Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0- Ninja Warrior Course
Mark Rober
Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)
Here is an explanation of the illusion dish thing!-
Here is a link to the illusion dish (not sponsored :)
0:02 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
0:27 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
3:21 - Zambo - Devil in Disguise
3:47 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
5:28 - J. Thompson - Real Quick Lovin'
5:39 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
7:51 - Chi- Ponder-
8:31 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
9:25 - Josef Falkenskold - Tiny Tumble
19:07 - Nik- Ponder-

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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Phantastic Gus is my spirit animal.

    • L H
      L H

      Can you git one of the three de things on Amazon

    • Pulse Gr1zly
      Pulse Gr1zly

      Yes no questions just yes

    • Britney Jensen
      Britney Jensen


    • carissa lindsay
      carissa lindsay

      @Marcos Amparo y

    • Charmaine Callcut
      Charmaine Callcut

      Hey Mark, watching your channel with my son and we thought you would like to know that rodents have no gag reflex meaning peanut butter is super risky for them to choke on. We love your channel!

  • Oblivion Union
    Oblivion Union

    lets be honest, when we clicked on this video we never thought it would be this good.

    • basilisawesomeJB


    • Sarah Louise Forsythe
      Sarah Louise Forsythe


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  • ZVoidPlayz

    Every squirrel: I’m just gonna sit at the table Phat Gus: I AM THE TABLE

    • Brandy Wesley
      Brandy Wesley


    • Ronald Riske
      Ronald Riske

      Phantastic Gus’ Kids: We are the table

    • KitzBerry🐼🫐

      i guess its a she now-

    • KitzBerry🐼🫐

      omg hes pregnant-

    • KitzBerry🐼🫐

      Phat Gus just knows how to enjoy life-

  • Donna Morrell
    Donna Morrell

    that was actually very entertaining, I had to giggle at the end when the squirrels are literally sitting at the picnic table waiting for the door to open, these squirrels are geniuses lol.

  • Sue J
    Sue J

    19:40 That spider shot out a silk line in the hopes it might be picked up by the wind (or snag on something maybe), before it jumped into the unknown. It's how baby spiders disperse over a wide area too. Spiders are fascinating! 😊 Edit: just looked at this clip again, I don't believe that kind of spider can jump so its silk line is what saved it.

    • Nicole B
      Nicole B

      @Mrtophat that's fine, just don't squish them when they're not bothering you. They're friendly little dudes up here

    • Mrtophat

      I don’t like spiders they scare me

    • Sue J
      Sue J

      @ANGELIQUE Doesn't look like a jumper to me; I have kept jumping spiders for years. Yes, jumping spiders have a thing about 'butts in the air' (it's actually a courting thing) but they don't do it before they jump. As I said before, other spiders will throw out a line in the hopes of being picked up by the wind. Jumping spiders will have their spinnerets to the ground before they jump, anchoring a drag line so that if the jump is unsuccessful, they can get back to the starting point. I have spent many hours watching them. Jumper spiderlings do use the wind dispersal method but this definitely isn't a spiderling.

    • Amalgasoul



      Pretty sure that was a Salicidae of some kind. The whole "but in the air" is often seen with them. They do have weblines as well, which this one clearly has as well, but that looks like a jumper jumping.

  • Jewel.e

    LOVED this! I did the same thing… started feeding birds, ended up watching the entertaining squirrels for hours! They are the cutest little things and I especially love when they bury their find! 🥰 They dig a hole really, really fast, place the find inside very tenderly, then cover the hole back up just a fast as it was dug. Now for my favorite part… once it’s covered up, they pat it down quickly, quickly but gently. It’s adorable! But it’s their little hand-like paws that catch your attention. I can’t explain any more than I have, you’ll know exactly what I mean when/if you are able to see this for yourself! 🐿🤭

    • Non Available
      Non Available

      ​@Jewel.e Am now a friend with like half the squirrels in my city ! , it's driving me NUTS !!!

    • Jewel.e

      @Non Available HA!! Too funny! Gotta love them little creatures.🐿 Seriously entertaining.😄😉

    • Non Available
      Non Available

      You are very accurate in your observations !!! , they do that in my yard all the time !!!

  • Samantha Valdes
    Samantha Valdes

    I would literally watch a whole season of Squirrel Wipeout.

    • Nicole Arzuaga
      Nicole Arzuaga


    • The Farm
      The Farm

      Bro same

    • Cathleen Italo
      Cathleen Italo

      @gung yah

    • Demonz_f8


    • Joana Arari
      Joana Arari

      Me too

  • Judy West
    Judy West

    I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this and the 2.0 version!! Every couple of months I come across it and love it all over again.

  • Eddy's Reviews
    Eddy's Reviews

    As a Natural Resources Manager, this video melts my heart as it shows every animal as they try to survive using their unique abilities.

  • ValensBellator

    4:27 I love that little hummingbird that flies in and hovers above his head as if to ask “Hey watcha doin over here?” 😂

  • TheRevX

    Dude, you can tell these squirrels were having so much fun!! It's literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for them, it's like if you went to the forest to pick some berries and found a full obstacle course to get there.

  • Maurice Bijleveld
    Maurice Bijleveld

    Neighbor: The squirrels are really becoming a problem. Mark: Yeah, I've been training them with a special obstacle course.

    • Megan Pierce
      Megan Pierce


    • chlochlo6112

      @Thomas Buddingh mark: you heard me

    • Sandy_Carpets The Second
      Sandy_Carpets The Second

      @BIG-NABZ If your chickens are pecking eachother to death, you're most likely over-crowding them.

    • Ligia Tate
      Ligia Tate

      I’m just the owner

  • Sean Coots
    Sean Coots

    Absolutely fun, smart tree dwelling rodents...hate to say it bro but I think they worked you, they felt like having a gym and you built them one...😂😂😂 that is hella this video

  • Sandro Trunz
    Sandro Trunz

    Definitely one of the best videos (well made and narrated) I've ever watched! 💖💖💖💖

  • Mark Perron
    Mark Perron

    Outstanding piece of work. The humor, the variety and difficulty of the course and of course the amazing athletics of the 4 contestants. This was just brilliant.

  • Gina Bono
    Gina Bono

    Mark Rober, In all honesty, u & ur videos r nothing short of phenomenal! Thank u for bringing unbridled enthusiasm, precise knowledge and undeniable humor to what some may assume is a mundane subject!

  • Domnu' fLicK
    Domnu' fLicK

    Guys this is a perfect representation of what RSloft is about. Or what it should be about. Pure joy, creativity and originality. Great video Mark, this is the type of content i would work for to get. Loved it, especially Gus.

    • Charles Fields
      Charles Fields


    • Jennifer Simpson
      Jennifer Simpson

      @A-game te

    • V. Dargain
      V. Dargain

      Gus is a Gussie .

    • 刘瑞琪

      And Trump!

    • Ricardo Ferreira
      Ricardo Ferreira

      And money to spend squirrel watching 😂

  • Cookie5678 Nestibo
    Cookie5678 Nestibo

    I love how Mark puts so much effort into everything and everything turns out so cool

  • Giovanni Esposito
    Giovanni Esposito

    What a cool video! Narrated and edited perfectly! Well done 👌

  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan

    these 2 squirrel video's were so entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Please make more and set up a course just to see how far the squirrels can jump.

  • Claudette Laureano
    Claudette Laureano

    Outstanding! Thanks for 20 minutes of sheer entertainment!

  • Rad

    Now i feel like i know these squirrels personally,

    • Lily Chang
      Lily Chang

      @Sonny Boiii squirrel

    • Lily Chang
      Lily Chang

      @Marcos Amparo Squirrel YES

    • Lily Chang
      Lily Chang


    • Cat with a gun
      Cat with a gun

      @Marcos Amparo God I read that as getting "in" a squirrel and was like what- 😳

    • Wilby Sot
      Wilby Sot

      rick and marty

  • Martha Wood
    Martha Wood

    OMG, I never laughed so much! Squirrels are definitely the Velociraptors of the rodent world. I've raised 3 (different times) abandoned squirrel babies, bottle fed, then oatmeal fed, then released. Their intelligence is very underrated. I had one that could open a door (like a Velociraptor) by hanging on the knob and swinging back and forth like an Olympic gymnast. As soon as it heard the latch release, it dropped to the floor and pawed the door open. Incredible.

  • Robert Tilden
    Robert Tilden

    Watched the whole thing. Impressive and entertaining!

  • Nikita Rozhdestvensky
    Nikita Rozhdestvensky

    i havent laughed this hard in a very long time. im flooded with gratitude for this gem of humour and gentle observation. omg this made my year!!!

  • The Proletariat
    The Proletariat

    That was awesome!!! Super cute video! Definitely let's you observe them under a different light! They're just out to survive as we all are! But what a fun way to interact with them! Definitely made them work for the food. Love yur little gift to them at the end! :) but they are full of surprises still! Lol

  • ThatOne FinnishCuber
    ThatOne FinnishCuber

    He's like the science teacher we ACTUALLY want to listen to

    • 3ondy Boy
      3ondy Boy

      I know

    • BattleshipFan!

      @Freezy Bill Nye the science guy!

    • ummeiguess

      Ryuukai L why does it matter if Bill is a "boomer"? he's an awesome "boomer" who isn't "boomy"

    • Carina Ulm
      Carina Ulm

      1st of all, nothing wrong with science, but science teachers are some kind of monsters.

    • erko78

      Raven12 21 - I hope you aren’t teaching him spelling / grammar lol

  • Balor561

    I love phantasic gus’ mood like she is always chillin

  • Mary

    I love how the squirrels keep coming to his yard to try the course over and over again. Clearly they seem to like the challenge otherwise they'd try once, get startled by something, and then never come back.

  • Nicola Doering
    Nicola Doering

    One of the best things I've seen on RSloft. It made my day. Thank you for uploading!!

  • susan-gaynes

    OMG loved this. Thank you for not hurting them. Did the squirrel ever bring her babies there for a snack?

  • Chad Crenshaw
    Chad Crenshaw

    Every other squirrel: does course normally Phantastic Gus: Hold my walnuts

    • Idk

      @i AmTrustWorthy her*

    • si

      @i AmTrustWorthy gus is a she?

    • Million X157
      Million X157

      Phantasic Gus: Lemme eat my walnuts- i feel like his would fit more but still its a great comment-

    • i AmTrustWorthy
      i AmTrustWorthy

      Let’s be honest gus ain’t letting anyone get his walnuts

    • 5iris

      LEGEND 333 noice

  • Alphonse Elric
    Alphonse Elric

    Amazing how all these Squirrels in this video have such different personalities. That's so adorable!🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Barbara Morelock
    Barbara Morelock

    This is just fantastic, leaves a smile and happy feelings. Thanks for sharing

  • J Chesney
    J Chesney

    You made a theme park for the squirrels. They loved every second of it. They seemed to like even being launched.

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas Hill

    What a wonderful thing you have created and chose to share with people like me

  • Chuck_Duck

    I like how he talks about the squirrels like they’re speedrunners. “A solid run” “A time under 40 seconds” “A near perfect run by Frank”

    • FHT1883

      9:35 Run's dead

    • ChanCeNecK

      I mean, just like real speedrunners, they did try a lot to cheat the system, didn´t they? lol

    • Peksi Sarvinen
      Peksi Sarvinen

      "And that is where the record stands today" - Summoning Salt

    • mala3isity

      His comments totally make the video.

    • Jude Martin
      Jude Martin

      Lol I love how he names the first two squirrels rick and Marty lmao 🤣🤣

  • Guille Pereira
    Guille Pereira

    The prep work was amazing, this is awesome


    9:39 your commentary! I actually fell out of my chair 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Barbara Lee
    Barbara Lee

    Healthiest twenty minutes I have spent in a little while! Thoroughly delightful. Thank you.

  • Zaynab Rajab
    Zaynab Rajab

    I really enjoyed this video.All the explanations of how certain mammals always land on their feet,the sense of story telling and the general entertainment.The beautiful nature that is exposed an the intelligence of an animal.Incredible content🧠

  • kr4zyy

    The squirrels sitting on the picnic bench is so cute lol

    • SusieQStudios


    • pridhzz

      until you see phantastic gus laying on the table doing the starfish

    • nigerian fam
      nigerian fam

      Everyone: Keemstar vs Ethan Klein Mark Robert: calm down and watch squirrels get yeeted

    • M H
      M H

      Phat Gus the superstar

    • M H
      M H

      Phat Gus was hilarious 😂

  • Heather Driesse
    Heather Driesse

    What a breath of fresh air to see such an entertaining, fast moving video! LOVE IT!!! ❤️ I’ve watched this many times. I always laugh and pick up something I missed before. The planning, time and effort put in makes for an all time FAVORITE on RSloft! SHARED with fellow bird lovers who, of course, have to deal with these acrobatic creatures!

  • NA nation
    NA nation

    I never thought squirrel is this brilliant

  • StarSpirit

    Thank you!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!! 😆❤🙏🏻

  • John Wright
    John Wright

    You, my friend, are a fantastic story teller. Even though you video is kind of squirrely, I enjoyed it.

  • Techience

    I cant believe it worked so well, this was probably one of the most entertaining things I've ever watched.

    • hamieon


    • VerticalFlyingB737

      @Danes Stang I'm keeping this comment for an archive "you need to get a life then"

    • HeyouCrow

      Original 📺🇬🇧 advert.., was 80's MASSIVE HiT !!., FYi., Advert course, was *paraded at 'Rose Theatre', eVent amidst 'SuperSTArs' ℹ️

    • Lukas Raths
      Lukas Raths


    • sanjeev yadav
      sanjeev yadav


  • Flying Fur Animal Rescue & Refuge
    Flying Fur Animal Rescue & Refuge

    As someone who rehabilitates squirrels, this is excellent enrichment 🙂Awesome ideas

  • Suzanne Moore
    Suzanne Moore

    This was brilliant! I loved it! But dang, I was so sure we’d get to see the baby squirrels !!

  • Southern Comfort UK
    Southern Comfort UK

    What an amazing video, it’s a true work of art 👍 well done

  • Linda H
    Linda H

    Gosh! I love this so much! Another reason to have my own backyard!

  • Mr Wolf
    Mr Wolf

    This is the most entertaining video about squirrels in existence

    • Aimee Heintz
      Aimee Heintz

      Did you copy mr beast mr wolf

    • Marcus MG
      Marcus MG

      And he was only trying to scare em off too. Now they earned his respect.

    • Silntpistl

      Your not wrong

    • Colin Mahoney
      Colin Mahoney

      This is the most entertaining video in existence

    • kyzu

      Look up banzai squirrel fishing and enjoy yourself

  • Skaie Knox
    Skaie Knox

    What an absolutely delightful video! I just LOVED it! I live in what our city dubs the "Tree Section" where squirrels are found EVERYWHERE! We even have the "squirrel highway" which is the power lines throughout our neighborhood. I love my squirrel neighbors and now, after this vid, I appreciate them so much more. Thank you for the amazingly nutty entertainment. :D

  • Hannah Scarlett Smith
    Hannah Scarlett Smith

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. Fantastic job.

  • DJmarie

    Fabulous editing, and comic delivery. Thank you for a most enjoyable view! It's not easy, and you make it all feel so fun and simple!

  • Chris DeCrease
    Chris DeCrease

    Wow, Mark, you are my hero. This was amazing. Thanks for the laughs!

    • V. Dargain
      V. Dargain

      Same .

  • Azer Draco
    Azer Draco

    Moral of the video: Squirrels are smarter than the average package thief.

    • Henry Stickmin
      Henry Stickmin

      @WeirdguyLevi that would be you, you’re the one who doesn’t make sense



    • Jesus Rdz
      Jesus Rdz

      @**** r/ihadastroke

    • Dominic A
      Dominic A


    • Ark


  • Sabrina Elisabeth
    Sabrina Elisabeth

    That was fantastic. I've often watched the squirrels in my parent's yard, but this was amazing!!

  • yumba2006

    amazing engineering ! fun to watch ! Love the comments , love squirrels

  • Christine Melton
    Christine Melton

    SO entertaining! I’ve been watching my squirrels everyday. You are inspiring. Keep going.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter

    I thought I was the only person on Earth who loves squirrels, I fully appreciate this video ❤

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I just appreciate the fact that he uploads once a month and he always manages to make the content top notch in quality.

    • Godwin Shelton
      Godwin Shelton

      Remember I'll be in your comment replies

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      Hello again

    • Gentles and Ladymen
      Gentles and Ladymen


    • JAM Martinez
      JAM Martinez

      Eventually at this point, Why are you not a meme for appearing everywhere? Like are you a bot or do you just have a wide variety of subscriptions?

    • Amanda Adrian
      Amanda Adrian

      @Explosive Cake totally agree probably a organisation of disappointments to the human race

  • Cait P
    Cait P

    Why did this bring me so much joy lol this was great!

  • Lennox

    I think this is a jewel of a video. So well edited, so thst it makes you feel something, connection to the squirrels, very entertaining, wholesome, and an overall joy to watch. Thank you Mark.

  • Notes from Leisa-Land
    Notes from Leisa-Land

    This vid was great fun. A great respite from the troubles in the world. The rodent mind is an amazing problem solver.

  • Joan Breiner
    Joan Breiner

    It amazes me how talented they are and so are you! They outsmarted my mom for years! Keep it coming

  • Air Command Rockets
    Air Command Rockets

    Meanwhile ... 17 squirrels learned to raid Mark's fridge between 6am and 10am while he was being distracted by 4 of their mates.

    • Mythic

      I was in on the plan

    • Kat M.
      Kat M.


    • Tariffic Typist
      Tariffic Typist

      How did you forced it

    • Engineer.

      @Spydie Agreed my childhood.

    • Chelsea

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! sO TRUE! We will be seeing a video on fridge thieves next.

  • Dweeb

    This is so wholesome :) My favorite video ever

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox

    This is my first visit: very impressed by your construction, your narration, and filmmaking. All in all this is a wonderful way to instruct and entertain. Going to send it to some young folk I know...

  • OAKOD510

    That Photo prop just made my day!!! Love the whole video..🤣🤣🤣🤣 Got a new subscriber!!

  • quhawks48

    20 min of captivating and fun suspense!! Loved it!!!!

  • Bjarne

    This, my friend, is some quality content.

    • starlight gazer B
      starlight gazer B


    • J. Silverglade
      J. Silverglade

      yeah, you can definitely tell that a lot of effort was put into it.

  • Debra Hamer
    Debra Hamer

    Love your squirrel obstacle course videos. I was ROFLMAO! I have had the same issue with our squirrels out maneuvering or demolishing several bird feeders.

  • hooloovooloo

    Dude, You have waaay too much time on your hands, but thank goodness for it! Really entertaining video; loved the ‘tourist trap’ and Phantastic Gus; what a character. Thanks a lot.

  • Evil and Insane
    Evil and Insane

    I nearly cried at the ending and I’m proud of that

  • RebeccasAmongUsArt

    Honestly, if I were a Squirrel I'd love to try out the course just for thing like exercise. And of course I'm rewarded for completing it with the walnuts at the end.

    • idkwhattoput

      Well you wouldn’t because just because you would be one your mind wouldn’t have the same memories

  • Emma McAllister
    Emma McAllister

    I hope he realizes that he is only training the squirrels to become stronger.

    • Hello your computer has virus
      Hello your computer has virus

      That’s not what I see during open season.

    • A Morales
      A Morales


    • JustKara17

      @Hazel Turner Oop

    • y e s c a u s e w h y n o t ?
      y e s c a u s e w h y n o t ?

      Now 1.6K.

    • Hazel Turner
      Hazel Turner

      @JustKara17 Now it has 1.5 thousand

  • Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty
    Rio Brasil Samba Shows sambistabeauty

    17:20 I need to mention (!) THe ENTIRE Reason that the squirrel can pull this off is that his tail acts as a steering wheel, much like other animals with tails long enough to manuever them in-flight.

  • Balázs Török
    Balázs Török

    Entertaining, clever, cute, professional. Thanks.

  • Cinda Johansen
    Cinda Johansen

    I loved your squirrel contraptions, my squirrels would love it. Thank you

  • Roger Sledz
    Roger Sledz

    Thank you so much for uploading this video. It is helping me get through the pandemic!

  • Turker149

    Moral of the story: Squirrels are smarter than porch pirates


      2nd similar comment and still making me laugh because it’s so unbelievably true.

    • Sean Martin
      Sean Martin

      @Liam Wolfe what???

    • Sean Martin
      Sean Martin


    • cadocommando


    • Edwin Carreto
      Edwin Carreto

      @Brian Brys @

  • Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort

    that was awesome , truly enjoy this entire video, narration was also exceptional. Thanks for sharing

  • Sheena M
    Sheena M

    This was absolutely phenomenal 🥰

  • Catherine Holmes
    Catherine Holmes

    This might actually be my favourite thing I have ever watched on RSloft. Well played, sir

  • Sheryl_Lynn

    I'm the squirrel feeder at my school. Even when I open my door, two particular squirrels know to come in because I leave a trail of peanuts. I can watch squirrels all day. My students stand in awe! 😁

  • .m.

    "I'm going to build a squirrel-proof feeder" Builds a 50-part navy seal training course

    • Joe Feltch
      Joe Feltch

      Why that’s mean

    • UltraFalcon2468

      News In 2589: Squirrels becoming Navy Soldiers, men no longer needed.

    • idkjay

      Navy squirrels

    • Aayush Pandey
      Aayush Pandey


    • Eric Winslow
      Eric Winslow

      Oh god

  • Raisa Frometa
    Raisa Frometa

    Super entertaining, I love squirrels, raised one myself, after finding it on the ground thank you

  • Akelah Bacchus
    Akelah Bacchus

    very nice job I really enjoy this video thanks for all your hard work and just to see how amazing these squirrels are I also learned a few things thanks again

  • Home hospice
    Home hospice

    You needs a TV show lol 😢 this was so fun to watch I’m watching it again 😊 a year later ❤

  • H Avery
    H Avery

    I always suspected they were smart… thanks for confirming! Can’t get enough of this vid! Thank you!

  • Skane-kun

    I demand a controlled study where you get squirrels from other communities and try to replicate these results. I suspect that the squirrels in Mark's backyard are more intelligent than average squirrels as they are probably master engineers from watching all of his science projects.

    • Xneo

      well said

    • bone man
      bone man

      *Sneak 100*

    • Electric

      (words from mark rober himself)

    • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
      Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

      they're getting too smart...

  • Martine Dee
    Martine Dee

    This is a lovely video, thank you!

  • Rose J
    Rose J

    Once again, thanks so much for the laughs! 😂

  • UnNameableName

    This video is one of the things that made me adore squirrels

  • Luset

    It does says something that even a rocket scientist can’t keep those squirrels away from those birds seeds

  • Moon Joo
    Moon Joo

    This was so fun to watch. Lowkey you can make a whole series on this

    • Kara

      Theres a part 2, hopefully he'll make a part 3 next

    • Ty O'Brien
      Ty O'Brien

      He really should though “squirrel wipeout” I’d definitely watch that on Netflix

    • Thomas Morgan
      Thomas Morgan

      Yeah idubbz did this but it was more about killing them, still funny though

    • No Words
      No Words

      same thought

  • ASH7M

    That is amazing! Love your videos so much!!

  • Kira Alia Leeon Fairy The Green One
    Kira Alia Leeon Fairy The Green One

    It's wonderful watching these intelligent, little gymnasts! Oh yes, your ingenuity is truly admirable! Marvellous invention!

  • Luke Flowers
    Luke Flowers

    The optical illusion at the end is mind boggling!

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