Aphmau was HACKED in Minecraft!
Aphmau has been HACKED in Minecraft! ☠️
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  • Anwen Lokier
    Anwen Lokier

    In my dream I had a similar problem was I was teleporting through space and time when novamos thrown his overloading rift gun into my exposed core and I and I not joking swapped places with galactus from marvel and then a warbot and finally swapped place with fuba from pokemon and I was confused and then I when to 2455 and I took a hit to the eye by Jason x

  • Arian Williams
    Arian Williams

    wait whatttt

  • Arian Williams
    Arian Williams


  • Dream Manhunt
    Dream Manhunt

    6:29 the meme is back bois

  • Ghost Boyfriend
    Ghost Boyfriend

    All of Aphmau's videos in a nutshell: Screaming every 5 seconds

  • Oppo Mobile
    Oppo Mobile

    (◡ ω ◡)

  • Leni wati
    Leni wati

    Aphmau tomorrow the man.

  • henry Zepeda
    henry Zepeda


  • Carol Schmidt
    Carol Schmidt

    Hehehehe Meh:I can't die I'm like Herobrine aaaaaah! Aphmau:run for your lives!

  • Sad Boy
    Sad Boy

    Wait what i look a posion hacker?

  • Scarlett Brown
    Scarlett Brown

    Aph is faking it idk

  • kat witte
    kat witte

    Thats weird

  • class act
    class act

    I laughed my bum off when noi said giant women and zane said SHee NeEd SoMe MiLok

  • Rena Marshall
    Rena Marshall

    are we just gono ignore the times when pirc and noie siad 'if u look to the side she has like haket points or something?

  • tmkraning

    Hi I love you,! 😇😍When you did that smell is an angel video love that

  • Micah's Adventure
    Micah's Adventure

    Zane: SHE NEEDS SOME MILK Justin in lankybox: He NeEdS sOmE mIlK

  • 104 The Slimer
    104 The Slimer


  • Kris Manabat
    Kris Manabat

    This is giving me Lost Control vibes O_O

  • Dapur Inka
    Dapur Inka

    "00:56" Zane:I know what we should do Peirce:what Zane: sacrifice peirce!! peirce: whatt...𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥𝗟𝗨𝗖𝗞.𝗠𝗘??

  • Brianca Palamarchuk
    Brianca Palamarchuk

    Noi: very giant woman

  • Taigen Brown
    Taigen Brown

    She need some milk! XD

  • anjholmevila

    Zane you need to stop being Aphmau big brother

  • •moon Latte•
    •moon Latte•

    🍉Who else loves how zane is so over protective other aphmua like she is his sister he legit trying to kill any of the boys who hurt her🍉

  • Maryann Smith
    Maryann Smith

    I Like how she's doing the t pose

  • Jenny Zhao
    Jenny Zhao

    Noi:She’s not bowser Noi one min later oh maybe she is bowser.

  • rizvan ibrahimi
    rizvan ibrahimi

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Funny Vera FU n y REAY FuNNyyyyyy

  • ollie and robbie ollie and robbie
    ollie and robbie ollie and robbie

    She needs some milk

  • Ali Jafar
    Ali Jafar

    im in love with zane and zane is so cute i love zane😘💋🤗

  • Eclipsimus lunalus
    Eclipsimus lunalus

    Welp guess the server is broken now.

  • India Andrews
    India Andrews

    Did anybody else understand the “say hello to my little shed/friend” pun..? Or am I just old

  • Fäłłėñ Førëßt
    Fäłłėñ Førëßt

    13:54 PEIRCE!!💀💀

  • Kailyn Milner
    Kailyn Milner

    Zane: PIERCE WOULD YOU KNOCK IT OFF! Pierce: I was tryin' to burry her, I thought that might be a little bit safer.

  • Nat the Unknown gamer
    Nat the Unknown gamer

    “Wow a GiAnt WoMan!!” -Noi 2021

  • Marcos Mercado
    Marcos Mercado

    Did they just ignored the emerald carrots . Wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RH Quilantang
    RH Quilantang


  • RH Quilantang
    RH Quilantang

    Why doeas the glitch also make Aphmau T pose sometimes...--(•- •)--

  • Error

    Alot of TNT in this videi 👁️👄👁️🦜

  • esther bunda
    esther bunda


  • Kandice Jackson
    Kandice Jackson

    Noi said giant women I laughed for 10 minutes

  • Unknown Girl
    Unknown Girl

    So you know why Aphmau isn't dying? Cuz of Glitch Logic

  • Polly Potts
    Polly Potts

    Zane: “This isn’t a prank is it? -.- .” Cringe Pierce: “A PRANK?! WHAT?! NO?!!”

  • Opeta Teo
    Opeta Teo

    fake fake fake fake

  • Pink Squad
    Pink Squad

    4:20 😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • Andreas Esp
    Andreas Esp

    Zane she has teleporting TNT 🧨

  • That Crawford Chick
    That Crawford Chick

    Good bye i go die

  • Timothy Nussey
    Timothy Nussey


  • Just ENNARD ・_・
    Just ENNARD ・_・

    Aphmau: will my friends help me out? Me: Zane literally put you in a cage


    i remember a scene that is faMILIAR to zane saying sHe NeEdS some milk to gimme some milk

  • Levina Julian
    Levina Julian

    Is this vid acting? Or do they need to know what they will say for the vid

  • shawon19831

    Omg I'm surprise

  • ade destiyani
    ade destiyani


  • Khen Nunez
    Khen Nunez

    if jason was here he will go super mad at pierce 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Ran over pierce



  • Angela Bell
    Angela Bell

    I will Roblox character looks like it’s hacked

  • Jace Allnutt
    Jace Allnutt

    Wild Magic in a nutshell. But with more control.

  • Danna Fraga
    Danna Fraga

    i like the part where u tried to die in lava😁😁😂😂 When noi said " she isnt bowser! , oh , maybe she is bowser. " lol 😂😂

  • Ali Abdulrub
    Ali Abdulrub

    0-0 V-V ^_^

  • Royce's stuff
    Royce's stuff


  • LaRee VanderToolen
    LaRee VanderToolen

    Zane: *runs over Pierce* Everyone: "Anyway,"

  • Dylan Ace Lampago
    Dylan Ace Lampago

    Its not work

  • Midnight Shadow
    Midnight Shadow

    Poor Aphmau ! I now have minecraft

  • The Fandom Hero
    The Fandom Hero

    "I'm just hunting for that fighter everyone calls her a glitch" Herobrine:Well I guess I found that Glitchy Warrior Me:Dont. You. DARE Dad! That is MY FRIEND! Herobrine:I wasnt gunna do anything! It honestly made me laugh when she posed as me just to terrify her friends! Me:😡 Herobrine:Why are you mad?! Aph:°{●- Me:Ender talk? Herobrine:😶 I'm out

  • Zau Maran
    Zau Maran

    Bubhn u

  • Zau Maran
    Zau Maran


  • Moonlightstar 0.0
    Moonlightstar 0.0

    Aphmau:IM HACKED Zane:*insert anime rage* Pierce:well this is where it get scary

    • Moonlightstar 0.0
      Moonlightstar 0.0

      Noi said:GIANT WOMEN

  • Cookie World Play
    Cookie World Play

    And when aph coughed that is how covid started.

  • Maile Nunez
    Maile Nunez

    pierce was acting so susssss

  • Lingling Yu
    Lingling Yu

    我还 aaa

  • Danielle Winkworth
    Danielle Winkworth

    Why milk that will not even make her better my mum tried to giving me milk and it did not make me better

  • gerardo escano
    gerardo escano

    more pllsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Danielle Winkworth
    Danielle Winkworth


  • Danielle Winkworth
    Danielle Winkworth

    What wya

  • kasina the gaming fox
    kasina the gaming fox

    Who agrees that Zane is such is a nice and overprotective friend? :AWESOME:

  • Reese Courtney Remigio
    Reese Courtney Remigio

    19:57 she got her own little pool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Haru Definition
    Haru Definition

    This looked like a clickbait lol


    Zane: ShE nEeDs SoMe MiLk. Me: wait its the meme that "SHE NEEDS SOME MILK"

  • emojigirl Phoebe
    emojigirl Phoebe

    (off topic) bruh anyone else thinks that dante is dead or something?

  • Ramma Kori
    Ramma Kori

    Zane pirce is right to go far away lol pls no hate

  • Lex Aitchison
    Lex Aitchison


  • Lex Aitchison
    Lex Aitchison

    I am aphmaw

    • Lex Aitchison
      Lex Aitchison


  • Lex Aitchison
    Lex Aitchison

    When you cant drink milk

  • Anastasia Kolossova
    Anastasia Kolossova


  • PlayHero J.G
    PlayHero J.G

    Play 6:30 at 0.25x speed and you'll hear this. "SHE NEEDS SoME MILKH."

  • Cristiyaningsih Dwi
    Cristiyaningsih Dwi

    13:55 prince say "AaaAaH" Zane looks don't care that make me laugh ;D

  • carol medina
    carol medina

    Can I be your friend my name is bella

  • Lhukeman Usop
    Lhukeman Usop

    Apau uyoTube Download GAME Apmu uyoTube

  • CupcakeKisses234


  • CupcakeKisses234


  • CupcakeKisses234

    Shut up animal playd

  • DATOR Family
    DATOR Family

    Is anyone not gonna talk about this when Zane said She needs some milk Me: waitt what? That fammiliar to a meme


    zane seems like a overprotective brother or father to aph

  • Matthew Matthez
    Matthew Matthez


  • Lil' Artist
    Lil' Artist

    Noi: "Giant woman!" Everyone else: Lady Decemietsu (I dunno how to spell her name but the lady from resident evil)

  • Laura Slodkowski
    Laura Slodkowski

    SOOOOOOO I want more I can get hurt videos

  • robo arts
    robo arts

    this is the first video (that i know of) where aphmau gets a power and DIDNT want it

  • Wyatt Deschamps
    Wyatt Deschamps


  • justy197475

    Zane: Is overprotective and tries to kill Peirce. Me:Zane what are you her dad!? XD

  • Louie Hermoso
    Louie Hermoso

    to claer it it must put water in it ringhnt???????