A New Flagship Challenger Emerges... 🚀
Is this the flagship smartphone package you've been waiting for?
Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Leave a comment here with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11

    • Israel Ivan Ripalda
      Israel Ivan Ripalda


    • Diwakar . N
      Diwakar . N

      Twitter Diwakar45859000 Super design 😇😍🥰😍 mi always good

    • rakshith kaverikana
      rakshith kaverikana


    • bedstypisces


    • bgy176

      OH Snap! I've been waiting for this one to come through...that intro got me all excited. @csatram1

  • ferdferd ladang
    ferdferd ladang

    hi Lew I'm from Philippines I am currently studying as a senior student the way of learning here has never been the same like before and never been easy, because of being least favoured we can't afford buying new phone for my online class Hoping you can help me to survive and graduate thankyou your number 1 fan from Philippines @DECYNATION1

  • ron heyden
    ron heyden

    Man I don't like the backside design of this mobile

  • Adolfo Gutierrez
    Adolfo Gutierrez

    The Best value for money, loving the xiaomis!! @attawolf

  • gibriel noel cadungog
    gibriel noel cadungog

    Look how clean that red line is. No ads.

  • Shevaughn Steele
    Shevaughn Steele

    this is a need. my twitter is shevYG_

  • enrique Tite
    enrique Tite

    Wowww amazing phone Count me in 🙋🏻‍♂️ Twitter: @titenrique

  • 囧K工ㄥㄥ丹_K丹工ㄥ乙囧


  • Dr Nazir AK
    Dr Nazir AK

    Awesome. @nazir_ak

  • Md. Haseebkhan
    Md. Haseebkhan

    This is Eye Therapy is given by Unbox Theraphy👍 @Kunningmoron

  • king zimo
    king zimo

    You are amazing bro

  • Yakov

    This is my dream phone 🥺🧡 @Yakov_asere

  • Edison Zhu
    Edison Zhu


  • ramos5083

    These flagship killers are killin it for sure! Hope I can win one! @easye50

  • iraqi mems عراقي ميمز
    iraqi mems عراقي ميمز

    Mi 11

  • Maen Safadi
    Maen Safadi

    Wonderful phone at all @maen_safadi

  • Siyambonga Jubeju
    Siyambonga Jubeju


  • Abdul Rasheed
    Abdul Rasheed


  • LEOfx04

    Done my profile in twitter is: leonardo_angel4

  • karen tatiana baquero rojas
    karen tatiana baquero rojas

    super @karenta1234

  • Kbailey4JC



    I hope I win. Love your unboxing vids

  • Eze Terrence. O
    Eze Terrence. O

    Christ😂😂. There are so many people here. Anyways, this device is legit mad.... Good touch with the outer space soundtrack... Totally worth it😂 @jstdika is my handle though.

  • Eliut G.
    Eliut G.

    Hahahaha i love it😂 My twtr @Alejandromott1

  • Keegan Solmos
    Keegan Solmos


  • RA sungod
    RA sungod

    Lew I need that phone sir help me out👁️🔼3️⃣3️⃣

  • Chinoso Jude
    Chinoso Jude

    Apple left the chat @chinosoJude

  • Hasan Tonmoy
    Hasan Tonmoy

    can I have one plzz :(

  • Pranav Govekar
    Pranav Govekar

    @PranavGovekar9 :)



  • Daniel Di Bono
    Daniel Di Bono

    Hope to upgrade my mi 9 @DanielDiBono

  • Muhammad Haroon
    Muhammad Haroon


  • Muhammad Haroon
    Muhammad Haroon

    @haroon_1408 Buttery smooth he said...🥺💖

  • Osiris-G

    Flagships everywhere Beware @justleavehuman

  • Haytham Eid
    Haytham Eid

    Xiaomi mi 11 is the best value snapdragon 888 flagship to beat in 2021 @haythamhosny9

  • Ankit Arora
    Ankit Arora


  • Houssine Assas
    Houssine Assas

    @A_Hcn damn, i got a good feeling about this


    @aquariusrt let's see if this time I get lucky! 🙃

  • Oussama Bejjoudi
    Oussama Bejjoudi

    Damn that's cool @the1cyborg

  • Dustin Velasco
    Dustin Velasco

    Xiaomi is the best @Dus_Ken

  • J T
    J T

    My Twitter handle is @JxT369 and i want to win this!

  • Akash Patel
    Akash Patel

    This phone price in india rupees Please tell me sir

  • Raza Mohammad
    Raza Mohammad

    I need a new phone, current one mi a2 lite is acting weird :( @amraza_24

  • Sai Rohit
    Sai Rohit

    Awesome @Rohit34794524


    Endh sookadoo

  • Shaquiel Dave Ossorio
    Shaquiel Dave Ossorio

    I waited to see this.,! Icant touch but too expensive if can i touch. @IgShaquiel

  • Sayan Chakrabarty
    Sayan Chakrabarty

    This room reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises

  • Yeniel Manduley
    Yeniel Manduley

    Cool intro for an amazing phone. That's a beast Flagship. @yenielmanduley

  • TheKkd123

    I'm just coming to give thumbs down for tricking thumb nails. It's clearly xiaomi 11 but you covered with case and confused viewer

  • Zac Aragon
    Zac Aragon

    Theres a lot of happenings in This 13 minute + video 😂😂😂 I’d enjoy every moment of it.

  • imacdan

    Nice gadgets !!! @simidan72

  • klaxmareddy

    Xiaomi - A challenger and futuristic in the way they derive new products.... And @Unbox Therapy a frontender to bring a hands on experience... Keep Rocking !!! @lrkareddy

  • tanmay bhanushali
    tanmay bhanushali

    Why don't you keep the Porsche in the background for every video @tanmay_3112

  • LucerOoOoOo. UwU
    LucerOoOoOo. UwU


  • TheRoarMusics

    omo shiroi @reverb283

  • Naveen.c Naveen
    Naveen.c Naveen

    I Love you can you please give me that phone plz

  • Aaravinth K Rajagopal
    Aaravinth K Rajagopal


  • Aaravinth K Rajagopal
    Aaravinth K Rajagopal

    Aaravinth_K_R .

  • BigBadBjor

    I wonder how good the battery is @bjorbigbad

  • Jay khoibam
    Jay khoibam


  • rutherford montero
    rutherford montero


  • Chester Tarun
    Chester Tarun

    Hi sir lew, I always watch your videos since 2019 and honestly it's so satisfying how you unbox those incredible phones, my birthday was few weeks ago, can I have a simple gift? Na just kiddin', Btw sir, keep safe and Godbless, Love from Philippines❤🤘🏻 @MarkChesterTar1

  • mad sauce gaming
    mad sauce gaming

    Dont have tweeter, but would live to win one of these

  • Scottie Parks
    Scottie Parks

    Pick me 🙋🏾@iamparxx

  • Trevor XT
    Trevor XT

    @xt_trevor hope I win the phone cause i dont have money to buy a decent phone haha

  • Animal Lovers
    Animal Lovers

    🤳Give me Refurbished 🙋 iPhone 8 I don't want this 🙏

  • Arjun Raj
    Arjun Raj

    what hoodie is Lew wearing?

  • Niklas Wurst
    Niklas Wurst


  • Lokesh Naidu
    Lokesh Naidu

    Feeling like i'm watching avengers movie with all background music

  • Stefan Van Wyk
    Stefan Van Wyk

    Love your channel and its content. @stefanvanwyk6

  • Socrates Plato
    Socrates Plato

    This guy is repulsive how can anyone watch this telly sales rubbish.

  • rudeks7


  • Seila Hy
    Seila Hy

    To be honest, where is this guy? Why is he still review his phone in BatMan’s basement?

  • CARNAGE3 Gaming
    CARNAGE3 Gaming

    Let's goooo!! @DeeprajParab

  • LONskie Gaming
    LONskie Gaming

    Nice @AkoSiLonLon

  • LONskie Gaming
    LONskie Gaming

    Nice @AkoSiLonLon

  • SamiMnr

    Best of Luck 🥰 Twt and Inst Id- samimnr7

  • Kamrul Hossain Kayes
    Kamrul Hossain Kayes


  • Sorteos Varios
    Sorteos Varios

    @newieto le encanta este telefono!!

  • TahirAmeenGaming


  • Nick


  • Zulkarnain Makmor
    Zulkarnain Makmor

    Solid powerful phone.. 2021 flagship killer 👍👍 @nain923

  • Nani Nani
    Nani Nani


  • Nikhil Porwal
    Nikhil Porwal


  • Cristian Sánchez
    Cristian Sánchez

    I love it! @cranuel

  • Muhammad Haroon
    Muhammad Haroon

    @haroon_1408 🥺💖💖💖

  • Abutalha

    I like the display and speakers 🔊. @sheikhsiddiqui7

  • mynvidia

    Great phone! @mynvidia

  • layachi boumazouza
    layachi boumazouza


  • Sushant Adhikari
    Sushant Adhikari

    Amazing @Whiteda92655765

  • Iverson Geo
    Iverson Geo

    i would love to get one of those @IversonGeo

  • darron241

    (Mi) want one...🇯🇲....@trending_in_jamaica

  • prathamesh pandey
    prathamesh pandey


  • andrew baek
    andrew baek

    here with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11 @BackGroundJaek

  • Paolo uNO
    Paolo uNO

    Wow, I didn’t even know Xiaomi made smart tv’s... craazzzyyy @paolodeitrich

  • Yoav Grumer
    Yoav Grumer

    Great video as usual.

  • Hardi Pratama
    Hardi Pratama

    Mantap kaliiii.. Mi 11 !!! @hardippratama

  • Jankus9090

    My twitter @Jankus90

  • Danny Fausto
    Danny Fausto

    Twitter: @dabz0727 waiting for a miracle

  • JonahKai 671
    JonahKai 671

    The main attraction for me is the USB-C to 3.5mm aux adapter and the 55w charger in the box...SAMSUNG YOU BETTER BE LISTENING HERE

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