DIY Christmas Gifts People ACTUALLY Want (affordable)
DIY Gifts for the 5 Love Languages! or any other holiday//birthday of course!
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  • livy

    ok so my love language is gifts but gifts aren’t always what you think they are, a gift could literally be a rock that you thought was pretty and you picked it up for me, if anything i don’t like expensive gifts just little momentos. Also i love giving gifts, i’m constantly baking for my friends and making them little things out of clay. Gifts gets too bad of a rap

  • Abigail Harker
    Abigail Harker

    physical touch


    i posted an enneagram gift guide (inspired by this video) and it's up on my channel today :) i'm a 4w3 by the way!!

  • Rebekah Snyder
    Rebekah Snyder

    I feel like you should name this video “gift ideas based on the 5 love languages” If I saw that at first I would click quicker honestly

  • Payton Rosema
    Payton Rosema

    What’s the quiz???

  • Marie Aviles
    Marie Aviles

    Wowww this awesome and ur hand writing is so good and makes the paper look fun!

  • Sophia Mungiguerra
    Sophia Mungiguerra

    just took my quiz and I am quality time!

  • Skylina

    I got: quality time 30%, words of affirmation 23%, physical touch 20%, acts of service 20% and receiving gifts 7%.

  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    “Boyly pops” 😆

  • melanie s
    melanie s

    my top languages are quality time and physical touch

  • Sara Cruz
    Sara Cruz

    You are so creative 🥺♥️

  • Dina

    Thank you so much for these amazing gift ideas💙💙

  • Macy Robinson
    Macy Robinson

    Acts of service followed by words of affirmation

  • Chloe.

    Haley is my idol 💖❤️ and I love these ideas 💖❤️ you inspire me so much 💖❤️

  • Arielle Noel
    Arielle Noel

    These are such good ideas! My dad's love language is quality time, and since he also likes to build things, I will usually give him materials for a project and tell him that I will help him with that project. But my mom's is gifts so I usually try to make her something.

  • Jane Gardner
    Jane Gardner

    quality time and physical touchhhhh

  • Serena S.
    Serena S.

    Which pens are you using???

  • piper drew
    piper drew

    wait when did hayley get a tattoo

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw

    This is so creative!!

  • Ida Kržišnik
    Ida Kržišnik

    I love giving gifts not as much reciving them.. anyone else?

  • Noodle Worm
    Noodle Worm

    who’s watching this after Christmas

  • Leah xox
    Leah xox

    Mines a pretty equil split between all 5

  • Becca Thompson
    Becca Thompson

    Yes Hailey. Nailed the “gifts” love language. I mean unless you really know them and know what they like, photos are 100% the best thing ever!

  • Brooke Elle
    Brooke Elle

    not “happy ending” haleyyyyy 😂

    • Sedona Gallardo
      Sedona Gallardo

      yeah the comment made me cringe!

  • Erin Earley
    Erin Earley

    What size frame do I use for the words of affirmation?

  • Sadie Durham
    Sadie Durham

    ok i think some of these were interpreted the wrong way... mostly the quality time and physical touch. my love language is quality time, and I personally would graciously accept the gift, but quality time with yourself is probably the opposite of what I would want. I think a better gift would be if you give them a spa night with the person giving the gift, and you buy spa stuff for yourself as well and then do it together. for physical touch, I would give like a movie and cuddles night. i just think that for physical touch they want physical touch from someone they care about, not a masseuse. I'm sure they would love a massage but its just not very personal

    • marra531

      they really didn't make sense to me.. esp physical touch.......... totally missed the mark

  • Lathia Nelms
    Lathia Nelms

    Mine is not physical touch and quality time🤩

  • Mišulka Šikulka
    Mišulka Šikulka

    Wow Haley this is a really good video!! Thank you for this!! Also I wish you a very merry Christmas❤

  • Maleah Elyse
    Maleah Elyse

    for love languages, i took the test and i honestly got tied for all of them lmao but i think a good gift idea for someone that their love language is physical touch would be a soft blanket or a pillow or something that they can sleep with so that reminds them of you when you can’t be with them :)

  • Myah Wilke
    Myah Wilke

    Haley is just so pretty🤍

  • Rosie Kitty
    Rosie Kitty

    Words of affirmation is definetly my top one!

  • arlene

    Ima use the quality time one for my cousin

  • Zxxlvc

    was that a barcode at the 2nd end ?

  • krystel Hayek
    krystel Hayek

    lol this is actually helpful, and something I can actually do and recreate! thank you haley

  • Macy Clanton
    Macy Clanton

    I would pass away if someone gave me the scrabble one 🥺

  • KaylaNae84

    Acts of service, & it says gifts is my lowest at 10%, but I definitely think it’s higher in terms of giving

  • Ziyania Monroe
    Ziyania Monroe

    This is such a unique video, I LOVE it ❤❤

  • mariah paulson
    mariah paulson

    mines words of affirmation but my boyfriends is gifts!!! i dont think gift people are materialistic, it’s more about the little things like grabbing them a coffee on a bad day or t-shirt just because you thought they’d like it hehe

  • Cath Books
    Cath Books

    Pt makes me sick My love language is laying in silence playing Nintendo switch lol

  • Emma SaysHi
    Emma SaysHi

    As a person who very much dislikes human touch my resulys definitely make sense. Mine are: Gifts : 34 Words of affirmation : 32 Acts of service : 24 Quality time : 10 Physical touch : 0

  • Eliana Ojeda
    Eliana Ojeda

    looove the vid. one thing i will say tho as a gift person, is that any gift IS better then no gift, EVEN if it was thoughtlessly given. like if someone just gave me a hand me down and didnt even care to make a big deal abt it id still be soo happy.

  • Cupcake Twins
    Cupcake Twins

    U had seggs didn’t uuuuu!!!!

  • Angelica Drywater
    Angelica Drywater

    I feel like her “accent” has changed from before almost like she’s trying wayy too much lmao but she makes me laugh soooo 😂😂

  • KaylaNae84

    Might’ve just healed a relationship by telling me about love languages

  • Kari Victoria
    Kari Victoria

    acts of service is my top 100%

  • LittleMissHailey

    I can't wait to do this to my future SO aweeee

  • Sky Pie
    Sky Pie

    She changed the title 😔

  • Kiallope Bella
    Kiallope Bella

    yeah so the 2nd one. if a person wants quality time, they want quality time WITH their loved one not by themselves lmao that's the whole point is that they want to spend time with you. if you give that to someone who's love language is quality time and say "here go be by yourself" that's basically doing the exact opposite of what they want/ how they like to receive love.........maybe think that one through one more time. it's like buying a gift for yourself and saying "oh you like gifts, well I got this one for myself so you don't have to bother buying me one" lmao you really said "you like quality time, okay here's an entire kit to go be alone" 😐

  • Claire Luther
    Claire Luther

    Words of affirmation

  • Avery Rocha
    Avery Rocha

    My main love language is gifts! 🤡

  • Teresa Felipo
    Teresa Felipo

    Hey, love your videos!! I have just started my own youtube channel and it would mean the world for me if any of you guys reading this could check it out! Thankssss and love you all

  • Sophia Choberka
    Sophia Choberka

    who else is obsessed w these new diy videos 👇🏼

  • Alyssa Reya
    Alyssa Reya

    ACT OF SERVICE is my love language and I ALWAYS think about making coupons for people, but they are never received well. Realized I was the one who wanted them not that I should be giving them. This is so clever and creative THANKS!

  • Julee

    I receive it with gifts and youre right-so many people dont want to look conceited but i honestly get uncomfortable if someone gives me an expensive gift. But like if someone buys me chapstick from the store because they thought I’d like it-i will seriously keep it forever

  • Dina Halak
    Dina Halak

    This is a great video !!! 💞💞

  • marissa cruz
    marissa cruz

    The awful water qualitatively bruise because heat arthroscopically calculate inside a victorious oxygen. blue-eyed, selfish leek

  • lillie Evans
    lillie Evans

    When it gets closer to August can you do DIY dorm room decor?

  • Lizzy Jones
    Lizzy Jones

    My love language is gifts, i used to feel bad about it but it’s about someone spending time whilst you’re not there thinking about what you’d like and that sort of thing. I love giving gifts much more, I love to spend so long planning the perfect gift with everything having a deep meaning to it. I listen out when people talk about things and use that to really personalise a gift.

  • Lucky Mahaseth
    Lucky Mahaseth


  • Sarry Berry
    Sarry Berry

    All but the first are lazy and idk why we’re acting like they’re not

  • Haley

    Such a cute idea! But this feels rushed and kinda lazy

  • Chloe Wall
    Chloe Wall

    But also.. the Pokemon cards!!

  • Chloe Wall
    Chloe Wall

    Such a good idea!!

  • Cambi

    My top two are quality time and gifts (I don’t really care about getting them that much but I absolutely love giving gifts to my friends and family) then acts of service and words of affirmation and the lowest is physical touch (which is funny because a few years ago physical touch was tied with quality time for first)

  • Sierra Jiminez-Bilotti
    Sierra Jiminez-Bilotti

    my top love language is gifts, it’s the way i show love and i feel the most loved . Gifts are the way i surprise and show love and i when i feel that i’m being appreciated is when the most loved.

  • Trinity Suchan
    Trinity Suchan

    who else loved this video!!! my best friends and i traveled alone to arizona and vlogged the whole thing, you guys should check it out after this :)

  • miss ken
    miss ken

    mines giving gifts:)

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    quality time styll

  • Lily May
    Lily May

    Quality time 33% Gifts 30% Words of affirmation 17% Acts of service 13% Touch 7%

  • happily zee
    happily zee

    mine is physical touch!! i think *as a friend* you could lean more towards things that are soft/warm??? e.g. soft blanket, teddy bear etc.

  • riquel carey
    riquel carey

    For physical touch I think you could do the coupon things with like free hugs instead

  • Julyza Marie Castro
    Julyza Marie Castro

    This is perfect! 😊❤️

  • BatedKB2

    What's happening to Ryan? 😳

  • mahalie hamilton
    mahalie hamilton

    Quality time and gift giving but it’s not necessarily getting presents it’s I love making and giving people things I’ve made for them Bc I put effort behind it and I love when people put effort into it for me like I always do

  • Jess Zipfel
    Jess Zipfel

    My love language is quality time but acts of service is also up there!

  • Tatum Hudson
    Tatum Hudson

    these are such good ideas haley!!!

  • Alana Marie
    Alana Marie

    Mine is quality time!💕

  • Karissa

    Physical Touch 100% and quality time is like a secondary one

  • Dana Cohen
    Dana Cohen

    Okay but these transitions!! Killing the game girl

  • Casey-Adelle


  • Casey-Adelle

    Yeah comment number 667 to break that spoopy vibeee

  • Siena Porter
    Siena Porter

    i love how crafty he is, these are also soooooo helpful!!!

  • Ava Stump
    Ava Stump

    @5:56 Is that Nick and Ricky from IBP in that pic lol?

  • gabigabss

    this is so different to any gift related videos i love it, just made my bf take the test (mine is quality time)

  • daisy corgi
    daisy corgi


  • Montana Grinham
    Montana Grinham


  • riley renée
    riley renée

    my love language is receiving gifts and it's not as materialistic as it seems! a lot of people don't realize it can be as simple as giving a piece of gum or chocolate, a drawing or doodle, bringing them a cup of coffee, making a playlist, or picking a flower :)

  • Eyzhuh

    Maybe a happy ending massage 😂😂

  • Chesney Coleen
    Chesney Coleen

    This is literally so cool!!! These gifts are so creative and nice!! ❤️❤️

  • Amanda Grace
    Amanda Grace

    My love language is gift-giving-, and it could be something as simple as a $2 iced coffee my bf brings me back without asking. I feel appreciated when I know I'm being thought of. Don't feel like its wrong for your love language to be gift-giving- we are all unique and different!:)

  • Meagan McGinley
    Meagan McGinley

    My top two are also quality time and acts of service! Quality time: 33% Acts of service: 31% Physical touch 13% Words of affirmation: 13% Gifts: 10% Also love your new editing style too it's so cute!

  • Ok Jnlt
    Ok Jnlt

    Honestly best video idea everrr

  • Jolie Usher
    Jolie Usher

    Wow your channel is really changing

  • sashapemba

    best DIY video, especially free coupons

  • Laura Palmer
    Laura Palmer

    This is SO creative!!

  • Criselda Macauley
    Criselda Macauley

    Thank you so much for addressing love languages! I fee like not that many people know about them. It’s so helpful in relationships like you said. Thanks for the ideas❤️

  • Olivia Fletcher
    Olivia Fletcher

    Love this video!! Haley you are so adorable!! I just wish there was something else for physical touch. (That’s my and my boyfriend’s love language so)

  • Dixie Evans
    Dixie Evans

    Tattoo 👀 cuteeee 💕

  • Gabrielle Orz
    Gabrielle Orz

    physical touch gifts: weighted blanket, weighted plushie, teddy bear. 😇

  • Dela Rose
    Dela Rose

    I do massage therapy in so cal area for years :) better believe everyone I know is getting a one free massage ticket now lol