Animation vs. Minecraft (original)
Alan Becker
Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.
The Animator vs. Animation series continues, this time without the animator.
Watch Episode 1:
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Music by Sarah Eide
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Коментара: 167 693
  • Alan Becker
    Alan Becker

    Well what do you know, I actually ended up making it. You're welcome.

  • ZeroKung2309

    I came back here to watch this nostalgic Masterpiece Animation

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell

    Just noticed this video came out SEVEN YEARS ago now. Crazy to think, that such a simple little crossover, would not only help Alan grow in popularity, but also help keep Minecraft in the public eye and spawn what is probably my current favorite series on RSloft right now. How time flies man. Thanks for giving us amazing content Alan, I hope you continue to grow and keep doing what you love. <3

  • Blocky_Luke

    There's just something so nostalgic about the old textures and sounds

  • Waffles

    Wow, this is the start of the world’s best stickman animated series, i am astonished by how much creativity Alan has, keep up the great work i cannot wait for more episodes

  • mortimermcmirestinks

    I just noticed that the characters' Minecraft playstyles are established even this early on - Orange immediately builds the house he keeps forever, Yellow starts designing contraptions right away, Green builds a huge build, and Blue starts farming.

  • GeneralDuck7

    This is epic! It really brought some nostalgia to me from me playing Minecraft 6 years ago.

  • xisumavoid

    Totally amazing, love the sound effects! It must of been a lot of work to make this, i have no idea how youd put together a video like this without it taking months of editing! Bravo :-)

  • Flagon King
    Flagon King

    This is still a masterpiece that's kept Minecraft alive for me.

  • Saksham Mani Tripathi
    Saksham Mani Tripathi

    It was like yesterday when this series came out

  • space marine the second
    space marine the second

    I like how when they first discovered it they were just fooling around having fun until the lore of the series got deeper

  • Minnah :D
    Minnah :D

    After all those 7 years it’s still a absolute powerful masterpiece

  • Isa Kamek
    Isa Kamek

    Even now this is still amazing and nostalgic to watch, what a magnificent M A S T E R P I E C E

  • W h a t ?
    W h a t ?

    When a stick figure can build better than you

  • Scotto The Stag
    Scotto The Stag

    This was always one of my favorite videos to come back to every once in a while! Good job Alan Becker :) 👍

  • [WAIE]

    How good of an animator do you have to be for an animation from 2015 still look good?


    damn, this is a MASTERPIECE!!!

  • Michael Andrei Palon
    Michael Andrei Palon

    And so the series starts to expand its horizons.

  • Emmy_ButterflyGamingz

    It's been around 6 years and somehow I'm still rewatching this

  • Choustin Y.
    Choustin Y.

    they managed to beat someone in creative mode while they were in survival mode.