Boho Bedroom Makeover (surprising Ryan)
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In today's video I am surprising Ryan with a girly/bohemian bedroom makeover that is very out of his comfort zone and personal interior decorating style!!
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  • Micha K.
    Micha K.

    3:11Bless you Haley

  • Asia Asberry
    Asia Asberry

    When are you going to buy your saying “GIRLY POP” so no one on TikTok can use it as there own. It hurts when I hear it from someone claiming they came up with it, when I’ve watched your videos for years and it’s your saying!

  • Macie Mortlock
    Macie Mortlock

    where did u get the pink rug???

  • kayle tubbs
    kayle tubbs

    What’s the bed frame?

  • Kaylan Estrada
    Kaylan Estrada

    Where did she get that rattan chair thats really big, i just need that in my life lol

  • mika bantog
    mika bantog

    og subscribers remember your bedroom makeover video with your wooden loft bed and your bulldog at home.. :') you've come so far

  • Hannah Mabry
    Hannah Mabry

    i love your refreshed editing style it’s so entertaining

  • Rosie Trevitt
    Rosie Trevitt

    hey Haley, love your content, I was wondering where u got your black arch earings from?

  • floralfrvity

    the bedroom turned out soo cute!

  • Loria Crews
    Loria Crews

    Ok but why r u so dang cute!🥺✋😽💗

  • Olivia Sunflower
    Olivia Sunflower

    ok but can we talk about haleys glow up??!!??

  • Olivia Sunflower
    Olivia Sunflower


  • Keira Marie
    Keira Marie

    So cute!I love it

  • Daisi Ruiz
    Daisi Ruiz

    Where is that duvet cover from

  • Halyna Lydia
    Halyna Lydia

    I love your decorating style so muchhh omg

  • Sofia Huerta
    Sofia Huerta

    Haley has really been glowing up🤩😍

  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose

    U need like a big piece of art for above the bed to give the decor some height

  • Lenae Gillis
    Lenae Gillis

    Okay ngl when she first said she was putting the two different chairs at the front I was kinda skeptical but I actually LOVE it and am very inspired now

  • jules

    Girl your Asian why you walking around your bedroom with shoes on???


    Omg I love her outfit in the first clip

  • Brandi Bones
    Brandi Bones

    Okay we can keep it -Ryan

  • Abigail Meyers
    Abigail Meyers

    The room looks so cute!

  • Natalie H.
    Natalie H.

    Would love some sort of life update :-(

  • s u n n y
    s u n n y

    OMG HALEY I LOVE IT!! Can I move in (kidding lol)?? ❤️❤️

  • Ranvier gavin
    Ranvier gavin

    Is it me or I can't stand it people wearing shoes in their house it just ughhh

  • Kaitlyn McNeill
    Kaitlyn McNeill

    I love the change! it looks so comfy and inviting. I love the refresh of style too!! Times always change and i love that you like what you like and don't apologise for it

  • JC

    Every comment: “I don’t want to act like I’m entitled to your private life and pressure you to talk about things you’re clearly are not ready to talk about yet....” *proceeds to act like like they’re entitled to Haley’s life and guilts her about not sharing immediately.

  • No One
    No One

    Why did she put a carpet on a carpet?😂

  • Kenzie H
    Kenzie H

    okay but am I the only one who gets anxious about the clothing rack being right by the door

  • Jordyn Jarpe
    Jordyn Jarpe

    I LOVE THIS HALEY!!! your such a good role model! your such a good designer!!

  • Elaina Ruiz
    Elaina Ruiz

    where did you get your duvet/blanket from it’s so cute I want it !!

  • Lauren Foldenauer
    Lauren Foldenauer

    i see a lot of comments like this but it looks a little cluttered maybe switching the chairs and hanging the long mirror would help

  • cassie mattina
    cassie mattina

    plz update about wedding!!! i wanna get hyped

  • Agus Pi
    Agus Pi

    Can you guys stop assuming things about the wedding? Just enjoy the video and be patient. It’s really not nice to start rumors and speculations over someone’s private life. I know you have good intentions but it’s kind of rude.

  • am

    i actually really love the transformation, im not a fan of the simplistic/modern decor where everything is black and white, this transformation makes the room look like it's actually lived in if that makes sense :)

  • Chelsea Walsh
    Chelsea Walsh

    Haley I love you so much and you're such a bubbly person. You honestly make my day whenever I feel sad. Expecially with uni stress. I just want to thank you and you're doing great dont try to reach expectations that others set for you. Its your choice what you do with your life and channel do what makes you happy and healthy 💜💜💜 also stan BTS 😂😂

  • Karen

    Idk if it matters to you but mirror facing the bed is bad feng shui

  • Angelique Vickers
    Angelique Vickers

    I feel like it would make more sense for the chairs to be facing the tv? Like when people put couches in their rooms. Idk the layout is just weird to me and there’s a lot of furniture in front of the door

  • sadie rose durham
    sadie rose durham

    okay, i get that they were getting a lot of hate about getting married, but they cant just make an entire wedding series and expect us to just forget about it. like we all know they got married, we just didn't get to see any of the wedding which is kind of annoying. also, where did Ryan go?

  • Rosee Pretter
    Rosee Pretter

    Haven’t watched u and Ryan for a hot second glad I came came to the trapham lol

  • zaynab siddiqui
    zaynab siddiqui

    ok i rlly like everything but i don’t get why she blocked the doorway?? it looks kinda awkward and crammed

  • lauryn f
    lauryn f

    We gotta get her to 3M subscribers so that she will get a tattooo!! 👀

  • Roxi D
    Roxi D

    Did you guys get married already? Haven't heard from the wedding planning committee in awhile :( lol

  • Alexis Sargent
    Alexis Sargent

    Absolutely no hate and completely off topic but it pains me so much seeing so many shoes being worn inside of a house

  • heyhopebarker

    What a beautiful transformation! I love what you've done to utilize the space without making it feel too heavy or cluttered. My only advice is to hang that mirror and that gorgeous illustration of your engagement picture! Beautiful job, Haley! 🤍🤍

  • ella m
    ella m

    where’s the bedding from???

  • ella m
    ella m

    HALEY i love this

  • bella issa
    bella issa

    I actually love this

  • TheGraciest

    i get that people are loyal and interested fans, and i, too, have deep connections with certain youtubers and feel like they’re my close friends. BUT, can y’all relax about the wedding information/wedding video? i don’t see any point in getting mad and leaving literal HATE comments for it.... ? if they are making a video about it, they probably want it to be seamless and perfect. ORRR if they’re not sharing a wedding video, then it was a moment in their lives that is very intimate and they want to keep it personal, without being rude about it.! just my opinions on the topic 🤭😅❤️

  • Abigail Ishmael
    Abigail Ishmael

    I love Haley and all.. but, ditch the full length mirror/ put it elsewhere, take out the bigger chair and put the smaller one in that corner, put the shelf thing in another room, hang up the circular mirror, and put something large on the wall above the bed. just my opinion lol

  • xod0llfacex3

    love the boho aesthetic!

  • Addi Hobi
    Addi Hobi

    Ryan coughs everytime he laughs 😂

  • Alejandra Lazaro
    Alejandra Lazaro

    Wait u thought they were waiting until the were married to sleep together 😳

  • Ohlookauniquegmailname

    Spock really said "Imma be in every frame there aint nothing you can do about it"

  • DoggoPlayz

    Been waiting for this

  • sarah alston
    sarah alston

    i love ittt

  • Ischea rhodes
    Ischea rhodes

    Girl your too hard on yourself! I didnt even notice a difference in your attitude now and then and even if, it wasn't as colossal as you think 😄

  • Liliana Fernandez
    Liliana Fernandez

    Unrelated to makeover but where is the white dress that she hung on the clothing rack from. It’s so cute can someone help please thank you❣️

  • Isabel Nelson
    Isabel Nelson

    fyi for future - rattan is not pronounced that way! its ruh-tan :)

  • Elle Hinojosa
    Elle Hinojosa

    Love the room!!

  • Halima Dervisevic
    Halima Dervisevic

    wait do you not have a duvet insert im so confused

  • Bella Sedona
    Bella Sedona

    AHHHHHHH AHAHAHAAAAA I WANTED SO BADLY TO CLICK ON THIS VIDEO SO QUICK AND HYPE HALEY UP FOR ALL THE WORK SHE PUT INTO THIS VIDEO BC IK SHE DID BUT IM TRAVELING SO THE WIFI SUUUUCKS😭😭 but good job Haley I love seeing you working on building your interior design skills and growing as a person in general🥰🥰🎉🎉

  • Moatasem Magableh
    Moatasem Magableh

    And how are you gonna open the door with that thing behind it

  • Isabella Lowe
    Isabella Lowe

    Nobody asked for my opinion but I’m hoping to be an interior designer and I think some of the things just don’t work in the room. It is an awkward space like you said in terms of the area below the tv. but I don’t think the seating area works. it’s too cluttered for the room. I think a larger dresser would look great under the tv, and you can still put a little stool or poof beside it if you wanted next to the freestanding mirror. and the clothing rack definitely does not work there, the door is right in the way! hang the mirror too - your room is so light and airy (and the paler curtain colour definitely opens the room more) so take further advantage of that and place it on the wall. i love the concept of the seating area it just doesn’t sit right with me personally, but overall the room transformation is incredible and i love it! x

  • Nora Kauffman
    Nora Kauffman

    I think if they raised the bed it would make the ground seem way less cluttered. the room has such high ceilings use them to your advantage!! love what your channel has become haley!!

  • Emerson Warnock
    Emerson Warnock

    Why is she wearing two different earrings?

  • nairi

    just created a new daily fashion inspiration account on insta @inspobynairi

  • C T
    C T

    I loveee this room!!😍😍 You’re seriously glowing and and your hair is gorgeous!! You’re fashion suits you so much aswell!! Keep doing you, no matter what other people say!🤩❤️

  • Abbie Mae
    Abbie Mae

    I love how much u have grown in your interior design mind! 🤩

  • U V
    U V

    The storage thing that was under the tv before should go at the foot of the bed

  • Kittcat 11
    Kittcat 11

    Are u guys gonna post more on ur family channel

  • U V
    U V

    That space under the tv is just....not it

  • Charlotte Hall
    Charlotte Hall

    I just gotta say.. where did speaking to Spock in a Swedish voice come from? 😂 Just asking y’all

  • U V
    U V

    I’m very surprised that even though you’re Asian, you wear your shoes indoors and even on carpet! 🤭😅

  • U V
    U V

    Hi Haley. In the intro there’s a clothes rack behind, where is the white dress on it from please?

  • J

    I loved it!!!

  • Jackie Barrera
    Jackie Barrera

    Cute ending wuvs

    • Jackie Barrera
      Jackie Barrera

      Future room designer 😜

  • J

    It triggered me that the rug wast exactly symmetrical 🥴🥴

  • Lilly j
    Lilly j

    I love the way you decorate! It makes it feel more unique and personal :)

  • Mightywwf ELL
    Mightywwf ELL

    These ideas are so nice

  • Minutes With Mildred
    Minutes With Mildred

    I love the room!!! Sadly though I hate how low the bed is because if I had to sleep on it I would be screwed. I’d be to comfortable and being a tall person would not be able to roll out of bed. I’d have to standup and that to much work

  • jillian r
    jillian r

    The 2 different earnings in the beginning lmaoooooo😂😂

  • Genesis Ernestina
    Genesis Ernestina

    Omg I love this!! We know you love to switch things up so I won’t be surprised if a few things move in the room eventually! My fav transformation was the curtains & hardware 😍 I think that storage ottoman would look so good under the window so Spock can sunbathe 🥲🥲 and I saw someone else comment to hang up the painting of you & the mirror to bring the room up and I agree! I can see you adding some shelves on Ryan’s side if you do hang up the mirror and adding some beautiful plants on it!! Also, just to go with the boho vibes, there are these gorgeous macrame tapestry things and one would look actually stunning above the bed 🥰 future master room inspo 😎

  • Taylor and Amir
    Taylor and Amir

    I like 7 months ago haley

  • Wittle Kitten
    Wittle Kitten

    So do they sleep in the same bed????? How are they able to keep their hands to themselves????? I wouldn't be able to LMFAO

    • Tala Abdallah
      Tala Abdallah

      They’re already married! I know- shocking but it seems that they got married in the beginning of November.

  • themovienerd

    Ryan looked so shook when she showed him the room 😂😂

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones

    where is the bedding from?

  • Berry Waffles
    Berry Waffles

    when the new rug is bigger than your bedroom

  • Charlotte Clements
    Charlotte Clements

    Yay Ryan! I missed these

  • Georgia A
    Georgia A

    Guys stop requiring details of their life. I understand wanting to feel authentic with her, but seriously! She should be allowed to put boundaries up for awhile. Especially after what they’ve gone through this year

  • Sindija

    and I just noticed your channel banner, its the best

  • imnotaimee

    this room totally suits the both of you!!!!

  • imnotaimee

    this looks so cozy!!!! i love it

  • honor alexandra
    honor alexandra

    this comment section is so rude. Just let them live.

  • Serenity Corbett-Richardson
    Serenity Corbett-Richardson

    Oh my gosh people in the comments need to stop speculating about the wedding. The only people whose business that is would be Haley and Ryan...

  • Sindija

    I love the earing move

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen Marshall

    Haley your style is goals and i love everything about your bedroom! you’re amazing! love ya

  • yee haw
    yee haw

    Just a suggestion, I think hanging the painting and mirror will pull your eye up and give the room more dimension, embrace those beautiful tall ceilings

  • Adrienne Alvidrez
    Adrienne Alvidrez

    Maybe a small book shelf under or beside one of the chairs, it’s too blank over there.

  • Adrienne Alvidrez
    Adrienne Alvidrez

    Your big chair is plain, you need a blanket or pillow to spice it up. 👍🏻