Disney's FastPass: A Complicated History
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Kevin deep dives into Disney's now defunct expedited queue service, FastPass and FastPass Plus.
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  • Shadoune666

    I couldn't imagine I would be watching a 1h40 long documentary on Queing, it was a great journey. Amazing video

    • Purpy

      I watched a 8 hour victorious documentary twice and I’d never think that would have happened

    • kyungjudr

      @Ol' Dreäddy rrd

    • kyungjudr

      @BL2001 ex xxzx

    • kyungjudr

      @BL2001 AND z

  • Brandon nonyadamnbidness
    Brandon nonyadamnbidness

    That montage of Disney Vloggers explaining the process of getting fast passes for rides. Is a perfect example of how this has ruined the ‘magical experience’. No vacation should require a spreadsheet

    • John Notmylastname
      John Notmylastname

      Almost destroyed my will to even go lol. Disney World has been a place I’ve always wanted to go ever since I was a kid and knowing I’d have to do all that to maximize my experience it feels more of a chore.

    • emilyofjane

      For real! I know for a fact that I would've gotten screwed over in the FastPass+ system simply because I'm a disorganized person. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for entire families with little to no background knowledge.

    • Michael Lyga
      Michael Lyga

      also I love how all of them explainers come off as massive turbovirgins. No thanks I’m sticking to getting skin cancer on the beach this summer.

    • Victoria Goodwin
      Victoria Goodwin

      You said it 👏

    • Pop_aristocraT

      My GF and I went and had a great time, because she's a Disney nut and knew all of this and got our fastpasses booked in advance (when this was still the practice). Me as a casual guest would have bought tickets and gone in expecting to wait in equal lines or be able to buy something equivalent to Six Flags' Flashpass at the gate and would have had a miserable time with everything I wanted to experience having been pre-booked for the day. If you're in the know, its great, but for that other class Kevin mentioned, those who are used to being able to just book travel, go to a place, and enjoy regularly, you're screwed. At least knowing this now, I'm prepared and can avoid the heart ache, but I also am more likely to skip the park, knowing I have to pay extra and jump through extra hoops for the experience. Its already expensive as hell anyway.

  • EnderKingDubs

    Damn, the Shapeland reveal was so unbelievably glorious and I never saw it coming. Such an excellently well produced, well written, and entertaining piece of educational content on the way Disney's Parks operate. Stellar job!

    • Christian Reinard
      Christian Reinard

      Ok, so I’m one of those goblins who reads comments while watching the video, so I read this and thought that the introduction of shapeland was the reveal you were referring to, so when the next big reveal happened I lost it. So thank you for making this already amazing video more of a ride for me

  • Honey Bie
    Honey Bie

    1:15:26 "Because Shapeland is actually Animal Kingdom" should not have been the shocking plot twist it was. This is a deep dive into Disney FastPass, not a soap opera, and I still gasped in shock like I was watching a tv drama.

    • Jeremy Fuster
      Jeremy Fuster

      @Smiley Moe Maybe because it was the moment we realized that a RSloftr with a pocketful of Patreon money and a lot of time to kill had proven dead-to-rights that one of the biggest corporations in the world had ensnared itself in a billion-dollar folly for no justifiable reason.

    • Alexander tetra Payne
      Alexander tetra Payne

      same, it was a twist!.

    • Doctor Frankenstein
      Doctor Frankenstein

      fr like my heart was racing for some reason

    • AnnasYT

      This whole video is amazing but tbh that part was the cherry on the top

    • Redline

      @Ukranian boy bix yeah, that's true

  • Ian Hollis
    Ian Hollis

    My favorite moment was when he mentioned how ridiculous it would be to try and simulate these circumstances and then he actually hired someone to simulate the circumstances 😂

    • jessica lynn
      jessica lynn

      @Esoteric Pigeon Activities actually he did hire someone to do the simulation, it was just based on visitor info at animal kingdom and based on its rides, the simulation was not created by Disney.

    • Esoteric Pigeon Activities
      Esoteric Pigeon Activities

      @Roxanna ... He didn't hire anyone. It was actually a simulation done by Disney based off Animal Kingdom.

    • Roxanna

      Mine too along with the reveal that it was based off Magic Kingdom

  • Technology Connections
    Technology Connections

    Best video of the year! Absolutely worth the wait.

    • Josh White
      Josh White

      It is since when

    • Luichin Playstation
      Luichin Playstation

      You don't need to wait if you just use fastpass.....

    • MagmarFire

      *industrially-smooth jazz*

    • Tom

      I don't know why I didn't expect to see you here, but I didn't.

    • caboose22320

      @James Owens a quick google search shows 15+ theme parks in many different parts of Eastern Europe

  • Cameron Christensen
    Cameron Christensen

    I've never seen an essay such as this be able to so quickly and wholly demolish detractors with "There you are" at 1:20:50 . With all of its build-up, it shows the essence of privilege to its core: many systems that benefit certain individuals are only able to give that benefit because they put the majority of people down, and that most, if not all, opinions in support of that system are from those who it directly benefits. I absolutely adore this line and the video in its entirety.

    • lie

      @Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina I love how you take this massive essay dissecting the way a system works and how it can be improved and how people can gain from it and chalk the entire 1hr 40 mins up to "crying in a safe space"

    • Abhi Rupan
      Abhi Rupan

      @Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina "go cry in your safe space" sounds like something a person that is crying would say. don't understand the emphasis on "SOME" either, since the whole point of unfair privilege is based on some people having it due to dumb reasons. Not to mention no one is saying this is some kind of serious issue, but how the fast pass is just a representation of how the wider system trickles down in an almost cultural way.

    • angeld23

      @Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina ur the one crying any time you see something that could be interpreted as a criticism of capitalism. lol

    • Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina
      Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina

      @angeld23 no. He's right. It gets old. Crying about fast passes and how SOME ppl are privileged is literally a first world problem. Go cry in your safe space.

  • GhostRocks

    WOW, this put my Disney trip several years back into perspective. I was like, 7, and it was during the fastpass+ era. From my perspective as a little kid it was just “bracelet that lets us skip lines some of the time.” I had absolutely no clue all the planning that was put into it! my grandmas excessive and sometimes stressful scheduling makes much more sense now

    • The Apocalyvid
      The Apocalyvid

      "Now, GhostRocks, your nana lost two months of her life making sure this trip is the best experience for you it could be, so you damn well better enjoy it!"

  • Jonathan Acevedo
    Jonathan Acevedo

    I went to a Disney Park recently and didn't know the Genie app was a thing until I got there. Never felt at such a big disadvantage as the Cast member would allow 35-40 Genie pass holders through for every 5-7 people in the stand-by line. The whole thing feels like an easy cash grab for the Mouse, but would've provided a bunch more time for us to enjoy the park.

    • DaLatinKnight

      Recently visited Disney world. The genie thing surprised me, but luckily went on a not so busy day. Even so, the most popular rides didn't have a reservation open until 8PM or late. Rides breaking down happened twice as well with a reservation on said rides. Also someone tell me why photos are more expensive than a lightning pass now.

    • Jeremy

      The original fastpass system was for everyone on a true first come first serve basis. It rewarded those who showed up early and physically made it to the attraction. Now, its a system reserved for those who pay the most money and plan it months in advance. such a disapointment.

  • J. R. Magro
    J. R. Magro

    The fact that grown adults in the late 90s early 2000s were getting visibly frustrated due to not being able to understand how a simple "button push/recieve time stamped ticket" fast pass worked, is overwhelmingly hilarious to me. Yet they wanna call the younger generations immature or stupid. Yall threw fits in public because you didn't know how to make a reservation for a ride 😂💀

    • wrije

      a lot of things are like that. i hear “everything’s simple and made for dumb people nowadays” quite often, it’s funny because they don’t realize they’re the reason for things being this way.

  • Yee McGee
    Yee McGee

    “Things like this don’t happen to the dillons” PART 4: THE DILLONS Was comedy gold

    • Master Markus
      Master Markus

      @In the Pines It was just a joke about the in-depth nature of the video.

    • señor pepper
      señor pepper

      @E. F-R. what don't you get, my friend?

    • xBossMan2001

      I was fully prepared to watch the history of the dillons

    • ABalloonInNeed

      I was half-listening and had to rewind a few ticks at that

    • In the Pines
      In the Pines

      I just came to the comments to see if I wasn't the only one who got confused by this. Is it some sort of inside joke or am I just not a good history major?

  • Evangeline Rodgers
    Evangeline Rodgers

    “If you were here, booking 60 days in advance and riding 8 or more rides per day, I imagine you enjoyed FastPass+.” In all honesty, I did the research, I got good at the system, and I’ve been consistently getting my family on 8+ rides every visit; but even so, I HATE FastPlus+, because it’s become a full time job just to make a successful day at the park. My family tells me that they’d like to spend a day a Disney next time they’re in Florida and I dread having to spend the hours it takes to put in all the work. Even those of us the system works for still despise it, we’re just not in the standby queue despising it 😅

    • Atsu Kana
      Atsu Kana

      That was my experience with genie+. I was happy whenever I got to take a breather from it since I could tell wait times woukd align without the lightning lane involved. Yes it was planning but if felt more rewarding to simply say we go here then here then yhere rather than the extra layer of odd complexity introduced by having to have a timer for every 2 hours. It drained me so much to go through all of that especially when I had to learn about it all after getting to the park since the rest of my family simply left it to me to do all of the research and put in no effort of their own. All in all, its going to be a very long time before I go to another resort I think, I could much more easily take a camping trip for much reduced cost and more enjoyment.

    • Efrain Astorga
      Efrain Astorga

      You were basically just moving the stress of the queues and standby from day-of to 2 months before.

  • Cypherwraith001

    The most disheartening part of this is the segment full of hardcore Disney fans who prop up a failing system by posting "how-to's" online out of blind loyalty.

    • Baron von Limbourgh
      Baron von Limbourgh

      @Wrestling Figure Mania they are the good intentions which are paving the road.

    • Wrestling Figure Mania
      Wrestling Figure Mania

      @Baron von Limbourgh I wouldn’t exactly call Disney world tutorials “the road to hell”

    • Baron von Limbourgh
      Baron von Limbourgh

      @Wrestling Figure Mania the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • Elizabeth Hamill
      Elizabeth Hamill

      @Wrestling Figure Mania That is probably the motivation (also to make their own money, as expertise in this area is a commodity), but the outcome is that people who don’t know where or how to get the information or who don’t have time to do so are effectively pushed out of the Disney experience.

    • Wrestling Figure Mania
      Wrestling Figure Mania

      Either that or they genuinely just want to help people out

  • Memma

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that people who go to the park as a “once in a lifetime trip” have usually had to save up for it. Usually, when saving up for something like that, you aren’t the kind of person to go all-out and stay at the resort and get all of the extra-pay perks and things. Usually if you have to save up for a long time to go on the trip, you will still try to make the trip as cheap as possible, especially since you probably didn’t save up for the extravagant trip, just the trip itself. Idk, that’s just my experience

    • Keika

      @Hannah Next time, you should come to Tokyo Disneyland/Sea. (Located in Chiba and not actually Tokyo) There's no jet lag from Australia, it's closer, and public transport is extensive enough to not have to drive.

    • TurquoiseCrow

      ive seen both ends of this. sometimes people will put their all into doing everything they can to do everything at the parks because they know theyll likely not get to do it again. other times people who will never get to do it again can only do it at all if they go with the bare minimum.

    • Elizabeth Hamill
      Elizabeth Hamill

      Yes. My parents took us, a family of 7, to DW in the mid-90s. It was a once in a lifetime vacation for us. In order to make it work, my parents drove us from Pennsylvania (over 12 hours each way in a very full minivan) and we stayed in a relative’s timeshare condo an hour away from Orlando. It was a beautiful and wonderful memory I will never forget. It probably wouldn’t have been possible in today’s Disney.

    • Hannah

      Yes, came looking for this comment. Like the video of one lady saying its worth it to stay at the resort for ten days - so even among the people that choose to and can afford to go to the resort there is a disparity based on how long you can afford. I know disney land is different, but going there from Australia is a classic 'once in a lifetime' trip (and even then, only among more priviledged Australians). When our family went, we spent about 5 days in LA, and between the jet lag and the fact that we had been going to as many LA tourist destinations as possible, we were absolutely exhausted. It still was an amazing experience, but it is frustrating that people who can afford to pay to go to Disney every couple of years and stay in resorts etc go on so many more rides that us each day, and then say its a better system :/

  • Dr Bidoofenshmirtz
    Dr Bidoofenshmirtz

    You did it. You got people to watch a feature length film about lines 10 million times. I’ve never been so proud

    • Wolfcub05

      @Baron von Limbourgh with how views work on youtube you have to watch a few minutes of a video for a view to count.

    • Baron von Limbourgh
      Baron von Limbourgh

      RSloft autoplay keeps starting up this video at least once a day for some reason.

  • monsoonchi

    I'm CRYING about that dude that got fastpass for the Triangle and rode the Octagon 39 times while waiting. Absolute legend.

    • AC 86
      AC 86

      *38 times

    • AllTheBestVideos

      I know right

    • Jennifer Fuller
      Jennifer Fuller

      It me

    • Alex Loyola
      Alex Loyola

      I’ve decided I want this RSloft comment engraved on my tombstone. Why? Because it sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person without any context.

    • Maravilla

      I can’t believe i read this comment within 5 seconds of that part of the video playing!

  • Valdemar Bindesboell
    Valdemar Bindesboell

    Found this video in mid December. Have watched it about 19 times since. Not because I can't remember the stats or history, just because I love listening to the voice and tempo. The simulation is as much of a surprise each time. I binged this channel while working as a Christmas tree chopper, and I revisit the Christmas cheer whenever this video plays. I use it for sleep, generic data analysis for university, gaming and everything else. Idk how else I can express how one RSloft video is my favorite, just keep up the good work and keep inspiring us as the cyberimagineer you are❤️

    • Hobo Sullivan
      Hobo Sullivan

      @Valdemar Bindesboell No joke, I watched it three times through the day I discovered it. So I agree.

    • Valdemar Bindesboell
      Valdemar Bindesboell

      @Hobo Sullivan rewatchable**

    • Hobo Sullivan
      Hobo Sullivan

      It's a remarkably watchable documentary.


    one of my favorite things about rewatching this video is noticing that all of bruce laval's quotes about potential flaws in early fastpass are foreshadowing everything that disney would do with fastpass+

  • Raye-Raphael Sashay
    Raye-Raphael Sashay

    When I went to Disney World as a kid, I was amazed at the fast pass system. The fact that it wasn't behind a paywall and was available to everyone seemed too good to be true (my family has never been the type to shell out for extra perks, so it felt really special). And here we are now. How predictable. It is a shame to learn that even the original fast pass system disadvantaged parkgoers who couldn't learn the system quickly or didn't speak English. It'd be nice if a system like that could benefit everyone with less standing in line. I guess that's what the virtual queue is for.

    • Raye-Raphael Sashay
      Raye-Raphael Sashay

      @Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina Okay? 1. Americans in particular love to complain when they aren't specifically catered to by putting everything in English, and 2. this video is specifically about how a particular system that requires excessive planning makes the park experience worse for certain guests and is possibly discriminatory. I'm not saying that the park needs more languages, I'm saying that that system is flawed. I think you may have missed the point.

    • Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina
      Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina

      @Raye-Raphael Sashay you know what I find funny? This is only a problem in America. No one goes to Japan and whines when the primary language is Japanese. Of course other languages are spoken but the language you see and hear most is Japanese. Only in America are we expected to include everyone when it comes to everything .... 🙄

    • Raye-Raphael Sashay
      Raye-Raphael Sashay

      @Christian Faux did you watch the video...?

    • Christian Faux
      Christian Faux

      People who don't speak English and go to a theme park where English is the primary language will always be at a disadvantage, the problem isn't the fast pass.

  • Adam Kimara
    Adam Kimara

    My professor recommended this video in a graduate level class when we were introduced to queuing. Great work!

  • Mr. Frog
    Mr. Frog

    As someone who's never been to any Disney park, this just sounds like a dystopian hellscape

    • Baron von Limbourgh
      Baron von Limbourgh

      It is. It is.

    • sclábhaí Lord of no plot
      sclábhaí Lord of no plot

      @Audiblade Thanks

    • Ed Jones
      Ed Jones

      @Auntie HollyD I mean, as a parent would you rather (thinking exclusively of safety) take your children to Paris or Disneyland Paris? I’m not sure I understand what you mean

    • 35th Rat
      35th Rat

      as someone who will never afford the disney experience nor will ever understand it ... oh my god this is the most nightmarish thing to view and im glad my summers were spent on six flags than at disney

    • William Daniel
      William Daniel

      Disney used to be better before adding genie plus and the prices for tickets got a lot more expensive

  • J Osgood
    J Osgood

    In the late 90’s, the absolute best way to experience Disney was when one guess had an injury that still allowed mobility. I know this because I went there during a time when I had a severe soft tissue ankle injury and had a walking boot. My family got immediate access to every single ride. My injury was legit. The problem was, an increasing number of people began renting a wheelchair for one guest in their party and bucking the system. You would see that teenage guest in the wheelchair jump up and board the ride like he had just been healed by Peter Popoff. The 90’s system of accommodating guests who couldn’t stand an entire day was great. When people realized that they could experience the entire park in hours for the price of a $20 wheelchair rental, it destroyed that system for people who needed it.

    • Rogaine Gaming
      Rogaine Gaming

      @Esoteric Pigeon Activities i'm autistic and I get the same benefits as he would get. It's just a fastpass these days. Used to be exactly how he was describing it in 2012 and I was young. Rode space mountain 11 times in a row lol

    • Esoteric Pigeon Activities
      Esoteric Pigeon Activities

      What do they have now? I imagine it would only be a matter of having disabled guests carry some kind of disability card, or have them register for one in advanced.

  • Sierra Pyatt
    Sierra Pyatt

    Here are some timestamps for the major chapters: 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:54 - Part 1 - Capacity And Demand 00:07:04 - Part 2 - Visualizing The Wait 00:14:50 - Part 3 - FastPass 00:23:52 - Part 4(ish) - The Dillons 00:27:11 - Part 4 - Put FastPass Everywhere 00:39:08 - Part 5 - FastPass+ 00:57:54 - Part 6 - Shapeland 01:12:56 - Part 7 - Class Warfare 01:22:50 - Part 8 - How Do We Fix This? 01:31:08 - "We Broke Everything" 01:38:37 - Conclusion 01:41:18 - Credits @Defunctland I would love to have chapters added to this video!

    • Esoteric Pigeon Activities
      Esoteric Pigeon Activities

      I wish more long form RSloftrs would do this! I always love reading the titles in the description to whet my appetite as to what I'm in for.

    • Victoria Goodwin
      Victoria Goodwin

      BLESS YOU 🙌

    • Ellis Elvin
      Ellis Elvin

      Thank you bro 🙏

    • bappo456

      thank you for this

  • AWeirdLisa

    Finally got to fully watch this and never knew I'd be so shocked and surprised when the reveal of "Shapeland is actually Animal Kingdom" came by, my god, amazing

  • Peachy

    Imagine going to Disneyland just to stand there and refresh the app over and over again, that whole segment of influencers explaining the fast passes and how they get them was so stressful lol

  • Mother's Basement
    Mother's Basement

    absolutely stellar motion graphics work. this is so educational!

    • The Rogue Admiral
      The Rogue Admiral

      @gtlance101 same for internet historian, he's just more niche. A bit edgier.

    • SahiPie

      @gtlance101 Same thing with channels like Internet Historian, Lemmino, and Sseth

    • B. Moser
      B. Moser

      @WillyGC There's Amagi Brilliant Park, which is an excellent series where they do something different every day. And it's only a *little* too horny for the average normie. Then there's Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, a spinoff of the mildly popular mecha series. I don't recall much theme park action in that one, but I am sure the MC has to wear a mascot outfit sometimes because reasons. And finally there's uh, Amagi Brilliant Park. As you may have noticed, this market tends to be very formulaic. If Amagi Brilliant Park did super well and went viral like Meguca Magica or Attack On Titan, everyone would be making park management sims. But it didn't.

    • Ella Taylor
      Ella Taylor

      Oh damn it’s like a crossover in these comments

    • WillyGC

      Recommend a theme park anime right now

  • nisi bonum
    nisi bonum

    Theme parks seem like an absurdly stressful places. Everyone can do what they like, but I feel more convinced that they are a massive waste of time, money, and energy.

  • Miss Informed
    Miss Informed

    This is one of the best researched videos I have ever seen on RSloft. This would make an excellent contribution to a Economics/Sociology Masters course on game theory, simulation and such. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Lord Bulto
    Lord Bulto

    Right before the start of part six, when he was listing all the complications of making a simulation, I just thought "He freaking did it, didn't he?" and then I just saw the title for part six and cackled so hard. The absolute madman

  • Hobo Sullivan
    Hobo Sullivan

    Also, this video contains one of my favorite cinematic twists of the last five years: "It'd take an industrial engineer to run an accurate simulation of the effects FastPass had on Disney parks." "Oh, by the way, I hired an industrial engineer to run an accurate simulation of the effects FastPass had on Disney parks."

  • TheNakedSpaceMan

    If you have to plan literally a month in advance to be able to ride a ride in a park, then perhaps the problem is not with the wait times, but rather the park itself letting in way too many people out of greed.

    • Naci Talat İncirli
      Naci Talat İncirli

      that is definitely correct, but blindly coming to a park with your family just to get turned away because there were too many people inside wouldn’t be very magical would it?

    • Awful Waffle
      Awful Waffle

      >over 2k people like a comment thats based on a logical fallacy The YT comment sections never attract the brightest people. Just psudo intellectuals.

    • Pula Paw
      Pula Paw

      I totally agree with this statement.

    • Efrain Astorga
      Efrain Astorga

      @The Accordian I mean, while reducing it into too sime terms... yes, more affordable housing and homeless programs would most definitely help solve homelessness.

  • Chloe Leis
    Chloe Leis

    Watching this video for the eighth time while waiting in line at Disneyland is truly an indescribable experience.

  • Knight Glint
    Knight Glint

    I remember my dad getting fast pass when I was 7. It was so amazing because virtual every fast pass line was empty compared to the queue line. I went back years later and both lines were filled. I guess fast pass just turned into a second queue line at that point.

  • Charissa 's Crazy
    Charissa 's Crazy

    I have fond memories of visiting Disneyland. I’ve always wanted to visit Disney World, but not anymore. I think having a park where so many people can be in at once just doesn’t make sense anymore. And a reservation system doesn’t work either. Any way you look at it, Disney Parks are becoming places that only rich people can truly experience and enjoy.

    • the wrong answer wonder
      the wrong answer wonder

      This. Watching this with my dad (who has very fond memories of the original 20000 Leagues ride and the haunted mansion) we noted that while the Disney parks and attractions system has become a stressful slog that caters to micromanaging obsessives, they're still the best game in town regarding theme parks and immersive experiences in general. I think the only other operation that even comes close is Universal and even that's a poor comparison. We came to the conclusion that the world needs more imagineers working on more passion driven theme parks, making places other than Disney parks, break up the monopoly of interest and talent that the Bob Igers and Michael Eisners of the world are funneling us into. We're used to disappointment of course, and only expect more of it as the commodification of everything continues unchecked.

  • Peeps40836

    I’m not even interested in anything Disney and this had me hooked all the way through. Very great video, keep it up!

  • Omahdon

    That plot twist had me slapping my knee and going "GOT ME AGAIN, DEFUNCTLAND!"

    • mayhair

      @Chris M. aww i liked shapeland more

    • K. York
      K. York

      As soon as I saw that Shapeland had a proper park layout, I realized that it would be based on a real Disney park.

    • Drago

      I just hit the twist and oh my god this comment makes sense now What a moment Truly a youtube legend

    • Quantum TV smells like feet
      Quantum TV smells like feet

      @Rubén Gutiérrez The way it was played up made it seem like one of his big trolls, kinda like the Dillon story from earlier. So the plot twist is really that there was no plot twist. But it seemed so over the top and ridiculous and was delivered in such a "I'm making this all up for a joke" manner, that it ended up being a shock that it was real.

    • JonnyP

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    L Lawliet

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    Cody Romrell

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      Baron von Limbourgh

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      Esoteric Pigeon Activities

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    Jacob Luebbehusen

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    • twingo

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      Shelby Lester

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    • kenektik

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    • Honk

      I'm sure that they're well aware their system is dogshit, like he said they are simply too invested to abandon it

    • kenektik

      The consultant's report would be a lot worse than this.

  • Texas Wunderkind
    Texas Wunderkind

    Disney is exhausting. They have spent so much time trying to squeeze every dollar from guests, that the customer experience has been deprioritized. We went in December 2020, and I was thrilled the FastPass system was suspended. A few of the hot Star Wars rides did require reservations, which filled up about 30 seconds after becoming available at 5:00 a.m. Too made rides are basically just overblown video games, where you sit in a vibrating chair watching a screen for two minutes. The Disney app was pretty awesome, though. It was nice to have the map with wait times, as we definitely used that to our advantage. It was my wife's genius idea to go during Covid. The park was operating at reduced capacity, and wait times were significantly shorter than usual. As closing times were approaching, we were able to go on Expedition Everest and Space Mountain a dozen times with no wait.

    • Esoteric Pigeon Activities
      Esoteric Pigeon Activities

      Bless your wife, that sounds like an amazing vacation

  • fugithegreat

    When I went to Disneyland, the Fast Pass had just been implemented something like the previous year, and I remember thinking it was a great system. We had to learn the system that day, but it worked well for us. That year the must-do ride was Indiana Jones, and in spite of mile-long lines, we went on it like 3 times that trip using fast pass. They really ought to go back to that old system.

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    Rae Daw

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    The Phantom Fox

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    N B

    Honestly I've rewatched this so many times now. It's brilliant. If this guy ever makes merch, so many of these funny screens would be good for it. It's brilliant, it's informative, it's paced well, it criticises the infinite greed of capitalism, he built a theme park in the computer... what else do you want?

  • flowercrownsnstuff

    As someone who grew up only an hour from Disneyland and went my fair share of times as a child, I will just never understand the draw it has on people over parks like Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, or Legoland that are all right there in SoCal. Sure they don't have the same branded concepts and characters, but as amusement parks they're so much more functional and affordable for each of their target age groups.

    • Bérènice Marchese
      Bérènice Marchese

      I agree. I've been to Disney World a half dozen times and Disney land once, but definitely prefer Busch Gardens and Universal. Cartoon characters just don't matter to me or most people over 5.

    • eggnogaddict

      It’s because no one cares about any of these other parks as the IP is trash. Going on a steel roller coaster at a Six Flags may be fun, but it’s a generic experience. There’s no widespread personal connection to any Six Flag attraction. No one cares. Meanwhile, Disney you have people watching cartoons at age 2 growing up with these stories and characters. Everyone knows Mickey Mouse. These are all cultural references. You mention a Six Flag roller coaster and hardly anyone knows what you’re talking about. Not to mention Six Flags has a dozen-plus of these things at each park. No one cares. It’s similar to why no one wants your autograph but everyone will line up for Tom Brady’s, football fan or not. Who cares about a Six Flags mascot? But if you see a Donald Duck mascot, kids get excited. Adults want pictures. Instant excitement and memories. “I don’t get it” is like saying you don’t get why Tom Brady has a line for autographs and no body wants to talk to you. No one cares about the Six Flags mascot. Everyone cares about Donald Duck. None of this is difficult to figure out. I just think people like to gravitate towards Disney theme park videos to use as an opportunity to make their negative comments because they feast on negativity. Their comments tend to make zero sense because they don’t think any of it out. Most of the time people cry that Disney charges $15 for Genie+ (new FastPass system) and see it as a money grab. They then say they’ll go to Universal instead--where they charge $80-$250 with surge pricing for their Express Pass system. Smaller theme parks like Dollywood charge about the same. So yeah, there are Disney haters who make dumb comments completely oblivious how every other theme park is also crowded, and they all charge much more for their version of FastPass than Disney does. But people like to dog on Disney because it’s the most popular theme parks in the world. Go build memories at Six Flags. Have fun taking a 4 year old son/daughter to their tiny kids’ section at Six Flags of the most generic and boring carnival rides, because they won’t be able to ride on the rest of the park. I’m sure your kids will agree with you that they don’t understand why Disney is so popular as they’re riding bland County fair equivalent attractions at Six Flags and Knotts.

  • E Lisa
    E Lisa

    I CANNOT get over the phrase "Things like this don't happen to the Dillons" something about it just paints such a vivid picture of the life this man has lived. I'm glad they got their golden fast pass.

    • taylorkramsay5929

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    • Jamisan Matalonis
      Jamisan Matalonis

      @Logan Nelson imagine getting Defunk’d by Kevin Purjerer

    • Coyote Rx
      Coyote Rx

      @E Lisa If you Google it there’s no photo ops or any real info on these Dillion’s. Disney has also been busted on using very waspy looking characters stating that they look more appealing. Ex: Aladdin looking like Tom Cruise for one

  • beepbeep

    I occasionally get into disney trip plan videos and they nearly send me into panic attacks every time. It just doesn't seem fun for anyone. Having to meticulously plan every moment of "fun" and then trying to perfectly execute that plan in an environment with so many unexpected factors sounds more like a nightmare! I've never been to disney, but after watching all those planning videos i don't think i want to. edit: typos

  • Landon Horton
    Landon Horton

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  • Quiet_Tech

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  • Nate_072

    I went to Disney World when I was about 10 years old. At the time we had the OG Fastpass system. I remember we would do maybe 3 rides a day without waiting, the rest we waited in the regular line. It's amazing how much that has evolved in the past 20 years.

  • Douglas Blatherwick
    Douglas Blatherwick

    Perception is an extremely important thing when dealing with customers. I'm a computer programmer and I was tasked with updating our installation software to account for the new third party tools that needed to be updated and also improve the install experience. The original installer didn't give you any clue as to what it was doing, or how long it would take. It would also show each of the 5 steps as being equal amount of percent complete. The truth was that the first 4 steps were 10% of the time. The percentage would update after each step. The original install on a typical system would take about 25 minutes. I added all the new steps, optimized the installation, showed the actual percentage complete and how long it estimated was left. The steps before now accounted for 20% of the time with the installation of our files taking the rest of the time. The only problem was I was still only updating after each step, so installing our software jumped from 20% done to 99% with no updates in between and the time not counting down. I managed to get the install time down to 10 minutes. People could now get a mostly accurate idea of how long it would take to finish and how much was done. Kind of. Our test customers were not happy. Some complained about all these steps being completed, but the percentage done was very little. Other complained that the time wasn't ticking down. We were using InstallShield, and at the time the only way I could show the time ticking down and the percentage moving during the big job would be to update after every file copy. The only problem was this would greatly slow down the speed of the installation. I knew about how long copying our program would take as it varied in speed relative to the steps before it. In test of a wide set of systems, my predicted time was +-2 seconds off real time. The problem was once I started updating after every file the updates felt strange and inconsistent. Originally I took the time and divided it by the number of files. Some files were bigger than others. I then tried taking into account the size of each file. Still didn't feel right because copying a large file is faster that copying a whole bunch of smaller files that are the same size casing the time left and the percentage done to still jump up erratically. I had to come up with some fudge math that would take the total time, take into account the file size and also the fact that large files can copy faster than smaller files. Ultimate I came up with something that felt good, but added 5 minutes to the install. We did an A / B test with our customers and all of them preferred the the 15 minute install over the 10 minute as it felt faster to them because of having more feedback. At least it was still 10 minutes faster than the original install, even though we were installing more files.

  • Jordie92

    This video supports my belief that the pinnacle of the theme park experience was the turn of the milennium. The rise and fall of the original Fastpass is perfect symbolism. In the end it came down to common sense. You got Fastpasses for some bigger rides early doors, went on the other big rides first thing, and the remainder were medium wait times for decent rides. Fastpass+ was yet another Iger failure.

    • eggnogaddict

      Just too many people everywhere is the problem. You can thank endless immigration advocates for that who think the biggest problem with the country today is that we don’t have enough people. The goal is to occupy every square inch of space, and the justification is we had people come over 150 years ago, therefore that means we should have 2 million a year come today. You can’t fix stupidity. Unfortunately, America is the only country where a sizable minority of the population actually wants to undermine the foundations. You go anywhere else and the people actually have pride. Here, Leftists loathe the existence. Then they wonder how every theme park is crowded and why every national park is busy. It’s not that hard. We have 2 million new legal and illegal immigrants every year. That’s like adding the equivalent of a fully populated state every year, only we are just importing the population and zero land mass to go with it. So, 2 million people flood in and they settle and crowd the same fixed land that existed last year with millions fewer on it. Gee, why is it crowded again?!

  • Elaine Crawford
    Elaine Crawford

    Never been to a theme park, let alone something like Disney. But I found this incredibly interesting and well done. Enjoyed every minute and really appreciated all the details, editing, and simulations. Thank you!

  • MrNeko25

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  • Jacob MtCastle
    Jacob MtCastle

    Kevin at the Beginning: So Disney tried to come up with this nifty little tool to help guests waiting in long lines :) Kevin at the End: Disney’s FastPass+ is an analogy for the cruel classism inherent to the capitalistic society we all exist in

    • Rogier V
      Rogier V

      @Absent Minded the SubCreator I'd advice to reopen one of those history books. While I'm not advocating for autocratic regimes, saying that socialism has created more misery than any other force on Earth is a false statement and easily falsifiable. Modern colonialism for instance: the British Empire is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths, or look at Leopold II. Let's not forget fascism, responsible for the biggest systematic tragedy in human history: the Holocaust. Millions of people die each year of hunger or preventable diseases, while living in a capitalist country. There have been many faults and atrocities in communist and socialist regimes, but let's not forget that it only makes up one portion of a very big cake. A cake that has many layers.

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    Hobo Sullivan

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    • NYC Chris
      NYC Chris

      Too bad Bob Chapek got his hands on this one too. God forbid a guest should get any benefit from a system that people loved. Instead, let's introduce a system that chisels more money from the guest, and one that they'll ultimately HATE. STUPID MOVE CHAPEK Stupid move

    • BorderlandsRelatedName

      Literally sat in line for 4 hours for a ride. Can confirm

    • Emma Avery
      Emma Avery

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  • Boogaloo Bender
    Boogaloo Bender

    When my family and I visited in 2014 and 2015, some sort of glitch must have occurred in the system because the Fastpass scanners accepted our park tickets any time, any place, regardless of whatever Fastpasses we had booked that day. It was fucking AWESOME.

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  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
    I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    I went to Disneyworld in 2019 and it was one of the most stressful experiences of my life! 😄

  • Tara Sodoma
    Tara Sodoma

    This video is amazing! It was informative and fascinating. I am so pleased to see the simulation and the data analysis that came out of it. My one piece of constructive criticism is that rather than using the average number of rides under the three systems, it would be helpful to show the median because that helps show the disparity between groups (but really I'm just nitpicking because I liked it enough to care and that is uncommon). Edit: As I was reading through the comments, I was reminded of the big Shapeland reveal and I would like to note that I audibly gasped. It was thrilling.

  • Ykywr3000

    I remember them implementing the same thing with their dvds at the time. It was fast pass or fast something and it would let you skip all the ads and bring you directly to the dvd menu.

  • ASpec

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    • No Thank
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    Jeddar Cheese

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    daisy ghost

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  • s t a r g a z i n g
    s t a r g a z i n g

    Do you think that if they stopped constantly adding/changing things in their parks, the crowds and wait times would go down? I ask because I feel like over time, if there are no major changes to the parks, the demand to visit the parks would decrease, which would cause a reduction in wait times and crowding. Obviously, they shouldn't do that forever, as that could result in the parks losing money and eventually having to close. But it would be just long enough to reduce crowding. Maybe 3-5 years?

  • Jonny Worldbeater
    Jonny Worldbeater

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    • Sir Aroun
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      Sir Aroun

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    • Npc I'm knot
      Npc I'm knot

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    • Louise Ogden
      Louise Ogden

      Honestly they're only reintroducing what they had in the beginning with the booklet of tickets they sold in the early years of the park.