Extreme Office Makeover
first video of 2020!!!! Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend Office Makeover Competition! Who do you think won...
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  • Hope Hayley
    Hope Hayley

    i love both sides so much but my fav is haley’s because i love the girly style

  • Ello Banana
    Ello Banana

    Haley definitely won sry ryan ilygsm

  • TheRealBreannaMarie

    Where is that whicker chair from!??

  • Mariana

    my favorite part was the internet router space! so abstract :)

  • Lily-Rose Davies-Leary
    Lily-Rose Davies-Leary

    Hayley this is for you. I prefer your side💗

  • Kaila Jensen
    Kaila Jensen

    I love how their idea of decorating is just putting little plants everywhere LMALKSDLAJFKK

  • Grungophone

    as someone that needs things on my walls to function I like Haley's side way more I wish she put more stuff on her desk tho

  • Simone Snijder
    Simone Snijder

    Youre friend is so pretty

  • Annie Monks
    Annie Monks

    Don’t worry Heiley I think ur was better 😂

  • jamie barry
    jamie barry

    where did ryan get that chair, because it looks comfy as fuck

  • natalie sotello
    natalie sotello

    i loved Haley side

  • Ejay 69
    Ejay 69

    Sorry but I think Ryan won

  • Marissa Schmoldt
    Marissa Schmoldt


  • Dasha Fry
    Dasha Fry

    Editing hakey?

  • God


  • Loa 3311
    Loa 3311

    i'm so late but I like haley's side?

  • Jac ob
    Jac ob

    Haley your side is too much

  • ItsAriejoyce

    i’m sorry but for an office haleys looks like a plain dorm

  • Frankie xox
    Frankie xox

    why do you put hakey??

  • Leighanna Fox
    Leighanna Fox

    why in 6:00 i was expecting to see myself in the mirror :l

  • iamsa. f a
    iamsa. f a

    I like Haleys side much better because it felt more orginized! ily Haley😊😊

  • Gwen Covey
    Gwen Covey

    I like how the whole thing works together even though both sides are done by 2 different people. Just more proof they are meant for each other.

  • Strwbrry Lmonade
    Strwbrry Lmonade

    i liked ryan’s

  • Emily Sheffe
    Emily Sheffe

    I think Ryan won NGL😅😅😅

  • Reese Ratcliffe
    Reese Ratcliffe

    ryan side get 9/10 haley 9.2/10

  • Riylie Payge
    Riylie Payge

    I wouldn't pick 1 because I think they both pull the office together and are very cute

  • Emily Kieding
    Emily Kieding

    Ryan !!!

  • Maria Radford
    Maria Radford

    Where is the office chair from??

  • aspen smith
    aspen smith

    I like Ryan’s side just because I like natural materials and colors but... he needs to take care of the mess of cords and stuff. 😂

  • emma watwat
    emma watwat

    I think both sides are amazing but im not super girly and im not super into pink so i like ryans side just a tiny bit more even though if i had and office either one of those styles would be great ones!

  • 65rtyu YT
    65rtyu YT

    Ryan's side is way better!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie Schlueter
    Natalie Schlueter

    Besides Ryan’s mess I like Ryan’s side better

  • Sydney Sosa
    Sydney Sosa

    Where did you get the rug from?

  • Laurie Beaulieu
    Laurie Beaulieu

    RYAN'S side, is my favorite

  • Lana Meow
    Lana Meow


  • Aubrey Knapp
    Aubrey Knapp

    Team Ryan

  • Hazel Diamond
    Hazel Diamond

    What are the name of the songs used??

  • Aissata Amadou
    Aissata Amadou

    Can you do a video with Kiran

  • Finley Schweigert
    Finley Schweigert

    Haley! But Ryan’s side is more aesthetically pleasing

  • abbriella mae
    abbriella mae

    Haley! But i like Ryan's chair better

  • Eileen Wise
    Eileen Wise

    They have a GIANT house but share one room for an office...AM confused

  • Mackenzie Williams
    Mackenzie Williams

    honestly i like ryan’s side better 😂

  • Arantxa bustinduy navas
    Arantxa bustinduy navas

    Hayley's side

  • Chelsie Lindsay
    Chelsie Lindsay


  • Gracey V
    Gracey V

    haleys side😍

  • Serafina Aideen
    Serafina Aideen

    I prefer Hayley's side, but I feel like she could have put a little more into it. Maybe some shelves on the back wall or infront of her desk would have brought it together, and something to make the table less empty.

  • Andrea L
    Andrea L

    I like Ryan’s dude better

  • i comment
    i comment

    I’m sick of hearing the same song in every one of her videos

  • Isabella Williams
    Isabella Williams

    why do they own a mansion but decide to share the smallest room in the house for an office

  • Sharaf Z
    Sharaf Z

    Lol Ryan 100% won

  • Madeline Pitkin
    Madeline Pitkin

    Ryan totally won lol You both did great tho! Love the wallpaper!

  • João Pedro Costa
    João Pedro Costa

    Haley was the better one, but the whole office looks great!

  • Marie-Theres Rötzer
    Marie-Theres Rötzer

    i think id like haleys side way better if there was a plant next to her desk

  • Ikram Azz
    Ikram Azz

    I like ur frind ❤seems nice

  • Margarita Lopez
    Margarita Lopez

    Have it paused at 5:14 nd look at Haley’s face

  • Emilia

    Love the video!!

  • Chandra Exon
    Chandra Exon

    Love Ryan's side, I personally much prefer the more minimalist aesthetics

  • Marguerite Swiftsmith
    Marguerite Swiftsmith

    hayley's side is so cozy i love it


    tbh ryan's side looks so much more put together they're both very neat but i agree with his aesthetic more

  • keizau

    anyone know the name of her friends sticker thing shop?

  • V S
    V S

    “I did not have apple care” -Ryan and Haley

  • Caitlin Madison
    Caitlin Madison

    ryan forsure

  • Sydney Britter
    Sydney Britter

    Haley side looks Better to me....

  • Lisa -
    Lisa -

    I like Ryan's better since it fits my style more

  • Aila Debira
    Aila Debira

    I LOVE Haley's side SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much its so cute and nice!!!!!!

  • María Ortiz
    María Ortiz

    I'm sorry Ryan ily but loved more Haleys side

  • Z

    anyone have the link to that desk??

  • • Mėlłøw •
    • Mėlłøw •

    Everyone is saying Ryan’s side, but I personally like Haley’s side better because I like hanging things up like posters and stuff and all the stuff.

  • Melanie Løvgreen
    Melanie Løvgreen

    6:21 where did u g’et that Chair? 🤩

  • Aurélia Berg
    Aurélia Berg

    I like Ryan’s side better

  • Mia Taylor
    Mia Taylor

    Ryan’s side won

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda

    Both are good, but I personally liked Haley's better, it's more my style and Also both sides kind of felt very organic and blended side to side, I loved that ❤

  • Kalatiola Tai
    Kalatiola Tai

    I like Ryan's side. I think hes filled the empty space up better

  • Sarah O
    Sarah O

    Oh my gosh where is that pink chair from I love it

  • _Sniccet_

    Haley’s side has so much potential tho

  • vanessa marie
    vanessa marie

    Where is the traphamily vids 🥺🥺

  • sienna jade
    sienna jade

    I want a bf like Ryan hahahah

  • genevieve bryant
    genevieve bryant

    i love haley’s side because you can tell who’s side is who and is want mine to look like hers

  • Ella Blue
    Ella Blue

    i like ryan’s lol

  • EmmySwice

    everyone is saying ryan’s side is better but like it’s both their style and what they like they just have different opinions on design

    • My Idea
      My Idea


    • Kalatiola Tai
      Kalatiola Tai

      They kinda told us to say which side was better. We're not hating on anyone. We're Traphamily lol, you're my phavourite sister jks

  • Dahryn Kim
    Dahryn Kim

    ngl i kinda liked ryans side better... srry hayley! love you!

  • Lexs Shrinks
    Lexs Shrinks

    My whole apartment looks like Ryan’s side 🤣🙌🏻 sorry girl I like his best! Good job tho 🤪♥️

  • Helz

    who's the hijabi girl?

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez

    Omg where did you get the prints you put on the wall? They are so pretty

  • Mariane Goyette
    Mariane Goyette

    Ryan’s side won...😬

  • erin claridge
    erin claridge

    i freaking love Haley's side, its cute! But ryan did a banger job on his side too lol.

  • Ireland McCormick
    Ireland McCormick

    Ryan's side is better

  • SolarrJa

    Oh really film this *Sticks up ring finger*

  • Taya Reimer
    Taya Reimer

    I think Haley won but you both did great!❤️

  • Silje Helsengreen
    Silje Helsengreen

    Haley where is your office chair from?

  • Adia Munoz
    Adia Munoz

    Personally Ryan won

  • fATEmaYAS

    This should've been on the traphamily channel lmaoo

  • The Real Richy
    The Real Richy

    You’re supposed to nail the white board into the stud!

  • The Real Richy
    The Real Richy

    I love u guys

  • Jessica Stojoski
    Jessica Stojoski

    I love Haleys side because of the decor, but Ryans was more of a minimalist style witch is also nice, but haley wins sorry Ryan.

  • sab

    for the love of god please do not put a fish in a bowl

  • Sebastian Dizon
    Sebastian Dizon

    I would rather sit in Ryan’s

  • Lulu Thomsen
    Lulu Thomsen


  • Heidi Clegg
    Heidi Clegg

    RYANS is soooo good... sorry Haley ❤️

  • Rona A.
    Rona A.

    Both look good tho. But I go for Ryan! 🤩

792 хиљ.