Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney
The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.

  • The Critical Drinker
    The Critical Drinker

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    • Johnny Feralcat
      Johnny Feralcat

      @The Critical Drinker. Tell me, did you act like you did in the video when kill Bill came out? How dare a female main character do bad things, lol. You are just as much as a sjw as the leftist sjws

    • Lafasu Mafaalu
      Lafasu Mafaalu

      Disney raped StarWars. What more do we need to know that Disney has turned from Gold to Turd?

    • Edward Hewitt
      Edward Hewitt

      @Hoa Nguyen I don't think that's true. From my experience, most people don't care about things like "politics" "feelings" or "logic" in something. Most of the time, people like something if they find it enjoyable or entertaining. And some of the things that people like don't have much logic in them, but they still enjoy them because they find them entertaining. You don't need to bring politics into everything, because this is actually not considered by the majority of people when they choose their entertainment. Which has always been the case. And will always be the case no matter what you or anyone else says. Whenever someone mentions "wokeness", all it shows is their detachment to reality and the world.

    • Kristopher B
      Kristopher B

      Not a fan of a lot of the live action disney but do want to point out disney classics were already not original ideas

    • Aryaman Mehrotra
      Aryaman Mehrotra

      Everything you said In the video is true. But, MCU and Star Wars is why Disney+ works and MCU fans and man child’s will never leave Disney.

  • gouhd okhart
    gouhd okhart

    "I was born different, brilliant even. They tried to hold me down but I knew I had the power within to soar. One day they'll see that they were wrong, it was unkind of them to judge me for my flaws, and I'll just laugh as I spread my wings they held back. One day I will rule the world. I am demon, hear me roar." - Chernabog 2025.

  • Song Says
    Song Says

    Cruella's a would-be puppy killer. I don't understand how Disney thinks people will watch a back story and say, "oh, poor her." Stupid movie idea.

  • bigby

    i like how Rian Johnson was in his own category

  • Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate

    Next on the Disney antihero list, the Nazis from The Sound of Music

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    I doubt that they are trying to make Cruella a redeemable antihero. Im betting that she is still gonna be a bad person.

  • Laura

    Lol I actually like origin stories, and I liked maleficent, I didn’t think about her oppression by a man... hmm it’s always subtly been there

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt

    Funny how all the Ret-Con, adjusted and sympathetic villains are all female, right? At no point are any of the male villains getting a rework? Fuck off Feminism.

  • Nicolas Kuschnir
    Nicolas Kuschnir

    Since Disney owns fox I'm looking forward to the alien queen movie: the inspiering story of a non cis gendered foreign immigrant who overcomes the bies and racism of white colonizers and introduces them to her culture, tragicly the story ends with her people getting genosided by patriarchal toxic space marines.

  • Juan V
    Juan V

    Why ? Because people are dumb and just wanna re-watch the same old shit they’d already watched before. God forbid they were challenged with new stories with actual complexity that made their brains think.

  • Spider Jerusalem
    Spider Jerusalem

    I still think of the 90s/early 2000s 101 dalmatians live actions with Nostalgia Glasses, and I feel so sorry for it, I just remember it had Glenn Close and Jean Reno in 102 Dalmatians.

  • Pokemon Trainer Link
    Pokemon Trainer Link

    I mean.... I've actually liked all the live action versions more. Specifically Mulan because it's not a musical and I don't.... Like.... Musicals.

  • Jadin Ellis
    Jadin Ellis

    What is it with these modern movies using a horribly flawed, utterly unlikable, and sometimes downright malicious female character as an example of strong woman? Are they taking the piss out of feminists?

  • Kamandi

    Liberty is a department store not a hotel.

  • OlyMolly

    Movie Maleficent 1 & 2 is fine, but Cruella de Vil? That's a big N O P E she's a sociopath in the real world, ain't no misunderstanding about a very obvious criminal.

  • Baka

    Too dangerous to create these days, might offend somebody. Better to rehash beloved franchises while gutting them to make them more acceptable for current audiences.

  • ZapDash

    You forgot the animated sequel and the two or more cartoon series!

  • Stormerbuzz35

    Baroness Von Mayonnaise!

  • Carl Fox
    Carl Fox

    Are there any movies coming up that you think might be worth spending actual money on? Or, does my theory hold that movies peaked in the 80's and 90's, and it's been a downhill slide from there?

  • First Last
    First Last

    Bear in mind, in 101 Dalmatians, Cruella Deville is not a young woman. The attempted skinning of the dogs was the capstone of her life, not its ending. That does give potential for her to start out as a good character with good intentions, before some wrong causes her to descend into full-blown puppy-skinning villainy. Handled right, it could make for a good story. It's just a question of whether or not Disney has learned anything from its recent failures.

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch

    Nek minute the Archdeacon from Hunchback of Notre Dame gets a live action remake as a misunderstood antihero. 😂

  • Tasty

    I’m getting real sick and tired of these live-action remakes. That line at the beginning of this video sums it up perfectly.

  • Marion Vlel
    Marion Vlel

    So, her wanting to skin puppies is just misunderstood, right?

  • Charles Schmitt
    Charles Schmitt

    Good job including Atlantis footage. More people should see that film.

  • Iesu fy Mrenin
    Iesu fy Mrenin

    Disney isn't an entertainment company it's a social and psychological control system that attempts to mould you and your children's minds into accepting the norms they want you to adopt. Cruella is an example of inversion, evil becoming good and good becoming evil. The Bible may have been correct when it states that in the last days' people will become lovers of their own selves, proud, covetous, false accusers and despisers of those that are good and also warns 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter'.

  • Nathan Andrews
    Nathan Andrews

    for all this shit you’re talking you’d think you’d get a better mic

  • Jblac Smith
    Jblac Smith

    the reason they keep doing it is because people keep paying for it, so why should they bother to be creative. when they can copy and paste with a twist

  • Mr. Cokoko
    Mr. Cokoko

    I personally don't think there's anything wrong with revisiting past glories, as long as you realize there's a reason they are considered glories: not the money made, but the genuine story and love people have for it. Disney's issue comes with attempting to, as you put it, "rewrite history". They are destroying works of art in exchange for a cheap cashgrab. It would be different if they at least tried to make them stand out, as they poorly attempted to do with Mulan. If they were, to say, make a LA remake of Treasure Planet with new ideas that would make it stand out from the original and other sci-fi stories, then good for them, but making a hated villain into this sort of weird fanfiction that tries to justify skinning animals is something that stands out in a very bad light. Sometimes, that's a good thing. Black Cauldron is an excellent example of something Disney themselves did in this case. The LA Cat in the Hat is genuinely hilarious to watch because of the poor makeup skills, CGI, and story as a whole. But it still had good acting, mostly thanks to Mike Myers, and had heart and soul and at least tried hard (too hard, to be honest) to extend the source material into a whole movie. But Cruella does not seem like a "Cat Case". From what I have read about it, it seeks to justify an evil woman's actions while still vilifying her. Hell, the Descendants TV movies made a better version of the character than this. It'd also be different if they attempted to remake the original VA 101D. It'd still be lazy as all hell, of course, but at least it wasn't filmed next to a concentration camp or justifying animal cruelty. But, this is modern Disney. Five bucks says PETA is gonna be involved in the making of this movie.

  • Steven McBrien
    Steven McBrien

    Disney didn't just become Disney villains. They became the hyenas.

  • mrwednesdaynight

    So are they going to make a movie to rewrite Uncle Remus as misunderstood? Because he is.

  • Brekner Catalin
    Brekner Catalin

    /shrug I mean, why would they use those millions of dollars for something good when they can make a shitty movie instead?

  • Logan C
    Logan C

    Nothing like being the washed up high school jock that keeps reliving that winning touchdown pass against Polk High ....

  • Shark Dentures
    Shark Dentures

    No Helmen's for me thanks. I prefer Miracle Whip!

  • Alex Barker
    Alex Barker

    Even when movies "flop", they keep churning them out. How low does the box office take have to be for them to be like "maybe we should take some time to come up with something else..."

  • Loonman Jones
    Loonman Jones

    It looks boring

  • Boredfan Gerrude
    Boredfan Gerrude

    A movie about the sea witch from The Little Mermaid where she was just born a psychopath, not some normal person with a tragic backstory would be nice. That's the kind of story about disney villains that we need. And BTW, I intentionally left disney uncapitalized.

  • TikiShades

    Cringe in the first 10 seconds, damn....

  • The Ghost of Seto Kaiba
    The Ghost of Seto Kaiba

    Disney is trying to make us feel bad for a character that ends up wanting to murder dogs? They must support PETA.

  • Gregory Bycraft
    Gregory Bycraft

    In the grimdark future of 2021

  • Sir Jocas El Jocoso
    Sir Jocas El Jocoso

    So are they really gonna try to make a woman who stole 101 dogs to make herself a coat out of them a missunderstood anti-hero? I dunno, I don't think you can justify that xD

  • Seok2ie 212
    Seok2ie 212

    It disgusts me that they’re trying to make her an anti hero and trying to empower her character. A Character that had rare animals SLAUGHTERED for her clothing, a woman who stole 101 puppies because she wanted them skinned for a coat!!!!

  • Yannick DRMDA
    Yannick DRMDA

    They advertise Cruella DeVil -a billionnaire who made her fortune in the most consumerist industry- as an anarchist lmao

  • Joseph Breen
    Joseph Breen

    Oh, look, someone who has not seen the full movie deciding that they already know everything there is to know about the movie. What a novel idea. Idiots.

  • Kurt2012007

    Wait wait....Disney is seriously doing ANOTHER live action movie? GET OUTTA HERE DISNEY!!!

  • bill bo
    bill bo

    Why? Thank progressives.

  • Avantribe

    I would like a scar, ursula, yzma, and jafar movie

  • Crystal Morse
    Crystal Morse

    I hate that they are trying to turn really true villains, into sympathetic antiheroes. No.

  • Erin Trampel
    Erin Trampel

    They need to just buy the rights to the star kid musical twisted and make that, that is at least a good story, although it does turn Aladdin into an asshole

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff

    oh :( I was excited for that movie , but it does not look fun at all

  • Karolina S.
    Karolina S.

    does anybody know from what movie is that shot from 7:58?

  • Huck Finn
    Huck Finn


  • Bob James
    Bob James

    Haters gonna hate hate want criticize and give your opinion that’s all well and fine, but let’s see you write a screen play for anything get it made into a movie. Then you can really give an educated opinion rather than be a couch critic. So why don’t you come up with something good or interesting and see how haters are going to hate hate hate your work.

  • Kayla 007
    Kayla 007

    Funny thing is they are actually copying Michelle Pfieffer's Cat Woman from all those years ago.... I a mean they are 'finally' showing an empowering movie about a female.... again....

  • tobias carlsson
    tobias carlsson

    disney fails becuse they take the human gory bit out , disney is built on grim brothers fairytells and walt walt was epick.

  • Dalibor Joksimovic
    Dalibor Joksimovic

    What's with all the hero/superhero movies?

  • Lima Bravo
    Lima Bravo

    Only Disney would glorify a woman who wanted to skin puppies to make a coat. Does she die in the oh 101 dalmations? I hope so and hopefully this movie will die horribly. Eva green is a fucking amazing actress so wtf does she need to pay off a condo or something?

  • dimitryryutta

    "I was born Brilliant" lady,you where outsmarted by DOGS

  • Noodle Poodle
    Noodle Poodle

    They’re just charging for bad fanfiction at this point

  • Lindell Skaggs
    Lindell Skaggs

    Idk why people hate on these. There’s plenty of crap movies being made all the time. I happen to like some of these remakes (jungle book especially) and always give them a chance. A lot of Disney classics are retellings of old stories anyway so why not be upset at the existence of the originals? It’s a movie lol it’s meant for entertainment and is a commodity meant to make money. They make money so why not make them? Why get bent outa shape over it? It’s not like Disney aren’t making other films that are new and original. Look at frozen (hate that movie by the way). The most loved animated movie in a loooooooong time. I really enjoyed Moana myself. They still make new things. Not even looking at Marvel or Star Wars which have new shows and movies. I just don’t understand why people (RSloftrs I guess) make such a fuss over these movies.

  • Phenurio

    Closes magical looking fairytales book... And thats how disney slowly became pissney! Credits Roll...

  • No _
    No _

    So Disney now supports punting and skinning puppies. Seems right for a company that supports modern “camps”.

  • Croatian Warmaster
    Croatian Warmaster

    Modern movies are unwatchable.

  • Katy Kidell
    Katy Kidell

    I could roll with the movie if they don't go the "misunderstood anti-hero" route and instead just make her batshit insane. If the movie makes her NEVER the good guy and follows her descent into deeper madness, then...maybe? I'm still over the whole live action Disney remakes thing. The only one I saw was Beauty and the Beast and that's cause my little nieces wanted to see it. I haven't wasted my time watching any of the others.

  • Spere NOx
    Spere NOx

    Disney forgot about Ursula, huh?

  • Backspace Ninja
    Backspace Ninja

    Can’t wait for this movie to also flop.

  • Mariana Cruz
    Mariana Cruz

    I liked that 'shitty live action sequel in 2000' 😅

  • Reece Mashburn
    Reece Mashburn

    nobody asked for this movie 💀

  • blank0104

    Sorry drinker I'm unsubscribing, how dare you call hellmans mayonnaise delicious, I'm sure I've shat out better tasting things before. Get yourself some good polish winary mayo it'll do you well

  • Jack Murdock
    Jack Murdock

    Can't wait for Disney presents "Pol Pot"

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming

    The answer to why is that the progressives who took over Disney have no creativity or sense of humor. Their idea of being creative is to take existing, beloved franchises and “make them better”. They have 0 understanding of the hero’s journey. Why bother with that when you can just declare the ‘hero’ as brilliant, brave and more powerful than any stupid man. It would be interesting to see how many original ideas vs. remakes and reboots Disney has done in the past decade.

  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    "rewrite history" Bruh...

  • TimeTraveler

    The writing/directing style where your paper-thin, hollow characters look confident while being laughably-BORING seems to be a hallmark of tv and film now. There really needs to be a hollyweird director whose name is forever attached to this tactic. I nominate JJ "dick nose" Abrahms.

  • Sarah Oko
    Sarah Oko

    For a video commentary on Disney you failed to mention anything about what they did to marvel and star wars and just focused on critzing just female lead suup movie?? MIMS?

  • Red 94MR2
    Red 94MR2

    You watched this movie knowing it was a 101 Dalmatians derivative? How old are you, 15?

  • TimeTraveler

    Have you ever noticed that 90+ % of the time, the camera is always moving during these previews and trailers? It's almost as if they feel that any still shots will increase the likelihood that the audience will see this as undiluted shit.

  • Amy Austin
    Amy Austin

    @criticaldrinker I’d like to know what you think of Moana and Raya

  • Strategic gaming
    Strategic gaming

    I can't believe this movie was even made. Cruella? Really? Who would ever go see that. Imagine the movies we could get.. "Scar", "Hades", that evil kid in Toy Story.. or the big communist teddy bear. Sweet lord.

  • Matthew Spires
    Matthew Spires

    "Baroness von Mayonnaise!" That was fucking hilarious 🤣

  • Anil Mustafa
    Anil Mustafa

    Cruella is just iconic period!!

  • fatjoe460

    Very conflicted with Disney going back to flesh out the female villains backstory. On one hand Disney has lost the luster to make good stories but the majority of the female villains are written to be one dimensionally evil (Cruella being one of them). My top three Disney Villains are Hades, Gaston and Frollo which happen to be male. While these characters have evil traits they have depth to their character that fleshes them out. Don't expect Cruella to be good but not against the idea of fleshing out old villains backstory.

  • Quickman 26
    Quickman 26

    What makes Girl Power strong is because the word POWER is emphasized. Not GIRL.

  • Uncle E's Living Life
    Uncle E's Living Life

    I was told by a playhouse that using recycled scripts and properties is better than going new because there's more risk in making money with unfamiliar properties to audiences. With the old stuff, everyone knows it and would be more likely to spend the money to come see it. My look of disdain and horror was legendary. My reply, I thought, equally so: Then how can we have anything new if you're too afraid of risk to try? Even Cinderella was new at some point. Yet you would cast it aside in favor of a past tale?

  • Lewis Bodkin
    Lewis Bodkin

    Eh I think it look alright

  • Matt

    Disney has never been original 90% of their stuff is stolen from public domain stories.

  • Trowa

    I’m not sure where people are getting anti-hero from the trailer. It’s a movie about a villain from the looks of it. There’s nothing trying to redeem her. We will see when the movie comes out of course. Disney has put out some garbage, for sure, but this entire video is just an excuse to keep piling up the hate and negativity out there. I’m done with you now critical drinker. Get sober. You’re too miserable

  • UGriever

    LMAO, a grown man angry with a multi-billion dollar company, I'M CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY

  • Punch Frank
    Punch Frank

    instead cruella they should just make britney spears movie in anti-hero version

  • Steve Hines
    Steve Hines

    What is really behind this? can there be a evolving reality worth consideration? There is an unfolding scenario that may be concerning/ or not. We are living in a day of the significance of the voice of the victim. We should reasonably make a reach to understand the full scope of victimization and victims by definition, and not disregard that entire spectrum. If you take a reasonable look at the foundation of what we consider the evil oppressors, they themselves typically have a foundation of seeing themselves as a victim. Should this cause any concern in a world where the victim definition may be leading? Please, this is not in denial of innocent victims of atrocities created by others. It is in recognition however that the victim by definition has a great potential to become the greater oppressor.

  • Liana Kriebel
    Liana Kriebel

    If Disney keeps this up, I’ll end the year with more money in my pocket than I’d originally budgeted.

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne


  • warren byrne
    warren byrne

    6:02 I hate quirky.🤢😨🤮

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne

    4:47 Like Ariel. Except in WIR2.

  • warren byrne
    warren byrne

    1:07 And an animated sequel with the lovely Jodi Benson(/Ariel).

  • Drawnby1

    Here’s the thing, her money was made from killing puppies and skinning them for the fashion industry. That doesn’t fly with Disney’s target audience of today unless she’s a groundbreaking fashionista that uses faux fur and vegan leather, which we know she isn’t. I’m skipping it like I skipped Birds of Prey.

  • Leviathis Krade
    Leviathis Krade

    if they subvert expectations by keeping her as a villain who isnt redeemable this might be an ok movie.

  • pheebler

    Once upon a time did the character more justice

  • Introvertsan

    I hope they don't make her an anti-hero as she isn't some people are just bad even though they have reasons but it's usually bad. Hopefully, that's all this movie is. Can we get new movies and cartoons that are good?

  • Scarlet Green
    Scarlet Green

    A great, honest analysis 👏🏽

  • skepple

    It's not out yet

  • BOO

    She skins puppies. Sorry but that ain't a protagonist for me.