a mundane day in my life :)
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  • Shannen Granger
    Shannen Granger

    i honestly do whats wrong with this video its just a normal vlog of what she did that day. ntg wrong with that haha

  • Giraf Panda
    Giraf Panda

    I have never seen anyone use tinfoil instead of baking paper but ok

  • Micha K.
    Micha K.

    8:20 Bless u beautiful Haley

  • Eva Fuentes
    Eva Fuentes

    I love how people with perfect hair put effort into having 'bedhair', when my hair looks like a bird nest when I wake up 😅

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    love your vids!!! youre so pretty 🥰

  • Danielle Bosma
    Danielle Bosma

    I really liked this video! Haley keep it up, please can be mean for no reason

  • ane onomys
    ane onomys

    I always turn on a Haley vlog when I eat breakfast just Bcs it feels like I’m talking to a friend 😂💕 Love u girly keep up the amazing work (Also I’m watching this after the hair dying one so just wanted to say it came out phenomenal, chefs kiss)

  • Ashley Hardy
    Ashley Hardy

    what freckle pen do you use??

  • Every Haircolor
    Every Haircolor

    love your loungewear 8:28 !

  • confused clown
    confused clown

    haley you’re so cute🥺😭

  • Yazmine Montes
    Yazmine Montes

    Y’all need to leave her alone jeeez. Also the age 19 and the age 16 are really different.

  • Emily Bitangcol
    Emily Bitangcol

    U look so toned!!!♥️

  • Emilee Jones
    Emilee Jones

    Haley you're amazing.

  • Vice President Harris
    Vice President Harris

    Yes these comments are mean but imagine being in her shoes. Yes she is still very young and I am going to get a lot of hate but just give the girl a break. She has gotten tons of hate for valid reasons, but she is most likely stressed and she is probably getting sad because she feels like everyone hates her. Yes you can go ahead and give me hate in the reply’s but just imagine being in her shoes.

  • Duda Galindo
    Duda Galindo

    I am from Brazil

  • lauren :0
    lauren :0

    why is everyone hating on this video it's so calming and simple

  • Cecilia Beia
    Cecilia Beia

    you guys are negative in the comments and for what? Go do something with your lives instead of judging hers

  • TheKingSalmon !
    TheKingSalmon !

    I really enjoyed this video, thanks for the infomercial about that blender, my mum’s broke and this sound like a good replacement

  • Jessica Marshall
    Jessica Marshall

    Haley, what real estate course are you doing!!

  • Lauranne

    secure that bag sis we know the wedding's coming around and i personally don't mind sponsorships

  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin


  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin


  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin

    Yo that egg shot was fresh

  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin

    Dude pat not shmear I needed that

  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin


  • bridget griffin
    bridget griffin

    Y’all she’s a human being. This is what we all do every day. Like wtf calm down. HALEY YOU’RE AWESOME. U A BAD BITCH AND IF U SEE THIS COMMENT DO A LITTLE CELEBRATION OF HOW FAR YOU’VE COME.

  • Avenlee Beck
    Avenlee Beck

    okay why are all these comments so mean wth

  • Nayeli Corona
    Nayeli Corona

    Y’all, Haley doesn’t need to post videos, she does it because she loves it and bc its fun for her. To those of you posting negative things in the comments, stop. There’s no need for you to be hosting on someone who is just living their live.

    • Nayeli Corona
      Nayeli Corona

      Also, the video is called “a mundane day in my life”. It’s supposed to be a regular, chill day. Hence the word mundane. So relax peeps

  • Baby buttocks
    Baby buttocks

    are you vietnamese??

    • nessa vlogs
      nessa vlogs

      she is

  • Emma Devine
    Emma Devine

    I first watched this when it was the original title and it put me in a good mood which is why I love Haley and watch all her videos. im just now reading comments and am v confused ngl

  • Emma Foster
    Emma Foster

    Guys I think this was just an off video. Her video before this one with her mom was really interesting to me. She’s dealing with a lot with the house, the wedding, RSloft, and everything else that not every single one of her videos are going to be a big win. If you guys don’t like this comment just unfollow her.

  • Emma Foster
    Emma Foster

    Did you guys criticize her to the point of changing her title?

  • nani

    y’all rlly made her change the title of the vid 😒

  • Issy Scott
    Issy Scott

    I wonder why she changed the title??

  • Tawagoto

    U should try diamond painting! It's really fun and kills time

  • Fiona Rama
    Fiona Rama

    Why are people complaining? This vlog is awesome!!

  • Grace Bradshaw
    Grace Bradshaw

    yo idk what’s going on with everyone else, but i love these types of videos because i like ur personality & we get to see it more in this format

  • Maya Baker
    Maya Baker

    To everyone saying this video is boring maybe you should consider reading the title...

    • flora

      she changed the title lol

  • Maggie

    Anyone else just loves Haley’s simple vlogs? shes always been such a role model to me and I aspire to be like her 💞

  • Jatudier

    she didnt even say anything bad about gen z im v confused at the bad vibes in the comments lmfao pls chill

    • Addison Slavish
      Addison Slavish


  • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
    Lila & Caitlyn Phavis

    WHO ELSE LOVES HALEYYYY hehe we all do ((: ps. we are small youtubers!

  • T C
    T C

    wait she makes her hair look like that on purpose omfg

  • Ally Cook
    Ally Cook

    Everyone is so heated in the comments about gen z and her being engaged. Leave her y’all geez ya she is engaged she can put that in the title if she wants

    • Addison Slavish
      Addison Slavish

      i know??? they act so rude and then they wonder why she seems “off”......

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K

    Brisket pho is my favorite!

  • Kaitlin Chrestman
    Kaitlin Chrestman

    Girl idk why everyone is so negative in these comments. You’re doing great and even if you felt a little unmotivated in this, it’s okay to feel like that, especially in the current global climate. Keep it up girlie, I’m so proud of you

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel

    God bless you and your family

  • Mya Landry
    Mya Landry

    did Haley get tattoos?

  • Monyé

    idk why people are saying this depressing I get needing a break, but this is a mundane day in the life so it's not gonna be crazy fr I thought it was good

  • kantarellen

    I'm sorry for all the negativity in the comments :/ don't listen to them, you do you and do it with pride! no one knows what you're going through but you. keep your chin up and continue to spread your light in these dark times💕💖

  • Mekenzie Kaplan
    Mekenzie Kaplan

    ummm you gen z :)

  • Stella Rea
    Stella Rea

    maybe this video is so depressing and she seems sad bc yall are so mean

    • Addison Slavish
      Addison Slavish

      THIS !!

  • Martine Skaret
    Martine Skaret

    The negativity in this comment section jeez. I think you're doing well Haley you're just living your life and filming it and that's what we (your viewers) are here for

  • Iris

    She seems off is she ok? I’m saying this because I care

  • Abby Shaner
    Abby Shaner

    We love when she changes the title of the video :) lol

    • Caitlin Cantos
      Caitlin Cantos

      lol yeah i noticed that

  • elliana butler
    elliana butler

    Me waiting for Haley to make fun of gen Z like all the comments are saying like : 👁👄👁 Me still waiting by the end of the video: 👁👄👁 Ya’ll in the comments need to calm down and give Haley a break like damn. So harsh the second someone is a little less entertaining than usual. Like Haley may be a RSloftr but she’s a human being and It’s not okay to exploit her. Also it’s a day in my life vlog, its supposed to be kinda boring. She’s not fucking David dobrik. Idk this comment section really irked me. HALEY YOURE DOING FINE SWEETIE JUST KNOW YOU DONT GOTTA FORCE A VIDEO IF YOU DONT FEEL LIKE IT. It’s okay to take a break.

  • Elena DellAquila
    Elena DellAquila

    Hi Haley, I actually enjoyed the video and I am sad to see such negative comments. I didn't click on the video when you first posted it but decided to watch it once you changed the title. I'm glad I did, have a great day Girlypop. :)

  • Abdo Bilal
    Abdo Bilal

    Your beautiful

  • Dina Dorazio
    Dina Dorazio

    Haley, you are part of gen z lmao The ages go from 5-22 year olds, just tellin u no hate obviously✌💕

    • Dina Dorazio
      Dina Dorazio

      @bridget griffin where is the bad vibes g, no bad vibes here😐

    • bridget griffin
      bridget griffin

      J chill spread gud vibe

    • Dina Dorazio
      Dina Dorazio

      @Addison Slavish What criticism.. um chile anyways so

    • Addison Slavish
      Addison Slavish

      @Dina Dorazio bruh you chill out with the criticism lol

    • Dina Dorazio
      Dina Dorazio

      @Addison Slavish bruh chill out

  • Dina Dorazio
    Dina Dorazio

    What are you guys talking about, the titel doesn't have anything to do with her age or engagment.. Why r some of yall mad about that anyways??

  • Zilla BNP
    Zilla BNP

    Girl I love you but your attitude is embarrassing

  • ari plisetsky
    ari plisetsky

    lol why did you change the title?

    • Beth B
      Beth B

      what was the title before?

    • ItsTriniti

      because people are mean and kept complaining in the comments

  • sophia mendoza
    sophia mendoza

    the comments are depressing with all the negativity

  • Rachel Osterhoudt
    Rachel Osterhoudt

    she changed the title 😳

    • kate elizabeth
      kate elizabeth

      what was the title before

  • Kiley O
    Kiley O

    her videos are so aesthetic

  • Julia Lebron
    Julia Lebron

    love the music in this vlog!

  • Brinn Faulkner
    Brinn Faulkner

    She’s like so iconic 🤩

  • Chronic Youth
    Chronic Youth

    your makeup here was really really good

  • mitchell e
    mitchell e

    haley the comments are being so negative/nitpicky for no reason, im sorry :/ keep doing you :)

  • Olivia McKenney
    Olivia McKenney

    i love your videos

    • Olivia McKenney
      Olivia McKenney

      you have no idea, i’m actually freaking out that you liked my comment i love you so much

  • Olivia McKenney
    Olivia McKenney

    does she know she’s gen z too 😂

  • Normajean Penrod
    Normajean Penrod

    1. Where is your green sweater from?? It is so cute! 2. Are those tattoos on your arm because I have seen them for a while now?!?

  • hope avocado
    hope avocado

    did she change the title?

    • pau pau
      pau pau

      I know hahah

    • hope avocado
      hope avocado


  • kiera

    why is everyone talking abt gen z

  • 1000 100 1000
    1000 100 1000

    i don’t understand why she gets so many negative comments every few videos. she didn’t say or do anything wrong in this video... she literally showed you a realistic day in her life just like she said... y’all are gonna bully this girl off her own channel.

  • Zahra

    didn't know this needed to be said but if you guys see 17329479 people commenting the thing you were gonna comment.... don't comment it!!!

  • Kaia Silo
    Kaia Silo

    can this comment section be any more toxic? i just don’t understand what people don’t get about letting people live their lives the way they want. haley just wants to be happy, and she wants her fans to be happy. she’s not forcing beliefs on anyone, pressuring anyone to be a certain way, OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. if she bothers you so much, simply don’t watch her?

    • Krisi Marovska
      Krisi Marovska

      Exactly, people nit pick everything... Sadly somethimes I do that too in my mind and im seeing how toxic it is...

  • Dymphna vdZ
    Dymphna vdZ

    Wait she’s 19?! I’m 19..

  • Mgkallday

    why did she change the title? I was going to watch yesterday

    • Georgina H
      Georgina H

      What was the original title??

    • Mgkallday

      then i came back and it was changed

  • Amanda Rodrigues
    Amanda Rodrigues

    im sorry but what is this video lol

  • babyyrisa

    Haley turn ur comments off :( everyone is so mean.

  • Ceren Arig
    Ceren Arig

    why is everyone so negative in this comment section i honestly found this video really fun and inspiring, if you are gonna hate on it than leave

  • fred bananahammock
    fred bananahammock

    yall are so rude and for what ?

  • MariahG

    Yall are so mean in this comment section. Shes just filming a vlog and being mad abt her title makes no sense.

  • •NatalieJaa •
    •NatalieJaa •

    Your actually so ✨pretty ✨

  • Kaitlyn Chartrand
    Kaitlyn Chartrand

    Haley looks so pretty! I love her hair and all her jewelry!

  • Ailsa Yuille
    Ailsa Yuille

    Loved the video 😊

  • Olgaa__

    Ever since that video came out her vibe has been off and by the looks of it everyone in the comment feels it too. Edit: knowing she just pushes it aside with the criticism she’s not gonna address it or like how she says it doesn’t faze her 😑

    • Olgaa__

      @Kaia Silo Im talking about the recent criticism and how they addressed it in Instagram and how it came off. I know they did that video.

    • Kaia Silo
      Kaia Silo

      they have an ENTIRE video addressing criticism on traphamily. i suggest taking time to research before making any concrete statements.

  • marra531

    what an odd brand deal for someone that doesn’t cook at all

  • not available
    not available

    haley if u somehow see this, i think a lot of us collectively want u to know that if you are feeling stressed or burnt out, you can take a break and we will not judge or be mad at you, we want you to be the happiest version of yourself

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P

    6:27 “cream blush with a brush” try saying that 5 time fast

  • katie elaine
    katie elaine

    i feel like the comments didn’t pass the vibe check

    • youtubechannel channel
      youtubechannel channel

      because she is annoying lol

    • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
      Lila & Caitlyn Phavis


  • Brooke Lauren
    Brooke Lauren

    No hate and I know you said you like your hair like that maybe just try extra volume without the frizzy fly always it looks like you don’t have healthy hair

  • Skylar Kellogg
    Skylar Kellogg

    Can you do a video showing how to keep your hair from getting oily so fast?

  • Mahima Negi
    Mahima Negi

    Fun fact for Haley: Gen Z age range born b/w 1997-2012

    • whyisgamora

      She never said that she wasn't a part of Gen z

  • Ginger the cat
    Ginger the cat

    when yall have a kid you guys should combain yours and rayns name together for yalls kid,if yall want to

  • Tessa Rodriguez
    Tessa Rodriguez

    I'm sorry for all the unnecessary hate! Just remember that you need to find your identity and support through God and not the world. Keep your head up and know that there are people who love you and you dont even know them ❤

  • Amber Nicole
    Amber Nicole

    i really hope you’re doing well!! your energy seems off.. i can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling, based on the comments/videos i’ve seen. keep your head up 💕 this too shall pass 💕

  • Gwen Marshall
    Gwen Marshall

    I just want to say that Haley is so beautiful in the morning. How does she look that good?

  • Beastmode Savage
    Beastmode Savage


  • _lunahh

    God this comment section kinda toxic...

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