ABG (asian baby girl) Transformation / IG Baddie
ABG transformation / INSTAGRAM BADDIE
what should I transform into next?
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  • Lexi Baker
    Lexi Baker

    does your hair naturally grow super fast or do you use something to make it grow faster? i’ve noticed that your hair has gotten so long so quick! i love it 😁

  • Ellie Belly
    Ellie Belly

    This entire video is haley just doing dangerous things for her eyes

  • Sara Bex
    Sara Bex


  • Mariah Andreane
    Mariah Andreane

    Dang u look so fvcking cooool

  • Jasmine Casserly
    Jasmine Casserly

    What happened to Ryan?

  • Hailey Green
    Hailey Green

    No joke once you finished you makeup you looked soo much like Chloe Ting! Not in a bad way I think she is beautiful, so you’re gorgeous!! And seriously I love your new hair!!❤️♥️

  • Michelle Smola
    Michelle Smola

    I wear glasses and I wanna wear contacts bc they seem sm easier but I get weirded out over very little things and contacts are one of them idkkk why they just freak me out putting them in and taking them out

  • amanda adams
    amanda adams

    This look is so good on you😌

  • Jordan Levi
    Jordan Levi


  • Kari Victoria
    Kari Victoria

    your energy while caking your face is the energy I need to see more of

  • k0zy.areum_


  • Shawnai Ku
    Shawnai Ku

    What product did you use for the fake freckles

  • Isabella mckillip
    Isabella mckillip

    Omggg she’s so cuteeee

  • Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia

    I really want to do this but I am not Asian😔 &idk if that would be offensive😭

  • Brooke Frizell
    Brooke Frizell

    You look so freaking badass omg

  • ItsMeManar

    wait u look BOMB

  • Claire Sheerman
    Claire Sheerman

    omg u look like chloe ting in the after

  • Enya Almeida
    Enya Almeida

    Ok so I haven’t watched Haleys vids in a while but I’m so glad I’m back, her new vibe is so gooood

  • Isabella Echo
    Isabella Echo

    The fact that I recognized the guys voice from the contacts tutorial vid lmaooo

  • Sophie gg
    Sophie gg

    That foundation falling onto your goodie is a sign to stop putting the bottle directly onto your face please you're getting germs on it 😭


    she be lookin hella asian

  • Egypt

    Can you do videos about your actual Asian culture. Like your favorite Asian foods or a video where you dress in traditional Asian clothes.

  • Linda

    You look like a real a** baddieee sis 👏👏👏🤞💖 I love the lip product

  • Nicolette Rivera
    Nicolette Rivera

    Haley struggling to wear contact lenses is literally meeeeee only difference is that she succeeded and my dumbass gave up and cried lmaooo 😭

  • Pumpkin_Oi

    Okay a little bit of history there I like it.

  • Annalisa

    i love the way you edited this video

  • Elle Squash
    Elle Squash

    Where are the fake tattoos from??

  • Elle Squash
    Elle Squash

    No you look asian or mixed, i didn’t know where from tho. Ps ur sooo beautiful

  • T a n g e r i n e
    T a n g e r i n e

    Omg I love this transformation

  • Yoongi

    I really thought it’s obvious you’re at least half asian 👁👄👁

  • Tom Holland
    Tom Holland

    You look like the female- Vietnamese version of Curtis Conner

  • Halyna Lydia
    Halyna Lydia

    forgot you had a soft girl aesthetic a few months ago WHAT

  • Emily McDougall
    Emily McDougall

    Woah where are the car seat covers from!?!

  • xxtiffanylexx

    Honestly I’ve been watching these type of videos and I do want to try to look

  • jennevie rodriguez
    jennevie rodriguez

    Where are the tattoos from i want some

  • jennevie rodriguez
    jennevie rodriguez

    Haley's just soooo pretty 💖 and you should get your nose pierced fr cause it looks so good on youuu.

  • Megan Zhou
    Megan Zhou

    where do u get the fake tattoos from?

  • Siya Modi
    Siya Modi

    mia soyoka or whatever her last name is vibes

  • natural blooper
    natural blooper

    I've low-key thought you were a full Asian.

  • Kahina WhyNot
    Kahina WhyNot

    I knew you were half asian but ngl I totally forgot it through the years so a reminder is not that bad hahaha

  • Youngblood 1999
    Youngblood 1999

    Damn that really suits you

  • Jordyn Murphy
    Jordyn Murphy

    why is no one talking about her search history at the start “owa owa dog” hahahah

  • Brittney s
    Brittney s

    i knew you were some portion vietnamese because of your last name!! :) i’m also half vietnamese half white but don’t have a vietnamese last name haha!

  • taylor s
    taylor s

    I’m sorry but this style looks SOO GOOD on you!!!

  • Z Potter
    Z Potter

    where’s your lipstick from ?

  • River Overland
    River Overland

    I hope you turn this into a series where you try on different aesthetics or styles with the proper research and everything. Like academic, cottage core, 80s and more

  • Angelique van Hecke
    Angelique van Hecke

    does anyone know where she got the tats?

  • Yiling Hu
    Yiling Hu

    the off-color foundation goes so well with the fake British accent HAHA

  • Jessica Paige
    Jessica Paige

    Now THIS is a transformation!

  • Kerry Simmons
    Kerry Simmons

    Such a good video after some I wasn’t very interested in you seem super happy here

  • Kc_Trash


  • bunny lover
    bunny lover

    Am I trippin or did she lowkey look like Chloe ting when she first showed the fit

  • Lauryn M.
    Lauryn M.

    😂 👀 Also, I’m one of the ones that knew you were half Vietnamese and half white

  • Lauryn M.
    Lauryn M.

    The vibes of this video, love!! You look amazing both before and after ✨🥰

  • Lidi Grace
    Lidi Grace

    She’s looks like Chloeeee Tinggggggg😂😂😂

  • Emily Aguirre
    Emily Aguirre

    ugh u pulled this off so gooddd

  • Khloe Nguyen
    Khloe Nguyen

    Ayo viet checkkk

  • Lu Comments
    Lu Comments

    Can anyone tell me where she gets the tattoos?

  • Naomi Worden
    Naomi Worden

    seriously where are those tattoos from 😓😓

  • Savanah Michelle
    Savanah Michelle

    I also have really bad allergies like all year round and I have a nose piercing. It’s really not that bad when it comes to tissues lol, just make sure you get a stud in the beginning not a hoop. Just change it to a hoop when it’s completely healed as to not irritate it too much. Also highly recommend getting a hinged nose ring just because they’re easier to put in and you don’t have to be afraid of it falling out.

  • Emely Herrera
    Emely Herrera

    Honestly, the tats, the hair color and the nose ring actually makes you look cool as fuckkkkkkk

  • Kaitlyn Camp
    Kaitlyn Camp

    Dude don’t put contacts in after you put makeup on. It increases the risk for eye infections etc. Make sure to put contacts in before you put makeup on with clean hands.

  • Camryn Marthaler
    Camryn Marthaler

    Where are the tattoos from?

  • Tamara Gourevitch
    Tamara Gourevitch

    Kinda looking like Chloe Ting for a second. Both beautiful

  • Chamari 21
    Chamari 21

    I love that you’ve been posting more oftennn! God bless you have a good dayyy. ❤️🥳

  • Michelle Paredes
    Michelle Paredes

    Link where you got the ring!!!

  • nuha abrahams
    nuha abrahams

    Hey Haley, where do you get your fake tattoos off of? I’d like to get some too 🥺💓

  • Julie

    You definitely look viet and white :) You kinda look like Lara Fraser. She’s Chinese and white though. I’m also viet/white but I look 100% Asian lolll

  • Duce Snakes
    Duce Snakes

    Pls don't get any real tattoos

  • hannah

    you should try a different aesthetic every day for a week

  • Kelly Kawaguchi
    Kelly Kawaguchi

    This is your best transformation, I didn’t think it’s suit you so well. You a baddie girl 🥵

  • sophz k
    sophz k


  • Eliza Brodsky
    Eliza Brodsky

    the SHADE that she threw towards James wow

  • sabrina

    3:20 does anyone know the song???

  • Jane Blasdell
    Jane Blasdell

    Hayley is honestly soo beautiful! Like she doesn't even need makeup.

  • Anna

    btw i think it’s called ”blowing your nose” instead of ”getting the boogers out”😂

  • Anna

    i’ve been doing my own lashes for a while now and i’ve been actually pleasently surprised. i highly recommend getting a fume free lash glue that’s for sensitive eyes so that it doesn’t burn but other than that i’d say go for it. it takes a little patience since you have to apply each lash individully but once you learn the technique it’s quite easy!

  • Linda Perez
    Linda Perez

    Okay but what contact brand are these from they look so good

  • Tabita Karlivane
    Tabita Karlivane

    Am I the only one that thinks that she looks like Chloe Ting with the make up?? 8:16

  • amna Elhassan
    amna Elhassan

    Not her saying she’s half Vietnamese half white and my dumbass thinking she’s fully Korean 🤓

  • autumn darah
    autumn darah

    traphamily update ?

  • nimer sekhon
    nimer sekhon

    I thought u were just asian

  • Briannaaa612

    I knew you were half Vietnamese because I’ve been watching your channel for a while, but recently you have been looking more white. I think it’s the lovely hair. Love the transformation btw

  • Izzy R
    Izzy R

    Does anyone know where to buy colored contacts?????

  • Claire Friesen
    Claire Friesen

    PeRiOdT Queen!!!

  • Kim Feltsman
    Kim Feltsman

    She looks like Chloe ting with the blonde hair


    Spotting Brit, Sarah, Sandy, Char, and Gabby in the beginning like.. :O

  • Miley Wink
    Miley Wink

    i love her original style but this looks SO good on her!!!!

  • Lauren Carducci
    Lauren Carducci

    Okay this was honestly so entertaining

  • LaMiracle Watson
    LaMiracle Watson

    This is probably the best transformation Haley has done. She looks so goodd

  • Hannalee

    for a sec she low key looked like Chloe Ting

  • isabella deceglie
    isabella deceglie

    girl i thought you were just asian i didn’t know you were white

  • mariah paulson
    mariah paulson

    HALEY THIS IS SO COOL OMG also i knew you were half Vietnamese

  • L M
    L M

    Yo I’m kinda digging the tattoos and the contacts

  • Grace Anders
    Grace Anders

    I really like this new style of videos shes doing

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel

    God bless

  • Olivia Nichole
    Olivia Nichole

    Its so surprising to me that people cant see the asian in you. I definitely assuned you were asian. Also the last name Pham is a good hint haha

  • Annette Peña
    Annette Peña

    I’ve had contacts for about three years and I still have slight emotional melt downs whenever I decide to use them

  • marta lyko
    marta lyko

    3 years ago when i subscribed, i knew you weren't "just white" 😅

  • Marquan Alexander
    Marquan Alexander

    Vampire transformation

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