ABG (asian baby girl) Transformation / IG Baddie
ABG transformation / INSTAGRAM BADDIE
what should I transform into next?
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  • Adriana Rose
    Adriana Rose

    I get that crap all the time about “you don’t look Puerto Rican you look white” 🙄🙄ive actually gotten treated badly by people because of it so I’ve been trying to make myself look more Hispanic This look is so fly you look like a baddie but I also love the Hayley pre-transformation you’re cool any style especially your own!!!

  • elwynbrooks

    Who though Pham was a white person last name what

  • Angelicoffeebean

    “Is my eye just tiny” me first time putting on contacts

  • Ashley

    you definitely look asian its pretty obvious because of ur features

  • m n
    m n

    maybe its cos im a mixed asian but i always thought hayley was asian 😭😭😭😭😭 i was shook when she said that she was half white HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Jordan Reid
    Jordan Reid

    Hair is literally the same styled as when she took her hood off.

  • Amina Qaiser
    Amina Qaiser

    Asian baby girl so basically finally something for asians to try out

  • Jenna Jueco
    Jenna Jueco

    someone tell me where the corntacts are from 🥺🥺🥺

  • Tatti

    Honestly when I watched your video for the first time I thought “she kinda looks Asian. Yeah I think she’s Asian.... nah she’s not after all. She’s full white I think. Yup definitely white.” Then I saw your mom 🤣🤣 and this is coming from an Asian girl

  • izzy

    the editing is so fire

  • mai hamed
    mai hamed

    Her: this lighting isn't good for thumbnail The thumbnail :

  • Makenna Richardson
    Makenna Richardson

    why is no one talking about how good the tattoos look on her

  • keran dolan
    keran dolan

    Lumbee Indian and I don't look like it but i have long hiar :D

  • Tr1cky _
    Tr1cky _

    Ur asian?


    I thought you were fully asian

  • Mia Mandi
    Mia Mandi

    the tats are littttt and me subscribed and where do u get the tattoos

  • ZaydaBayda

    ABG look looks so good on you

  • Shawty. Heidi
    Shawty. Heidi

    Her history said “ owa owa dog” 😂😂😂

  • Gia

    Why did u search up FedEx truck png

  • Hana Eldegwy
    Hana Eldegwy

    Why is this literally me the first time I was applying lenses

  • Destiny Klass
    Destiny Klass

    I thought you were some sort of Asian but i remember the nail salon video when you understood what they were sayong

  • ur moms fat
    ur moms fat

    I love how she googled “owa owa dog”

  • Steph Mig
    Steph Mig

    Tbh this is a LOOK and a half

  • Analuisa Hernandez
    Analuisa Hernandez

    Where do you get the tattoos !(:

  • Laura omar
    Laura omar

    u look like chloe ting

  • Jin Ferreira-Moniz
    Jin Ferreira-Moniz

    When I first saw one of your videos, which was like uhhh 20 mins ago, I knew you had to be mixed and then I saw your surname and I was like "OHHHHHHHHH viet kween"

  • Torryn Watkins
    Torryn Watkins

    it’s fits you so well

  • Torryn Watkins
    Torryn Watkins

    i knew u were half asian and half skmething

  • Kidist Gebreyes
    Kidist Gebreyes

    Hey haily i know you don't mean too beut can please stop say "Holy carp" please

  • azrin azam
    azrin azam

    Haley looks like chloe ting idk why hahaha

  • Lissa Packer
    Lissa Packer

    I loveeee deep roots salon they really are the best 🤩

  • Jouline Suarez
    Jouline Suarez

    you are SO FUNNY🤣🤣 The lashes got me dead 😂

  • Abbyy

    10:01 me when I forget 1+1

  • Alison Smith
    Alison Smith

    omg her struggling with the contacts was me when I first got contacts hahah

  • Lily Luna
    Lily Luna

    You should try transforming into alt aesthetic next

  • Jianna Benedict
    Jianna Benedict

    you should make your mom an abg

  • Jianna Benedict
    Jianna Benedict


  • Julia G
    Julia G

    I just got a tattoo yesterday I say you do it!

  • eloise jane
    eloise jane

    girl it’s fine 18 months is 5.5 years 😔

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    Are those fake tattoos? Cuz looking at the other thumbnails, they're gone. 🤔

  • 암소♥

    i feel like this is the best ABG transformation I've seen. Like there's an actual difference. SO PRETTYYYY

  • Helaina Willis
    Helaina Willis

    The nose ring and tattoos look so sick on you!!!

  • Peyton

    honestly wouldn’t be mad if you made this your permanent style

  • Mattie Roberson
    Mattie Roberson

    Where did you get the tattoos from?? How long did they last?

  • Alexis White
    Alexis White

    bro she pulls this look off so well

  • Sophia

    haley i can tell u've been watching a lot of Olivia Neill lmao

  • dreamy

    Bro she looked like chloe ting at one point 😩

  • Nur Aina Natasya Shafeai
    Nur Aina Natasya Shafeai

    does anyone know where i can get the tattoos?

  • M K
    M K

    Your intro with the tea on ABG was best I’ve seen.

  • Tiana Birmingham
    Tiana Birmingham

    I couldn't finish the video because it's at night and every time your doorbell sound went off my dog got absolutely IRATE. I'll watch it tomorrow!

  • Hari Ávila
    Hari Ávila

    Your a ✨mood✨

  • Samantha Valadez
    Samantha Valadez

    Love your RSloft videos ❤️😃

  • Cali Thomas
    Cali Thomas

    omg how where do you get those kind of tattoos?!

  • gia

    you make me wanna try this lmfaooooo

  • Allie Powell
    Allie Powell

    6:34 😂

  • Emma's Video's
    Emma's Video's

    Wow she looks like Chloe ting. So pretty

  • Ashley Alvarado
    Ashley Alvarado

    When she did her makeup she looked like Cloe Ting

  • Fenne Maas
    Fenne Maas

    Girl you look so good

  • H May
    H May

    What lash glue does she use?

  • Catherine Lilly
    Catherine Lilly

    I really love this editing style

  • Eva Perez
    Eva Perez

    Not scared of the tats, hair color, or the nose piercing, but is scared of the contacts xD

  • Tenzin Phuntsok
    Tenzin Phuntsok

    OMG she looks like chloe ting at the end.. just me?

  • Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie
    Mandy, Edie, Ida, Sheldon & Allie

    DO NOT BUY OTC CONTACTS!!!! You could lose an eye. Source - 12+ years of working for an Ophthalmologist

  • Colcol

    What did u use for ur lippps?

  • Emily Inoue
    Emily Inoue

    Idk why but when you walked in with your new outfit you gave me Chloe ting vibes lol

  • Emily Inoue
    Emily Inoue

    Omg your hair is so cute 🥰 it looks super healthy too! How do you keep your dyed hair healthy? Cause that’s been like the reason I’m scared to have mine dyed.

  • Nishinoya ‘Yu
    Nishinoya ‘Yu

    Not the owa owa dog💀💀

  • Makenna I LiKe cAcTI
    Makenna I LiKe cAcTI

    I knew you were waisian(white asian) the first video. Also you pull the tats off so so well, you’re so gorgeous!

  • K

    The ending was so weird wtf ??

  • Strawberrymilkshakeu

    oh what O.O shes asian?

  • Mikaela

    didn't even know you were white-

  • Sarah McDowell
    Sarah McDowell

    what if you transformed into a scene kid next?? omg

  • Sarah McDowell
    Sarah McDowell

    I love this look!!! you nailed it haley and the contacts looked dopeee

  • OkTinaa

    you very much look asian to me and always have. crazy that people thought you were just white. also btw this transformation was so cute i loved it

  • Tricia Rose
    Tricia Rose

    Where are the tattoos from? 🤔🥺

    • Loyaler

      Inkbox :) I really recommend them!! I’m wearing a custom tattoo from them rn and it looks so real

  • Tricia Rose
    Tricia Rose

    I love that your dad is anonymous & it's respected 🥰

  • Devin Toomey
    Devin Toomey

    You look so good !!! ❤️

  • Andrea Guzman
    Andrea Guzman

    you look like demi lovato

  • Dejah Joy
    Dejah Joy

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  • brooklynn

    i love how ✨owa owa dog✨ was in her search history

    • kylie 💕
      kylie 💕


  • Alie’s life !
    Alie’s life !

    Why don’t her and Ryan post on their couple Chanel anyone know why?

  • Adriana Strothers
    Adriana Strothers

    Bro I was watching this video in my grandma's room and the MOAN AT THE END scared the crap outta me and my grandma just looked at me like 👁️👄👁️

  • Carmen

    Now i have a crush on ABG haley


    to me, Hailey looks very obviously half asian. I don't see her looking full white at all.

  • Dylan

    Hahah te pareces a Chloe Ting

  • Stef with an F
    Stef with an F

    Omg u look awesome like Kylie raes half sister or something

  • FOooFAaa 557
    FOooFAaa 557

    You should get a nose piercing it looks gorgeous😍

  • tang guo
    tang guo


  • Sanaa Mumin
    Sanaa Mumin


  • Faith Carolann
    Faith Carolann

    8:30 blow your nose...?

  • Tina Moretti
    Tina Moretti

    It is so weird because my mom is white and my Dad is from Vietnam so I am white and Vietnamese

  • zoë

    i knew you were half and half for sure

  • Melanie April Casuga
    Melanie April Casuga

    You look so good 😍

  • Ikram


  • lidiya syakirah
    lidiya syakirah


  • Kailei Buck
    Kailei Buck

    you look so good like this like wtf-

  • Galactic Sombrero
    Galactic Sombrero

    Okay but a vampire transformation would be cool

  • Jolie Riesenberg
    Jolie Riesenberg

    i want all of her pants ahh😍

  • Kayleigh Ann Britton
    Kayleigh Ann Britton

    Are hayley and ryan still engaged? What is going on I feel like they just stopped posting together.

    • justanotherpersonxo

      Some guy made an 1 long video hating on them and making assumptions and their relationship and since then the cancel police have been going after them individually and as a couple. They definitely had different approaches into how to handle this scandal and that's all i know. It has been weird ever since but they i definitely still together. I think they just become more cautious about what they share online. Smart choice if you ask me

  • Lucifer

    Where are the tattoos from