Film Theory: The Minions in Minions AREN'T MINIONS!
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What IS a Minion? That was the question I started with when working on this theory. I wanted to REALLY understand these little guys, so I started searching the movies for information. Well Theorists, I found more that I expected buried in the Minions and Despicable Me movies. A LOT more. So much that I can definitely say that the Minions in the movies are NOT Minions. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Peppaer 606
    Peppaer 606

    Soooo..... No ones gonna talk about where were minions in the 1940s?

  • Cole Reacts and plays
    Cole Reacts and plays

    Wonder how long it takes to edit any of these videos

  • Euphoria Blood
    Euphoria Blood

    I’m sorry... “I got you some minions Bean!” MY HEART 🥺❤️✨

  • {Çrëamy•Øręo}

    I want to squish minons when i first saw them then a saw the theories that they are kids that are forsed to be slaves and they had to wear these heavy helmets which stunt their groth

    • {Çrëamy•Øręo}

      Oops not they are they were based on kids that were slaves

  • Abdulrahman Alriffaie
    Abdulrahman Alriffaie


  • stephanie rusaw
    stephanie rusaw

    Hahaha mr beats is such a so called cool guy he wont bother you... just a theory lol.

  • monique hinkel
    monique hinkel

    You have a son?????

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy



    universe:Lets Just Create An Cartoon. Internet:MINIONS ARENT MINIONS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • kenji montalban
    kenji montalban

    Me: then what’s a minion


    Hey mat Is true father a spy from spy vs spy???

  • Ultra shock
    Ultra shock

    raw popcorn

  • Cyrus Whiting
    Cyrus Whiting


  • Neon Caden
    Neon Caden

    the clone of a human is still a human and the clone of a minion is still a minion

  • Anas S. I.
    Anas S. I.

    Just like "among us in among us is not among us Yes

  • Leo13o9

    Well, I think the conclusion is wrong. The clone of a sheep is still a sheep, right? Genetically they are literally identical. So the clone of a minion of course is a minion. An exact copy. (at least if Gru managed to perfect cloning, but given his ability with genetics I'd think so)

  • Professionally Stupid
    Professionally Stupid

    Omg oliver is so adorable

  • sunairax

    i mean they can reproduce by binomial nomenclature like some protists do

  • Jebrone Kitty
    Jebrone Kitty

    This is why I don't like kids, they are dumb...

  • Ahyan Ahsan
    Ahyan Ahsan

    Like the minions in minions are not minion like the cars in cars are not 🚗 cars

  • EndEver


  • Alyssa Burnett
    Alyssa Burnett

    Omg when you said oil was two I was so surprised omg he grew up so fast 😭😭

  • Many Games Gamer
    Many Games Gamer

    You actually made a mistake in the beginning in the movie life of pets the animals can’t talk they’re just showing you that the animals understand each other but when they show you the humans perspective when max is trying to convince his owner to remove that brown dog she can’t understand him she just hears barking

  • Snööze



    Minions minions minions

  • liquid shark
    liquid shark

    They don't even have dental

  • Rafa humala
    Rafa humala

    Wait, you have a son?

  • Kiwi animation 情情
    Kiwi animation 情情

    Mr beast watching this right now be like: that's where my minion was

  • King Tigrones
    King Tigrones

    Matt my guy, your son is FRICKING ADORABLE

  • Raeann Rosik
    Raeann Rosik

    I don’t think minions can die

  • AntonioMations

    what if they reproduce asexually but they only do so after they need to have more minions in the population, as much as what Gru needed

  • Jack Lessard
    Jack Lessard

    mat pat: THE 200, the other thirty : BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Jack Lessard
    Jack Lessard

    YOU GOT A PERFECT SAT SCORE? also i am sad at the fact that you RUINED this for your son :(

  • saltybutterface

    this is actually canon according to this disc I found of three dispicable me shorts

  • Swastik Bhoyar
    Swastik Bhoyar

    I'd give up my intelligence to become an immortal minion

  • Lillie _ Love626
    Lillie _ Love626

    They could turn Gru and all of them into minions and boom now gru and the others will never die and the minions will have a forever boss

  • MacBarr Pup
    MacBarr Pup

    0:55 nice roast. I didn't really like Bolt.

  • Shadowpastcool

    Yes, hello, SCP Foundation? I got about 10,000'walking, babbling pills with eyes outside my door...

  • francisco L
    francisco L

    JUST REMEMBER KIDS: Minions helped the funny moustache german man

  • Evan Daniels
    Evan Daniels

    We all know that the Minions were Nazi’s right?

  • Michael Foster
    Michael Foster

    Wait, stole from Mr beast EH,

  • Complex2Live

    Thx matpat, I was about to do a theory on this but thanks

  • SirPandaFluff

    Eh at least I know bob is legit and not a fake, that's all I wanted to know

  • Lady Lexy Starwatcher
    Lady Lexy Starwatcher

    Those yellow pills aren't minion. Minion is a fish creature in a jar!

  • L.O.L Bit
    L.O.L Bit

    2:03 fun fact. Matpat called them bean

  • Wikus Kruger
    Wikus Kruger

    The thing is, it's way more fun stealing the statue of liberty than curing cancer, everyone knows that MatPat!!!!

  • Romanogers4ever

    I prefer megamind to despicable me.

  • Richard Reifsnider
    Richard Reifsnider

    Yor wrong

  • Malware X20
    Malware X20

    3:48 wait WHAT, where’s that from

  • Egg Chandwhich
    Egg Chandwhich

    In Despicable me 2, there were minions in front of the screen making jelly and playing around with fruit hats. But in the backround, there were 2 minions hitting eachother with hammers. One of them knocks out the other minion and starts panicking. The minion then starts to perform CPR and the minion that was knocked out is back.

  • btw flow
    btw flow

    Matpat why keep in check of them when you can launch them into space after all even though its not the most logical solution considering we'ed have to build THOUSANDS of spaceships it would work. Right?

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson

    I want you to make a theory about dis tv show called captain kangaroo it is really old but it is good and I found it by my teacher and there is also the last unicorn I still have that disc but they also have it on youtube but it is in parts and yeah...

  • Dominick Solerix
    Dominick Solerix

    I .. am not clickbait. I did not clickbait.

  • Rafael S.-G.
    Rafael S.-G.

    "They don't even have dental." -Shrek

  • Jay Martin
    Jay Martin

    Matt Patt Has A SON?!

    • Alice Lourenço
      Alice Lourenço

      IKR?? And so adorable 😭

  • Richardo Milos
    Richardo Milos

    the first 23 seconds of the video makes me think "How GOOD were the minions ACTUALLY."

  • Sarvesh Gawande
    Sarvesh Gawande

    I'm confused Mr. Beast didn't rush to Mat's home screaming I WANT MY MINION BACK or just didn't sue him

  • Silver Spectre
    Silver Spectre

    I know they would never show it in a movie but does that mean the minions were helping out Germany in the 1940s

  • YedilFan2010


  • Devjeet Mishra
    Devjeet Mishra

    So, in your Madagascar vid, you said that Madagascar is certainly no minions, and then you say Ollie saw minions for the first time in Christmas, and you said you were a new comer to the series, AKA , you blindly judged a movie

  • EshamPlayz

    0:08 How good was Minions actually?

  • Aytijay

    Awe look at you! Trying to Ruin a childhood Story! Just like Ur mom taught You!! Good Job!

    • EshamPlayz

      Hello Verified

  • Not CoolJ
    Not CoolJ

    A criminal hmmmmm fnaf ruv? Seriously is it like ruv?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Or maybe illumination just made a mistake

  • Razin Hafiy
    Razin Hafiy

    Fun fact:the minions are not talking in a silly language their actually talking in different kinds of languages

  • Daishi

    NGL I like Felonious and never found minions appealing. I wouldn't be here at all if this wasn't MattPat. The only thing primal about them is that I want to put them in a blender feet first so I can watch their reactions.

  • Kehn Audrey Busmeon
    Kehn Audrey Busmeon

    Here's my theory when ever they got hit slot they duplecate hamme is just a little effective

  • Gavin M.
    Gavin M.

    Minions be humans?!

  • Szymon Chrzanowski
    Szymon Chrzanowski

    You're right MatPat. They aren't Minions. They are cashgrabs.

  • •Estella Tsuki•
    •Estella Tsuki•

    They are potatoes

  • The Cron
    The Cron

    Im gonna be honest, I knew immediately what the answer is. You have 2 driven evil geniuses with a large gene pool. Cloning go brrrrrrt.

  • Happy Puppy
    Happy Puppy

    The 'When I leave an empty milk jug in the fridge. Yes I am pretty despicable' Meme thumbnail got wheezing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • GameSlayer404

    so the minions are still minions. Both biologically and by name. Cause they still are followers and minions subserviant.

  • Mr.Milestone

    Wait Matpat has a son? S H O C C

  • Artoria Pendragon
    Artoria Pendragon

    Your son is cute mate

  • White Snake
    White Snake

    This defeats the whole purpose of this movie... and it works I guess

  • Warren & Katherine Ellis
    Warren & Katherine Ellis

    The minion do you have at the start of the film/video the one where you describe what I mean how minions are the reason that people have gotten addicted to despicable me he has heterochromia!

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      So minions are not minions in the minions? So that means the minions are something not minions?

  • Jampyto

    I just wanna know HOW DID THE LAWNMOWER FLY!!!!?

  • Im Just Bored 569
    Im Just Bored 569

    wait what happened to the one minion that got left at the jail tho?

  • Emerald Person
    Emerald Person

    Probably the best minion content out there

  • Alejandro Ramos
    Alejandro Ramos

    if minions arent minions but clone from minions, the minions ARE minions, because we as humans we are made from dna parts of other humans, so minions clones from other "original" minions, are actually minions

  • I Am Yes
    I Am Yes

    MatPat's theories never fails to surprise me. Every video is crazier than the last.

  • Dave Marquez
    Dave Marquez

    The minions in minions are not minions but they are still Know that they are minions in minions, you know what I am saying

  • IllegalToast

    I feel my childhood crack

  • deathfalk

    I've got and idea for a film theory no one else has. Interested?

  • Atat Atat
    Atat Atat

    You Rooney and you your kids life with this with video

  • Adrian


  • lesjackc11

    Can we all just appreciate the editors for that intro🤓

  • Paul Warner
    Paul Warner

    I've been waiting so long for someone else to notice the blueprints in that scene in the first movie



  • Timothy James Dongon
    Timothy James Dongon

    So minions are not minions in the minions? So that means the minions are something not minions?

  • Darkheart animations
    Darkheart animations

    I used to call the minions“minons

  • Tinkie Tunky
    Tinkie Tunky

    Thats cool and all... but really, who cares? who cares if these cartoon creatures are clones?

  • Aorlyz V2
    Aorlyz V2

    I just thought about this now.. what if the next theory channel is "Music Theory"

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown

    Ummmm, mitosis?

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco

    Gelato matter is highly unstable. If not handled properly it can cause a highly deadly, albeit rather delicious, explosion.

  • V Eameal
    V Eameal

    *Sees title* Urghh ok MatPat. You got me. Explain.

  • ACARR 45
    ACARR 45

    I was today years old when I found out Matpat is a dad.