Ex-Dancer Tries To Learn A Backflip
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  • ThatFrienDude 3425
    ThatFrienDude 3425

    I’m use to seeing Haley with Ryan because I usually watch the traphamly

  • L M
    L M

    this is one of my favourite videos you’ve ever done idk why it just gives me summer vibes so i came back to watch it :)

  • zeinab issa
    zeinab issa


  • nora

    the piano part SENT ME

  • shootstars91

    Why am I sitting here doing my work and just smiling every time you land?

  • Lyla Bee
    Lyla Bee

    How the heckerooni did I watch this exactly a year later

  • Miriam Angelica
    Miriam Angelica

    Kacey! they were singing kacey!!

  • Olivia Nichols
    Olivia Nichols

    4:42 anyone else realize she flipped us off?

  • Kendyl Heyer
    Kendyl Heyer

    I love your videos so so much!!

  • Samantha Murtha
    Samantha Murtha

    this video should be called Alex being a simp for 17 minutes and 26 seconds.

  • Ann Regnitue
    Ann Regnitue

    Everyone (including me) needs a friend like Alex, he has literally such an amazing positive attitude/charisma, he really inspires others to get out of their comfort zones, love it!

  • Ann Regnitue
    Ann Regnitue

    wait that was so inspiring to watch:)

  • ava harris
    ava harris

    i literally love alex and isaac so much, they're icons.

  • exinyy

    me when there’s a new video 10:14

  • Sarah

    Your form is so good!

  • TaroMilkTea

    eXUsE mE issac gymnastics is a sport!!!!

  • Mariana Sampaio
    Mariana Sampaio

    petition to bring alex and isaac back

  • - RoseFaith -
    - RoseFaith -

    Alex tho. He seems like the sweetest and most genuine guy ever. I love guys like that and it’s so cool that he does gymnasticsss.

  • Olivia Sunflower
    Olivia Sunflower

    Oh they were thinking about if they were wasting your camera battery that’s kind of cute

  • Emma Stone
    Emma Stone

    Alex should coach gymnastics someday he's so motivating and kind with his corrections

  • fares waseem shehabi
    fares waseem shehabi

    I don’t get it who are Alex and Isaac? Like what are they to Haley?

    • TaroMilkTea

      Just friends :)

  • Salvador Sepulveda Casales
    Salvador Sepulveda Casales

    5:47 omg so relatableeee

  • Vaviinisa

    ''Give this video a thumbs up if you're watching the video'' - Haley Pham

  • Bethy K
    Bethy K

    Please do more videos with Alex and Isaac

  • Bethy K
    Bethy K

    I miss Haley like this 😢

  • yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt
    yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt

    9:59 timestamp 😊

  • Arcxnee

    I miss these videos in the summer when Haley still lived in her apartment and was so humble 🥺

  • • Mėlłøw •
    • Mėlłøw •

    No one: No one: Literally no one: Not a living soul: Alex, Isaac, and Haley: GIVE THIS VIDEO A LIKE IF... ALSO Alex, Isaac, and Haley: GIVE THIS VIDEO A THIMBS UP IF.. Alex, Isaac, and Haley AGAIN: UM YEAH! OKAY YEAH!

  • • Mėlłøw •
    • Mėlłøw •

    Challenge:(okay not that much of a challenge but..) Count how many times they all say “give this video a like if../give this video a thumbs up if...”

  • yutasanvi

    edItInG HakEy i love that

  • Rachel Carter
    Rachel Carter

    2:51 you’re welcome

  • Vsco Peppa
    Vsco Peppa

    Where’s the time stamp?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    You go girl :) 10.0

  • Daniel


  • MinkVintage 7826
    MinkVintage 7826

    Are u cheating on ryan

  • mae

    i would've laughed if the trampoline broke

  • Abril Gomez
    Abril Gomez

    honestly isaac looks like an alex and alex looks more like an isaac

  • yiya yiya oh
    yiya yiya oh

    Haley wore a scrunchie in the pool

  • nani

    Alex is so motivational when he was teaching Haley like honestly what a friend

  • Lilirozez Guidotti Tessier
    Lilirozez Guidotti Tessier

    “ give this video a thumbs up if you’re watching the video “ -hailey

  • serxy cheeto
    serxy cheeto

    Lol when I was ten I dragged my pillow on to the trampoline and sent it without breaking my neck how I did I don’t know

  • Laura Kirke
    Laura Kirke

    Why did u quit dace

  • Jay23White

    16:13 😂

  • shea trenholm
    shea trenholm

    this was uploaded on my bday!

  • H I
    H I

    I want more videos with Alex and Isaac 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Rebecca Walsh
    Rebecca Walsh

    At 10:29 (an Alex puke moment), I burped really aggressively and started and finished at the exact same time completely unintentionally and I am so lowkey proud 😂

  • Illiana O'Shea
    Illiana O'Shea

    the time stamp is 2:47 lmao

  • Shelby Ledet
    Shelby Ledet

    Omg gymnastics is a SPORT!!!!!!

  • Irene Henningsen
    Irene Henningsen

    I spent days learning a front flip..

  • Emily Campos
    Emily Campos

    10:54 that had me in tears😂😭😂😭🤣

  • Marina Pérez Roselló
    Marina Pérez Roselló

    they’re just so funny and cute i can’t

  • Lindsay Jacob
    Lindsay Jacob

    Soooo Alex is single tho right? If anyone wants to pop that insta down below much appreciated

  • leanna

    i came to this video to tell you you should make specific community posts for each video on your vlog channel to be a " comment section " :)

  • The Traveling Vessel
    The Traveling Vessel

    Just trying to find someone who supports me like Alex does for Haley

  • Izabella Rubule
    Izabella Rubule

    um im like level 4 or 5 idm but i learned everything of gymnastics by myself, even the backflip

  • Aireal_jordan _
    Aireal_jordan _

    4:16 Your welcome:)

  • K for Caterina
    K for Caterina

    "Like if you Re watching the video" Views: 480k Likes: 43k

  • salma

    this video is my will to live

  • Taylor Jarvis
    Taylor Jarvis

    Rip time stamp wtf

  • Madison Petrik
    Madison Petrik

    8:42 sounds like Sheldon from young sheldon

  • Kate G
    Kate G

    oops i learned bc i went outside and did it while home alone. prob wasn’t the brightest idea

  • Genevie Hernandez
    Genevie Hernandez

    Alex is so adorable like I wish he was my brother he’s so supportive like I don’t have a brother I have an older sister and that’s it 😂

  • Abigail Ferdelman
    Abigail Ferdelman

    "WE CAN CALL THEM FLIPPY POPS!!!" my life quote right there

  • Georgia Pettey
    Georgia Pettey

    the first time i did a backflip was when i jumped on a backhand sping and i did it lol

  • Corina Coppersmith
    Corina Coppersmith

    Yo I just learned a backflip and the thing that help was the spotting and the spotter slowly not helping until I got over the fear

  • It’s Faith
    It’s Faith

    Isaac and Alex need a channel 😝

  • Sydezoomer

    i have two guy friends that are almost exactly like this and it makes me both miss them more and realize how annoyed and borderline triggered i get when im with them

    • Sydezoomer

      when they were talking about her hating socks it reminded me of a time with the same two guys where for some reason we were all just biting ice cubes when we went out to eat and bc they kept making intense and gross eye contact with me i did it too and i said, "oh its cold" and i stg they both starting saying shit like "wow did you know that I C E was C O L D ?" "no i had NO IDEA" and i was so tempted to slap them both

  • yiya yiya oh
    yiya yiya oh

    Where can I buy friends like this

  • Macey Novacek
    Macey Novacek

    In the beginning it said editing hakey

  • nucLEOn

    yo i did it by myself, nooooob no hate though :)

  • nucLEOn

    or btwist or a twist or back full

  • nucLEOn

    now do layout

  • Em Rit
    Em Rit

    9:17 "flippy pops" that was so cute

  • Evan Reynolds
    Evan Reynolds

    Oh my Gosh! Was said to many times

  • Haylee Ann
    Haylee Ann

    I thought you were bae, turns out you're just *Pham*

  • Swann Lake
    Swann Lake

    I used to be able to do a back flip but I think I forgot

  • Sophie Mayfield
    Sophie Mayfield

    I’ve been watching her so I watched the whole thing but it’s so nice of her to put a time stamp for the people who clicked for the backflip It’s 2:47

  • Drew Huneycutt
    Drew Huneycutt

    2:50= back flip

  • Celine Angelica
    Celine Angelica

    get u a man that hype u up like alex hype haley up

  • ky

    every 11 year old cried when she said he had a girlfriend

  • stamatia

    9:17 *wE cAn CaLl ThEm FlIpPy PoPs*

  • Ruby Norman
    Ruby Norman

    There’s no time stamp

  • ff ff
    ff ff

    Bro Alex is the best I go to the gym with him😂😂😂

  • Skylar Briggs
    Skylar Briggs

    *funny editing in pool* Me: Jazzy Anne??

  • Rianna Johnson
    Rianna Johnson


  • Angelina Musco
    Angelina Musco

    "editing hakey"

  • Jessica Macawile
    Jessica Macawile

    Out of topic but does anyone know an app where u can put a border on a vid just like in her intro?

  • c l o u d
    c l o u d

    alex: #1 gymnastics coach

  • Sophia Bour
    Sophia Bour

    Ok,i am now waiting for flippity pop merch

  • Kathryn Cook
    Kathryn Cook

    3:33 is such wholesome golden retriever energy

  • Messr. Whitetail
    Messr. Whitetail

    at 2:02 their smiles are adorable

  • Galilea Luna
    Galilea Luna

    Wow I was smiling THE WHOLE TIME. Alex is such a nice supportive guy :,) I think WE ALL need an Alex in our life

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson


  • Aspen Foreman
    Aspen Foreman

    “aW wE cAn CaLL ThEm FlipPy-PoPs!!!!!” 😂

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    14:31 “we did it vlog plops”😂

  • Taelor. Hudson
    Taelor. Hudson

    2:48 is backflip time

  • Dabicorn Corgifart
    Dabicorn Corgifart

    I was self taught with a backflip I was 8 when I got it and it took me five minutes to do it

  • Gabriella Stein
    Gabriella Stein

    they are all so cute together i’m literally commenting twice i love them so much

  • Gabriella Stein
    Gabriella Stein

    every time she said “give this video a like because-“ 🤣🤣 i love her omg

  • Nada Osama
    Nada Osama

    *_FLippY pOps_*

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