among us new King Kong vs Godzilla (mods)
today we play among us new king kong vs godzilla
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+

  • Socksfor1


    • Daniel Aguila
      Daniel Aguila

    • cotheta1974

      U STINK of rainbow socks!!

    • Cas Mariën
      Cas Mariën

      eyo on the godzilla vid i suggested this vid why dint i get credit

    • R Chihuahua
      R Chihuahua

      :$ mustache

    • Brandon dixon
      Brandon dixon


  • Adam Nool
    Adam Nool

    King kong will protect everyone in 2021 he also has a Axe like sSsundee

  • ItzMe


  • Cas Mariën
    Cas Mariën

    bruh i suggested it on the godzilla mod vid

  • DankBrodyBear

    “Is this even among us any more?” “Us no it umod us

  • agguma


  • Arthur Y
    Arthur Y

    people who watched the movie: yeah... they both win

  • Rr Rocis
    Rr Rocis

    Where link 1(ᗒᗩᗕ)

  • Ranz Sjuan
    Ranz Sjuan

    yeaaaa boiii

  • Ranz Sjuan
    Ranz Sjuan

    godzzila vs kong or should i say donky kong

  • Navv

    Ssundee would be proud

  • Space man
    Space man

    I was here When sick was at 100k subs Now he at 3 mil

  • jayden A Maha
    jayden A Maha

    if u nuke godzilla he will not die

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith


  • Kaden Ryan Vlogs
    Kaden Ryan Vlogs

    Please do more minecraft manhaunts

  • Memy Jadallah
    Memy Jadallah

    books for 1 I have a game that you will love it's not exactly like among us if you but if you type in in the game store animal among us then you can then go and then like the first one thing that you see like the first gave me see on animal Among Us is this game that you can use animals you can go if you can. I'm only players are actually animals and you don't have to write in the chat it's just on the voice to chat

  • Centurion BigNut
    Centurion BigNut

    I’m upset he wasn’t Godzilla and that’s why I vented over here

  • Catalin Dragu
    Catalin Dragu

    Mods are honestly the only things that keep among us from being repetitive and boring lol and socks is like the best at it

  • the amazing preston thomas
    the amazing preston thomas

    Titan shifting more like kong shifting

  • Aestheticxz

    What is the best 3 words? I love you Good job kid Welcome to moes *perfect imposter run*

  • Lewis Miles Ford
    Lewis Miles Ford

    socksfor1 is the best lol

    • Lewis Miles Ford
      Lewis Miles Ford

      That’s why he has so many subscribers

  • Stickin

    Monkey: right beside them Juice: can I offer you a banana in this trying time

  • Adam Sitkin
    Adam Sitkin

    do u even know anything about the monster verse?

  • alistair hack
    alistair hack

    Socks when you and muffin we’re fighting you could have you used your kill button on him every time you went up to him the button flashed

  • shadow the nightwing
    shadow the nightwing

    A _ MOKNE US

  • TheSupremeQuackinator


  • Roblox_Lasagna_ Chick
    Roblox_Lasagna_ Chick

    IDEA FOR A VIDEO: LAWYER MOD, theres 1 imposter, just a regular imposter, and 2 lawyers, and maybe a judge that has the power to vote anyone out, but if they vote the wrong person out, the judge gets fired. Anyways, one lawyer is defending the imposter (and they dont know if theyre the imposter or crewmate) and another lawyer is defending the crewmate, trying to prove that its not their client. The judge has to choose someone to vote out.

  • Andreas nieslen
    Andreas nieslen


  • azazel


  • Afiyah Bari
    Afiyah Bari

    Lol i was thinking to tell you this mod a week before this video

  • CrazyW0lf

    mom can we get king kong vs godzila? no we have king kong vs godzila at home the king kong vs godzilla at home:

  • Godzilla 2022
    Godzilla 2022


  • Ruby

    Kingkong meme the big socksfor1

  • Ruby

    Socksfor1 2 years later : sub guys we are playing 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Normal among us People : omg aaaaa oooooo Liking liking stonking

  • Mophethe Ramonate
    Mophethe Ramonate

    King Kong is not a monkey he is a gorilla

  • King Akram
    King Akram

    Gvk is real

  • Abdullah Mahd
    Abdullah Mahd

    0:36 um what's wrong with nadwe in the shadows

  • Elena Mora
    Elena Mora

    Do like a minecraft mod=Minecraft power ups tnt, ender pearls and to place blocks

  • tannor west
    tannor west

    Thalia will be hilarious do a Shrek mod please

  • Professor Legend
    Professor Legend

    Do this again except give king Kong and godzilla abilities to kill each other.


    0:16 Ayo? 😳

  • Neelam LIJHARA
    Neelam LIJHARA

    Make a new dream mod

  • Zackary Deliopo
    Zackary Deliopo

    The mod

  • Lime be sus
    Lime be sus

    I'm seeing the movie while I watch this lol

  • ooF

    This guy has the best mod videos istg


    Yuri is best soki not monika

  • hamburger 1000
    hamburger 1000

    finally they took my idea

  • Kaskjmere Collier
    Kaskjmere Collier

    Video is not in 4k

  • Vader’s Vlogs
    Vader’s Vlogs


  • Vader’s Vlogs
    Vader’s Vlogs


  • Chris Mcintosh
    Chris Mcintosh

    More among us

    • The GarGanTuan gamer
      The GarGanTuan gamer


    • Mike Bike
      Mike Bike



    macaroni with the chicken strips ahhhh 0:04

  • amirul shazlan
    amirul shazlan

    Where laff?

  • ali noer
    ali noer

    Bruh stop Milking this i stop watching this channel because of this

  • Tr Shadow
    Tr Shadow

    Juice is sus

  • Ash Blossom
    Ash Blossom

    There is own that regected humanity and returnt monke among us

  • Crow

    Sinper I Monkey P

  • Braydn Telfor
    Braydn Telfor

    Please socks please now we need a mortal kombat scorpion imposter they have the ability to teleport through flames light a area on fire and what better then the signature get over here

  • Corona knuckels
    Corona knuckels

    Tb:Look at me moon walk

  • Kenny Zapata
    Kenny Zapata

    You guys have done Fnaf and Godzilla and King Kong. Is it possible to have a mod of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Speed


  • Hyphen

    i have an idea for a mod: the impostor is now naruto as naruto you can throw shurikens that on contact with a crewmate, it kills them, kinda like the gun from the hitman mod create clones of yourself that will track down and kill the closest player and even use the rasengan which has 2 diffrent uses and they depend on how much you charge it, if you don't charge it fully it will have an area of effect where crewmates die if they're in it and if you charge it fully it becomes a massive shuriken that decimates anything in it's path

  • mr.pumpkin

    Me: I want to watch Kong vs Godzilla Mom: we have Kong vs Godzilla at home Kong vs Godzilla at home:

  • Icy Fire
    Icy Fire

    If you nuked Godzilla he would be 3x stronger.....

  • Eyad Taher
    Eyad Taher


  • Om Mahakal
    Om Mahakal

    Why isn't laff in the first round

  • GabeElixi bacon gang
    GabeElixi bacon gang

    King kong and godzilla vs mecha godzilla

  • Willinator

    What has happened to this channel

  • Judy Johnson
    Judy Johnson


  • Matteo Andrés Rojas Carrasco
    Matteo Andrés Rojas Carrasco

    How to download i want the mod

  • axe cat
    axe cat

    I just watched the movie

  • Harman Playz
    Harman Playz

    Guess who won? Watch the movie 🍿

  • DarkGetzIt

    I have watch all these vids GIMME MY REWARD : )

  • Archie Bennett
    Archie Bennett

    What's socks real name

  • farmer joe x
    farmer joe x

    Who is the next face reveal

  • Drake Rose
    Drake Rose

    Wait, at the end, socks killed himself

  • Zachary Davis
    Zachary Davis

  • canal random
    canal random

    Link pls

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon

    You should add Mecha Godzila in crewmate side tho

  • RedBoDogg BPG
    RedBoDogg BPG

    0:15 soMuffinJuice

  • Noice :3 snicyfox34
    Noice :3 snicyfox34

    I saw the movie kong vs godzilla

  • Nepali Prasamsha Media Tul Mongar
    Nepali Prasamsha Media Tul Mongar

    King Kong's real name is titanus kong

  • Pokemon Wiz
    Pokemon Wiz

    I love godzilla vs kong

  • santiagojimmy garcia
    santiagojimmy garcia


  • Amir M'Rabet
    Amir M'Rabet

    I watched king kong vs godzilla before it came it and it sucks alot.

  • Kimani Taufa
    Kimani Taufa

    Monkie king together we strong me armpits smell lik benano

  • Caleb Tschaar
    Caleb Tschaar

    why do i think i've seen this before

  • sus


  • Second heyrumb
    Second heyrumb

    Socks: :0 Me: He is speaking the language of the gods

  • Crossbow master
    Crossbow master

    Do the zardy mod plz I would love to see it plz

  • Irmantas Danisevicius
    Irmantas Danisevicius

    Im subbed😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • ayayayya im steve and house yay dimond found crr
    ayayayya im steve and house yay dimond found crr


  • Crownx

    It would’ve been cooler if u added health bars to Godzilla and Kong. And attack button with a 40 or more cool down.

  • Savage Umbreon
    Savage Umbreon

    Sniper Monke OOH AAH

  • Christian Noble
    Christian Noble

    Hi I love your videos💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • S1SW-25 Tso Kei Lim
    S1SW-25 Tso Kei Lim

    Socks, you’ve never uploaded modded among us since this T_T

  • Lighthouse Savage
    Lighthouse Savage

    King Kong the monkey

  • PandaFlyingEverywhere UwU
    PandaFlyingEverywhere UwU

    I watched this and guess what a add came on and it had Gorilla

  • Franklin Dixon
    Franklin Dixon

    King Kong is a ape sock

  • Samantha

    They all literally act like single middle school boys