ARMY OF THE DEAD Trailer 2 (2021)
Second trailer for Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD

  • Blanca Domínguez
    Blanca Domínguez

    miley cyrus (?

  • Troy Wilderness
    Troy Wilderness

    Notice how zombies never rot

  • Ashley

    dang is d dude with 😎 garret dillahunt from fear the walking dead and last house of the left ?? 😍😍

  • Ashley

    name of the song please 🙏♥

  • The Prince of Crime
    The Prince of Crime

    Man that’s a fking round 40 in cod .gtfo

  • Wania Hussain
    Wania Hussain

    Why is the story much more like Train to Peninsula.??

  • Kian Lim
    Kian Lim

    Batista proud half pinoy

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    The question everyone should be asking is how Las Vegas would still be burning, considering this seems like it's happening a long time after the actual infection

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo

    I hope this will release on Netflix

  • Peacecelebrate Wæponytail
    Peacecelebrate Wæponytail

    zombies? 🤨 nah.. that is just those very smart guys who took the covid jab and they are the better people now.. 😅

  • sfcx csd
    sfcx csd

    nice movie !

  • Ashwinee Kumar Singh
    Ashwinee Kumar Singh

    it reminds of Birds of Prey!!! doesnt it?

  • Charge Ride Repeat
    Charge Ride Repeat

    I'll have to say, no ones thought of this plot before. ..waits to be corrected.

  • David Lanier
    David Lanier

    😂😂😂😂 that movie looks hella stupid this is why we shouldn't copy video game and make it a movie this looks really bad

  • Will G.
    Will G.

    Hells ya. Resident evils white rabbit theme plays

  • AQuatol

    Another one..

  • Aron Lane
    Aron Lane

    I can't see how they could have the slightest chance to survive , and a ringsaw may look cool but it wouldn't work well at all

  • Steven Monkman
    Steven Monkman

    Looks woke. Too bad.

  • TJ Jordan
    TJ Jordan

    Zack Snyder has problems as a director, there’s no denying that. But the man clearly has vision where others like Michael Bay don’t.

  • Hunk300vs

    Pero me recuerda mucho a los fantasmas de marte , en la escena del grito jejeje

  • Ghetto Grower
    Ghetto Grower

    Oh yay another zombie movie, what's that like the 100000000th to come out? Zombies are so fucking played out and over used 5 years ago.

  • MrDevious 239
    MrDevious 239

    When will this came out please?

  • Ryan 777
    Ryan 777


  • Kennedy_Pimenta


  • Aran Casademont
    Aran Casademont


  • AnΔatomik

    Army of Darkness 2.0 Borderlands Edition Not making fun of it. Cause it already has my money

  • Johnny English
    Johnny English

    Matthew 19:26 "All things are possible with God"

  • Kaizser Pokoina
    Kaizser Pokoina

    The dodging zombie isn't real. It can't hurt you. the dodging zombie: 1:50

  • Shong Lui Nicolai
    Shong Lui Nicolai

    Zombies.. Pfff.. More like orcs to me.

  • Chetumal

    Did I miss something or is there no asian character in that movie? WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING DIVERSITY HOLLYFUCKINGWOOD. I'm really disappointed from the lefties. Where is your protest?

  • Ichigo Kun
    Ichigo Kun


  • Binok's Tambayan
    Binok's Tambayan

    Damn Batista!!! Will watch this definitely.

  • Muhammad fauzi Nugrahandoko
    Muhammad fauzi Nugrahandoko

    Anjay keren kali

  • jatin tanwar
    jatin tanwar

    Huma Qureshi @ 2:12

  • michael Bradley
    michael Bradley

    That's crossing the line...

  • Rastifan

    Intelligent zombies? That's not zombies.

  • Kyudo Kun
    Kyudo Kun

    I can already feel that this movie will have 5 hour Znyder cut.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto
    Satoshi Nakamoto

    Wowow this is insane!!! Finally a zombie movie with a story other then survival, and zombies that arent walking dumbo's. Can't wait i'm moist

  • Sanjay W
    Sanjay W

    dude WTH I poop wehn i scoop and it maek me soooo sadly

  • Angry Francis87
    Angry Francis87

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm sold on this movie already 😢.

  • Niro Tricking
    Niro Tricking

    people getting vaccinated with rna vaccine all over the world like in I am legend from will smith. 3 years later they turn into this like in I am legend :'D would be creepy as heck

  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy

    Thanks to Covid, the zombie genre is, ahem, nearly dead. So ol' Zack says, 'let's make it a bank heist gone wrong movie!'

  • The EfferEx
    The EfferEx

    I love me some country road music with some epic zombies to fight hard movies, very American but nice to me.

  • You

    2:08 is this Bruno Mars or Elvis Presley

  • Chinenye Ndulue
    Chinenye Ndulue

    Zack is really killing it!!!

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ׂ
    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ׂ

    Looks pretty bad.

  • Drill Menace to Society
    Drill Menace to Society

    Would y’all rather be in a World War Z universe or this one?💀💀💀

    • Slzzpy

      if they are as smart as shown in this and really do have some sort of acknowledgement and can DODGE then probably World War Z universe. Last thing i need is these zombies to start realising how to use guns once they got me pinned just cause i couldnt fucking melee one

  • Mateusz K
    Mateusz K

    Can't wait to watch it🤫 Zack knows how to make a good movie.

  • Wally 1970
    Wally 1970

    Now we know what the covid vaccine does ...

  • Mahernoz Daruwala
    Mahernoz Daruwala

    How does the zombie pack know they have to attack only these group of individuals and they dont attack each other?

  • Vasec_Tomy

    Matthias Schweighöfer ?! What the ....?! Much netter than German Dramedy Movies 🧟

  • Ravi Shinde
    Ravi Shinde

    Old wine..New bottle

  • Franklin Suñer
    Franklin Suñer

    ♥️to watch this film... Excited

  • Den the eagle
    Den the eagle

    Spoilerr entire film🤙🤙lol

  • Drachenmeister200

    trailer auf netflix aber nicht der film hahahahaha

  • Ahmed Banjo
    Ahmed Banjo


  • Chikki Fikki
    Chikki Fikki

    This movie is pretty much inspired from train to Busan 2 movie . I guess

  • Mohammad jawad Abdulwahab
    Mohammad jawad Abdulwahab


  • Jacinto P M Da Costa
    Jacinto P M Da Costa

    For money, seriously!

  • Conservative Joe
    Conservative Joe

    another zombie movie OH JOY.....

  • JelloManSteve

    A year after taking covid vaccine

  • rundoetx

    Oh Yea. (In my best Dirty Harry voice)

  • Taku Gee
    Taku Gee

    Name of the song they used please


    The new Black Ops Cold War DLC looks good

  • Mario Namewontwork
    Mario Namewontwork

    ngl looks boring af. Not excited for it at all.

  • obvious troll
    obvious troll

    What kinda crack you smoking this time?

  • Leonel Enderes
    Leonel Enderes

    Money is life

  • Karma Doma
    Karma Doma

    Who knew even zombies would evolve? Eager to watch it. I think I also saw a David Bowie lookalike. Who is that actor?

  • Fatninja fatninja
    Fatninja fatninja

    this will do well on torrent sites

  • Thuc Vo
    Thuc Vo

    I didnt know Drax move to Earth

  • Anurag Bains
    Anurag Bains

    Similar shots for Zack's movies: 0:45 - Cyborg Digging up his grave in ZSJL 0:55 - Batman calling out Superman in BvS 1:28 - Wonder Woman looking down a robbery at the starting of ZSJL

  • D Victory
    D Victory

    The money they are printing like mad, easy task... get everyone jabbed and 3 years down the line you got your controlled zombies... predictive programming.

  • Dylan Rowley
    Dylan Rowley

    Any movie with Dave Bautista is a Good Movie. Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2 need i say more 😂🤣

  • another dragneel
    another dragneel

    Scorpion offering Drax ways to make 50m $ in a zombie apocalypse??? Hmmmn intresting ...

  • Prince Gonzales
    Prince Gonzales

    1:21 captain marvel reference?

  • Jordan Mundle
    Jordan Mundle

    Holy crap zombies that have brains naaa I ain't messing with that noo way

  • Gidipa dipagi
    Gidipa dipagi

    Where is Bruce?

  • Sulabh Singh
    Sulabh Singh

    2:08 chitti zombie 😂😂😂😂

  • Hardtechnoboy

    So what to the zombies eat? Do they grow their own food?

  • migo

    It gonna suck

  • Happy Birthday, Stars!
    Happy Birthday, Stars!

    super stars :)

  • Jake Alarcon
    Jake Alarcon

    Same as "I Am legend" with will smith but this zombies can stand thru the lights

  • KeremOz

    is that bautista..?

  • Bad Politics
    Bad Politics

    lets not forget its Zack Snyder movie though.... fan from India

  • ւaㄋ լeցeղd
    ւaㄋ լeցeղd

    Name of the song 💞,?

  • Zak Fink
    Zak Fink


  • Appleish

    Its like netflix saw train of busan 2 and they think its a great idea to go after money in the zombie apocalypse >_>

    • Appleish

      First, i was excited, then i saw they want money in the post apocalypse world, and im like: heres the door, and im not resub, bye netflix >_>

  • Linda168

    Amazing 🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • SuziHD

    Perfect music choice

  • Aqua Walker
    Aqua Walker

    Wow netflix is making something good for once in a blue moon

  • Mahogany Ann
    Mahogany Ann

    I’m not the only one who seen batista from wwe right?

  • Kingsley G. Sandy
    Kingsley G. Sandy

    Dying to see this Film

  • Eonoe Eonoe
    Eonoe Eonoe

    Lol.. I would sub-title this ... "Goodbye Earth" 😅

  • OusaKhun

    These are the type of zombies I would copy off in math class.

  • Captain Teeko
    Captain Teeko

    Oh god no now they’re one step away from the zombies voting! THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE DX

  • Alaniz. 34
    Alaniz. 34

    I was wondering why & how money still mattered in a zombie apocalypse when i first heard of this movie. But the whole world is still all normal except for las vegas. That whole sum bitch is barricaded all around to keep the infected in from spreading

  • PsyQoBoy

    Ocean's Eleven with Zombies.

  • Saptarshi Guha
    Saptarshi Guha


  • lamengheir26 alpha
    lamengheir26 alpha

    When is this showing on netflix?