Edgy vs Girly Style Swap w/Avrey Ovard
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i hope ya'll liked this style swap! this video was so freaking fun to make wow. being stupid with my friends always seem to make the best videos? idk let me know what you'd like to see!

  • Rachel Ruth
    Rachel Ruth


  • Thatonegirlname CC
    Thatonegirlname CC


  • Niladrika Dasgupta
    Niladrika Dasgupta

    Whatever the outfit the first step is always to have a fit body:))) I mean look at them:')

  • Lyka Leyba
    Lyka Leyba

    i love how avrey just ok when haley is showing her her fit hahaha so cute

  • Aliah Hefferon
    Aliah Hefferon

    the girl that wanted to take a pic with you in the parking lot lowkey looked like lilly

  • Yana Ilieva
    Yana Ilieva

    DEMI LOVATO who ????

  • Yellows

    Who’s watching this in 2020? Dang if only she knew she was engaged now 😊❤️

  • crazy avocado
    crazy avocado

    Haley you look like a vogue model

  • blueyellowandgreen

    I wanna see that pink dress over the black turtleneck

  • addie

    hol up you were in utah

  • Mila A. Powell
    Mila A. Powell

    Haley I think you look so good! But I know its not your style

  • Emily Yee yee
    Emily Yee yee

    Haley looks so happy when she showed Avrey her outfit 😁

  • dressed.best

    Ashley can’t be with them in this challenge because they can literally afford a full outfit of reformation while ashley just thrift reformation inspired clothes

  • Taylor Pequin
    Taylor Pequin

    I love how she didn’t even know she has one earring on

  • Julia Pekala
    Julia Pekala

    I think Avery looks stunning! Haley also looks really cool! I think both of them would look good in anything

  • Bruna

    what's happening

  • Zarina Ahmadzada
    Zarina Ahmadzada

    since the day one of me knowing haley pham ,i think she looks like demi lovato. and her making 'edgy' faces proved me right lol

  • yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt
    yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt

    Lmao Haley look so tinyyy😂😂😂

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei

    Always edgy way better

  • Bübblès _
    Bübblès _

    “I’m hungry” Bruh me *EVERY* minute

    • Bübblès _
      Bübblès _

      Maybe seconds??

    • Bübblès _
      Bübblès _

      Yes, *minute*

  • Maya wg
    Maya wg

    They r the Walmart versions of niki and gabi

  • 『 euphoria 』
    『 euphoria 』


  • Natalie D’Allura
    Natalie D’Allura

    Hayley you are such a wonderful person I love watching you and your personality

  • saaaraa

    You look like demi Lovato

  • Leena Jain
    Leena Jain

    This is the number of times avrey said "ok" in this video 👇🏽👇🏻


    Oh sorry wrong video I though Demi Lovato uploaded a video with Billie Eillish

  • Ane

    How many times Avrey said okay. ⬇️

  • Natalie

    Haley did her so dirty

  • Lejla 101
    Lejla 101


  • Naima Thayna dos Santos Mendes
    Naima Thayna dos Santos Mendes

    I never realized haley was short But she’s still taller than me

  • Glitter Krazy
    Glitter Krazy

    I live in a place called emo lmao (it's in Canada)

  • Jenavieve Parial
    Jenavieve Parial

    Where's her earing lmao

  • Mala Dutta
    Mala Dutta

    I thought I was gigi and demi in the thumbnail

  • badum chh !
    badum chh !


  • maddy dexter
    maddy dexter

    is it just me or does she look like eleven from stranger things in that one episode

  • maddy dexter
    maddy dexter

    she said “im emery bingham

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean

    Avrey is adorable

  • Georgia Pegg
    Georgia Pegg

    can u please do a collab video with avrey ovard AND ashley aka bestdressed at once

  • Peremy


  • im a ukulele
    im a ukulele

    this is how many times avrey said ok ⬇️

  • Rana Rana
    Rana Rana

    She looks exactly like Demi Lovato 😳

  • Chris Dorazio
    Chris Dorazio

    no i like the bubblegum hakey lol

  • Leen Bean
    Leen Bean

    "Haley falls" AND I OOP idk that was random 😂

  • Abby Pruitt
    Abby Pruitt

    i have that white shirt but it’s cropped omg 😂

  • Aimee Ryan
    Aimee Ryan

    Where was this filmed

  • Alina Lehmann
    Alina Lehmann

    am i the only one that noticed that Hayley lost an earring?

  • Lunasoo o
    Lunasoo o

    Ovary and ham switch styles

  • Claire Anne
    Claire Anne

    Does any body know what kind of shoes they tried on in the vintage store!!!????

  • saul

    I love Avery’s voiceee

  • Autumn Alvey
    Autumn Alvey

    Is she at station park?? Cause like I totally think she is!!

  • Harlie Jensen
    Harlie Jensen

    “I’m emery Bingham”😂😂😂

  • Lola Rose
    Lola Rose

    Haley ily v much however around 9:00 mins in you high key look like an Umpa lumpa when they're rocking out 😂

  • Elêna B-N
    Elêna B-N

    in any of her collabs with people i feel like avery is really rude

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose

    Where do you live???? All this looks so Familiar

  • oof

    That girly outfit is so bomb. Id actually wear that🌻

  • Basic Asshole
    Basic Asshole

    I dont need to look down if I wanna have shadows under my eyes

  • Thais Romero
    Thais Romero

    Draco Malfoy going through a emo phase 😔

  • sofia timbol
    sofia timbol

    they look better when they switched styles lol

  • The Everyday Maeve
    The Everyday Maeve

    OMG Haley looks so much like Demi Levato

  • Mia Echlin
    Mia Echlin


  • Eva

    oh no! you wear black, doc martens and a chain. you must be very edgy. *Sarcasm*

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf

    9:14 The fact that they’re doing that in public-

  • Gracelike rain
    Gracelike rain

    U can be feminine and edgy at the same time though

  • romi izhky
    romi izhky

    Now they look like a lesbian couple🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Daya Cater
    Daya Cater

    The mountains look amazing man

  • Théa Floreani
    Théa Floreani

    this video is wild from start to finish. also THE EDITING

  • gabriella dawn
    gabriella dawn

    at 6:30 haley looks like her name should be kyle

  • Aria 3747
    Aria 3747

    Am I the only one who thinks hailey looks like Demi lavato in the dark outfit


    *Avrey acting bad for 13 min straight*

  • maria w
    maria w

    no one: not even spock: haley and avrey: ok.

  • Stephanie Carole
    Stephanie Carole


  • Evany Schnoebelen
    Evany Schnoebelen

    IM ROLING🤣💀💀💀💀

  • Stepany Garcia Marquez
    Stepany Garcia Marquez

    Yo But watching back Haley looks like Demi Lovato.

  • Ruby Lovett
    Ruby Lovett

    Your mum took away your ds I’m dead

  • Julia 777
    Julia 777

    Imagine a little kid in their car just watching them in the parking lot😂

  • Nia Mistry
    Nia Mistry

    Haley looks like a mix of Demi lavato and Maggie Lindemann

  • jess grimley
    jess grimley

    Urban in America : the clothes shop . Urban in Liverpool : the take away chicken shop

  • Zoe Pfost
    Zoe Pfost

    She straight up looks like Yumi from code lyoko 😭😭❤❤❤❤

  • Lord Harry
    Lord Harry

    9:18 wonder why... *has flashback to **8:49*

  • Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir
    Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir


  • saddd boii
    saddd boii

    count how many times she says ok

  • Itzel Valdez
    Itzel Valdez

    all of the montages made me fucking uncomfortable holly fuck 💀

  • Emily Folta
    Emily Folta

    *me wondering what the people in the parking lot are thinking*

  • Rachel Lynn
    Rachel Lynn

    You know what? Avery,Haley and Ashley (best.dressed) should all do a collab like if you agree 2019

    • Rachel Lynn
      Rachel Lynn

      @Lu Han I guess your right

    • Lu Han
      Lu Han

      Rachel Lynn ashley would cringe at haley’s outfit choices

  • akyoo

    Avery looks like she belongs in Mean Girls

  • Lynxdre

    The emo part gave me strong ayra stark vibes idk

  • Kayla . For . Days
    Kayla . For . Days

    I like the edgy look better tbh but both are cute

  • The TikTok Club
    The TikTok Club

    Ur not edgy..

  • a bee c
    a bee c

    9:07 this is why I subscribed

  • Myah Andrews
    Myah Andrews

    I cried when she started the heavy ass music and danced to it 😂😂

  • Rose Cann
    Rose Cann

    am I the only person who noticed she's missing an earring at the end ????

  • t

    *you're Loren gray but innocent*

  • Trisha

    They can pull off any look 🤗🤩😎

  • Héloïse Dugas
    Héloïse Dugas

    u look like demi lovato

  • Rae Elaine
    Rae Elaine

    I love Alex’s hoodie omg

  • Kailey Greenwell
    Kailey Greenwell

    Avery reminds me of Robin from stranger things

  • Ywcwyigwigyw Wwveghss
    Ywcwyigwigyw Wwveghss

    When she said Asian eyes I felt that 😂

  • Abby Mills
    Abby Mills

    Demi Lavodo who? Sry for had spelling

  • mae

    this is the kind of iconic i aspire to be

  • Alice machado
    Alice machado

    never laughed so much

322 хиљ.