Ariana Grande and the Weeknd unwrap each other for Christmas 😂💀

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  • randompersononyt

    im uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio today

  • Zaina Ruhina
    Zaina Ruhina

    I am very uncomfortable with the energy that we created in the studio today. :>

  • Christina Visconti
    Christina Visconti

    Dang, she has more trust in that wrapping paper than I do in my family

  • sunnyy

    remember the 10 seconds ago when i didn’t see this- those where some good times…

  • am I pretty  #saveukraine🇺🇦
    am I pretty #saveukraine🇺🇦

    My respect for Thanos grows every 0000.1 second, at least she didn’t take off her wrapper, but-

  • Lukey Pascale
    Lukey Pascale

    I miss the 15 seconds ago when I didn't know this exist

  • mvblo☆

    This took

  • Willow

    I miss the 15 seconds ago when I didn’t know this existed

  • ViBE

    My respect for thanos goes infinity and beyond….

  • anna🌼 #prayforukraine
    anna🌼 #prayforukraine

    ew y’all do know that the REAL ari is happily married if she ever saw this she would be hella uncomfy

  • Sunset Shimmer
    Sunset Shimmer

    Wow, what a great video to start the Morning with-

  • pinkpenguin11

    My respect for thanos is growing everyday

  • •Kpop Drop•
    •Kpop Drop•

    That she has more trust in that wrapping paper then I have in my parents

  • kuromi

    Why just why? ☹️

  • InvisibleInk

    For those who thought that was the weekend I feel BAD

  • Super hot pfp
    Super hot pfp

    Bruh if he actually accidentally ripped the wrong one imagine how much our respect for thanos would grow

  • •Official_Scarlett•

    This video remind me of me going to jump from the window, thank you very much!

  • Rāmen-sama

    My respect for Thanos grows every day. 💀💀💀


    She has trust in that wrapping paper more then I trust my life

  • Iris Shorts ♡
    Iris Shorts ♡

    Me while watching the video: i wish god made me blind!