Black to Silver Hair Transformation
black to platinum/silver hair transformation! This is session 1, potentially going lighter in a few weeks....what do we think girlypops, should I go lighter?
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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    GIRLYPOPS welcome to the biggest transformation I think I’ve ever made. This was session 1 out of 2, so I’m still deciding if I like this ashy silver or want to go whiter! ALSO there is going to be a Black Friday sale midnight @CST next week! I’m launching some new things that I think you guys will really dig 😆

    • Trisha Reddy
      Trisha Reddy

      Go lighter!

    • Aymon Naqvi
      Aymon Naqvi

      you look great, but the stark blonde of the wig looks fire!!!

    • k


    • Haven Grace
      Haven Grace

      Okay the ashy is really cute, and I dont think platinum would look that good BUT ITS YOUR HAIR DO IT FOR YOU

    • Sebastian

      like the hair

  • Paloma Davila
    Paloma Davila

    3:15 peep ryans wedding band

  • Paloma Davila
    Paloma Davila

    You were married here

  • Kreaseee

    your original hair color is not black honey, it's brown

  • Rebecca Lawlor
    Rebecca Lawlor

    yep, this was after u got married.

    • Paloma Davila
      Paloma Davila


  • Dawn Holmes
    Dawn Holmes

    I came to confirm Ryan's wedding band lol.

    • Paloma Davila
      Paloma Davila

      Yup 3:15

    • Paloma Davila
      Paloma Davila


  • cynthia cruz
    cynthia cruz

    What’s the outro song ???

  • lily b
    lily b

    thats black brown and gray.... none is blonde

  • Nadia Stoloff
    Nadia Stoloff


  • Andora Leigh
    Andora Leigh

    I honestly think it looks really good on you. You look more mature. Love it

  • Dakota Ray
    Dakota Ray

    You lowkey look like Sophia Lucia -i hesitated commenting this bc i was like "she probs won't know who that is" and then i remembered you're a dancer

  • Apple juice &peach
    Apple juice &peach

    am i the only one who saw that ryan had a ring on his left hand ring finger at 3:15

    • Apple juice &peach
      Apple juice &peach

      and i know it could just be a random ring but its on his left hand ring finger thats were your supposed to put your wedding band

  • aquazz 60hz
    aquazz 60hz

    You look so much better

  • xEverlore

    i saw a piercing gun and now i’m triggered

  • Jordan Pritchard
    Jordan Pritchard

    I kinda like it, don't get me wrong, but it's just too grey for my liking..? Idk. It's just too grey. I would've liked it to be a little bit blonder.

  • Devyn Parsley
    Devyn Parsley

    It’s so cute!

  • General Glacier
    General Glacier

    It looks so gooooood!!!!!!

  • Lauren Alliston
    Lauren Alliston

    omg it looks so good

  • itsmintobe

    love the hair

  • Madden Julie
    Madden Julie

    I dyed my whole head bright pink and I still didn’t make that big of a deal...

  • ellie robertson
    ellie robertson

    can you please tell me where you’re sweatshirt is from, i love it!

  • Teresa Felipo
    Teresa Felipo

    Hi Haley! Love your videos so much!! Just wanted to say that I have started my own RSloft channel and I'd love if any of you guys reading this could check it out! It would mean the world to me. Love you all!

  • Serenity H.
    Serenity H.

    The hair is a vibe 👌🏽 💕

  • Emily Russo
    Emily Russo

    i love ittt

  • Norah Abs
    Norah Abs

    It looks so good

  • Lonna Kelley
    Lonna Kelley

    yessssss bitchhhhhhh

  • oliveagar


  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    I love mama Pham🥺

  • Serenity Campbell
    Serenity Campbell

    “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:28 Haley!! Please consider this!! Ily

    • Serenity Campbell
      Serenity Campbell

      @Nicole Joo Thank you for sharing this!

    • Nicole Joo
      Nicole Joo

      Okay so this is my opinion on tattoos: it was a ceremonial law, and when Jesus died for our skns, the laws were changed? You'll have to look that up but I personally don't think you should get tattoos that dont glorify God, and looking at her temporary tattoos Haley will most likely get ones that don't

  • Libby B
    Libby B

    The guys’ reaction is so cute! Your hair looks so pretty!

  • Ella Salazar
    Ella Salazar

    my mom works at the place you got your hair done


    U look good gurl no wayyyy

  • SanFranGurl

    I guarantee you if she wants to keep her hair long , going full platinum is a bad idea.

  • Isabela p r
    Isabela p r


  • Emiko Jay
    Emiko Jay

    what instagram filter is that

  • Carrie Owens
    Carrie Owens

    the piercings are cute but for the love of god please go to a tattoo shop and get them done with needles and not piercing guns

  • Sophia Hanks
    Sophia Hanks

    I am obsessed your hair looks so good

  • Abeera Awan
    Abeera Awan

    You look so good!!

  • Abeera Awan
    Abeera Awan

    You look so good!!

  • Ashley

    It looks super cute

  • Paige Richards
    Paige Richards

    I love you but it isn’t blonde

  • penelope

    I love ur mom so much I can’t even

  • Elizabeth Burns
    Elizabeth Burns


  • Laura Liu
    Laura Liu

    It looks sooo good! I want to do the same to my hair now!!! 🤩🤩

  • sophz k
    sophz k

    haley has honestly grown so much as a person its amazing

  • Ava Zamani
    Ava Zamani


  • Dina

    Your hair looks amazing 😍 I love it❤️

  • Dina

    „..and I think you just need to like push over kids..“ haha what😂😂

  • lovemesome isha
    lovemesome isha

    watching this put a HUGE smile on my face! been watching haley since i was little and this for sure was a BIG change BUT WATCHING HER LEARN TO LOVE IT MADE MY DAY!!! in my opinion, she looks great :D

  • Natasha J
    Natasha J

    Kinda disrespectful to the hairdresser just saying “I don’t like it” all the time tho

  • Gloria Loeza
    Gloria Loeza

    Bold of you to dye your hair before your wedding

  • Bella Sedona
    Bella Sedona

    The boys hypin you upppp🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰 y’all are so cutttte

  • Kelli Lash
    Kelli Lash

    I got my hair died platinum blonde like 6 months it it doesn’t go fully blonde and I got my roots re done a month ago and still isn’t platinum so don’t think your hair will go from a black to blonde at the first session because it will be DEAD and start falling off!!!

  • Jacqueline Capone
    Jacqueline Capone

    OMG it looks soooo nice

  • Clare Miller
    Clare Miller

    I literally want my hair like this now, it looks SOO good!!

  • Ellouise Badger
    Ellouise Badger

    Love the hair 😍

  • Kylee Allman
    Kylee Allman

    aw her mom is adorable

  • floralfrvity

    OMG i love your silver hair!! 💕

  • Jal T
    Jal T

    i need that instagram hair filter name 🥺

  • Cat M
    Cat M

    your mic is too loud i can hear your mouth noises lol ew

  • canahata

    it looks really good

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen Marshall

    Just like The queen Hannah Montana herself said, “ you can change your hair and you can change your clothes... but you’ll always find your way back home.”

  • addison houseworth
    addison houseworth

    okay but like yes yes yes

  • abby turnpaugh
    abby turnpaugh

    i love it haley! u look so much more grown up and i think the color is great for this time of year the winter vibes im so here for them

  • Snow dash
    Snow dash

    It looks Soo good 😍

  • Ciana Newell
    Ciana Newell

    Why is no one talking about how cute her mom is?!?!?

  • Alpaca Stan
    Alpaca Stan

    outro song?

  • Lilly Doherty
    Lilly Doherty

    not the cartilage pierced with a gun :(( sis do it with a needle next time :))

  • Mia French
    Mia French

    love it

  • Jessica Melendez
    Jessica Melendez

    this looks so good on you omg

  • avery caranta
    avery caranta

    Girllll where have you been

  • Liz Inamasu
    Liz Inamasu

    Yessss now I have a video I can show my hair stylist!! This is exactly what I want!

  • ~Just a Melon~
    ~Just a Melon~

    no way i died my hair the exact same colour lol love it on you! Beware you’ll be as addicted to changing your hair as i am🤪

  • Coco Klepper
    Coco Klepper

    I can’t imagine 4 guys my age telling me they love my hair

  • Shelby Walters
    Shelby Walters

    oh to have four beautiful mean wait to see your new hair even though they are men and probably didn't notice much difference but did their best

  • Kristin McCallum
    Kristin McCallum

    I love it it’s gonna look so nice on her wedding day

  • Callie Jones
    Callie Jones

    oh my god. it looks so good!!!!!!

  • M O
    M O

    It’s literally brown.... like bruh chill

  • plop kipper
    plop kipper

    Does anyone know hwere Haleys hoodie is from?

  • Kayla Aubry
    Kayla Aubry

    It looks SO GOOD

  • Gabriella Tobler
    Gabriella Tobler

    She went from an 8/10 to a literal 15/10

  • strawberry

    it looks so much better, it really brightens up her face

  • RelaxedOwl

    Super video 😍❤❤💙 👍👍💗❤

  • info Point today
    info Point today

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  • Lexi Gonzalez
    Lexi Gonzalez

    This video is so cringe. It’s literally a ashy dark blonde and she’s acting like it’s white. 😂 *not saying it looks bad* it’s just the dramatics that were obnoxious

  • bella


  • Jocelyn Kim
    Jocelyn Kim

    change is good! and it looks soo bomb😍

  • Caroline Collins
    Caroline Collins

    It looks amazingggg

  • mia cole-daum
    mia cole-daum

    def go lighter!

  • lillee gregg
    lillee gregg

    why does she look like kalianna

  • Red Lemonade
    Red Lemonade

    link to the song at the end?

  • Alyssa Jordan
    Alyssa Jordan

    I love it! I loved the platinum wig on you too!

  • sara singleton
    sara singleton

    I ABSOLUTELY love it she looks perfect

  • Victoria Newton
    Victoria Newton

    But this isn't platinum? It's just like a few highlights. I am so confused.

    • Macy Tedder
      Macy Tedder

      Well she also went from black to platinum so it’s not gonna get there in one bleach session

  • Savannah Johnson
    Savannah Johnson

    ryan’s ringgg🤩👀 omg excited for the wedding video!

    • Sarahkey


  • isabele rebekah
    isabele rebekah

    this hair makes u look more mature ? or older ? does that make sense LOLOLOL IT LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD !

  • •Nykelle Grace•
    •Nykelle Grace•


  • Eden P
    Eden P

    When I saw it on the thumbnail I didn't like it. I thought it looked gray, like she was getting gray hair😂. But seeing her hair move, and in different angles I like it!

  • Jessest

    Her hair looks so so cute

  • sijil o
    sijil o

    Bae my

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