car vlog: addressing your concerns :)
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
more car vlogs and stuff i wanna make from now on :) I LOVE YALL thanks for stickin by me while i'm confused about life lol
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    Ace SJ


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  • Kari Victoria
    Kari Victoria

    what camera is this?!

    • David

      Canon 80d

  • Nour Abbas
    Nour Abbas

    I love this cause I started watching you when u were still at about 2k I love u ❤️❤️

  • Felicia Wang
    Felicia Wang

    who else wishes she would still make car vlogs

  • Kaity Sandlin
    Kaity Sandlin

    when you said you and Ryan wouldn't make a channel together but...

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    Xx Xx

    5:41 kinda sexy😭😍😂

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      Adriano Patuzzi

      Kinda? Definetly, REEAAAALLY

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  • Ellie F
    Ellie F

    hey hakey we love u

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    that burp at 5:43 was huge af

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    Emily Johnson

    13:40 dramatic irony

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  • megstar

    13:40 lol, watching after they make The Traphamily channel

  • em acd
    em acd

    this entire video i was just like ,,, get to your point lol ur editing needs work

  • Pet Island
    Pet Island

    You created the 7 rings song sis at 1:25 it came out like a month after you made this sis u a queen

  • gabby cortez
    gabby cortez

    fast forward a couple months where haley and ryan have a joint channel together lol

  • Sonia Mamour
    Sonia Mamour

    Hahaha I love how she said she’ll never make a couple channel with Ryan

  • savannah :0
    savannah :0

    13:39 eye-

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    Sienna b

    I'm so late but 45 lol

  • Alien Nene
    Alien Nene

    Did Haley just threw shade on Ariana 😂

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    Balnish Kaur

    Nice video! I've started vlogging and I would love it if you guys show my channel some support and love. Thank you !!♡♡

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    Paola Herrera

    When are you going to do the bible study video? Jeje love you so much

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    Aubrey Alexis

    45 :)

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay

    You're so articulate and thoughtful for your age

  • vibbe bernhard
    vibbe bernhard


  • tightpantsJONAS

    7 Rings is a song born out of having a rough day. She's not boasting or preaching that shopping brings happiness. Ari has been through hell and back. She tweeted (about 7 Rings): "well ............. ‘twas a pretty rough day in nyc. my friends took me to tiffany’s. we had too much champagne. i bought us all rings. 💍 it was very insane and funny. & on the way back to the stu njomza was like ‘bitch, this gotta be a song lol’. so we wrote it that afternoon."

  • ellie hagen
    ellie hagen

    Who’s gonna tell her that Chick Fil A is hella homophobic

  • Christine Filipkowski
    Christine Filipkowski

    Does she still dance!?

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  • Tasha_Amy

    Is your hair layered? Idkkkk yelp a girl out, how do you explain your hairstyle to the hairdresser?

  • Tasha_Amy

    It’s not RSloft. It’s you and your personality. Yeah anyone can be a RSloft but not EVERY RSloftr makes it. 💛💛

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    Jocelyn E

    i live in idahooooo

  • Rebeka Zoluaga
    Rebeka Zoluaga

    Your vlogs always make me feel happy

  • Kobe Angeles D’amelio
    Kobe Angeles D’amelio

    Do you know Daniella Perkins? Even if you don’t, you should do a video with her because that would be nice

  • Jo's Jesus Creepers
    Jo's Jesus Creepers

    puts car vlog on main channel. love you Haley

  • M J
    M J

    Watch StarPuppy's youtube video "HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR 20s"

  • M J
    M J

    We are all going through it honey. OMG the whole young adult thing. The whole wait im not a kid but i am uugghh its a confusing era i love u girl hang in their...and one important thing is "being able to tell when you are experiencing a depressive episode"

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee

    Thought this was a new upload for some reason and was so confused why you were talking about things that already happened as your plans lol

  • Kat Bowman
    Kat Bowman

    “What am I doing right now? Nothing, and I love it” that’s amaizng. Love that. Love her. She’s amazing

  • sydney gremmels
    sydney gremmels

    PS you look amazing in those hipster glasses thank you very much

  • sydney gremmels
    sydney gremmels

    Umm your teeth are beautiful haha I aspire to have your teeth lololol

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    Maia Holden

    yeeyee 🤠 skrt skrt 🤪

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  • madison yard
    madison yard

    Haley you should do a car tour

  • lijah abby
    lijah abby

    “I already had my period last month” Don’t you have it every month?

  • Lilly Romain
    Lilly Romain

    Yup, shes pregnant...

  • Charlie Munch
    Charlie Munch

    Honey with chicken...🙌🏼

  • Jess Bie_
    Jess Bie_

    Why is it "editing hakey"?

  • Olivia Nargi
    Olivia Nargi

    Honestly Haley is my favorite RSloftr sooooo I’m subscribed on here and her vlog channel and I follow her insta. I would have her on Twitter but I’m not allowed to have Twitter 😂😂

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  • Lila H
    Lila H

    I’m Christian too.

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    Kimberly Salinas

    What lipstick is that😍

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    NTT Thiên Tú

    hello can we subscribe like and comment to each other? I really need this help me.

  • Eleonore Bon
    Eleonore Bon

    You take very long to get your point across.

  • Shreya Gaskill
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  • Hello Kayla
    Hello Kayla

    You should call it “Girly thoughts” idk it kind of sounds like pops

  • Hello Kayla
    Hello Kayla

    So uh when’s that apartment tour

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    Madelynn Miske

    45 :)

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    Sara Marie

    What the heCK I eat my chicken with honey too

  • Briana Bernardez
    Briana Bernardez

    Honestly this is late but i really don't understand whats wrong with ur videos. Like to me its actually fine like u make me laugh all the time.. these haters are mf bothering me like if u dont like the video then dont warch it. PERIOD!! btw love ya❤

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    arianna comey


  • Isabella Perez
    Isabella Perez

    Why are we so God damn similar

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  • Hana D
    Hana D

    This is the kind of content I miss and love. Of course we love these types of videos, it’s why most of is came here in the first place. Personally, they’re my favorite

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    Tiara Pearson


  • Helen Lee
    Helen Lee

    what makeup did you use in this vid?

  • ediits by iz
    ediits by iz

    i loved your car vlogs so much and it’s hard to believe i was here way before you could even drive 😂❤️

  • MarianaBeauty19

    You are my favorite youtuber, please never stop! ❤️

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    anti dweeb


  • Nicole Burgess
    Nicole Burgess

    I like them and call them "pop-talks".

  • Bridget Hartigan
    Bridget Hartigan

    If you feel alone you should get a dog or pet

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  • joy

    i'd love a video where you tell about your faith, christianity and values! i've personally had a bad experience with christianity so every time you mention it i get a bit uncomfortable. i feel like if you explained your faith it would make me comfortable with christians again since you seem like a really good person! love you

  • Maia Noonan
    Maia Noonan

    Don’t worry my parents got divorced this year too Xx your not alone 😊

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    Agge Craftee

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    Nessa Castro

    i love these types of videos

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    love this lil video haleyyy, don't worry about pleasing people we love u!!

  • ashley

    if you do these videos you should start it off with “let’s chat girly pops” :)

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    Omg I live in Idaho I wonder if I’ve ever seen your aunt!! 🤔😱 love you! 💓

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    Natalie Moore

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  • Reyna Myvett
    Reyna Myvett

    i had no idea that you were christian but hey me too!! i actually love your channel so much and you always somehow connect to literally everyone which is amazing!!!

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    You should name your pod casts phamcasts

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    Cuemilla A

    honestly loved this video

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  • Caroline Reynolds
    Caroline Reynolds

    Can you start a blog where we can have a girly pop bible study

  • Mary-Ann Rose
    Mary-Ann Rose

    You probably won’t see this Haley but I honestly love these sort of videos! If you enjoy making easy going videos every once in a while to take a break from the bigger projects I’d love it and so would many other people :) it’s not trash at all, we all just enjoy your content for YOU 💕

  • BeccaMecca !
    BeccaMecca !

    I hate that you feel pressured by hate to be something you’re not ): what made your youtube was you being yourself and people like me LOVING it. you & i have so much in common with all of the life crisis things, i just made an appointment for my first therapy session and my parents aren’t doing too well. stay strong girly pop 😉 you got this

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