Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2
NEW VIDEO: "Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 5" --~--
We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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  • Spinal 88
    Spinal 88

    Clayclaim i uad an idea you can make little clay among us players so that you can play with freinds or solo and avatars and hats and colours.

  • Sophia Vilela
    Sophia Vilela

    You should actually add the crew!

  • Looky09


  • King Jacob and Chef Michael
    King Jacob and Chef Michael

    what about the devert power in comms u didnt put one there that was sticking out

    • King Jacob and Chef Michael
      King Jacob and Chef Michael

      never mind

  • Raniery Patricio
    Raniery Patricio


  • White Crewmate
    White Crewmate

    The boxes are filled with food and hats silly...

  • The Crouton
    The Crouton

    “This would be a great way to kill someone” m i l d c o n c e r n e

  • Virginie Sestier
    Virginie Sestier

    Milk is yummy yummy in my tummy boi

  • Virginie Sestier
    Virginie Sestier

    Next map you should do is MIRAHQ and then Pollus

  • Anne Lise Benoist
    Anne Lise Benoist

    its soooooo butifull

  • CandyCorn Club
    CandyCorn Club


  • C h i c k e n N u g g e t
    C h i c k e n N u g g e t

    Everytime he cut the clay on the device screen i had a mini heart attack

  • Jordyn Anderson
    Jordyn Anderson

    The box are felled with candy

  • Shoba Barolia
    Shoba Barolia

    It is nice wow👍👍

  • Shoba Barolia
    Shoba Barolia

    Clayclaim make spider mam and venom and ben 10 please

  • BabYFoX

    I think the boxes are full of toilet paper and wipes for your poop

  • Fe4rChase Last name
    Fe4rChase Last name

    What about wires

  • Joy Sanderlin
    Joy Sanderlin

    I love your videos. You are so creative.

  • sneaky the game and drawer
    sneaky the game and drawer

    This is the best Read more

  • Imŧıŷxż 4ufx
    Imŧıŷxż 4ufx

    Can you make polus and mirahq too

  • Mynor Oxlaj Cuquej
    Mynor Oxlaj Cuquej

    Create a Spiderman rap the map of among us

  • True that Maze
    True that Maze

    You,should make Mira hq

  • Kaleb Griffiths
    Kaleb Griffiths

    Can You Build Mira HQ Next?

  • Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez


  • Alexia Pat
    Alexia Pat


  • Justin Erwin
    Justin Erwin

    I like how he puts every detail in

    • Randy O'Neal
      Randy O'Neal


  • Golden Edson
    Golden Edson

    I love among us

  • lm h
    lm h

    Maybe food oxygen and milk

  • Zachariah Li
    Zachariah Li

    My videos are prative

  • Louise Little
    Louise Little


  • Louise Little
    Louise Little

    My sister said “clayclaim is the best “and Now I LOVE YOU AND CLAY that I hated a few hours ago

  • FaZeHyPe_ Cc1369
    FaZeHyPe_ Cc1369

    You should make some Amun’s us caricatures as well

  • Snow Fall Family
    Snow Fall Family

    I think dead bodies that the imposter killed, are in the boxs. LOL!

  • Hung Vụ
    Hung Vụ

    Chính xác đến từng chi tiết!!!!!!

  • 1998guys_animations

    OH, you have the clay that you bake and it becomes solid, ooooooh

  • Lizzy Wright
    Lizzy Wright

    I think the boxes in storage are where they keep the hats that the crew mates don’t wear.

    • Grape gecko
      Grape gecko

      thats so true

  • Arham Basit
    Arham Basit

    Love the content man keep it up 🙂

  • Xk Class
    Xk Class

    do you love Milk like dani 😂😂😂😂

  • Mindaugas A
    Mindaugas A

    Dead crewmates in the boxes

  • Eduardo Antonio Quilez olano
    Eduardo Antonio Quilez olano

    Ey men You Adele sow cool

  • Andrija Jovanović
    Andrija Jovanović

    You are the best

  • G Berezka
    G Berezka

    I think imposters

  • Ellie_Cookie 12
    Ellie_Cookie 12

    There's computers in the boxes LOL



  • rhonadia pantel
    rhonadia pantel

    who else finds it satisfying when he cuts the clay

    • Randy O'Neal
      Randy O'Neal

      me me


    10.42 dead bodys

  • Tang Aileen
    Tang Aileen

    Can you make poles

  • xHazel

    “Say what u think is in the boxes” me: *da imposter’s dirty secrets uwu*

  • Mike Svara
    Mike Svara

    I love how hes so proud and passionate. He genuinely cares about his creationsz Love the work!

  • Shawn ‘s Pokey vids
    Shawn ‘s Pokey vids

    Alien food and the crewmates eat it when they all alone in storage

  • Riddhiman Hariharan
    Riddhiman Hariharan

    Dear clay claim, i absolutely love ur videos and wanted to create the skeld map myself using your vidoes as help. Thanks a lot for putting the map on the blueprint page but i can't seem to figure out how to adjust the walls in photoshop. I'd be really really grateful if you could put the walls there as well. ik its unlikely you'll read this comment but if others want help too maybe upvote this?

  • xXOlivia_ AftonXx
    xXOlivia_ AftonXx

    Uhhh u can't use the tunnels cuz u can only go in vents...

  • Faze Alpha
    Faze Alpha

    why did u say the table is from star wars

    • xXOlivia_ AftonXx
      xXOlivia_ AftonXx


  • Brandon Mai
    Brandon Mai

    You cutting the clay is so satisfying

  • Glossarium Cookie
    Glossarium Cookie

    𝔸𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕘 𝕦𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝

  • Diana Flores
    Diana Flores

    The boxes are filled with coconut

    • xXOlivia_ AftonXx
      xXOlivia_ AftonXx

      And the floating one is filled with crews dead bodies

  • Rachel Leibrecht
    Rachel Leibrecht

    Cartons of goats milk

  • Angelica Castro
    Angelica Castro

    I use the translator

  • Grayson Lindquist
    Grayson Lindquist


  • Annabelle Boehm
    Annabelle Boehm



    I think that the jerry can is filled with oil for the ship.


    I think that the flouting box has something inside to make it float like pixie dust or something like that?

  • Юсиф Джафаров
    Юсиф Джафаров


  • Hal Jacobs
    Hal Jacobs

    Create clay vents for the impostors.

  • Wxnder YT
    Wxnder YT

    Almond milk

  • zuliana isma
    zuliana isma

    We gonna be patient when doing this. ^-^' If Im doing it, I would give up. =^= Lol

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner


  • Isaak Mora
    Isaak Mora

    The boxes contain hats for each game

  • Malcolm Govender
    Malcolm Govender

    You work so hard on your art

  • WorkedLamb018

    Food from different planets in storage boxes

  • monkey lady
    monkey lady

    WARNING: OF U R SQURMISH DO NOT READ THIS Inside the boxes is all the dead bodys from last round and the floating one has our suits and oxygen tanks and the small barral is extra blood found on the floor that we didn't drink and the 3 big ones are our 1 bone

  • me, of course
    me, of course

    The boxes are filled with gas so when you fill up the gas container to go bring it to the engine you need to get gas from the boxes

  • Gary Lusted
    Gary Lusted

    The box is filled with helium tanks

  • Davide G
    Davide G

    Today we are building the Skeld out of CLAY Me: Today we are building the Skeld out of DREAM

  • Ingrid de Wet
    Ingrid de Wet

    I think food

  • Yomna saiid
    Yomna saiid

    So so soooo cooooooool❤️

  • Raukura Mason
    Raukura Mason

    Weres security

  • Danny Joestar
    Danny Joestar

    I legit saw this dude 20 minutes ago and I already love this RSloftr

  • Judia Adam
    Judia Adam

    are you ok?

  • Zed Fortunato
    Zed Fortunato

    wow among us and among us 2

  • lil_ woman
    lil_ woman

    Tampons for the girls sorry if this is awkward


    I think in those boxes are nothing


    I can’t wait for part three you made the entire The skilled

  • Eryanne Regina
    Eryanne Regina

    Is so PERFECT

  • Kaoru Soto
    Kaoru Soto

    😻😀😁😊😘😗😇❤💖😍😇 woow

  • Ademilsom Misso
    Ademilsom Misso

    I buy around?

  • Molly Robinson
    Molly Robinson

    Nice job love it!

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    I think there's rotten body's on the boxes

  • Paisley-grace Jones
    Paisley-grace Jones

    In the boxes there is cerial from Jupiter

  • Kennedy Hiner
    Kennedy Hiner

    I think clay is in the box or alien animals

  • stich lives for chicken nuggies
    stich lives for chicken nuggies

    Cheese is in the boxes UwU

  • Raffia16th Blaze
    Raffia16th Blaze

    why do you keep saying idea with an R at the end?

  • Yahia Bouzouita
    Yahia Bouzouita

    Secret weapons

  • The gamer Pro
    The gamer Pro

    Nice map


    Alien secrets are in box's

  • Nessa Blais
    Nessa Blais

    It’s beautiful

  • Emanuel Lozano
    Emanuel Lozano

    There's alien food in the boxes

  • superdoodie7

    I also really like you Luigi from Luigi’s mansion 3

  • Clarissa Gifford
    Clarissa Gifford

    ClayClaim, am I able to buy one of these desings? And how much would it be if I could?

  • Sundäe

    Me: I want a dollhouse! * watches video * Me: Nevermind

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