EFFICIENT NETHER ROADS! | The Minecraft Guide - Tutorial Lets Play (Ep. 34)
we built a blaze farm! now we need to make it easy to get over to. this video is all about the most efficient method of nether travel, the boat ice road! we talk about design, efficiency, and spawn blocking in this episode!
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  • wattles


  • Extromatic

    I swear he is uploading everyday and the content is at its peak, he is truly an inspiration!

  • Rohan Kura
    Rohan Kura

    I was really skeptical at first about this season, but after you relocated, I've been crazy addicted! I can't wait to see the highly anticipated wither farm :D

  • Derpysquid

    Hey wattles how about instead of ladders in the blaze farm you use twisted vines or crimson roots.

  • Peanut GuyYT
    Peanut GuyYT

    Idea: put a map in the middle of the floor in your house with some glass over it.

  • JackieHK

    You know what, I really love to see Wattles shocked when he found something want XD

  • Black Biro
    Black Biro

    Permission to name these tunnels?

  • Omer Blau
    Omer Blau

    When you find the broken portals with the crying obsidian, break the floor, there is loot hidden under it. Gold block and so on :)

  • LynxBit

    Wattles, congrats on your wife! I wish you and your wife a happy life forever. :)

  • Relitzcc


  • Alexis Veigel
    Alexis Veigel

    “Well that was a bummer..”

  • maestr Rogu
    maestr Rogu

    Finally caught up with the series yesterday. Love it.

  • Grace Jenkins
    Grace Jenkins

    You make playing minecraft look so fun. I play on console, and would love to see you one day do a guide series there!

  • ayla antemia
    ayla antemia

    i’m genuinely really enjoying this series, it’s all i look forward to watching on youtube now

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake


  • Noah Raikes
    Noah Raikes

    Wattles talking about his pets is the most heart warming thing.

  • Rory Reynolds
    Rory Reynolds

    Found this channel recently and already love his content, he gives a lot of good tips and fun to watch love the videos


    Your doing awesome job on the series, It makes me smile every time I see you have uploaded something!!!😃

  • Jillybean

    Great question (comment of the day). I often wonder the same, so it is pretty cool to know. And I love hearing about your irl pets, Wattles! They are both adorable!

  • Kallie

    Wattles:Lets hook this armor up with some mending!