Blake Griffin Rips His Jersey By Mental Breakdown After Gets Sick Of Entire Pistons!
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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • shayne echaluce
    shayne echaluce

    Go to spurs

  • Jared C
    Jared C

    What he mad about, he sucks too

  • Christian Collier
    Christian Collier

    Blake the nets need you

  • Jacob McGrath
    Jacob McGrath

    He rarely looks like hes trying this season lol

  • Cody Dennis
    Cody Dennis

    Not too different than Westbrook. Just retire. Hopefully they've saved some money/made some investments.

  • tyler

    Griffin acting like he carrying the team or something

  • Oshane Fulton
    Oshane Fulton

    get that man off the pistons

  • ZEkilled TV
    ZEkilled TV

    go to lakers

  • Gillli illi the posedon!
    Gillli illi the posedon!


  • IamNaitsirk 30
    IamNaitsirk 30

    New team name: Detroit Pissedoff

  • hip hop fiend
    hip hop fiend

    At least his Jersey doesn't say lions!

  • emoney7472

    Dude has to live in Detroit.

  • FLYYY 2x
    FLYYY 2x

    When He Ripped It He Had A Lakers Jersey On Under It.. 😂


    Emotional woman

  • I like my own comments
    I like my own comments

    Do you English?

  • Anthony Lloyd Rodriguez
    Anthony Lloyd Rodriguez

    not cool

  • Ali Almomen
    Ali Almomen

    he is angry because he knows that he is going back to Detroit.

  • MoonKush

    This shows that Drose played a big role

  • Johnny Nighthawk
    Johnny Nighthawk

    Why would he be pissed, he's one of the big reasons they suck 😂

    • ZeSpecialOne

      Was not aware of this, fill me in on why hes one of the reasons they suck

  • blanche starbong
    blanche starbong

    When Blake Griffin sucks...

  • prod. heezy
    prod. heezy

    go to the lakers buddy

  • Chris Mojica
    Chris Mojica

    Send em to the warriors

  • Dontress Smith
    Dontress Smith

    Yeah he's gonna get outta there

  • ZChronic Nebula
    ZChronic Nebula

    Because sports are scripted & didn't know he'd be acting for a career 🤔😴

  • Jesus Is king
    Jesus Is king

    Just ask to be traded the pistons isn’t going to get you anywhere cheif

  • THX 1138
    THX 1138

    Time to join other superstars.

  • Jeffrey Jordan
    Jeffrey Jordan

    Time move fast i said when he got drafted he would be a 5 time all star with no real top 5 qualities he was alright in his prime idc about injuries he never showed he was a true superstar in the regular season anyway


    They need to let him go somewhere else and stop killing his career and legacy

    • Johnny Trujillo
      Johnny Trujillo

      he did that himself.

  • Mason Janickii
    Mason Janickii

    what material is this?? goddamn $5 shirts are harder to rip! lolll and it's the confidence knowing the jersey was going to rip for me 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Echevarria
    Kevin Echevarria

    I hope he goes to Miami or the lakers . He needs a chip

  • Patrice Cook
    Patrice Cook

    Send my boy Griffin to the Mavs, he'd be more prosperous there than on the Detroit pistons

  • Cee Truth
    Cee Truth

    The Jazz are playing to the beat of their 🎷

  • JawaPunter

    Blake is the sorriest player on the Pistons.

  • Ken Z
    Ken Z

    Why was he mad?

  • Ian Lagdamen
    Ian Lagdamen

    Karma for what u guys did to gelo lololol

  • jack hummilton
    jack hummilton

    You and bradley beal to warriors

  • Saul Brown
    Saul Brown

    They played the jazz what they expect

  • Peyton Banton Banton
    Peyton Banton Banton

    I don't blame him

  • Clay Soggyfries
    Clay Soggyfries

    When your team is ass 😂

  • Dazed

    The clippers disrespected this man and sent him to a team he’s unhappy in

    • John Pena
      John Pena

      @BLCKnight24Plays in his prime with the Clippers he was one of the best players in the NBA now injuries have taken their toll on him and he isn't the same player he used to be unfortunately .

    • BLCKnight24Plays

      @John Pena Is he ?? He's 5 years younger than Lebron and also younger than Harden Curry and Westbrook... I believe he also outballed Harden during Nets vs Pistons

    • John Pena
      John Pena

      @BLCKnight24Plays he's already in the decline phase !

    • BLCKnight24Plays

      Pistons are garbage and Detroit is a gray cloudy and gloomy city... Blake needs to go back to LA right now before he becomes too old and enters the physical decline phase

  • lvitela24

    He got steve ballmered lol..his own doing..beating up the trainer

  • MystixO_p

    Bruh maybe if he was good he wouldnt be going through that

  • Jk Esdfkm
    Jk Esdfkm

    Superman didn’t have time to get to a phone booth

  • Roza Tiger
    Roza Tiger

    Can u blame him?🤦🏽

  • Vibe Squad
    Vibe Squad

    Blake is such a brat lol

  • Kris Wtulich
    Kris Wtulich

    It’s because they trade d rose away😴

  • Khellon Walker
    Khellon Walker

    GET THIS Man a trade!!!

  • BanyMany

    My mans in the wrong team...

  • che gaiter
    che gaiter

    Blake needs to retire. He hasn't played an entire season since I was in

  • carlosrome87

    Pistons are no good Blake need to go to contender

  • Huncho Flow
    Huncho Flow

    Jesus Christ is lord and saviour repent from your sins before it’s too late

  • what what
    what what

    Blacks griffian to the lakers

  • Freeman Mc
    Freeman Mc

    Blake you are still the g man! Been a fan since and still am!!!! Lob City is not the same without you

  • Spy Gamer
    Spy Gamer

    Maybe trade incoming?👀

  • Htown Q
    Htown Q

    detroit is legit the place where careers die lmfaooo football and basketball whole team trash asfffff i understand blake aint himself but to just put it all on him the piston aint been good since 04 but its all blake griffin fault yall nut ass Detroit fans

  • EdRllyRlly

    why is he acting like he puts in the work

  • Halfman Halftree
    Halfman Halftree

    the Hulk Hogan of the NBA

  • Anayo Amaefule
    Anayo Amaefule

    where was the foul at 0.07

  • x moses
    x moses

    It's not easy ripping a jersey off.

  • don't please
    don't please


  • Alex's Boxing Channel
    Alex's Boxing Channel

    They shouldn't have cut Liangelo Ball then

  • Ice Cold
    Ice Cold

    Pist-Ons more like Pissed-Offs

  • Shaquille Gaming Channel
    Shaquille Gaming Channel

    What are you doing to help them win tho?

  • CP

    Your going up against the best team in the West what do you expect?😂

  • Jalil Miller
    Jalil Miller

    Gelo would never

  • Paul06

    “Send him to Detroit!!”

  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan

    go to the nets please

  • four1sixRaps

    I'll tell you whats wrong with him. He never had the work ethic to improve his game. You can't always depend on your power to play in today's era now.

  • Onestop Funstop
    Onestop Funstop

    Blake might have been the best in game dunker in History... But he just doesn't have the skill set to compete in today's league... He's not quick enough and has never been a good shooter...

  • Kamen 23
    Kamen 23

    Welp he’s not doing that good anymore because he gets injured. dlo was right.... he ain’t even stretch tho

  • 2K Scientist
    2K Scientist

    They bs that’s why he is frustrated

  • Mac Miller
    Mac Miller

    How Klay felt when they lost to the nets


    Dude is a bum anyway 🤣🤣

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This how i feel every time i play NBA Live

  • LaGrange

    Blake Griffin to the Lakers confirmed!! As per sources of LeBron

  • Thomas Ferrarone
    Thomas Ferrarone

    Who tf is BG to be getting heated..? He’s exponentially declining every season. He’s not like Bradley Beal who has valid frustration, still hooping and losing. BG never developed his game, athleticism declined and his game went with it

  • UnRuleD Grizz
    UnRuleD Grizz

    BG needs to leave that team. Go to somewhere he would be needed like I think he would work out with the Nuggets and maybe the Hawks?

  • Patricio Zambrano
    Patricio Zambrano

    Lol mental breakdown u good bro? He just looks pissed

  • The Legit Cross
    The Legit Cross

    Detroit never gon be good

  • Richard Hsu
    Richard Hsu

    well more like get sick of his own performance.

  • Nate W
    Nate W

    This man plays about 15 games a year, grow up

  • cynical

    Please get him to like the celtics or something Idek at this point

  • datDANK

    could had gave that jesrey to a starving kid in africa... but nooooo

  • vivek kolambkar
    vivek kolambkar

    He is pissed off with 'piss'tons

  • Yoshi Hardwick
    Yoshi Hardwick

    Come to the lakers

  • geekyWhispering

    Blake should retire

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff

    Whoever runs this account must be illiterate.

  • tarun kumar
    tarun kumar

    Free blake

  • Tristan Carrier
    Tristan Carrier

    free him

  • justwatchmate


  • Mr Bruh
    Mr Bruh

    "Blake Griffin Rips His Jersey By Mental Breakdown After Gets Sick Of Entire Pistons!" Umm what lol😭😂

  • Get Played
    Get Played

    He was frustrated with himself

  • PizzaHut is Good
    PizzaHut is Good

    Hulk Hogan

  • Edgar M.
    Edgar M.

    Well didn’t he say he wanted to be the leader of his own team? 😂 no CP3 to save him 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • dodgerkid05

    I remember circa 2012/2013 Two young guns outta Oaklahoma were RUNNING the CITY OF ANGELS...MATT KEMP & BLAKE GRIFFIN...

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One

    Should’ve drafted liangleo 🤣😂 pistons corp so shitty

  • Tarell Smith
    Tarell Smith


  • Lebwon Goku
    Lebwon Goku

    More like pissed of himself.. he's been underperforming the entire season thus far

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno

    The eggs in the court...not in the tunnel please

  • Cortez Perkins
    Cortez Perkins

    the pistons dont deserve him, i feel like he'll fit with like the Heat or something...