Buying Every Instagram Ad That Wouldn't Stop Following Me
Instagram ads have been getting a little too specific lately...following me in fact! So I had to try them out for myself! What did you girlypops think of the products? Was my reviewing too harsh 😳
⭐️brand inquiries:

  • Garcia Alice
    Garcia Alice

    They have bra extenders they sell them in the bra sections if you don’t wanna return the bra, just in case no one suggested it

  • Abby Pena
    Abby Pena

    That bra is everything you weren’t looking for - idk why you bought 😳😭😂

  • Eskra

    Well that was fun to watch, well... all Haley’s videos are fun to watch😂😂

  • Gabby Patron
    Gabby Patron She says girly pops too 👀

  • irlcara

    Haley’s video quality just keeps getting better!

  • Kayla Zulka
    Kayla Zulka

    Ya ain't seen gone girl ? Lol

  • enia l
    enia l

    can somebody tell me what’s the outro song? please

    • Janine Oosthuizen
      Janine Oosthuizen

      On the ground - Pandaraps

  • Polly Machajski
    Polly Machajski


  • Tia Duran
    Tia Duran

    Allergy shots are great i got them and they helped my allergies and asthma so much i don’t have asthma attacks anymore at first it was scary but once you get a while in it’s not scary anymoreee

    • Eimear Butler
      Eimear Butler

      how often do you have to get them i have asthma and allergies and its just irritating

  • Nayely Velez-Cruz
    Nayely Velez-Cruz

    can someone PLEASE tell me where that sweater with the flames on it is from? I beg D:

    • Nayely Velez-Cruz
      Nayely Velez-Cruz

      @Tarris Green omg thank you so much

    • Tarris Green
      Tarris Green

      @knitwrth on instagram

  • Melike O.
    Melike O.

    Hey Haley. I love you and Spock. But I couldn't just NOT say this: You shouldn't put clothes on a dog.. It really makes them uncomfy and the way he couldn't even walk should've make you realize that.. I don't have any bad intentions when i say that, though it looks cute to you, it doesn't mean it feels that way for him. It's againts a dog's nature and also makes them stressed. (Because they cannot protect themselves like that. i mean come on, he can't. even. walk.) That aside, i love the video

    • Emelyne

      if you didn’t wear clothes and walked around naked for years and then suddenly put clothes on for the first time i’m sure everyone would walk around a little weird. haley said she wanted the clothing for the cold weather and that’s what clothing dogs is used for and it’s ok in the situation

    • zara atkin
      zara atkin

      my dog has a coat when it rains and a jumper when it's cold in winter snd he loves both of them I know this because if I hold it up to him he wags his tail and when putting it on he puts his head through before I've began to do it for him.

    • Sophie Krakowka
      Sophie Krakowka

      @Melike O. Yes...I understand that lol

    • Melike O.
      Melike O.

      @Sophie Krakowka Yes but it seems to me that she thinks just Spock didn't like that specific brand or something. Or it's just that Spock doesn't like to wear stuff. The truth is no dog likes to wear things bc it's againts their nature, they just tolerate it.

    • Melike O.
      Melike O.

      @Jess Avery just because many people do it, it doesn't mean it's right thing to do. Even though dogs are tamed today, it doesn't change their nature completely. They still want to be alert, justs like a wolf is alert in the forest. Having something so limiting like that on their body can cause serious stress for that reason, because they cannot protect themselves immediately in case they feel attacked or something. Actually i would love to share a resource about dog behaviours but the one that i really believe in and love is in Turkish.. :/

  • Emily Alonso
    Emily Alonso

    I thought she lived in Utah for some reason lol

  • Hannah Fisher
    Hannah Fisher

    where is your cuff necklace from?! I love it!!

    • Hannah Fisher
      Hannah Fisher

      @Sofia Gaievska thank you!!

    • Sofia Gaievska
      Sofia Gaievska

      i have one from brandy but i bet other brands sell it as well :)

  • Ciara Saucedo
    Ciara Saucedo

    For you nose you should get one of those squeezing bottles with that like salt solution to clean out your nose

  • Justine Pirie
    Justine Pirie

    haley! i would definitely recommend allergy shots. i’ve been doing them for over a year now and they’ve helped me a lot. i get a shot in each arm, one for dogs and cats mainly, and the other for mostly pollen related allergies. although it does take a while, like years, for hour allergies to go away bc you have to get acclimated to the dose of allergen going into your body, i can for sure tell they’ve helped since i’ve started, and i think they can do a lot for you:) you start at 3 times a week and progressively do less and less until it’s like once a month or even less. i’m at every 3 weeks right now, although it’s different for everyone based on how you react to the histamines

    • Anna C
      Anna C

      i also have done allergy shots! i did mine for 4 years (which is a long time) but the appointments get further and further apart as you go on. i completely recommended them; it is worth the time investment. i still have seasonal allergies so it wasn’t a miracle fix but prior to having allergy shots no antihistamine would work and i couldn’t go outside without getting a stuffy nose and itchy eyes etc. now i take an over the counter allergy pill as needed and they are so much more manageable. so overall would definitely recommend!!

  • Catarina Pacheco
    Catarina Pacheco

    7:50 where is that sweater from?

    • esbeildy rodriguez
      esbeildy rodriguez

      @knitwrth on insta :)

  • Thu Ho
    Thu Ho

    Haley!! I'm a week late to this video cause it didn't show up in my subscription box. Explain yourself 😖

  • marisa melice
    marisa melice

    i’m in allergy shots rn for a 5 year program i’ve been doing them since july and haven’t seen too much progress but my doctor said that’s completely normal

    • marisa melice
      marisa melice

      @Tia Duran thanks!

    • Tia Duran
      Tia Duran

      it gets better the further you go in at least that’s my experience

  • Aurelia Elle
    Aurelia Elle

    Seeing the lack of top liked comments feels so unsettling-

    • Reese Davis
      Reese Davis

      YES I DOES

  • Fudge KWB
    Fudge KWB

    wait why can’t Haley return or exchange the CUUP?

    • Alisha Pollock
      Alisha Pollock

      Or bc it’s custom to e quiz

  • gill morton
    gill morton

    everyone’s here rn ahahah

  • Emily DeMarre
    Emily DeMarre

    OWA OWA!

  • SaraSahlie Marcato
    SaraSahlie Marcato

    haley’s editing is so all over the place yet so organized at the same time and i’m living for it

  • Thanos

    The coat for Spock is the cutest

  • coco kaufmann
    coco kaufmann

    why are there no viral comments

  • Kyla's World
    Kyla's World

    Allergy shots worked pretty good for me but you have to do them consistently but the allergies don’t just completely go away but definitely helps a lot 👍🏽

  • Marcela Folsom
    Marcela Folsom

    “can i get an ara ara” I SCREECHED

  • mira_leto _
    mira_leto _

    I actually got my bra fitte professionally two and they told me that the back band has to be a little tighter to support you

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen


  • Susannah Adeline
    Susannah Adeline

    Would you ever do a video about breaking in your docs?

    • Alisha Pollock
      Alisha Pollock

      Wear them as much as possible and you’ll probably want to tape your ankles and toes. Double layer socks

  • A Katz
    A Katz

    allergy shots suck especially at the beginning (i was getting four shots, three appointments a week, twice per appointment for the first month or two) but overall they're really helpful. it just takes a long time.

  • Estie Cronk
    Estie Cronk

    spock is a rough looking dog LOL

  • jules

    What’s her waxing experience 👀

  • jules

    Oooof where she get the orange top👀

  • Ramaisa Noman
    Ramaisa Noman

    where is the shirt from at 7:46 ?

  • Aye It's K
    Aye It's K

    I have to be honest.. I did enjoy that little merch plug at the end before the vid ended. haha, nice touch.

  • katelyn fuller
    katelyn fuller

    i’ve been getting allergy shots for about 5 years!!!!! it’s made a huge difference. i used to get sick all the time and now i don’t anymore. in the beginning, i had to get 3 shots twice a week, but that might be different for you. they are definitely worth it tho

  • Mimi Sassyfoot
    Mimi Sassyfoot

    I get allergy shots and if you wondering it doesn’t hurt you will get used to it I just get a little soar. But getting the actual allergy test hurts a lot- but luckily you don’t have to get that again lol. Iy your videos btw!!

  • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
    Lila & Caitlyn Phavis

    I wanna see more haley vlogsssss

  • idaly ronquillo
    idaly ronquillo

    Why are her comments limited on Instagram

    • Jordyn Grace
      Jordyn Grace

      She’s been losing followers too idk why tho

    • Kinsley Benson
      Kinsley Benson

      i think she was getting a lot of hate or something idk

  • J3ss Main
    J3ss Main

    Can you tell us what mesh bra you get a victoria secret so we can try that one out instead?

  • Jaopa 22
    Jaopa 22

    The outro scares me every time

  • Sinners.edits

    Im pretty sure you can return your bra I would look into that

  • Charlotte ZumBerge
    Charlotte ZumBerge

    my heart broke when she said that lemon grass is her least favorite sent


    "4:03" if you want to gain huge popularity with huge active followers use

  • Alex Cavazos
    Alex Cavazos

    so i received my first set of allergy shots (havent finished the whole process so prolly gonna have to start all over 😀🔫) but i already have noticed an improvement in my allergies as well as asthma! & boy did i have it bad Im allergic to pine & would fill up w hives but last week i was snowboarding (around a lot of pine) & didn’t experience allergies like i usually would have (probably would be better if i had finished the whole process lol)

  • Rory Diane
    Rory Diane

    New month new idenity!

  • Avary Gish
    Avary Gish

    Omg does anyone know where the long sleeve dark orange shirt is from or what’s it called that Hayley was wearing while unboxing the bra??? It’s so cute!!!

  • user 1289
    user 1289

    no hate- but you know you were getting a mesh bra i don’t think that’s the brands fault

    • Kadence

      She did know that, but that’s what they recommend her. And that’s not the only thing that was wrong with it

  • Heather Comparato
    Heather Comparato

    does anyone know the name of her hair color? like what would I ask for at the salon??

    • Elli L
      Elli L

      i think it would be called almond highlights!

    • Мяумяу Баубау
      Мяумяу Баубау

      Just saw the hairdressers a pic of the hair

  • Kaitlyn Sizemore
    Kaitlyn Sizemore

    i would use a jade roller before bed mainly above your eyebrows and in between your eyebrows and that should get rid of all of the mucus when you wake up

  • Carissa White
    Carissa White

    What kind of dog does she have I’ve been wondering that for a year 😌

    • Carissa White
      Carissa White

      @Anna-Lena Schanze thanks!

    • Anna-Lena Schanze
      Anna-Lena Schanze

      I think they rescued him which is why they’re not sure about his breed

  • Meghan O'Donovan
    Meghan O'Donovan

    You can get really cheap bra extenders

  • Cassidy Brink
    Cassidy Brink

    not to be gross but its not really gunk in your nose per say its actually congestion that are sitting in your nasal cavities ik cause i almost have it weekly

  • T C
    T C

    It'd be nice to give credit to Sierra Schultzzie for the idea. You're using the same title as her videos lmao

    • Daniella Clinton
      Daniella Clinton

      This particular video trend has been around since 2018-ish (e.g Safiya Nygaard)

  • kalli campbell
    kalli campbell

    I love mesh bras with natural shaping

  • Ally

    Fun fact: At 11:20 when you were tapping your forehead and hearing the congestion in your nose, it is because that is where your frontal sinuses (one of your 4 paranasal sinuses) are at!

  • Kaylee Madison
    Kaylee Madison

    Where is the top from that you were wearing when you opened the Cuups package??? It's so cute

    • Avary Gish
      Avary Gish

      Same I wanna know so bad!

    • Sophia Grasso
      Sophia Grasso

      i wanna know too!!

  • nathan

    spock's fur should be enough to resist the cold tho :/ be careful he doesn't oveheat with the dog clothing

  • Sophie S
    Sophie S

    Welcome to the wide-set-booby club 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Cleo A
    Cleo A

    Girl just use straight jojoba oil on the areas that you shave to soothe and protect them. You don't need to spend $45 on Fur products.

  • Annie Nel
    Annie Nel

    6:56 literally my dogs when we dress them with clothes, they feel so awkward 😂

  • kirei kirei
    kirei kirei

    Lmao emily is not just an ig girl

  • Melissa Marquez
    Melissa Marquez

    that noise at 13:!5 is mucus that's in one of the sinuses of your skull :) my anatomy and physiology class is coming into use lol a sinus is basically like a hole in a bone and there's one in between your eyebrows above your nose you can look it up its call the frontal sinus

  • Alejandrxddg

    Can guys wear the merch 😁

    • Emmalee H
      Emmalee H


    • Kailah Francis-gill
      Kailah Francis-gill


  • AnnMarie Dull
    AnnMarie Dull

    What is the story of Spock's name. Is it Star Trek-insired?

    • jaleb

      I’m pretty sure that was his name when they first adopted him and they didn’t want to change it :)

  • Hayle Winger
    Hayle Winger

    the mesh shipping bag is a laundry bag so you can wash it in the washing machine

  • Lauryn M.
    Lauryn M.

    How is no one talking about the editing and how Spock was literally frozen in place!! 😂

  • Fire elmo
    Fire elmo

    Get an allergy shot Haley it will work wonders I have gotten one and OMG it is the best decision of my spring (where they are the worst for me) I haven’t had them in years not even lying

  • Lydia Jordan
    Lydia Jordan

    not haley saying emily r is insta famous LMAO she’s a modellll

  • Vanessa Velles
    Vanessa Velles

    you’ll WHAT at 3m subs?!!!!! ahhhhh we gotta get you there now! 💖💖💖

  • Fia Clementi
    Fia Clementi

    "popular instagram girl" i'm dead emily rata is a super modellllll

  • Ariana Flanagan
    Ariana Flanagan

    I do allergy shots and they have changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but it is so worth it. Loved this video❤️

  • emma sheffield
    emma sheffield

    DO NOT GET SHOTS OMG. I have severe allergies and got shots in both arms, every week, for FOUR years. My allergies got only a little better but once I stopped they came back even worse. Both of my arms are permanently swollen and I don't have much feeling where the injection sites were.

  • Jessie Sutka
    Jessie Sutka

    Try taking ‘Kick Ass Allergy’ natural allergy product that I’ve seen work on my family 🙌🏽

  • Tess Gordon
    Tess Gordon

    10/10 reccomend allergy shots literally changed my life i don't even need to take allergy meds anymore and my allergies were SO BAD (like my teacher made me go into the other room during a test cause i was coughing too much and it was distracting)

  • Nicki Henley
    Nicki Henley

    Thank for your time and efforts into this video for people love u

  • annabel marie
    annabel marie

    my wax esti highly recommends fur oil for the lady parts

  • Ema Lee
    Ema Lee

    I recommend allergy shots!!! I was on way to much medicine when I was younger so I started allergy shots about 8 and a half years ago. It definitely made a huge difference even within one year. My allergies are almost completely gone and this is my last year of them. You don't need to do them for this long but I have been on the 'maintenance' part of the process. Even little things like changing of seasons are so much easier with them.

  • AndreaChu

    I laugh so hard when the dog poses 6:45 so adorable

  • Lily Brennan
    Lily Brennan

    Idk if you are gonna see it now but I get allergy shots!! I started getting them in July last year and I think they are super beneficial. I recommend getting them if your allergy’s are really bothering you. I started noticing a difference at about 3-4 months (which is the normal time). I definitely recommend them :)

  • Daniela E
    Daniela E


    • Daniela E
      Daniela E

      @Camila Mijares right! I neeeed ittt

    • Camila Mijares
      Camila Mijares

      I loved it

  • Greta Poole
    Greta Poole

    are you ready for snow tmrw haley?

    • Greta Poole
      Greta Poole

      @Emily Anderson me too!!

    • Emily Anderson
      Emily Anderson

      idk about her but i’m excited!!!

  • Ashlyn Bolduc
    Ashlyn Bolduc

    I used to have such bad allergies BUT they’ve gotten a ton better bc I’ve been using allergy drops for a couple of years. Allergy drops are essentially the “natural alternative” to allergy shots and you do them at home so there’s no doctor visits or anything. They come in little squeezable bottles and every night you squeeze the number of drops that you need to do for that night (it tells you on the sheet they give you to track your progress) under your tongue. You just get tested like you would for allergy shots and then they make you a custom formula of stuff you’re allergic to and then they ship it to you every few months. It’s so safe and natural that my doctor said that a newborn baby or a dog could eat the entire bottle and be perfectly fine! I HIGHLY recommend!! The company that I use is called Allervison and it’s been literally life changing. I hope this helps!!

  • Jaxsen Myers
    Jaxsen Myers

    allergy shots are so good my life has become so much better after starting allergy shots because I can finally breath. Before shots my allergies were sooooooo terrible and i had to take allergy meds (Zyrtec) every day and now i only have to take them like once a week and i get shots every two weeks and i have been having shots for 4 years

  • Julia Fase
    Julia Fase

    your videos are so good and u put so much effort in! wow

  • Elise Hall
    Elise Hall

    im so sorry about your allergies and i hope they get better but i LOST IT when you started tapping your forehead and that noise happened 😭

  • Cameron

    POV: your in 2020

    • Brooklynn Newkirk
      Brooklynn Newkirk


    • Blair Dent
      Blair Dent

      You’re still in 2020 too!

  • Kailey Fejer
    Kailey Fejer

    I did allergy shots and I 100% recommend, totally changed my life cause now I can actually BREATHE

    • Sarah Lardenois
      Sarah Lardenois

      Kailey Fejer Same!!

  • sofiee

    i used to get allergy shots twice a week i only get them every two weeks now and i feel so much better but it takes a long time i started at 12 i’m 13 now and i should be done by 17 😂

  • Sarah Seguin
    Sarah Seguin

    Updated makeup routine plz😍

  • Chillitvco

    “Can I get an owa owa”💀

  • Abigail Ferdelman
    Abigail Ferdelman

    Ok I gotta know where did you get your benee fire on marzz sweater?!

  • AmeliaSkypeSky

    Me: talks about Harry Potter My mom on Facebook: hey look, a Harry Potter sweater! Me: 👁👄👁 excuse me Facebook what the-

  • Steel

    Who says I am not a guy pop??

  • sky

    The “asmr” part 😂

  • angelina ramsey
    angelina ramsey

    i bought cuup bc rhey were all over my insta and its rlly good

  • grace jordan
    grace jordan

    I have been getting allergy shots for a year (next month) and they have helped so much! they really aren’t that painful, but you could be sore for the first day. just make sure you take allergy meds in addition to keep the swelling down!

    • grace jordan
      grace jordan

      @Nikki i yeah it’s a commitment for sure

    • Nikki i
      Nikki i

      @grace jordan damn thats pretty long.. i also have bad and a lot of allergies but ion know if i have the nerves to do it this long

    • grace jordan
      grace jordan

      @Nikki i I have pretty bad allergies so I have to go for 5 years, but i just go once a month at this point

    • Nikki i
      Nikki i

      For how long do u have to take the shots?

  • ellie fagin
    ellie fagin

    i did allergy shots and they helped a lot

  • hellob0x

    Lol in your real hair