grian planned to be on half a heart JUST to make sure Mumbo's series ended with at least one kill lmao

  • Christian Moyer
    Christian Moyer

    How TFC's finale recap would go:

  • Lucius Louis
    Lucius Louis

    It is so fitting that Grian tricks Mumbo to kill him at the very end of the season

  • Dazcar

    i 100% now believe this was all just caused by iskall not remembering to turn off the moon magnet a few seasons ago, so much for complex hermatrix majoras mask theories

  • Pebbles TCW
    Pebbles TCW

    Season 6: the war season

  • Thomas Becker
    Thomas Becker

    I can't believe they left virtual Stress, virtual Etho, and virtual Iskall to die.

  • DoctorPhrog

    The fact that Grian got Mumbo to kill him in the final moments on the server is so epic

  • William Dabney
    William Dabney

    We all know the season ended because etho's and bdub's project was about to be finished and the universe just can't let that stand.

  • Christian Sarmiento
    Christian Sarmiento

    I can't wait til Mumbo does the "War, Hate, and Meat" challenge next season.

  • Dvij Tyagi
    Dvij Tyagi

    My theory is its all scar's fault. Man was going to build moon base alpha like 3 seasons ago but never did it and the moon went "If I am not your base, your base I shall eat" and just ya know, stuff. Idk its 3 in the morn and im tired

  • LaurelVictoria

    If anyone is wondering Impulse did a stream where he talked about the behind-the-scenes of this season and went into a bit of detail about all of this.

  • Rebecca Jensen
    Rebecca Jensen

    This was such an insane season!! I can't wait to see what season nine brings

  • Techhunter Talon
    Techhunter Talon

    How trolly would it have been if Gem signed Cow onto Scar's 'spaceship'? I can only imagine how many deaths Scar would have had trying to wrangle him. XD

  • LRosieB

    I’m pretty sure Gem’s portal wasn’t to the nether, I think the amethyst around it made it magical, and transported Gem to the next season.

  • JQuestYT

    I think they ended early to start s9 with 1.18 since they can’t reset chunks in the existing world cuz hermits have built a lot of things already

  • Luigra

    "The heartfelt goodbye with ZombieCleo already caused some fans to photoshop him into her season finale" I see you vagueing about me, Zloy, I see you well

  • IrishMelon

    “cow you had ONE JOB”

  • JezaGaia

    If Bdubs thinks the Big Eye crew won he's very mistaken, in the end Boatem went together while Big Eye split. To me it shows what team was the best, the one that stayed united till the end ... while scamming/pranking one another but what else did you expect ? :p

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C

    "If there are four smaller iJevins, we know how that happened" I love this ha ha

  • V3nomGaming7

    This season has so much unused potential