Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Skate [Official Music Video]
Bruno Mars
The official music video for Silk Sonic's "Skate"

Skate out now:

Directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard
Produced by Jeremy Sullivan
Cinematography by Tehillah De Castro
Co-Directed by Phil Tayag

In a room full of dimes you would be 100 dollars
If being fine was a crime, girl, they’d lock your lil’ fine ass up in a tower
The way you move like you do
Ooh it’s like you do it for a livin’
Do a lil’ spin, do it again - sshhiiiii
look like you playin’ for the win, OH BABY

I’m trynna roll, I’m trynna ride
I’m trynna float, I’m trynna glide
No no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

Got your hair in the wind and your skin glistening
I can smell your sweet perfume
Mmmm, ya smell better than a barbecue
Oh, superstar is what you are
I’m your biggest fan
if you’re lookin’ for a man, suga, here I am

I’m trynna roll, I’m trynna ride
I’m trynna float, I’m trynna glide
No no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight!

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

I never fall but tonight you got me falling for you, and only you, YOU
I’m reaching out in hopes that you reach for me too, girl, let’s groove

Girl, you got me singing ooooooohhhh
My oh my
My oh my
My oh my
My oh my

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

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  • Bruno Mars
    Bruno Mars


    • Nick Nat
      Nick Nat

      Real music


      Smoothly song, I love it 💓...

    • Angela lovely
      Angela lovely

      I LOVE 💞💞🦋

    • Daniel Manrique
      Daniel Manrique


    • west side
      west side

      Disability is not really a barrier. Even though they are blind, they continue to live their dreams. SALUTE TO ALL OF YOU. JUST KEEP IT UP.

  • wandering stars
    wandering stars

    "If u are looking for a man, Suga,here I am" Wait... This sounded something else out of context💜

  • Renegadeproject

    I feel cool again listening to this song

  • Lucky Lara
    Lucky Lara

    Lmao I bought skates the day before these came out. Guess which song imma learn to now

  • spam

    Has bruno lost weight? Super vibey song though

  • Chimaera

    AHHHHH!!!!! 🤗❤️❤️❤️

  • Yoo B!
    Yoo B!

    Love the old school vibes! 🔥🔥🕺🏽🕺🏽

  • Marjorie Neal
    Marjorie Neal

    .ove it soooooo much fun , haha when she does that split wonderful I remember the skating rinks

  • Pitohui


  • hry hry
    hry hry


  • Ton berry
    Ton berry

    Between this and the LTDO video, I like to imagine that Silk Sonic just has a pocket dimension where they keep their instruments that they just magically pull out of when they want to woo someone

  • Mohanned Majzoub
    Mohanned Majzoub

    It will be 10 M by tomorrow morning 😅😀🌅 Incredible 🙏🏽👍🏽

  • Iwd 185
    Iwd 185

    Nice song.

  • maricel yutoc
    maricel yutoc


  • N0T HUSK3Y
    N0T HUSK3Y

    ‘You smell better than bbq’

  • Haretz tj
    Haretz tj

    So old school... BM and Silksonic pull off 70s Disco old RnB very well.. What’s next? 80s Soft Rock?


    so damn goooood🤩


    May the unemployed get a job, may the sick be cured and whoever read this message be blessed.

  • DVAstator

    BTS who?? Bruno mars still dope.

  • mhenga oscar
    mhenga oscar

    3k racists confirmed

  • Hüseyin

    Pov: 2014

  • Doryn Deanda
    Doryn Deanda

    You have taken us back to the skating days, now that is a masterpiece. Thanx for this one too

  • p


  • Garnet _Ash
    Garnet _Ash

    Oh common, how could you dislike this video? Bruno is...😍

  • Donny Devraj
    Donny Devraj

    Stop it🔥🔥🔥🔥... I like it😭😭😭😭...

  • Bill王

    Take me back to 1980

  • diamond sliska
    diamond sliska

    Bruno mars is 2nd M.. jackson

  • Haretz tj
    Haretz tj

    They be sounding like the Jackson 5... even the style of this song... so old school AND I LOVE IT

  • Tamera Mares
    Tamera Mares

    Love the 70's vibe!! I'm 56 so it's my time. Of course in the '70's we ALL skated every weekend.

  • Theophilus Mankge
    Theophilus Mankge

    0% Alcohol 0% Drugs 0% Naked Women 0% Flashy Jewellery 40% Dancing 60% Skating 🤩🏆

  • Sam Music
    Sam Music

    I dont like most pop songs but this is just fantastic!

  • Lorenz Nadua
    Lorenz Nadua

    This song is represents one of the most cleanest and positive vibes I've ever heard🥰. So smooth like butter🧈

  • nisreena

    Amazing song

  • Whitestepp

    Wow Very cool

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett

    It’s “summer anthem “

  • nisreena

    جو التسعينات حلو ع جو الأغنية

  • nisreena

    الأغنية حلوووووة

  • Reign Carleslie Rubio
    Reign Carleslie Rubio


  • Roland Jonathan
    Roland Jonathan

    Give us the album

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett

    Bruno and Anderson match is terrific-

  • Roland Jonathan
    Roland Jonathan

    Bruno Mars found his perfect match

  • Aline Biazotto
    Aline Biazotto

    Currently my fav song! Bruno and Anderson are the best collab. Skate to me baby 🎶 droppp the álbummmmm 😭

  • Teddy Valentine
    Teddy Valentine

    a so 360p 1080p

  • user vII
    user vII

    this duo a cheat code.

  • Heyitsme Dianne
    Heyitsme Dianne

    So goooood ❤❤❤❤

  • karence -,-
    karence -,-

    They're style tho

  • LakadManTv

    More of this oldschool vibes Food for the soul! 💕

  • Juanchoooo PH
    Juanchoooo PH


  • Queen Club
    Queen Club

    absolutely INCREDIBLE as expected!!! cant wait for the album!!

    • Abel

  • Ahmad Bukhari
    Ahmad Bukhari

    didnt know yoel romero can play drum

  • krewcial_official

    I'm pretty sure you won't read this, but please release a 12" extended version of this song. Send the multitracks to John Morales and have him do a classic M+M mix.

  • Emily Jimenez
    Emily Jimenez

    This video is great

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington

    This is a super duo, been a fan of Paak since 2017 bc of his song Come down, but didn’t see him around much, like on the big stages, glad to see he’s getting more recognized now

  • Abbi Orpilla
    Abbi Orpilla

    Yass! The duo at it again!!! 😍😍

  • Jerome Hanson
    Jerome Hanson

    This song is everything! You guys did it again.

  • Killa 2878
    Killa 2878

    Garbage.... Bruno Mars = Culture Thief. This guy wants to be a young Michael Jackson so bad.

    • Goofy Flan
      Goofy Flan

      Shhhh. Bruno is a culture thief that does it right.

  • Emily Jimenez
    Emily Jimenez

    This song is the best

  • El Makarov
    El Makarov

    anderson vibinnn!!

  • 塩田淳也


  • Katty Ó-Ò (Eski rose)
    Katty Ó-Ò (Eski rose)

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  • Vanessa M.M Pantig
    Vanessa M.M Pantig

    They got a similar voice

  • Etienne Eben
    Etienne Eben

    Wow wow wow 🤩 👌🏾👌🏾🎼🎤🎤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Pharaoh Ykie
    Pharaoh Ykie

    They just don't miss🥲

  • Emilia Vasile
    Emilia Vasile

    I need some skates like this 🤣

  • Said Karmouz
    Said Karmouz

    They’re literally saving music from TIKTOK

  • Durga Sri
    Durga Sri

    Bruno seems to be having the best time of his life being part of a band :D

  • djekeull

    DOMi & JD Beck helped to write those deep damn sweet vibes

  • Morenel Nueva
    Morenel Nueva

    can you be guys a duo for life!

  • mj k
    mj k

    진짜 완벽하다

  • kfc667

    Wasn't even born in the 70's/80's but I can feel it. Made my pore raise

  • Kim harvey Forastero
    Kim harvey Forastero

    God damn bruno!!!

  • Martin Martin Moone
    Martin Martin Moone

    I love you bruno, but the tache is questionable ( not exactly a Magnum opus)

  • Стас Байтуков
    Стас Байтуков

    Peter Hernandez is so polite - he keeping social distance with drumm

  • Ednon John Aparicio
    Ednon John Aparicio

    Those tight harmonies!!! And that 70’s vibe!!! Oh yeah, skate please!

  • Fate Steyneit
    Fate Steyneit

    people who dislike are the ones who think this is culture appropriation

  • 1 1
    1 1

    Yeah we need this album exponentially

  • Tina Echema
    Tina Echema

    My! O my this duet can't stop making me want more

  • Khalifa Green
    Khalifa Green

    I want to go skate now

  • H

    I prefer Bruno alone, so sorry. But I love listen him sing and don't need anyone beside him.

  • TheGuavaKnight

    We were born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space, but born just in time to experience this

  • Cher-Kwang Han
    Cher-Kwang Han

    Party song

  • Khalifa Green
    Khalifa Green

    Some talented men … always coming with something great and different

  • Rang Er
    Rang Er

    So many Melanin Marvelous Queens! Thanks for showing us so much love! 💕

  • Iggy Cabrillos Vlog
    Iggy Cabrillos Vlog

    I remember the Jackson 5. They sound the same 😩

  • sharanda sanchez
    sharanda sanchez


  • Muhammad Sidik
    Muhammad Sidik

    Very good Bruno 🎉😎

  • Called me Mia
    Called me Mia

    Feel so good listening to this song today.

  • Tiến Hưng
    Tiến Hưng

    Summer vibes

  • G DS
    G DS

    here I was thinking they couldn’t top leave the door open 👁👄👁

  • Sha Mone
    Sha Mone

    Magic collaboration. It's so cool

  • Ogunlari Femi
    Ogunlari Femi

    Silk Sonic is just SURE to Win Many Grammys come 2022

  • Koya Jem
    Koya Jem

    They bringing back the old vibes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

132 хиљ.