Climbing Arborist removing a tree in a tight spot!
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  • Adam Wiggins
    Adam Wiggins

    I love when people try to tell professionals what they're doing wrong...

    • Toxic Tj02
      Toxic Tj02

      @Buck Buck that’s why he is the pro and u aren’t

    • Guardian Black Dog
      Guardian Black Dog

      The person commenting could also be a tree surgeon, ya never know lol

    • Jadon

      V notches are better ;)

    • HISALLOY 87
      HISALLOY 87

      @Samuel Luria when you cut that deep into a log you’re making the space for your back cut smaller and smaller. If you leave more holding wood you can slowly put a back cut in until the piece starts to go on its own. When you do what he did, to log can go any direction and when there’s targets like houses below you wanna make sure it’s 100% going the right direction.

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    Absolute pro, keep taking care of your safety my guy.

  • Armando Perez
    Armando Perez

    Right, I worked DNR for years , and that's not a "too deep" notch for a 9 or 10 foot log .... Just saying, that dude's formula was on point

    • David Hall
      David Hall

      @Naru 'Sanav it's faster to drop shorter logs with a sharp saw. For every aspect of the job

    • David Hall
      David Hall

      @Naru 'Sanav thank you

    • Naru 'Sanav
      Naru 'Sanav

      @David Hall You've tried three times, and still haven't spelled that word correctly.

    • David Hall
      David Hall

      Straines their back

  • okay cuttt!!!
    okay cuttt!!!

    Respect, really. I saw painters at my society do this kinda thing (it's a 14 floor building) with nothing but the swing like seat they were sitting on. I got scared when they were painting next to my balcony. Those ropes that kept them on their seats looked super dodgy. But I couldn't say anything because they were doing it willingly. 😬

  • Chica

    Just amazing how u work at such high altitude like that cutting trees. The view is just gorgeous thank you

  • Nino

    My hats off to anyone who does this for a living! Much respect!

    • Miguel Lopez
      Miguel Lopez

      @Mindworm it doesn't matter man....plenty of trees . foh

    • Happyshark

      @Mindworm I do trees for a living, both commercial and residential. 95% of the job is removing trees overhanging houses of which 70-80% are diseased beyond healing. It’s not just “ThEy’Re BuiLdIng CheAp HoUseS man”

    • XstephensonX412

      @Mindworm well I trim trees from power lines so when a ice storm hits you’ll have power lol yeah people think we are tree killers but do your research on line clearance and you’ll understand why we trim trees

    • Karrie

      @Kenneth Lippertshauser my dad was in tree climbing for about 40 years and it messed up his back pretty good he always enjoyed going to work every morning with his saddle spurs and rope only had 1 accident when the chainsaw kicked back and nicked him in the knee.

  • Kay_ Ck
    Kay_ Ck

    I'm terrified of heights and this made me kind of anxious but the view is beautiful. Great job landing that piece of tree trunk.

  • Mia Nitsche
    Mia Nitsche

    This is what my fiancé does for a living. Crazy seeing it from his POV. I could never 😵

  • Brian Rix
    Brian Rix

    His notch was not to deep when you r flopping logs. I thought the same at first until I saw the log come down and then I was like oh ok. I usually do a Humboldt from that hight or you can go deep. My uppers r usually Humboldt and my lowers r traditional. This guy knows what he's doing.

  • Carol Johanson
    Carol Johanson

    We had this done on a huge old tree in front of my home . I had no idea how they cut it down. They roped the pieces vs letting them fall though. Also after the tree was cut we had huge wolf spiders coming in our house . They were the size of half dollars and it was creepy af

  • Fernando B.
    Fernando B.

    I commend these guys. Probably another day in the office for them, but this kind of work looks absolutely insane.

    • David Hall
      David Hall

      It's actually fun

    • Chris Goulet
      Chris Goulet

      @Polar_Bear It’s your life, and whatever career path you choose is YOUR decision regardless if your family / friends support you or not. Ultimately you don’t need anyone’s approval or permission to go after your dreams. Don’t let self-doubt or the opinions of others stand in your way. You need to believe in yourself and believe in your vision of the life you want to create for yourself.

    • Jo Painting
      Jo Painting

      @Deliver us it's not that fat.

    • Noell Burnett
      Noell Burnett

      @Tree Man you're probably right, this is just my experience as the kid of a tree surgeon, I would say I know a lot since my dad talks about it all the time and I've been on jobs with him but I don't know everything

    • The GG Floupin
      The GG Floupin

      @Tree Man cops don't even rank top 50 on most dangerus jobs my man... but yes, of corse you should have regulation in place to protect workers like lumberjacks and police.

  • dale bryant
    dale bryant

    With an A+ Landing for the wood, I think that face cut was exactly how it needed to be. Nice work hoss😁🤙💪👍

  • Matt Bruwick
    Matt Bruwick

    Been there done that and I will humbly say I wasn’t even this good. Flawless cutting!

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory Martin

    I would say it went perfectly. He is not cutting the whole tree down. He is driving the log where he wants it to land

    • Rob Carter
      Rob Carter

      Got lucky and he knows it.

  • Gingerbeef Lucifer
    Gingerbeef Lucifer

    Props to my fellow Arborist. Top notch work my friend. Keep on keeping on and keep it 💯.

  • Moliminous

    Didn't yell timber. How can he resist?

    • Sebastian Wagner
      Sebastian Wagner

      Yeah havent met a single tree worker that does this legit. Its a spoof joke atthis point. Dad joke basically

    • Josh Chadukhodos
      Josh Chadukhodos

      @BlacK COWboilol yes we use "headache" too my family has done it for generations

    • Channel TM•
      Channel TM•

      Xem Phím thai

    • Łukasz Rudnik
      Łukasz Rudnik

      @vqgav będziesz moią koleżanką czy nie

    • Jules Warren
      Jules Warren


  • Laura Williams
    Laura Williams

    Wow! For your notch being too deep, as per keyboard warrior, it fell perfectly in line with your other logs. Great job Me. Pro. 🤗🤗👍

  • Nica B
    Nica B

    My lil brother does this it always scares me him being up there so high 😳🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️‼️good job👍

  • Kenny Kuhns
    Kenny Kuhns

    Ive never seen that done!! That has to take some real talent, cool video!!

  • Dorothy Hudgins
    Dorothy Hudgins

    That's a dangerous job. God bless you with safety! 😅

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips

    I respect this. Man gotta have balls of steel to be up that high and trusting his skill to do important work while also proving internet crusaders wrong. What a champion

    • Jeannette Lee
      Jeannette Lee

      @HISALLOY 87 o

    • HISALLOY 87
      HISALLOY 87

      @['insert cool name here'] most of the work is removing trees that are a danger to houses, roads, etc. plus we do a lot of pruning which actually helps trees by removing branches that are bad for the tree and dead wood that can cause infection!!

    • HISALLOY 87
      HISALLOY 87

      It’s not as bad as people think, I’ve been doing it now for two years and once you know what you’re doing it just becomes normal to you and isn’t very stressful with the right crew!

    • L. Ellis
      L. Ellis

      @['insert cool name here'] well then move over your time is over, it's my time now

    • ['insert cool name here']
      ['insert cool name here']

      @Pock Pock well I almost died yesterday so-

  • Jose Barbosa
    Jose Barbosa

    The depth of the notch depends on the thickness and which way the tree is leaning

  • Wesley Davis
    Wesley Davis

    The amount of swagger in this video is absolutely astounding. Hats off, what a way to make a living

    • Bob Fiedler
      Bob Fiedler

      Actually its pretty addictive. Something about that sway when you finish your back cut. Definitely a rush!

  • Steven Herrmann
    Steven Herrmann

    Thank God there are people that will do this bc I never could!

  • CoolEgg

    I just want to say you do one of the most dangerous jobs in deserve the credit you get.

  • Quillo Manar SFM
    Quillo Manar SFM

    Bruh you know you’re a professional when the log that falls off the tree is not only perfectly sized but also lines up with the other logs on the ground and does your taxes on the way down.

    • Sabina Schaflinger
      Sabina Schaflinger

      @Darvin Charles thank you 😊 & even i dont know you - I wish you much blessing too ☀️

    • Sean do e PcolaBch Fl..
      Sean do e PcolaBch Fl..


    • Nicole Codbrajoe
      Nicole Codbrajoe

      @Charles Wood oops, I duplicated your comment 3 weeks after you 🤣🤣 I should have finished the thread before I typed.

    • Nicole Codbrajoe
      Nicole Codbrajoe

      🤣 honest laugh out loud moment. Thank you!

  • The whole country is laughing at u
    The whole country is laughing at u

    One of the hardest jobs out there hands down. Looks easy till u realize what’s holding u to the tree and how easily u can die

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    I like how he just leaves the chainsaw stuck sometimes like it's an axe, that's either some unmatched confidence or unmatched stupidity

    • Sebastian Wagner
      Sebastian Wagner

      Confidence. I didnt want to leave my saw in there like that either when i first started. Now it doesn't even bother me. Plus hes got a lanyard on. Feel better about it that way.

  • The Hart Club Network
    The Hart Club Network

    I had so much anxiety before the fall then it just fell gently to the ground! ☺️😭

  • Abraham Ocana
    Abraham Ocana

    Bendiciones compita cuídense mucho 🙏🏽🙏🏽💯

  • Laura Gosnell
    Laura Gosnell

    My pops was an arborist until he was 67 climb trees 5 days a week since the age of 24! Set a genius book world record for fastest rope climb and became the first world champion tree trimmer when he was 42! Miss him every min of everyday!! He was the best father/grandpa a girl could have! Makes me appreciate him even more now that I see what he did everyday! Thank you

    • mary guest
      mary guest

      @crazy friend50 2 me how Laura spoke bout her father saying miss him Of every minute of every day, 2me tht reads tht her father has passed away

    • Ronald Ross
      Ronald Ross

      Bad ass!! I can climb a column, there is a big difference in the 2, you have to be in serious shape, if your fat forget it. My brother used to cut them, plus I worked for a guy when I was in high school. He was a master tree cutter and made it look so simple, when in reality there is nothing simple about it. Especially if you have houses and fences, power lines, cars, roads, have to really watch what your doing. I give it up to them, they are true badasses!!

    • marr izzy
      marr izzy

      How fast ????

    • Jesus May
      Jesus May

      Y’all funny asf😂

  • Eduardo Segura
    Eduardo Segura

    He scared the hell out of me when he continued to cut into the notch. If you get your saw stuck you gotta get another while the tree is more than half cut.

  • Carl Wood
    Carl Wood

    Worked 35 yrs doing this sure miss it Good job dude.

  • Invalid UserID
    Invalid UserID

    Hard pass, especially when the tree sways as the upper parts fall off.

  • Okkkenzie

    I love collecting the bit of wood that he threw at the bottom my gecko absolutely loves it however it may be bad since we need trees but im putting it to use so don't hate :)

  • J Meszi
    J Meszi

    As an electrician, our jobs are notoriously difficult, but these guys are on a whole different level.

    • HciContractor

      @Alice Ullrish isn't that the truth!!! If we aren't doing the electrical on a job I always make the electricians clean up after themselves. I don't get the prima donna attitude. We all should clean up after ourselves

    • HciContractor

      @the lord of sexting that led the army of corndogs we do commercial as well. What's so tough about commercial? Bending conduit? Pulling wire?

    • Suresh More
      Suresh More

      @Larenzo Lorein joo joo)

    • fredy melendez
      fredy melendez

      @Cameron Cook please electrician never touch the real power

    • rrboss33

      @SeeDMT on the dot

  • Hampter

    Imagine being that high up and the harness snaps. I’d be dead before I hit the ground

  • Dawson Kopp
    Dawson Kopp

    When felling a tree, your notch is supposed to be 1/3 of the way into the tree. Not 1/2 and not 3/4. IMO, seems a little deep. Have to make sure to leave enough of your hinge wood to make sure it falls into that notch. If you don’t, your notch is basically pointless.

  • derr3ck2029

    Looks like an experienced worker to me🤷🏾‍♂️. Good stuff ✊🏾

  • CJ K
    CJ K

    It's not a mistake it's a ,✨MASTERPIECE ✨

  • glennkon

    You can tell this worker knows what they're doing, because all the previous cuts have all landed in nearly the same place and orientation.

    • Mike Sokolow
      Mike Sokolow

      @HISALLOY 87 Curve cuts??

    • HISALLOY 87
      HISALLOY 87

      @Mike Sokolow sure you can put curve cuts to make the push easier but you can’t be snap cutting these 6 foot sections around houses, unless you have someone rigging that is.

    • Mike Sokolow
      Mike Sokolow

      @HISALLOY 87 After 31 yrs, you will learn, cutting your side wood away, is pretty important. A real deep notch , is usually just a bit more time/ fuel consuming, only needed occasionally to cut past the center of gravity. As long as the saw isn't pinched , or you go TOO far back, not usually a big deal.As long as you leave enough space for some holding wood, it'll be o.k.

    • HISALLOY 87
      HISALLOY 87

      Except his notch is wayyyyy too deep, he’s just sacrificing his holding wood. Always better to feather the back cut slowly and keep more wood on the sides. I’ve been an arborist for two year btw so I’ve a pretty extensive knowledge about these things!

    • mattbrunattree

      @Brian Kennedy exactly. The notch was notch to make it land flat, it was solely to make it fall effortlessly. I could have made it flat if i took smaller pieces because i was down pretty low here but didnt feel like it tbh

  • smudge

    bro I wanna just chill in a tree with that cool equipment. like imagine just sitting above the neighbourhood havin a good time. delightful.

  • Justin Mann
    Justin Mann

    I’m no keyboard warrior. Nor tree guy. On a farm we use an excavator and push em over lol. This is like a precision neuro tree surgeon! Hats off! Awesome clip!

  • Dawn cowgirl
    Dawn cowgirl

    Pretty sure he knows how to cut down a tree… since he’s doing it

  • Darin Bordonaro
    Darin Bordonaro

    I did trees for about 3 years then I wanted to start a family. Be very careful. Good job

  • kodzuken_

    this is a job….this job is fucking horrifying oh my god- i couldn’t, i’d pass out… mad props to people who have physical labor jobs like this. they do so much for us, man. all the heavy lifting, life threatening challenges, all that.

    • mattbrunattree

      @Alex G people get pulled into chippers all the time. Happened near me a few years ago. Safety devices are great when you remember to hit them while getting pulled in. The old chuck and duck chippers dont even have feed wheels, just straight into the knives.

    • mattbrunattree

      @O W N Z V X there is not much gore. I cant remember the last time i put on a band aid haha. The gory things you see are usually homeowners who dont want to pay an arborist and take it upon themselves to cut down their trees

    • arowace

      @Markus oh by the way I looked into things to refresh myself and I believe your dismissal of the idea of a wag gap based on "well men choose higher payed positions so they make more " is also misguided. For instance shouldn't we strive for all positions to reflect the gender ratio that exists in society as a whole? But 2/3rd of all low payed jobs are occupied by women. This fact becomes even more disturbing when you consider that women are over represented in statistics of college graduates. It's sort of difficult to choose which factors are most important but its not beneficial to anyone to dismiss this too early because the idea makes them uncomfortable.

    • arowace

      @Markus wow rude

  • Mitch McCoskey
    Mitch McCoskey

    Looks like a great job to me even landed it flat not messing up the yard.... Fine notch

  • Natalie Genung
    Natalie Genung

    This man is an artist at his job.

  • Blue kriptek
    Blue kriptek

    i hope they realize this is his job and hes been doing it for a long time

  • stephen perry
    stephen perry

    Nice cut bro. God bless you and stay safe. This is a dangerous business we are in! Tree gang for life

    • Aapo Hiljanen
      Aapo Hiljanen

      Finally a smart person in the comments. Everybody here sayin' that "save the trees" But everybody has to make a living in a way or another.

  • Nikki Reynolds
    Nikki Reynolds

    Perfect notch , only has a short controllable section to drop , he knows what he is doing ! Wish I had the guts to climb like that !

    • born free
      born free

      Perfect? Yea. Okay. Let's go with that. There are many reason to not notch it that deeply. He will find out one day. Notice the end where the tree landed on itself, one day it will roll. But until then, the wise old man won't be understood.

    • Warriors For Freedom
      Warriors For Freedom

      Depends on what your dropping and where and how you need it to drop

    • Tree Man
      Tree Man

      @lorenzobrit77 Central and North Texas is in dyer need right now after that freeze last year.

    • lorenzobrit77

      Done that job for 14 years loved it and I still miss it

    • Tree Man
      Tree Man

      @DynamicWorlds Pine trees are relatively safe if you can get past the spikes. I don't like wearing them over 3 hours a day though. They start hurting after while. Thanks though for the compliment. 👍

  • Kevin Wells
    Kevin Wells

    Looked good to me. Better than I would do. I’d be too scared for that kind of work

  • Zac Lewis
    Zac Lewis

    This is oddly satisfying Like watchin oil field workers on a drilling rig move like robots

  • Midnightgamer

    This would have hell cool if the wood stuck perfectly in ground, I was a bit frightened for the man cause I thought it would have back on them when he went around the side

  • Nate Fritchman
    Nate Fritchman

    Nice job I use to do that for a living not as easy as it looks

  • Hope

    One of the hardest things to do in a physical labor jobs is trust the equipment and tools to do what they’re supposed to without malfunction. I could barely go 30 ft up in a scissor lift without having an anxiety attack. Hats off to this guy

    • Dro 117
      Dro 117

      Yep, trusting in equipment is absolutely vital. I remember doing hazmat work and best believe I trusted those level A Hazmat suits and respirators with my LIFE lmfao so definitely, hats off to this fella

    • Kellastone '
      Kellastone '

      Yeah thats very true

  • Флай Цокотлай
    Флай Цокотлай

    Danger job! God bless you! ✝️

  • Ella Doz
    Ella Doz

    Practice makes perfect 👌💞

  • Melveli

    I remember seeing this over a month ago, my sense of time is off from laying in my bed depressed all day

    • Jordan Ferguson
      Jordan Ferguson

      I feel you there

  • Joseph Pierson
    Joseph Pierson

    I think he’s fine as long as he’s doing his job

  • Josiah Marin
    Josiah Marin

    Been a tree climber for about 2 years now and trust me it’s definitely scary, especially when your ascending the tree your about to work in. However, after your first few cuts in which ever tree you’re in, you become much more confident and focused on what you’re doing (assuming everything is going smoothly). It’s a great feeling when you come down and see all the work you just did. I always take a few looks back at my work and think to myself, damn, I just did that :)

    • Worst One Yet
      Worst One Yet

      @Josiah Marin don't know about you but I wl. Groundie of the year five years in a row before I got up a tree so when the groundie says ' it didn't run' I know he's lying.

    • Greenicegod

      @Josiah Marin huh, that's really cool!

    • Greenicegod

      @dunbar dunelm America

    • Josiah Marin
      Josiah Marin

      @Greenicegod I was delivering flowers for a flower company before my dad asked me if I wanted to work with him; depending on the company, you don’t need anything. Having some certifications though does look better for you in terms of how much they’d be willing to pay you

    • Josiah Marin
      Josiah Marin

      @Samuel Luria yes

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    Notch to deep and to tight , hinge no good once close and break .. it needs a longer cut more vertical on top.. good job though.. 😎

  • Elizabeth Wapass
    Elizabeth Wapass

    Right on..I was wandering which direction it would fall n how long n big it was going to be, considering the house just up ahead.. professional done!!Timber!!

  • Killer Entertainment Ventures Is Now
    Killer Entertainment Ventures Is Now

    I had 2 trim and cut down a 60ft fern tree which was right in the corner of a brick fence that divided 4 properties 3 of which had pools right close to the walls(fence) and there was wires from houses to a telephone pole going every direction that was 10ft from the tree ugh took me 4 freaking excruciating hours and I had no choice but to drop the 20 top feet onto a 10by10 concrete slab! Needless to say...... spider webbed the slab lol but nailed it on point. I was limited on time and equipment otherwise I'd have done it all proper with no spider web cracked concrete on the drop! Anyway I hate tight spots like that!

  • Mark Weeks
    Mark Weeks

    Dammn ! This Fellow is Up Pretty High , I Take My Hat off To The Ppl That Do This Kind of Work , I Slaute you .

  • Jake Kelli
    Jake Kelli

    I do this as well, and as an arborist I will say that while iv had many close calls in the path to learning, trusting in your skills is key. It's the 3rd most dangerous job in the US, but once you understand it, it's far more fun than it is scary. Like a game. I love this work! Well done my brother! Stay safe

    • Captain Squids
      Captain Squids

      @modorola razr trees are carbon sinks for the most part. Their job isn't primarily oxygen production (though they do it alright) roughly 80% of oxygen is produced by water plants iirc but without a healthy tree population we lose the necessary carbon holders

    • Tree Man
      Tree Man

      @Geoff Lepper I feel safer in the tree than driving to the tree job !

    • Maximus Quin
      Maximus Quin

      @Loki For President tell us how much of a spring chick you are haha

    • Bryan R
      Bryan R

      Bro I’m fucken scared of heights , respect to you bro 💯

    • Clement Moraschi
      Clement Moraschi

      @modorola razr yeah but too much algae acidifies the oceans with carbonic acid then we've got a different set of huge problems.

  • Anthony hawkins
    Anthony hawkins

    This is someone that's very skilled at their job

  • Gidget

    Kudos to u! I’m scared to death of heights!

  • ♠︎kiyømī♠︎

    I always wonder what if the cutted tree side falls on your side🤯

  • Chris Dickerson
    Chris Dickerson

    My entire family was in the tree business for years and more years to come

  • Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
    Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye

    Shout going out to all the professionals doing a fantastic job, whatever it is. Where would we be without you.

    • Popz

      at home

    • gwho

      Professional just means you charge for it

  • Frallio

    We talk about deforestation and then this video gets 2.6 MILLION likes. Incredible.


    How do you make it so it doesn’t fall in your way ?

  • Robert Wharton
    Robert Wharton

    It's simple. The notch/gob has be that deep in order to move the centre of gravity towards the desired direction of fall. Otherwise the climber wouldn't have the strength to push the weight of the log and snap the hinge. Perfect cut.

  • TrailerPark GIGOLO
    TrailerPark GIGOLO

    Your knotch was way too deep but as green as that tree was it was alright, bet you didn't check for water lines too deep knotch made it over rotate.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    Don't forget about the guys on the ground working the ropes when needed. Every good climber needs a good rope man and they need to trust each other and communicate well.

    • CTA ShadyWarrior
      CTA ShadyWarrior

      Whois Cockeye my point is tree surgeons don’t use spotters on the ground . This isn’t rock climbing.

    • Whois Cockeye
      Whois Cockeye

      Except there aren’t any ground ( spotter’s)none visible from what I see. So your comment is MOOT!

    • Kai Charlesworth
      Kai Charlesworth

      @TKOcow back this as a ground man

    • Matthew Dunlap
      Matthew Dunlap

      @TKOcow stay on that grind G

    • CTA ShadyWarrior
      CTA ShadyWarrior

      Lmao you actually know nothing about tree cutting. It’s like you think you’re watching a dude climb rocks. Watch it back

  • ŞůperStãr_

    It's so friggin scary for a person that is scared to fully stand up on a chair

  • Rivahana

    I thought there was a long trunk above the cutting spot ....a giant tree But when a small log fell I was disappointed 😐

  • retam1

    You know what leaving a hinge does when you are cutting a tree like this?

  • Isaac johnson
    Isaac johnson

    Pov: your looking for the comments telling the professional that he's doing something wrong but there's to many comments talking about it

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