Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
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Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (@Wonchop) asdfmovie merch (
Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (@Eddache)
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
With Alto Sax by Chris Carlier (
Featuring Chris Alex (
Chris Bingham (
Anna 'BrizzyVoices' Brisbin (@Brizzy Voices)
Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert)
Stefan Johnson (
Daniel J Layton (@Daniel J. Layton)
Phil 'AmazingPhil' Lester (@AmazingPhil)
and Rik Bowley (
Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters

    I want to order Muffin Time in Italy :( (in English)

  • The ultimate warrior Massey
    The ultimate warrior Massey

    What’s for dinner my favourite! *eats bullets*

  • The ultimate warrior Massey
    The ultimate warrior Massey

    Oh no I’m still alive *eats bullet*

  • TheCrashingToaster

    I like trains.

  • Eugenio Z.
    Eugenio Z.

    Please make more, I just love them.♥️

  • shannon harper
    shannon harper

    offcer: we got you on camra! person:well i! got you flowers offcer: uhhh the next day: there in the bed together

  • Shoto Todoroki.
    Shoto Todoroki.

    69k was the amount of comments written while I wrote this one.

  • Red & Blue Wings
    Red & Blue Wings


  • shannon harper
    shannon harper

    judge: well hey there marshmallo man marshmallo man: hi there!!! judge: how do you plead? marshmallo man: guilty!!!!!! judge: *smashes marshmallo man with hammer* me: omg hahahahahahaha this is my fav and going to be my new ringtone

  • Klutz

    *Baby Gun*

  • Efrain Vites
    Efrain Vites

    "What kind of dog is he", "He's French". The dog: W E E F

  • Carrie Roberson
    Carrie Roberson


  • M1n3craf1

    Aaaawwww What dog is he Hes Filipino

  • SepticScorpion

    8.9k dont have a sense of humor

  • i_am_anxious 02
    i_am_anxious 02

    The skit in the intro had around 40 high fives done by the time the skit ended. That guy is in no trouble, he'll be out in a few more seconds.

  • Pierce Blanchard
    Pierce Blanchard

    The fact that I used to find this shit funny

  • Ishraq Rammahi
    Ishraq Rammahi


  • Ishraq Rammahi
    Ishraq Rammahi

    Come out with your hands up! I’m gay!

  • Ishraq Rammahi
    Ishraq Rammahi

    High five hundred nooooooooooooooo!

  • Ishraq Rammahi
    Ishraq Rammahi

    Da da daddy

  • Christina Hamilton
    Christina Hamilton

    Guy 1: Hey, guess what? I got promoted! Guy 2: Wow, that's awesome! Guy 1: I know! I feel like I'm on cloud nine! Guy 2: I'm so proud of you- Wait, how did you get up there? *Guy 1 is literally sitting on a cloud labelled "9"*

  • XC

    *”I love you”* “I have’ a boifriend!”

  • remyatt79

    it so funny

  • jon. p.
    jon. p.

    *Why would that goose commit suicide by hanging itself?????*

  • Silvia Rodriguez
    Silvia Rodriguez

    Hey mister goose what you doing with that moose

  • TripleR

    "What kind of dog is he?" "He is german." "NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!"

  • Adien Davenport
    Adien Davenport

    Hey mr goose watch a doing with that noose

  • Adien Davenport
    Adien Davenport

    We need asdf 14

  • the anonimityy
    the anonimityy

    THERES A NEW ONE i haven't watched it in a while

  • Sir Lamb Chops
    Sir Lamb Chops

    "Bark bark" "Barkuettes!?" "Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark?"

  • stefan væhrens
    stefan væhrens

    "you're not gonna grow up" 💀

  • Murad Namir
    Murad Namir


  • Zach White
    Zach White

    I like the final one with a spin of realism because before they acted like they even had noses but thats a real twist on the old onw

  • Cam The Beast
    Cam The Beast

    About your new girlfriend she is punching my horse

  • Cole Battles
    Cole Battles


  • Matthew Posey
    Matthew Posey

    Cmon everybody do the whale dance (whale flops) ooooooooooooo

  • Foldy edits and paints 3d
    Foldy edits and paints 3d

    2:23 asdfmovie1 refrence

  • EmersonED

    voldemort: what's a nose?

  • Cam Laird
    Cam Laird

    His girlfriend is a Newcastle fan

  • conserned thing
    conserned thing

    Nice k comments

  • Ismael Gonzalez-Cuevas
    Ismael Gonzalez-Cuevas

    69420 comment nicw

  • Red Gamer
    Red Gamer

    asdfmovie14 coming soon

  • Emmet Shaner
    Emmet Shaner

    69k comments dont ruin it

    • Emmet Shaner
      Emmet Shaner

      @Ismael Gonzalez-Cuevas yEs

    • Ismael Gonzalez-Cuevas
      Ismael Gonzalez-Cuevas


  • Jacob Alan
    Jacob Alan

    Lmao hey there mr goose what you doing with that noose Tom ska is wild

  • Eliott Gaming
    Eliott Gaming


  • lOiEvr tBcather
    lOiEvr tBcather

    the dog: wuuf

  • Nazma Begum
    Nazma Begum


  • ꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂
    ꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂

    0:24 1:00 1:12 1:48

  • Paul Hommerding
    Paul Hommerding

    is there gonna be asdf 14?

  • The Agamer
    The Agamer

    I feel like the comments are funnier than the video

  • Pencil BFB
    Pencil BFB

    where’s asdfmovie14

  • Online Friend
    Online Friend

    1:29 has got to be the darkest sketch ever made by TomSka

  • Dan Bendov
    Dan Bendov

    When I grow up I wanna be doctor jast like you Ohhhhh :You are not gonna grow up Baby: sadness

  • Adam Wheeley
    Adam Wheeley

    muffin time reminds me of the other card game exploding kittens

  • Hayley Calder
    Hayley Calder

    These videos never get old 😂😂

  • ꧁ Snowflak3 ꧂
    ꧁ Snowflak3 ꧂


  • Belle Powless
    Belle Powless

    cmon everybody do the wale dance, flop around while you prance, and your looking sharp like a lance, because your doing the whale dance

  • 猫耳 P
    猫耳 P

    What kind of dog is he? He's Russian привет, я буду пить водку.

  • Saucy Chikun
    Saucy Chikun


  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski

    i want asdfmovie14

  • Cat LaLa OwO
    Cat LaLa OwO

    Hi Im cat LaLa OwO Im form Iraq

  • Mario El Gamer 24 Crack 2
    Mario El Gamer 24 Crack 2

    I like 0:34

  • Catina R.S. Williams
    Catina R.S. Williams


  • Vortex GD
    Vortex GD

    The marshmallow decided to shoot a baby gun so he is guilty

  • Trailer Remix Sonic Mania PlayStation
    Trailer Remix Sonic Mania PlayStation


  • Trailer Remix Sonic Mania PlayStation
    Trailer Remix Sonic Mania PlayStation


  • Yolandi Olivier
    Yolandi Olivier

    My refrigerator also has a boyfriend ._.

  • Extra Medium
    Extra Medium

    "What kind of dog is he ?" "Dead" AAAA-

  • Drakeon Playz
    Drakeon Playz

    The second one killed me

  • Sten PlayZ
    Sten PlayZ

    Yes we did it 69k comments!

  • cutebxnni

    Umm can someone talk about this girls cute voice 1:10

  • Goose

    What did the goose do?!

  • Wv44

    “Hey Mr goose whatcha doing with that noose” “Wua.......” I laughed so hard for some reason

  • LastFallen Human
    LastFallen Human

    i never knew these guys made these...............

  • Mandi S
    Mandi S

    @0:43 @1:15 lolz

  • Pingey

    "daddy" oh

  • BuddyPlot

    1:20 when the imposter is sus

  • Zizzy & Jacob Playz
    Zizzy & Jacob Playz


  • Zizzy & Jacob Playz
    Zizzy & Jacob Playz


  • Asgard

    "What kind of dog is he?" "He's indonesia." "Apaan bego?"

  • Jackson Plays
    Jackson Plays

    F A T H E R H E L P

  • Deer Creek Productions
    Deer Creek Productions

    0:23 it was all great until this moment...

  • Wiltonpawinc Channel
    Wiltonpawinc Channel

    “What kind of Dog is He?” “He’s canadian.” “Eh?”

  • HMWaluigi


  • HMWaluigi

    ''Aaaawwww, What kind of dog is he?'' ''He is dutch'' *Ja.. WOEF Godverrrrrrrdomme!*

  • LU-C4

    0:34 really brings back memories of playing Trouble in Terrorist Town with the bois. Ah, good times.

  • Shade's Insane Chamber
    Shade's Insane Chamber


  • 55

    Det ready asdfmovie 14 is coming soon

  • Pencil BFB
    Pencil BFB

    0:00 High Five… *H U N D R E D >:)*

  • OMEGA San
    OMEGA San

    69k comments nice

  • Navarro Kai Salim
    Navarro Kai Salim

    1:40 And that was the start of a Beautiful Love Story

  • [5YC0] keet the demon
    [5YC0] keet the demon

    C’mon everybody do the whale dance! *AAAHHOOOUUUUUU* Oh no..! I’m still alive... *put gun in mouth* Hey Mr. Goose, what you doing with that noose? *Goose Sound* OH

  • AhOkay

    For the first one I tried counting to see if they reached hundred But I was pretty slow so I kinda failed? But when I got to hundred they were still high-fiving and now I can say, that was a lot more than hundred

    • AhOkay

      @nadia Wait really? Damn thanks!

    • nadia

      it was a high 220

  • Phase フェイス
    Phase フェイス


  • Collin Kreps
    Collin Kreps

    That's my boy! (ball gets kicked) Noooo my boy! (in sky) Father, helpppppp!

  • Collin Kreps
    Collin Kreps

    Hey, uh, about your new girlfriend... What about her? She's uuuh... Punching my horse. You've got too many legs!

  • Collin Kreps
    Collin Kreps

    High five... Hundred! Nani??!!??!?

    • Collin Kreps
      Collin Kreps

      0:06 captions: [ridiculous funky theme music]

  • Aleisha 898
    Aleisha 898

    Daddy 😏😩

  • xxxcoolcatxxx

    I thought it was hot and dread not hundred😆

  • leo fiesinger
    leo fiesinger

    "What kind of dog is he? "He's Southern" "Y'll'd've"