Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters)
This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: rsloft.info/loft/video/msqVt4PKyHinlmE
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

  • DreamXD

    Uncut version out in the next day or so! Also going to be putting out an analysis in the next week :) lots of things to say in the analysis

    • zoe the gaming
      zoe the gaming

      Please do the rematch

    • CDF√∆NGEL

      Fue vas a retirar

    • FrostComedy


    • Ivy Borja
      Ivy Borja

      lol i can chat

    • Arnav Sharma
      Arnav Sharma

      You win because we can spawn dragon whein it's killed Congo

  • HannahCookie

    the hunters: YESSSS HAAAAA YESSS Dream: WHATTT the ender dragon: thamk youu :)

  • Jillian Hope
    Jillian Hope

    Dream should’ve won

  • Kampung People
    Kampung People

    this is so unfair u already won

  • Anand

    Pls do manhunt where all the five hunters has ur name and skin That will be very crazy Pls do it Pls

  • Aryan Padhy
    Aryan Padhy


  • Ethan Baird
    Ethan Baird

    dream: uses boat glitches and other tricks hunters: places end crystals to heal the dragon dream: but that’s a glitch though that’s stupid!

  • CrypticShadow

    I actually don't think that was fair there are literally 5 hunters they shouldn't be allowed to do that or they need to give dream something to make it more fair

  • Albert Barrero
    Albert Barrero

    first draw in manhuunt history

  • Fateh Burki
    Fateh Burki

    I give dream the point that was a glitch

  • Fateh Burki
    Fateh Burki

    Dream should have won

  • Fateh Burki
    Fateh Burki

    Dream won

  • aneshtkl

    In Philza's hardcore world, one dragon flew into a small portal and it was forgotten until Philza transformed his end island (this was very much later). He continued respawning and killing dragons despite that 1 dragon was still alive, out there. So... 2 dragons could coexist in a world. Idk exactly if a dead dragon is a compulsory prerequisite of respawning another dragon...

  • Malachi Ganess
    Malachi Ganess

    The hardcore world he was talking about is danTDM I watched all the episodes but he died

  • Kolton Summers
    Kolton Summers

    in my eyes u win

  • Tyler Schoch
    Tyler Schoch

    U won

  • dup lup
    dup lup

    All the dream addicts are hella salty like bro calm down its for fun

  • Nua25ning Nuanua
    Nua25ning Nuanua

    Dream win tho Cuz even tho they revived it dream still win cuz the dragon nearly died and just ignore the revive and the revive was banned all the time so ignore the revive so if we ignore it that means dream shot the dragon

  • Clancy Smith
    Clancy Smith

    george be like : LOL U SO BAD EZ

  • 41 Fury
    41 Fury

    Dream won

  • Raquelle Schafhauser
    Raquelle Schafhauser

    you br

  • Estelle Heesbeen
    Estelle Heesbeen

    dream won it was a glitch or something bc the end again can you only get if you killed the enderdragon

  • Zer0netaken

    Dream really tried to pull the "it's a glitch card" like dream I love you man but you use quite a bit of glitches yourself

  • destasoul Potcast, [adult content]
    destasoul Potcast, [adult content]

    well no really there is only 1 dragon in the game but, they made it that you can rebirth the dragon after death but, they had there phoenix wing in their, inventory to revive the same dragon back up again.

  • Durby Burber
    Durby Burber

    But dream got the achievement before he died

  • AD gaming
    AD gaming

    dream win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      Well no

  • shani Raja
    shani Raja

    Ok dream time for rematch

  • Lovella Cayod-ong
    Lovella Cayod-ong


  • zombiehack 1589
    zombiehack 1589

    check the wiki to see if dream or the hunters are true

  • Garad F1
    Garad F1

    "is it like a server thing?" Dream says as he walks past floating grass

  • Rafael Boentaran
    Rafael Boentaran

    Shouldve get elytra furst XD

  • sir manbuns
    sir manbuns

    I think reviving dragon should not be aloud. But even if it didnt glitch i think they wouldve healed it so dream wouldve lost no matter what

  • Ben Woodward
    Ben Woodward

    I think dream won

    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      You're wrong

  • Agent ink
    Agent ink

    Ima consider this dreams win, he didnt "kill" the dragon but it got revived, despawning the old dragon... tenecally that kills the dragon.

    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      Consider it a dream win if you want but he lost

    • Agent ink
      Agent ink

      Also im fairly positive that the "free the end" and "the end... again?" are on the same branch so....

  • CT-7891

    Dream won.

    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      He didn't

  • xvi

    Dream definitely won, bc it was literally 2-3 arrow shots left and dream was hitting like 100% of them

    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      No he didn't

  • Ezekiel Fernandez
    Ezekiel Fernandez

    He respawn the dragon thats not fair

  • Christian live Acopio
    Christian live Acopio

    No one kill the dragon but the dragon die accidentally so putting the crystal revive the dragon

  • محسن منوع
    محسن منوع

    My cell tied 🙂

  • malik boon
    malik boon

    How did they like place the crystals down anyway?

  • Not Saige
    Not Saige

    lets just appreciate gogy having a lets play series in the back lmao

  • EllisIsntHere

    oh my goodness i wish i cared

  • Fahad Ali
    Fahad Ali

    How did the ended dragon respawn

  • debra swain pinkney
    debra swain pinkney

    Dream won

  • debra swain pinkney
    debra swain pinkney

    Dream won

  • lena natale
    lena natale

    hunter=dont free the end

  • Ilay de cool
    Ilay de cool


    • m7md 3582
      m7md 3582

      He didn't

  • Ilay de cool
    Ilay de cool


  • Ilay de cool
    Ilay de cool


  • Lawrence Guilaran
    Lawrence Guilaran

    *Just Imagine in the next match and dream won with a bug and george complain's about it and dream say's "Well it's not my fault it's the bug's fault."*

  • Joseph Karam
    Joseph Karam


  • sandeep dubey
    sandeep dubey

    everyone: thinking how did he did the mid air clutch me: how did they get those crystals to respwan the dragon

  • Chloe _Playz
    Chloe _Playz

    no, I think dream won cause that is actually impossible cause I saw this a few days ago and I tested with my friend and it didn't work you have to kill the dragon and get the achievement then you can respawn the dragon.

  • Zane Farrell
    Zane Farrell

    I think i can explain the dragon death/respawn. The moment that dream killed the dragon. When the crystals were in place it skipped the dragon death animation. Spawning a new dragon.

  • jeremy shu how lin fan Too
    jeremy shu how lin fan Too

    Imagine somebody counted how many ender eggs george placed...

  • Moshinabanu Shaikh
    Moshinabanu Shaikh

    this is illegal if this is done everytime its not manhumt

  • 冰魂IcyGhast

    Actually Dream won the game, it did not show the achievement is because Dream killed the dragon but the end crystal is there so the dragon dead effect could not show, players get the achievement after the effect shows also the dragon could not revive before it is dead

    • 冰魂IcyGhast

      @Lol7425 but still in this game I think he won

    • 冰魂IcyGhast

      @Lol7425 uhh ok maybe I rmb wrong

    • Lol7425

      @冰魂IcyGhast but it wasn't, it was literally a hit. So close dude

    • 冰魂IcyGhast

      @Lol7425 but he already killed the dragon

    • Lol7425

      But the thing is that if you go to the first manhunt if the hunters kill him ANY WAY, he loses. Soooo

  • Hasan mn
    Hasan mn

    Dream won

    • Lol7425

      @Hasan mn thats what I thought

    • Hasan mn
      Hasan mn

      @Lol7425 nevermind

    • Lol7425

      @Hasan mn because you have no brain (joke, don't kill me pls)

    • Hasan mn
      Hasan mn

      @Lol7425 my brain dont understand what happened

    • Lol7425

      @Hasan mn wow, nice change of topic. Its clear I won the argument because you just straight up changed the topic. Go read a book or something kid

  • bckstabber

    That ending pisses me off tbh

  • Soapy xd
    Soapy xd

    I mean, the ending was very confusing but we still need to remember that Dream is fighting against 5 MCYT, so, either if he did win or didn't win, we should be surprised that he even made it to the end

  • Unknown Artists
    Unknown Artists

    The fact that it took 5 of them and a bug for them to feel like they one even though they didn't

  • Alexander Kopytok
    Alexander Kopytok

    Dream won bc they had the respawn thing set up and if the dragon dies and it doesn't go to the center while you have the respawn set up you won't get the achievement therefore dream won he just didn't get the achievement and if you need more proof you can't respawn the dragon if you don't have the dragon egg and to get the dragon egg you need to kill the dragon and if you kill the dragon you win the manhunt. You need the animation to get the achievement the hunters lost and are bs dream

  • super plushy maker
    super plushy maker

    I think dream won they cheated

  • Josiah Allen
    Josiah Allen

    It’s a draw but dream technically win

  • Poommipat Kossombut
    Poommipat Kossombut

    So? Dream win or lose

  • ZenkerepTo FF
    ZenkerepTo FF

    Minecraft manhunt 2 vs5 hunter

  • That mincraft noob
    That mincraft noob

    Dream won that

    • Lol7425

      @That mincraft noob but the 1st dragon wasn't even dead lol

    • That mincraft noob
      That mincraft noob

      I just tested that you HAVE to kill the dragon before respawning it. Therefore it was a glitch in the achievement code that caused the "Free the end" achievement to not activate

  • Rachel Champlin
    Rachel Champlin

    Respwaning the dragon before it dies despwans it from existents so the hunters cheated.

  • Flexdep_

    they don't know they would've won

  • Flexdep_

    I say a rematch

  • Phanom

    Yeah dream won they just revived the end when the dragon was still alive

  • MrBeast Fan
    MrBeast Fan

    you can't spawn dragon before you kill it, you win they are trying to lie

  • Andrew J. Santucci
    Andrew J. Santucci

    I think dream won

  • AR Makeup
    AR Makeup

    Legends say, BBH is still building that trophy 🤣

  • wiktorek ploktorek
    wiktorek ploktorek

    There is an imposter WHO reanimated ender dragon

  • Denny

    naw I need a rematch

  • Tmg Aashish Gaming
    Tmg Aashish Gaming

    What did i said? Read more

  • Nicolas Poublan
    Nicolas Poublan

    Dream wins and that wins

    • Nicolas Poublan
      Nicolas Poublan


    • Nicolas Poublan
      Nicolas Poublan


  • Timmy Cox
    Timmy Cox

    that boat clutch tho

  • Gemerald Brickz
    Gemerald Brickz

    The egg , they didn't mention the egg

  • Ahmed

    Dream won, I made a server and tried to spawn the dragon when it was alive but it didn't respawn not It didn't even respawn after it died.

  • MateoSTW

    The link to the original version is the link to the 3 hunters finale

  • zhleia

    how come no one mentioned the boat clutch omg

  • Mohammad Ilman
    Mohammad Ilman

    Dream win

  • BotNoi

    I mean that's kinda unfair respawning the dragon when dream supposed to killed it

  • maher Fawzi
    maher Fawzi

    ream won or u can play a re match

  • Hiếu Dương Chí
    Hiếu Dương Chí

    Where do you live

  • Sagar’s Speedcubing and other good stuff
    Sagar’s Speedcubing and other good stuff

    Draw guys. It's a draw

  • KittyTheCat 10090
    KittyTheCat 10090

    Dream wins

  • Mohd Razali Ibrahim
    Mohd Razali Ibrahim

    Wtf i will censeld the sapnap and gorgenotfound stupid gamer dream you will beat them soon i trust to you dream!!!!

    • Lol7425

      He lost because the hunters killed him, stupid kid


    Who agrees with me dream won because respawning the dragon was so unfair

  • jarodkristoff antonio
    jarodkristoff antonio

    REMATCH i think dream win

  • Jan Gukasyan
    Jan Gukasyan

    Почиму утебя другой скин

  • NotCeezton

    Dream don't know about Revive a dragon

  • Hermecelia Maranga
    Hermecelia Maranga

    Me : watch's The vid: complaining about respawning the ender Dragon Me: ur wrong dream your wrong

  • Sarangi Navdira
    Sarangi Navdira

    Nah dream win it is a glicth

  • Sarangi Navdira
    Sarangi Navdira

    Nah that a glicth

  • Emmanuel John Alvinez
    Emmanuel John Alvinez




  • Kelli Curell
    Kelli Curell

    Okay so you all got the " The end.... again " achievement. " To respawn the ender dragon, first you must kill the dragon for the first time. " ( taken from the minecraft website ) So I think george, bad, sam, ant, and sap responded perfectly to where it glitched and made it so you didnt get the achievement that u best the end.

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