Here are more than 30+ bugs, glitches and annoying things that are currently still working in CS:GO.
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Credits to Sparkles and rageqv for the extra footage!
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  • NadeKing

    Finish this: The worst bug in CS:GO I have ever experienced is..

    • Lian Bert Asnan
      Lian Bert Asnan

      The worst bug in CS:GO I have ever experienced is in mirage i shot the floor or player but the recoil went down it fucking killed me bonus:i played a competive we won 19:36 i checked the maxrounds it was 30 WTF

    • har1

      @Sparkles why do you only have 1 like?

    • har1

      if OBS does not work for you you can use the streamlabs OBS. that is what i use

    • [ReX]-_ChArBeLoTi_- ❶
      [ReX]-_ChArBeLoTi_- ❶


    • Dog On Youtube
      Dog On Youtube

      nade king i have a question pls answer me :(

  • Asgar Hansen
    Asgar Hansen

    Is skinbaron safe?

  • Sh4doW

    03:36 you need to turn off faceit anticheat in task manager

  • Andrej Edelinski
    Andrej Edelinski

    i can just lunch faceit anti cheat and it solve the problem

  • chlkrisz


  • RZC


  • Prashant Chansi
    Prashant Chansi

    The one with window is surely annoying!!

  • Eren Yeagerrr
    Eren Yeagerrr

    V I P of the match -bucket, saved 6 people from being flashed

  • lari kyrö
    lari kyrö

    11:00 its so annoing to get tricked

  • Minh

    shoot the sg553 once and then look at the trigger finger, it just "moved"

  • Bolino2

    7:35 same in looking in mm when you're looking for maps and you hold enter you will spam select and unselect alst map that you presses on

  • AirOut


  • Markelicious Kamel BOB
    Markelicious Kamel BOB

    this is a test

  • Damien Abercrombie
    Damien Abercrombie

    I love these kinds of videos, you never seem to runout of knowledge to share


    The bucket and flash is not even a glitch its actual physics cuz it counts as a wall or idk


      @NadeKing guess you are right, also hi

    • NadeKing

      but when you can straight up see the flash :)

  • Kanapiu Prisivalges
    Kanapiu Prisivalges

    can i get this gift i.m subscribed and liked this vid

  • MiddzRS


  • Ogi

    Brrro i am getting removed from lobby also

  • Sawyer Eaton
    Sawyer Eaton

    virtaul gift awesome

  • dragonking

    csgo sucks lol

  • Suppa

    Theres easy way to let obs bypass that 3rd party software block. so you can still record cs as game and not windowed.

  • Elmin Hallo
    Elmin Hallo

    NadeKing is best youtuber

  • Malxer

    Love to see that someone cares about the game, unlike the company itself.

  • Sheeesh its Richard
    Sheeesh its Richard

    Hey, i got CSGO in my bug's

  • Desire4Sound

    NIP sticker invisible... makes sense, because ninja sticker... :-)

  • Mason Foxworth
    Mason Foxworth

    2:06 thats not a bug

  • Kill Confirmed
    Kill Confirmed

    Nadeking use wallhack bug Bot What are you doing?!

  • Miko

    hello mr nade king i come to comment because in my match making game today i saw a smoke bug happen, it was like that one mirage clip where the smoke just goes below the map but it was on inferno. i do not know if you would want it or not but i can send if you want, it was very bug, smoke

  • mathias hansen
    mathias hansen

    Molo to quad how did u do it?

  • Devil Playz
    Devil Playz


  • NHZ /csgo
    NHZ /csgo

    Super general xddd

  • Loic S
    Loic S

    I listen to that sound at 7:45 for 15minutes in a row on sound 100 as a warmup

  • Montażysta Cecel 420
    Montażysta Cecel 420


  • Matt You
    Matt You

    Professional cs go player got stuck in mirage window?

  • karl wilice
    karl wilice

    bruh @nadeking how do you play on danger zone without anyone

  • LEM

    one bug that made me really upset is the “Incomplete download” for your matches. After deleting and downloading again, it still does not work. i had a really really good game and clutches but i will never be able to get it back again.

  • Kakha Tchedia
    Kakha Tchedia

    thank you for letting us use section as our cry for help btw.is it just me or people are getting annnoyed by BUG on Shordust laddders? you cant shift and go down on ladders 8 out of 10 times and you have to either jump or let go off shift wich obviously will get you shot in the face .ive tried to report it several times

  • Leonardo

    that bug close to market on mirage that u can fly exists in the entire map, just space + s key+ a/d key

  • Gedeskinke 02
    Gedeskinke 02

    when you holde you t knife and spectate it teh bottem of the handel gose thru your hand

  • Dog On Youtube
    Dog On Youtube

    8:32 "what are you doing" 😂

  • Among us gamer
    Among us gamer

    My bug is i dont have a knive.....give me a knive

  • Freaky Zekey
    Freaky Zekey

    seizure alert on that AD tho

  • Say0nara Boy
    Say0nara Boy


  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    The Control Panel skin for the M4, doesnt appear for me, and for others it takes on the skin of whatever skin i previously had, i.e. if i had a jaguar ak then i pick up the control panel M4 everyone apart from me will see the jaguar skin on the M4 in my hands. (It's kindoff cool, cuz you get to see what other weapon skins look like on the M4)

  • Jorge Cejudo
    Jorge Cejudo

    Awesome video

  • Tabbi

    "Step CT, I-i'm stuck"

  • Phúc Phạm
    Phúc Phạm

    how to do this moly guys? 2:52

    • Marius

      rsloft.info/loft/video/ec2jy7Os2YnVZH4. It's a bug I made a video on


    1:04 song?

  • Mike

    One bug i hate is in overpass long when you try to Jump on top of the little wall you hit your head to the invisible little roof

  • Ryan Braun
    Ryan Braun

    the decoys plays p2000 shots because a decoy appears on the mini map. if it decoy played usps shots it would not appear, or if it did, it would give away the fact that it’s a decoy immediately.

  • g5e6d w5e5d
    g5e6d w5e5d

    the escape button in the main menu is not a bug, its just the keyboard repeating the click of the key. every click of the esc key it will make the sound 7:26

  • Yusra Aqil [Co-Asst]
    Yusra Aqil [Co-Asst]


  • Pixmax Broadcast
    Pixmax Broadcast

    1:33 best glitch ever 😂😂

  • Koni GamingGR
    Koni GamingGR

    6:50 you meant the trigger thingy right?

    • X4L1Z

      trigger guard

  • SePa

    When i got scamed by valve and they didnt gave me the sticker (I was writing on support) rsloft.info/loft/video/ZsJ71KWn03fGgHY

  • Martin Z.I.T.A
    Martin Z.I.T.A

    In lobby , if you press for example a number and two enters together . It will spam and almost crash the game .

  • Mikk

    today i saw a pixel boost in mirage ct on the ct and ticket corner i have never seen sometjing like this

  • Ghost

    Ej ty na tym credicie dałeś Polaka?

  • carbon k1ng
    carbon k1ng

    I comment

  • TheisDue The YouTuberDK
    TheisDue The YouTuberDK

    Thanks Nadeking! : D Now I can get My Beloved stiletto knife For 92 € not for 115 € :) Will be the Best Birthday gift!, - Thank you for Suggesting this page .. And I'm gonna join the giveraway a lot @Nadeking

  • TheOnlyZooM

    Valve: There’s nothing wrong with our game? There are less spinbotters now

  • KariLipton

    dont really feel like weapons dropping to spots where a player can't reach them should be considered a bug.

  • ZooMWasTaken

    for anyone STILL wondering how NadeKings' intro song is called Its Neffex - fight

  • Obada Qasem
    Obada Qasem

    Nade king believe me man you are a legend and the smartest cs go player that the world will ever see all of respect from a big fan

  • Big Whitey
    Big Whitey

    Nadeking. Why would I sell my csgo skins and recive less money than on the steam market?

  • MajesK So2
    MajesK So2

    Idk if this is a bug rsloft.info/loft/video/ddWklG3Rk5mtoJw

  • Pasi Ketonummi
    Pasi Ketonummi

    Dude your videos are the best!

  • Lal Dinsanga
    Lal Dinsanga

    I got the same bug in mirage and I die

  • Jan Mucha
    Jan Mucha


  • HardBass


  • UnspeakableKW

    Some of these shouldn't just exist

  • BlueElectr0

    I just noticed that map with window frame is pretty similar to CODM "Tunisia map"

  • Jan Bruhovsky
    Jan Bruhovsky

    9:41 same goes with smoke in front of molotov. My teammate threw molotov on banana, and I threw smoke in front of it, and some ct was visible through smoke. (Easy kill lol)

  • Aditya Raut
    Aditya Raut


  • Also Not Tom
    Also Not Tom

    On overpass awp barrels can stick through the wall, got me some funny free kills

  • Ahmed Jouini
    Ahmed Jouini

    Any tips to get better at cs go ?

  • stotoffo sto
    stotoffo sto

    A useful bug I found is that when you throw a Molly on boxes or something that's not the ground(but sometimes it worked with the ground so idk maybe map?) behind a smoke you can see through the smoke for a second. Is similar to the decoy one but it lasts longer and covers a wider area

  • Angel b
    Angel b

    So many bugs

  • ThienViet ;3
    ThienViet ;3


  • Aboud Hajjouz
    Aboud Hajjouz

    5:20 the reason they call me cheats in wingman

  • DeLotus

    min/max game crash

  • musikerherz elias
    musikerherz elias

    Wdy think about the Cheater problem ?

  • Kenny Lassen
    Kenny Lassen

    need to try some of this

  • Wodzus

    could you give us yours normal config?

  • MDD Ashadi
    MDD Ashadi

    lol the window bug happended i asked for help then my teamates just bullied me :(

  • Blitzar

    If you equip the CZ and then instantly inspect it while its in the draw animation the ammo will fly into the gun.

  • tunahan uçar
    tunahan uçar


  • Dr.Savage Gaming
    Dr.Savage Gaming

    Is this video supposed to be just 10 mins long?

  • President of United States or smtg
    President of United States or smtg

    *help me step ct, im stuck*

  • The Mons
    The Mons


  • Olarean Cristian
    Olarean Cristian


  • HashaamYT

    The console noscope doesn't work if you run CS 640x480 The box is verybig

  • Blacky Sky
    Blacky Sky

    In my opinion, these are not bugs, but they have to make the game harder

  • Jai Ram Ji
    Jai Ram Ji

    Nadeking please do a competitive match asmr video If can't then ok you are my favorite tho

  • Ontological Gaming
    Ontological Gaming

    where are u from?

  • Chinmay Malik
    Chinmay Malik

    Me in dangerzone hiding : No one can see me Grass: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • Thefakezoro

    Today i had a bug which i finish a comp game i got an expensive case(idk his name but its black worths 40€) then when i went to inventory it changed into prisma case 💔

  • Wojtek

    What is this agent skin?

  • Wagner A. G. Oliveira
    Wagner A. G. Oliveira


  • FaSup

    This video I actually didn’t waste my time watching