Air Dropping 70 RAVAGERS! - Hermitcraft 8: #18
Tango Tek
The Prank War continues! Today we pull out my most elaborate prank ever.
70 Ravagers. Air dropped onto BoatEm. Let's see if it works!
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  • LogicalGeekBoy

    OMG!! You sir are an evil genius and I love it! Thanks for the shoutout, I can't wait to see the chaos when that Boatem lot finally gets what's coming to them!!

    • Jeffrey Black
      Jeffrey Black

      @Lynndissimo Are you sure it isn't just you (and a few others) who care? So much so that you feel the need to insult me? I haven't seen any of the hermits express any annoyance with what I have said. If they were upset and said something, do you think they would have said it publicly, with them then causing so much hate to people from their fans? Or do you think they would have said it privately? You are a making a bunch of assumptions, all for the purpose of hating on me.

    • Lynndissimo

      @Jeffrey Black they don’t care about their play-feud, they care (and are annoyed) with your childish obsession with how they play the game. If the hermits were truly upset with it, they would have either left hermitcraft or would have said something. They know these shenanigans will take place on the server and they embrace it

    • Jeffrey Black
      Jeffrey Black

      @anyoldthing You clearly care enough to comment.

    • anyoldthing

      @Jeffrey Black who cares dude it's all a game and it was fun and got views and that's what they do, its hermitcraft they have civil wars

    • Jeffrey Black
      Jeffrey Black

      @Pablo The deal has nothing to do with the escalation.

  • Seth Swanson
    Seth Swanson

    Grian, unsatisfied by the lack of wars, decides to start a 2 front assault upon 2 different groups, so he can have 2 wars at once

    • chair

      2 major and 1 minor war, one of the major wars involves 2 prank wars between 2 groups, and the other major war is a competition of marketing sales with other crews. and the minor war is grian and scar competing with mobile shops.

    • Gloria Loungeway
      Gloria Loungeway

      May be a quick one though.,with all the weird moon growth, earthquakes, noises...aka 1.18 coming out..and hermits exploding out over the rest of the world. The groups may change then

  • Olen Cone
    Olen Cone

    hmmm... you know, a ladder shop may not be a bad idea -- "Chutes and Ladders," a shop specializing in ladders, droppers, hoppers, and dispensers, would be right up Etho's alley ^_^

    • Tetsujin

      @Christopher West And bamboo and sugarcane!

    • Christopher West
      Christopher West

      I love it! But how about "Shoots and Ladders?" Then they could also sell bows, crossbows, arrows of all types, and rockets. :)

  • Kristina Kyidyl
    Kristina Kyidyl

    Tango on HC: look at my intricate well thought out wireless red stone with ravagers trap. Tango on 3rd life: I blew myself up 5 mins after they turned on hard mode with my own TNT trap. 😂

    • Yusuf Haroun
      Yusuf Haroun

      Last life, not third life.

    • Kristina Kyidyl
      Kristina Kyidyl

      @Smit Shilpatul Dude it was a joke.

    • Yirggzmb

      @Smit Shilpatul And also the fact that there's no repercussions for dying on Hermitcraft unless they somehow lose all their good gear, and even then it's just the cost of time for replacing them

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul

      Well look, there's no stronghold in the last life world so no end and no elytra, meaning that when Tango got knocked off the tower by the ravager he would've been a goner in last life. Due to the end, Hermitcraft survival is a whole different level to last life survival, we kinda take for granted the insane edge the op armour and elytras give them when making intricate contraptions.

  • DarkSnowman13

    Grian: *gets bored and starts a war* Tango: *racking ravagers into a shotgun* "shame"

    • Nicolas Hirschauer
      Nicolas Hirschauer

      @Suvid Minecraft Tutorials part of the fun

    • Nicolas Hirschauer
      Nicolas Hirschauer

      You made me ... Laugh so hard

    • Suvid Minecraft Tutorials
      Suvid Minecraft Tutorials

      Grian started 2 wars, one with the big eyes and the other with the Octagon. If he decides to fight both of them together Boatem will probably become the least profitable business on the server

    • Exayevie

      Gosh this is just, the BEST image

    • 383_SYIT_Bhushan kadam
      383_SYIT_Bhushan kadam

      It's just friendly entertaining war child chill but fault is of grian this time and everyone knows that

  • casesandcapitals

    "I have to build a farm just for this prank" is such a hermitcraft statement lol

  • Hameleosha De Hoga
    Hameleosha De Hoga

    Tango's scream at the end sure had shown how frightening the moon is, bdubs must protect the hermits from the gigantic sized moon by always sleeping! He is our hero!

    • That Guy In 6 Fandoms
      That Guy In 6 Fandoms

      *mooners think otherwise

    • MuffinMan

      Bdubs to the rescue!!!

  • WackoMcGoose

    The prototyping for Decked Out 2.0 is looking WILD. Why go to a specific place to play, when the Dungeon Master can bring the ravager goodness straight to your door!

    • Tetsujin

      Unfortunately the Wardens he asked for are on backorder...

  • joshua

    Grian: " i can't outdo the bedrock, lets build a boat" Tango: " you have chosen death"

    • Isré!

      Grian: nevermind, i'm going to blow the boat with tnt Tango: ravagers go brrr Grian: bruh

  • 99redragons

    Note to self: never forget that Tango is an *evil* genius.

    • Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020
      Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020

      @Thomas Becker note to self: what you said is accurate af

    • Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020
      Meeko - hasn't seen grass since 2020

      Note to self: logicalgeekboy said the same thing in this comment section about tango being an "evil" genius

    • xanadian9

      That's the best kind of genius.

  • Torn Soul
    Torn Soul

    I think Etho needs a penthouse room in boat city, so when he comes to spend the big money, he's got a nice little spot to relax and decide which shops he wants to go to.

  • Mats JPB
    Mats JPB

    Oh, I just saw the drop on Impulses episode. It was so beautifull! The calm confusion about what it was that was gently floating down towards them. Then the utter panic when the ravagers charged in XD Well played, sir! Well played!

  • Michelle Bressette
    Michelle Bressette

    "Stockpiled ravagers in the nether" may be the scariest concept EVER

  • slothomatic

    I love that Tango has no concept of "measured response" lol

  • MG Réalta
    MG Réalta

    People connect Impulse with Guardians. People connect Zedaph with Sheep. Can we all agree that Tango's "mob" is the Ravager XD?

    • Longleaf

      I mean he was the creator of ravager run so yeah, I think thats been official for a while.

    • GhoulChan

      @DarkKot 686 i thought Grian was a Cod?

    • Keithlynd

      Don't forget Grian with cod.

    • James Hedin
      James Hedin

      @Grutar G I'd put etho on horses

    • Josiah Lim
      Josiah Lim

      The fact that impulse is connected with Guardians but iskall has made many guardian farms too

  • Jon B.
    Jon B.

    I’m surprised he didn’t say Grian felt so guilty he helped blow up the big boat. Also, never mess with Tango. His pranks are so creative.

    • Justin m
      Justin m

      Season 4 he dropped 3k anvils on iskalls base. BEST PRANK EVER. Lol

    • Max Louhio
      Max Louhio

      He might've gotten back some of that over 9000 planks used on the boat. Also it took 9 hours to build, it's gonna take a while to demolish

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul

      Nah I don't think he felt guilty, he just wanted to blow up all the wood so that Big Eyes won't sell them

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker

    Doc's comments: "You should redo your previous season raid farm." Tango: "...I need 100 ravagers... so..."

  • mbz_05

    I love how every Redstoner is a mad genius in there own right. Big ups tango 🙌 and thanks for all the great content!

    • Minor Rendition
      Minor Rendition


  • rain!!

    I am so impressed by the effort that went into this. Guess I'm a Tango viewer now :D This is definitely going down as one of my favourite moments this season

  • Keralis

    This will show em! SO EVIL, SO GOOD, MUCH GENIUS! 🐄🪂

    • DetectiveKnight

      I still think boatem is better

    • Isré!

      @Wolf Gaming by blowing up their bases with tnts, they even said it lol

    • Kyle Graham
      Kyle Graham

      @Tysst Streams no you wont

    • Tysst Streams
      Tysst Streams

      Hello Keralis Tango is so evil one day I'll be on the server

    • juamboga


  • zouzou b lebiane
    zouzou b lebiane

    I just love the way this dudes brain works Never fails to impress. Can’t wait to see this unfolds on boatem 🤣🤣

    • Minor Rendition
      Minor Rendition


  • HollyJadee

    The prank was amazing! The panic in Grian’s voice when he realised what was happening 🤣👍🏼👏🏼

  • Imogen S
    Imogen S

    Feel like Tango should know how much I appreciate him saying "Ravager" vs the weirdly common "Ravanger". Pet peeve was NOT engaged, thanks Tango!

  • Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein
    Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein

    Tango's ravager prank is so complex and amazing, I was giddy with excitement throughout the entire video!

  • kedeamos

    Hermits: *"The moon is getting bigger"* Boatem Crew: *"That is no moon...!"*

    • Spongebob's Dummy
      Spongebob's Dummy

      @A Person next thing you know, the whole hermitcraft server will get blown up and that's how they end the season

    • A Person
      A Person

      John Williams intensifies

    • Spongebob's Dummy
      Spongebob's Dummy

      It’s a spaceship

    • Elias Habert Clark
      Elias Habert Clark

      Its a space station!

    • thegameplayer125

      tango: this world shall know pain

  • John Chance
    John Chance

    It's highly amusing that Grian retaliating against everyone who was advertising in the Boatem shopping district after Ren built a giant billboard there somehow turned into the bedrock prank, which was retaliated for by the giant boat, and . . . it just keeps going. lol The funny thing is that Ren started it all and seems to be getting off easy. He and doc just said it must be retaliation for the billboard and nothing more has happened yet.

  • Storyspren

    I was so confused about how this was achieved when I saw the Boatem crew opening the present. It makes sense now, and it's so much better knowing what went into it :D

  • Jacinta Capelety
    Jacinta Capelety

    This episode really reminded me that Tango is the same evil genius mind that created Decked Out last season. His experience in dealing with ravagers really shows here.

  • Sir Master
    Sir Master

    “What could possibly be more menacing than a bunch of boats?” - Tango, 2021

  • Cait jay
    Cait jay

    I literally cannot wait to see this unfold. Great work, Tango!

  • MuffinMan

    All right, this is genuinely one of the best Minecraft videos that has ever been made. Absolutely incredible

  • Purav Shah
    Purav Shah

    I love this tango, I cant WAIT to see their reactions lol. You have always been at your best pranking or minigaming, I love to see it.

  • Tik Tak
    Tik Tak

    I was wondering how yall we're gonna top botem! I shouldve guessed that the big eye crew would go above and beyond for a prank. Cheers tango! I can't wait to see the chaos unfold

  • Tango Tek
    Tango Tek

    Friendly reminder that fire tick is off on Hermitcraft. No burny boaty.

    • Tara Beavers
      Tara Beavers

      Me in the comments because I KNEW there was a reason this wasn't done this way, but not knowing WHY, and not wanting to look silly haha.

    • Laurie Plumley
      Laurie Plumley

      🤣Every other minute on the livestream: "Why not burn the boat?" Tango: Fire tick is off, folks. kids: burn it Tango: i cant burn it, see? *click* No burn. Kids: but burn it. Tango: fire tick is O.F.F. Kids: i think you can light it on fire. Tango: thats a good suggestion, but we turn fire tick off because its a server and people build with wood that can be burned. So fire tik off, no burny burny. Kids: i think you should burn it. Tango: *i shouldn't have Livestreamed this...*

    • Arnav Thakur
      Arnav Thakur

      @kman600 firetick is off in hermitcraft

    • ned ben
      ned ben

      couldnt you have turned it on for a bit while nothing else was loaded?

    • Shelly Anderson
      Shelly Anderson

      Ah. As someone who doesnt spend time in comment section and what not, didnt know fire tick was off. ^_^

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods

    This went exceptionally well at Boatum. Though there were quite a few items lost. Maybe buy a custom hat from Scar to make up the difference.🤷‍♂️

  • Nicholas Szwast
    Nicholas Szwast

    Hey Tango, I want to thank you for creating such great content and building some amazing structures in minecraft. Your redstone projects are awesome, and you have a real knack for creating minigames (decked out was pure genius). I am starting a new chapter in my life that requires the full dedication of my time, so I must say goodbye to watching your videos. But I wish you the best!

  • dragon Garra
    dragon Garra

    They gave you stock, Grian cleaned up a mess he caused, and now they're being attacked, hermitcraft's chaos energy is getting pretty high

  • Rōbling

    Grian screaming "THEY'RE RAVAGERS" when this baby went off was EVERYTHING!

  • Bryan Cole
    Bryan Cole

    I can't wait to see Mumbo struggling to "not kill" all these with end crystals

    • Skywalker8510

      Bad news he wasn’t there

    • GTC2

      It's a shame that it didn't happened tho.

    • E M
      E M

      Would've love to see it, but sad to say he wasn't there. Watched Grian's POV

    • Thomas Becker
      Thomas Becker

      He wasn't there, per Impulse's video.

    • Where's my Dragonator?
      Where's my Dragonator?

      That's the problem, ravagers have long range. He'd die before he can place one down, let alone set it off without killing himself with it.

  • Naode

    CONGRATS ON HITTING 1 MIL!!! Long time coming and well deserved!

  • Stratostarics

    Awh man, caught some of the victims reactions to this. Amazing! Anyone else really reminded of the shield bombs from Dune?

  • Hijynks

    Anyone else thinking back to the Ravager dropping from the ceiling in the HEP Base last season and getting Deja Vu?

  • Omega Orion
    Omega Orion

    I love that someone for some plot or prank reason is making the moon big, but everyone I've watched is just so genuinely surprised and taken aback by its size

  • Bryan Oberhausen
    Bryan Oberhausen

    You should remove FiFi’s eye as an Easter egg. Shows his commitment to the Protection of the Big Eye Crew.

  • Rebecca Rhean
    Rebecca Rhean

    This is absolutely savage. Love it! Cant wait to see the aftermath!

  • BennyBoy12

    This is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see how this prank turns out.

  • Cheryl Adams
    Cheryl Adams

    I love how tango almost drowned while building the raid farm.

  • Luna A
    Luna A

    this is insane! i love how creative you are in making these pranks, can't wait how this unfolds!!!!! also bdubs build complements the prank perfectly, you guys are amazing!

  • AriallaMacAllister

    I cannot even begin to tell you how eagerly I look forward to seeing the unfolding of this prank!

  • Brian Troy
    Brian Troy

    "This is gunna be prank of the season" It's hard to declare all out war harder than that. Between All of Boatem, they'll come up with something. This only gets worse better from here

  • Cosmo Djinn
    Cosmo Djinn

    For your safety, please embark slowly from Pew Pew with a fresh dose of Slowfall, as the retina may have shifted. We hope you enjoyed your flight on Ravage-Air.

  • Oscar Valdez
    Oscar Valdez

    I just watched everyone at Boatem react to this. So amazing and Funny!!!!

  • Rick Sosa
    Rick Sosa

    I hope this doesn't kill TFC, lol, he goes to boatem to do his shopping.

  • Frostshokula

    Wonder if you could have used a splash potion of invisibility, strength, and regen to really make them formidable. 😆

  • Ben

    This is great! Can't wait to see this play out!

  • Geeeyou

    For people who didn't catch tango's stream, grian helped him demolish the boatem boat with tnt, and scar was also there lol. Congrats on the Mil tango!

    • xploit

      @Its KETaN yes

    • Its KETaN
      Its KETaN

      Wait for real?

    • juamboga

      oh, so scar is back! nice

  • FortisConscius

    Tango, you're so good with ravagers. I wonder where all that ravager experience comes from...?

  • Fate_Obsidian

    Now I feel that Tango, Grain and Mumbo need a crew to discuss why the moon is so big.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    that exclusive preview of Pearl's base has me excited for her next episode, it looks so good

  • Nuno Dias
    Nuno Dias

    Great video Tango, really great content you've been delivering man keep up the good work.

  • Thoran

    Tango: Makes Decked Out Also Tango: Forgets that Ravagers despawn

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon

      😂😂😂 can't remember everything~ the game is complex sometimes

  • Geoff

    If the others haven't opened their "gift" yet, you could add some big eyes to the the ravager skin with the texture mod. :P

  • Sara Hanan
    Sara Hanan

    Okay, hear me out: after watching this multiple times from multiple POVs (Grian's "Is it RAVAGERS?!?!?!" is the best reaction), my only thought is what if you also added a splash potion of invisibility?

  • Snotra Johnson
    Snotra Johnson

    Sooooo looking forward to watching this prank play out! Amazing idea!

  • Ard

    I'm now very scared of what happens if Tango gets his hands on wardens when those come out, when everyone else is busy being excited about the skulk sensors instead.

  • FilmAcolyte

    Boatem and Big Eyes are at each other’s throats while Evil X is setting up a monopoly on shulker boxes.

    • KreAtOr

      @Ezrad Lionel cause they’re too expensive. When Big Eyes sold ahulker boxes people bought them like crazy, because they were a good price and people wanted them. And now that docm has something that makes them super easy and way more than they need as they used it while they had double shulker shells.. to me docm should be lessening the price as this is all of their jobs and it’d be great to help them all out no matter what it be

    • Ezrad Lionel
      Ezrad Lionel

      Except no one buying shulker boxes this season for some reason

    • StrikeNoSike

      Yeah Evil Emporium is just chilling while a war is going on and I found that funny though XD

    • KreAtOr

      @Lewis Steels that's cruel, but doesn't matter, seems people aren't buying them because they made them too expensive for people to want to buy them

  • Creekchub

    1 MILLION SUBS WOOOO!! Tango, you deserve every one of em!

  • Miss Mina
    Miss Mina

    I can't wait to see how this plays out!

  • ama-chii

    This is gonna be the spectacle of the season! Great job XD

  • Amy Christiansen
    Amy Christiansen

    So hubby and I like to watch the hermits together while we’re having dinner.... this was definitely dinner and a show, and the reveal on Impulse and Grian’s channels was amazing too! Do not mess with the Tango Tek man ;) the detached retina at the back of Mr. Pew Pew was fantastic, Bdubs certainly hit that one out of the park.

  • Karrikua

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers dear Tango ❤️

  • Alex Tourangeau
    Alex Tourangeau

    Since the stream, I’ve been waiting impatiently for the replay of the TNT destroying the Boatem prank! Awesome clip! BUT… I have the impression that the next one will be remembered as the HC season 8 best prank! The marketing department of the Big Eye crew don’t play nice when provoked! 😂💯💯💯

  • Abdul Mojid
    Abdul Mojid

    I'm having a feeling that they will notice the big eye first and kill the ravagers while they are inside the eye

  • waddell7354

    I would have loved to see the ravages get splash potions of swiftness, invisibility, and strength on top of the slow falling...just because

  • Sage898 __
    Sage898 __

    "Everyone knows Etho loves Boats and.." My brain: "hoes" Tango: "TnT" ....thanks Mumbo xD

    • Isré!

      So basically: Etho and Grian love TnTs

    • dragon Garra
      dragon Garra

      also etho smells like beef

    • Charlie

      He hasn't done it for years yet it's still stuck in my head

    • masterimbecile

      Not boats and oats?

    • Retronyx

      Bing Chilling 🥶🧁

  • Strayed Soul
    Strayed Soul

    Tango's prank game is next level!

  • SironNFuries

    "This is the prank of the season." Yes. Well done.

  • Paul Kuch
    Paul Kuch

    Tango, cungratz on the much deserved 1 million subs. Keep up the great vids

  • SAN4TH

    Bdubs' intros and Tango's outros. just perfect

  • Lashyboi

    Bdubs: My lord it would take thousands to breach Boatem Tango: Tens of thousands Bdubs: But there is no such force Tango: Zooms out to all the ravengers with the LOTR army music

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget

      I just noticed that the sound of a raid and the horn of the Mumakil sounds so similar.

    • James Cowan
      James Cowan

      This is amazing lol

    • Lisa_WistfulOne

      Love This!!!✨⚔️