China unveils state-of-the-art maglev train prototype designed to travel at 620km/h
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A new maglev train prototype and 165 metres (540 feet) of test track were unveiled in Sichuan province in China on January 14, 2021. It was developed by researchers at Southwest Jiaotong University, who said their “high-temperature superconducting maglev” technology is more economical and efficient since it uses liquid nitrogen as a coolant. The train is designed to travel up to 620km/h (385mph), but developers are working to boost its speed to 800km/h (497mph). A commercially viable version of the train could take another six years to create.

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  • SFB

    But Elon said the hyperloop is the bestest in the world and he invented it all by himself from a 100y old design and patent

  • Aqeil

    next up.... a train ride that will go faster than the speed of sound

  • ああ

    Maid in china NO1

  • Wibowo PR
    Wibowo PR

    when will it be physically tested to reach that speed like the japanese L0 series ?! i see a striking design change from the prototype that was showcased last year

  • Huang Bao
    Huang Bao

    Imagine if there's some sort of malfunction and then the train just flies off track

  • xavier lacorne
    xavier lacorne

    Fantastic bravo ..🇨🇳🇨🇵👍

  • Grace

    The West wants to go to war with China because seeing them build infrastructure makes them uncomfortable

  • Chong Kim
    Chong Kim

    This is super cool!!!! G2, China Our original master from South-West Korea, Mokpo...!!

  • Phyllis Mok
    Phyllis Mok


  • Johann Schieber
    Johann Schieber

    Super 👍, ich wünsche den Chinesen weiterhin viel Erfolg für die Zukunft, es ist nur schade dass im Westen der Wille fehlt um so etwas zu bauen,

  • Vineeth Vineeth
    Vineeth Vineeth

    Low quality train's

  • Musa Fawundu
    Musa Fawundu

    China is planning more than a century ahead... Not just planning, buy actually building the foundational items of technology and infrastructure for more than a century ahead.

  • Paul Simon
    Paul Simon

    Why in the front is look like a window of a bottle?

  • チェリーブロッサム
    チェリーブロッサム In 2011, after a high-speed train car derailed in China, heavy machinery was dispatched to the accident site instead of emergency services, and the injured were buried underground, car and all. The injured were buried under the ground. Foreign press criticized this, and in a panic, the authorities dug the train out of the ground in an attempt to destroy the evidence. In other words, a dictatorship like China is the fastest in the world at destroying evidence and burying trains in the ground, rather than running them.

  • S Quantum
    S Quantum

    This is copied from...uh...(keep searching...)

  • Lars Harmsen
    Lars Harmsen

    USB-A? That's ancient technology

  • Yellow Nigga
    Yellow Nigga

    China definitely stolen this technology from the US! Oh wait, American doesn't have this technology yet! Hahaha

  • Waheed Rafiq
    Waheed Rafiq

    Well done again why cant Britain do better with HS2 it is beyond my mind set

  • Chen Rui
    Chen Rui

    India just installed 5 toilets in 3 villages why no media doing a report on that? >:^(

  • Extravaganza

    Can’t wait the real test run of that maglev train ... Japanese already made the record In 2016 of 603km/h in a real test run ...

  • Rocket Egg
    Rocket Egg

    The Question is How many stations this train will stop inbetween from its Source to Destination?

  • Adi Dude
    Adi Dude

    I support china in development matter much love from India and proud to be atheist...

  • Bruib

    downvotes from flg tw hk indians nazis

  • Panda Burrito
    Panda Burrito

    COPY AND PASTE . . . . . . . . Chuo Linear Shinkansen

  • 平戸健一

  • Paul Ian Del Rosario
    Paul Ian Del Rosario

    imagine the magnets not working the train would fly

  • Danda Prem Sai
    Danda Prem Sai

    One can't deny one thing about china is technological advancements they achieved in last 2 decades.thats impressive

  • Enchanced

    We can look forward to similar train speeds here in the UK in about... ooo... never.

  • meowsky lev
    meowsky lev

    这一定是我们从别的国家偷来的.所以除了我们别的国家都还没有. 我承认我确实看了太多西方媒体.

  • randomist


  • Subha's Vlogs
    Subha's Vlogs

    Meanwhile Japanese people: Bro, is there anything you are unable to copy paste?

  • Irene Shi
    Irene Shi


  • James Sicat
    James Sicat

    Stolen tech from Japan

  • Andrew Hay
    Andrew Hay

    Did they steal the tech from Japan like they steal everything else?

    • Oda Nobunaga
      Oda Nobunaga

      Yeah, they stole this technology from the aliens.

  • Dot

    This is more practical than the hyperloop.

    • Doray Nathan
      Doray Nathan

      Hyperloop Not a practical loop.

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba

    weird, I didn't find any comments accusing China of stealing

  • lalit Kumar Singh
    lalit Kumar Singh

    Made in China is not trust worthy thing.

  • Agus Gunawan
    Agus Gunawan


  • Shinjan Saha
    Shinjan Saha

    They were invited in Japan but I think Chinese used their own design

  • Ian Gabriel Palisoc
    Ian Gabriel Palisoc

    China will never beat Japan's Technology Like this if you agree!

  • Winchester Chua
    Winchester Chua

    I already have second thoughts of riding a bullet train, no way am I riding this.

  • deshpremi

    Meanwhile in India - Hindu Muslim Sikh Pakistan Rahul

  • K Tan
    K Tan

    i wonder if you realised that global warming stops and reversing with the airplane stopping to pollute the sky and create carbon dioxide. this year winter is normal of what we used to have decade ago and before. we should really stop the airplane travelling by increasing air tix price. and encouraging train travelling.

  • K Tan
    K Tan

    if u noticed those countries that attack China are those that are stagnating or declining..

  • U mesh Talk
    U mesh Talk


  • Utopia Light
    Utopia Light

    I don’t think they need more trains, China have more trains than they need

  • 1

    Just make a hyperloop

  • Doctor's Cuisine
    Doctor's Cuisine

    why the windscreen is in bottle shape? Any thoughts?

  • Ricky Morales Jr
    Ricky Morales Jr

    Why is there a bottle of Coke in front of the train?

  • David C
    David C

    We China will be accused of stealing USA future technology by time machine , Ha Ha !

  • Poopy

    Positive news about China is propaganda the CCP is evil

  • SommyBliss Nriama
    SommyBliss Nriama

    *What happened to Jack Ma?*

  • David Metcalfe
    David Metcalfe

    1:11 Pretty strange that they made the train so sleek and futuristic looking, and then used chairs that look like they're from 1930.

  • Md Saqib Ansari
    Md Saqib Ansari

    India learn from china.....

  • अर्पित सिंह
    अर्पित सिंह

    China superpower 2030 no doubt.

  • Sumit Singh Ghuraiya
    Sumit Singh Ghuraiya

    It's too expensive as it require massis electricity so it will fail as fail in Japan

  • goofy guy
    goofy guy

    RSloft - How many chopsticks you want in comment section 🥢 Me - Yes

  • Gilmar Ortiz Barbosa
    Gilmar Ortiz Barbosa

    enquanto a china destrói o mundo com a covid eles crescem com a desgraça dos outros

  • Mubashir Ali
    Mubashir Ali

    Hyper Loop: Exists. Maglev Train: I'm About To End This Man's Carrier.

    • hugh mungus
      hugh mungus

      who wants to bet that the hyperloop would still be nowhere to be found by the time this maglev is up and running.

  • R Patel
    R Patel

    Great Chinese innovation. Well done .Respect from India.

  • クモユニ

    日本の技術 沈ボォツ❗

    • 上官竹喧


    • Award Queue
      Award Queue

      Totally different. Japanese Maglev Technology(Actually is an LTS tech from a university of America) needs a speed of 80km/h to suspend. But this one doesn't need it. this one is HTS.

  • Wan Wan
    Wan Wan


    • Wen Liu
      Wen Liu


  • Ronald McPaul
    Ronald McPaul

    The secret is, when it crashes you suppress the news

  • 정민우

    정말 미래적인 디자인이네요. 한국도 좀 과감한 시도를 해보면 좋은데 ㅎㅎ 한국은 성능을 떠나 디자인은 좀 경시하는거같아 안타깝습니다.

  • Take U
    Take U

    Chinese can only imitate. They have no ability to develop new products. This announcement must be a lie.

  • 2020

    With stolen technology!!!! LOL

    • Award Queue
      Award Queue

      Is HTS Maglev with China's flux pinning technology.

  • D M C
    D M C

    You're welcome China.

  • 花子

    1000人計画でどいつかが機密情報を漏らしやがったんでしょうね おめでたい日本国政府、おめでとうございます。

    • 上官竹喧

      @花子 日本人として日本語を知らないのですか?

    • 花子

      @上官竹喧 日本語で書きやがれや。うすらトン吉。

    • 上官竹喧


  • 水木G

    浮上率ちっさw 日本のように10cmは浮かないと急な地震でみんな死ぬよw

  • the last survivor of Atlantis
    the last survivor of Atlantis

    Goodbye America =)))

  • Akash George
    Akash George

    Covid express

  • Witcher 2OP
    Witcher 2OP

    Yaha Chinese 800kmph ki trains bna rhe h aur yha india me dragonfruit inko ekk bhot bada concern lag rha h

  • KKND

    Made in China... nope nope would never ever ride with this thing

  • Aerial China
    Aerial China


  • ZZZ

    Trump haven't claimed it was stolen from US? Huh. He must be so busy dreaming about his second term.

  • Choi bernd
    Choi bernd

    US: NO, China steal from us

  • nyzk

    looks too similar to Japan's JR Maglev train. I like their other maglev design more

    • nyzk

      @种花家的小安 Design looks very similar to this Japanese model from 1995. I'm talking about the design, not the technology

    • 种花家的小安

      it’s the first in the world, totally different ok?

  • Goldenbazz


  • Cornelius Leonardo
    Cornelius Leonardo

    I hope it is not just another scam to gain some investor money

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    Sort the housing out first

  • Campur- Campur
    Campur- Campur


  • Ferdinand Miranda
    Ferdinand Miranda

    The silk road connection has already begun. No-one will stop it.

  • Ainslee Cain
    Ainslee Cain

    No matter how advance and fast the transportation would be, all I hope for is that it's a secure and safe transportation. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

  • Hyperb

    Wow that’s so cool!... for stolen technology

    • Hyperb

      @AKASH Germany, France, Japan, atc basically al countries that were in the high speed train business. Idk abt india tho

    • AKASH

      Stolen from where? India?

  • Александр Бегунов
    Александр Бегунов

    👍 Высший сорт.

  • armedwithsmile

    In usa trains are pulled by Yankees donkeys today ..

  • Nurul Ansari
    Nurul Ansari

    This train is threat to democracy, now revolution will reach via this train 😅😂

  • graveur graveur
    graveur graveur

    Meanwhile, America develops more arms!

  • Elfed Owen
    Elfed Owen

    Didnt like the interior and what's with bottle shaped windscreen?. Other than that it's gawjus.

  • Mr. Eminem
    Mr. Eminem

    China will be the next superpower... Idk but I'm sensing it

  • ManMadeDesaster

    how long is the breaking distance @800kmh?

  • Don

    O my goodness 😲👍👍👍

  • Erwin Albano
    Erwin Albano

    Is that a bottle shape window in the front of the train?

  • Ravi Pandey
    Ravi Pandey wishes from India

  • LongTimeTTFan

    Faster than a commercial passenger airplane! Unbelievable engineering! Well done, China!

    • Ethan's Aviation
      Ethan's Aviation

      That isn't faster than a commercial aircraft, commercial aircraft reach 500 to 600 mph


    Isang malaking "SANAALL"

  • End Game
    End Game

    I will not ride this train as this is made in china.

  • Wold OliviO
    Wold OliviO

    Just after Japan did this same experimentation..,,

  • Barthz Studio
    Barthz Studio

    Watch "Free Documenatry's " Mega Future Trains thats the history of MagLev where china invested in Germany for rapid transit.

  • dan79 transam
    dan79 transam

    They have this and here we are in the "great" us of a.

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