cleaning my disgusting room *satisfying*
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I love this video! I remembered why I love making car vlogs with my friends and of course an added bonus of cleaning my besties room. if ur wondering why i'm writing this its bc i'm hoping youtube will pickup the key words such as: car vlog, room makeover, room transformation, cleaning my room at 2am. THANKS RSloft.

  • Keith Hill Jr
    Keith Hill Jr

    That thumbnail I thought she found a poop sock

  • Sabrina w.
    Sabrina w.


  • sofa loaf
    sofa loaf

    ・゜✭・pro tip・✫・゜ Put all your crap in boxes and put the boxes in your sisters closet :)

  • Manga_collector

    I’m glad I clean my room anytime I see a mess

  • Not as think as you drunk I am?
    Not as think as you drunk I am?

    it doesn't have a backup camera?!?!? take that trash to the scrap yard!

  • Erica Rodrigues
    Erica Rodrigues

    ❤️ perfect ♥️

  • The O’s Life
    The O’s Life

    What was the duck tape for?

  • Emily Gottfurcht
    Emily Gottfurcht

    to save you time half of the vid is a car vlog

  • Em !!
    Em !!

    *When I clean my room so well, that the only trash left is me*

  • Ghost King
    Ghost King


  • kittymuff

    i can relate so much to the whole thing about giving character to things, i refuse to throw away my bag of swedish candies because its in swedish LMAO

  • Dance Cheer my life analia
    Dance Cheer my life analia

    I watched miaphammy cleaning my room befor this and you said this was your inspiration for this

  • Angelina Simone
    Angelina Simone

    I’ve been watching for so long and they still aren’t cleaning

  • Tanna

    Does Michelle have a channel yet ??

  • rebecca kanya
    rebecca kanya


  • yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt
    yOohoO biG SuMmEr BlOwOUt

    Bruh everytime she says 'Michelle' it's sounds so weird bc my name is Michelle😂😂😂

  • •-Liå’s Wörłd-•
    •-Liå’s Wörłd-•

    4:50 that makes me more nervous Bcz if I do something weird or get embarrassed, they will never see me again, but these were complete strangers that I will never see again, and they will talk about it after they go to people.

  • Kate

    i hate to say this but my room is worse than hers

  • EXO Forever
    EXO Forever

    I stopped watching when she barfed ew


    Umm honey i came here because i want to see the title of the video not to see a every day vlog

  • Krupś

    I have messyroom too

  • umiumi xio
    umiumi xio

    The vscos

  • rafael ramirez
    rafael ramirez

    Wtf did I just watch? Ugh

  • F K
    F K

    I understand her, she really has no time she has two jobs she must be drained by the time she gets home

  • Bella Baccam
    Bella Baccam

    i miss this haley ;(

  • Sarah Kangas
    Sarah Kangas

    cleaner than my room :D

  • chenza1216

    the perfume in the back.. i use that

  • liltimmytim

    editing hakey

  • AngryBarbie

    Actual video starts 8:27 you’re welcome

  • annie

    It wasn’t that good 😫😕

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    I need your Phamily hoodie NOW

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    I love your vlogssss

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    Your makeup Michelle nooooo

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    I love Michelle’s shoes 😍😍

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    Go Haley and Michelle

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    We love a half Asian queen

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    Love you Hakey 💕

  • Liz Harris
    Liz Harris

    When she said “my inhaler from when they thought I had Asma but only had anxiety” the same thing happened to me!

  • Marshall Wayne
    Marshall Wayne

    Compared to Twitch streamers gamer room this pretty clean

  • Bella Mae
    Bella Mae

    Come clean my room please there will be content

  • GumDrop Cat
    GumDrop Cat

    Mine is worse

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    You spelled haley wrong at 11:17

  • Brigid Doherty
    Brigid Doherty

    Anyone else here procrastinating cleaning by watching this. Hoping for inspiration

  • Lily rAm
    Lily rAm

    Lol the caption says: my room It’s not hers lol

  • Emma Xxxx
    Emma Xxxx

    Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click baited So did you 😂😂😂

  • Brooklyn O’Laughlin
    Brooklyn O’Laughlin

    11:26 it’s says editing hakey 😂😂

  • Jäzzlo Lamansoft
    Jäzzlo Lamansoft

    she should make a yt channel

  • Selma Lykke
    Selma Lykke

    Eeeeeeh her bed cost $30 from ikea

  • Mayra Lara
    Mayra Lara

    Honestly, I had extreme social anxiety to the point where I'm in 0 family pictures for about a 4 year gap. I would never sit in the front seat, would only be in public from 9 am to 1pm because all the teens would be in school, I would be the only teen at my charter school who would do her schoolwork in the teachers lounger, etc. Etc. Livimg was so hard bc I had no clothes because I was took scared to go buy some. I met a group of friends who helped me out so much. I still delt with it away from my friends, in public places, My bestfriend would order pizza for me because I could not talk on the phone, meeting new people, etc. I started working right before I turned 20, almost got fired bc my social anxiety was messing me up so bad. I did not give up on myself, and thank God now I'm 21 and still working the same customer service job and doing very well in my position. I still deal with it but working because I was broke, has made it so much easier for me to talking on the phone and more. I only get nervous around my bfs family and judgemental people now.

    • Mayra Lara
      Mayra Lara

      It legit gets better. Do not let people make you feel dumb for having social anxiety. It's such a hard version of anxiety to deal with.

  • life is a big bud moment
    life is a big bud moment

    i’m also so observant...and #RELATABLETEEN oof that was so cringey i am so sorry for everyone scrolling through the comments and seeing this


    LOVE how the room doesn’t start to get cleaned until 8:50 into the video...

  • Chiyuaa

    ur so quirky and uinqe

  • Holly Wilson
    Holly Wilson

    Big mood, that's what Michelle is

  • Holly Wilson
    Holly Wilson

    "editing Haley" since when did you change your name?

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin

    Y is this all girls doing this. I'm not being mean but facts

  • Sumairaaxo


  • Candice Yazzie
    Candice Yazzie

    Michelle is so awesome.

  • Annie -
    Annie -

    2/3 is them sitting in a car

  • Nashaintsmol

    watch that room to change back to what it used to look like in two weeks Cuz thats me

  • Jasmine Flora
    Jasmine Flora

    my room is still messier 😂😭😭

  • Sierra's Journey
    Sierra's Journey

    "Editing hakey"

  • Charity

    *watches someone else clean their room instead of cleaning my own room

  • Amari Gail
    Amari Gail

    Omg I'm going to clean my room cause it's a messs

  • Matisse Cowan
    Matisse Cowan

    And I thought my room was messy

  • Ashlynn Stark
    Ashlynn Stark

    why did i get so excited when they were talking about calpurnia.... okkkk..

  • Avery Jackson
    Avery Jackson

    All this video made me think was thank god I'm not the only one who's room looks like a tornado hit.

  • dreamberries

    Wait what was the duck tape for

  • LifeAsMarissaK


  • Jades

    Are all the ppl just gonna ignore the fact that she put shopping for miaphammys arrival????? Or unless I’m dumb and confused

  • arnolda mellner
    arnolda mellner

    i relate to michelle so hard

  • Wil Anderton
    Wil Anderton

    Omg I have an inhaler for the same reason my anxiety was so bad it was closing up my throat

  • Kerry Tod
    Kerry Tod

    What was the tape for ?

  • Alec G
    Alec G

    This video just called me clean in every way

  • Ninjamoja

    I thought my room was messy but her's is a garbage can and I thought girls were supposed to be more tidy!?!?;

  • Dani Dexter
    Dani Dexter


  • ShadowPS4 Switch 568
    ShadowPS4 Switch 568

    *”My room is a dumpster”*

  • Reilli W
    Reilli W

    My braces cost more than that car, I need that

  • Samantha Aliprandi
    Samantha Aliprandi

    Madelaine PETSCH 💀😭😂

  • Catsmeow07

    I cleaned my room and there was food stuck on the floor and 10 dead stink bugs 🤮

  • cameron sowards
    cameron sowards

    no hate, just curious does anybody know why she says editing “Hakey“

    • Alexis8o3

      cameron sowards she said it autocorrects her name from haley to hakey and now she just does it for fun ig lol

  • Jeniset Gonzalez
    Jeniset Gonzalez

    I only have my bed and a tv on the wall and my closet with the door and I keep 0 furniture because I hate tight spaces or overcrowded rooms 😭

  • hoosna eydatoula
    hoosna eydatoula

    omfg, i had a nosebleed when i saw the room.... i swear sthg popped.... Ross from Friends: You know how you throw your jacket on a chair at the end of the day? Well, like that - only, instead of a chair, it's a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket, it's a pile of garbage. And instead of the end of the day, it's the end of time and garbage is all that has survived! Except here i think its clothes... Clothes are all tht have survived!!

  • Alien Nene
    Alien Nene

    Idk why but this video is sooo pure 💞

  • zen

    Omg I literally just finished cleaning my room and this was in my recommended.. RSloft knows

  • Shownusleftshoe

    As u can tell all of them at maiphammy and I love her 10/10 would recommend

  • Danica Mae
    Danica Mae

    Force her to make a RSloft channel or I’m *SUING*

  • lily leclair
    lily leclair

    My finger hurts

  • maddi hooks
    maddi hooks



      maddi hooks HaHa same!

  • Noemie Catherine
    Noemie Catherine

    OMG she kinda looks like Lara Jean 🤩

  • Abigail Reeder
    Abigail Reeder

    Where did you get your shirt Hayley?!

  • Eden Loiacono
    Eden Loiacono

    Omg I loooooove mai phammy

  • Shea Drewer
    Shea Drewer

    haley i thought you were quitting starbucks😂😂i love you❤️

  • Sidney Hinkle
    Sidney Hinkle


  • Sidney Hinkle
    Sidney Hinkle

    what's up with "Haley"

  • hope

    michelle is precious and must be protected at all costs

  • Melayna Sweet
    Melayna Sweet

    What was the duck tape for....

  • Shell Pullar
    Shell Pullar

    That’s disgusting was to live. sorry but no need to have that much mess!

  • Maiya Pearce
    Maiya Pearce

    isnt it weird that youtubers apoligize to random people watching they dont even know?

  • Zoe Glise
    Zoe Glise

    I feel like what helps me with social anxiety or being nervous to talk in public or talk to new people is thinking that the other person might be just as nervous or more nervous than I am. A lot of the time that's the case and other people are thinking more of what they are going to do or say themselves rather than what other people are going to say towards them. That's helped me a lot (:

  • Samantha Foote
    Samantha Foote

    I love your hair in this video ugh u perfect

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