A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch
Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-3d-world-plus-bowsers-fury-switch/
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  • El Luchador de Kentucky.
    El Luchador de Kentucky.

    Bowser furry?

  • Jamie 〜
    Jamie 〜

    i'm ready for the Calamity Ganon vs Fury Bowser death battle video

  • D1vine

    *Mario at a party after this game:* ".. and so I went Super Saiyan"

  • Andreas von buren
    Andreas von buren

    If Mighty guy became bowser

  • DrDerpyest

    Bowser: ima kill you now Mario: you fool, I have plot armour

  • Bradley

    1:14 not sure how I feel about this

  • Smatchimo

    lol mario levels are DLC now? RIP

  • The Caledonian
    The Caledonian

    Not gonna lie, I think bowser may have consumed a Molotov Cocktail. And 100000000000... (insert zeroes here) ... 01 super mushrooms. - The Caledonian

  • Cheesenovel12


  • adriSMASH

    This bowser is to biguest than megadragonbowser from mario+rabids

  • kuhaku

    Who would like to see a fame where bowser wins thanos style

  • Drachenkeks

    And that's how Mario stole the chaos emeralds.

  • Ondry •
    Ondry •

    Finally, they made Volnanicdramon x

  • KJ

    “Forgive your enemies , but remember their names” - JFK

  • Suzuyne

    Bowser unlocks 8 inner gates 😳

  • Christiaan Bothma
    Christiaan Bothma

    Who else is excited for Illumination's Mario movie next year?

  • Victor Escamilla
    Victor Escamilla

    Looks like Bowser opened the 8th gate of death and Mario went super saiyan

  • ElixirOfWoe

    “YOU DIED”

  • ⟨Xx_frąngâmęr 614_xX⟩
    ⟨Xx_frąngâmęr 614_xX⟩

    This is super mario 3d world rtx on with bowser's fury

  • Jorge Orochena H
    Jorge Orochena H

    2:01 >:(

  • Daniel Goldflam
    Daniel Goldflam

    Are these two separate games?

  • Jorge Orochena H
    Jorge Orochena H

    Murio: >:(

  • Bruno Kamei
    Bruno Kamei

    Will it be like Super Mario Odyssey?

  • trollfiend ans-429
    trollfiend ans-429

    Es un juego aparte o una extensión ?

  • A-NormalGuy

    "Bowser has Mega Evolved!"

  • Gyarados422

    Giga Bowser from Super Mario Galaxy 2 used to scare the living daylights out of me. If this version of Bowser existed when I was a kid, I would have screamed.

  • GigaDonk Mcfronk
    GigaDonk Mcfronk

    Ok I love how this looks but I’m mad that I have to pay sixty god damn dollars for a game I already have just to play this one cool level they added. If I could buy this on its own as a dlc for the Wii U version I would, but $60 Nintendo? That’s just dumb. This rerelease is worth $40 at best.

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.

    When Mario learns how to dynamax

  • Rebekah Musson
    Rebekah Musson

    Oh wanna see big bad bowser

  • All about starting roleplays stegosaurus
    All about starting roleplays stegosaurus


  • Zipper Foot
    Zipper Foot

    And im sitting back here waiting for donkey kong country returns on switch...

  • Tristan Beltran
    Tristan Beltran

    This looks like a whole different game

  • DB4-GT-ZAGATO/ 16
    DB4-GT-ZAGATO/ 16

    Bowser is really epic

  • John- Rocker
    John- Rocker


  • Fe4rero

    When was mario friends with bowser jr

  • Daemion Johnson
    Daemion Johnson

    I've just 100%ed the wii u version.... Will you at least add the dive move, or bowsers fury as dlc?

  • Dannzt

    Forgive someone who hasn't played a mario game in a while. Why is bowser jr helping mario?

    • Hyperrblu

      We”re not sure, this has only started with this expansion. My guess is that he’s just like “my dad’s stepped out of line, there’s only one person who can stop him, and that’s Mario”

  • Connor Haroldson
    Connor Haroldson

    3D World: Become Odyssey

  • Spider Fighter
    Spider Fighter

    Omg omg omg 😲

  • Mr Boogey
    Mr Boogey


  • shitpost. ES
    shitpost. ES

    1:15 Mario pedofil...

  • Léa


  • Alède

    2:01 the fan of dragon ball sweaty

  • Nort is what?
    Nort is what?


  • Pixel Games
    Pixel Games

    Wait the will this be em mario maker 2 :/ ?

  • EpicK__ShadoW

    Shingeki no mario

  • J Delgado
    J Delgado

    So Mario is a super saiyan now?

  • Mau Gamer
    Mau Gamer

    Lo mismo otra vez?

  • Isaac Clyde
    Isaac Clyde

    Lol nintendos and their gigantimax

  • Antonio Jesús Padillo Moreno
    Antonio Jesús Padillo Moreno

    I only want a new Warioland...


    Please Nintendo restart the internet of the wii and reopen the wiishop everyone wants this was also my songno as a child but only this year I managed to get it I could not play online or download games, I know that you do not care about my request but please read it and think about it come on thanks.

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith

    Definitely a modified odyssey engine but it looks decent

  • jhon

    Ok, Gigantamax is coming for the mario world

  • Mr. J03
    Mr. J03

    Last time I saw Bowser being so serious was in Paper Mario. Heck, they even got that badass theme for him on this game. Too bad he couldnt keep the "Godslayer Bowser" name

  • Dani.S

    Super Mario saiyan look great

  • ankush sharma
    ankush sharma

    So mario turns a super sayyain

  • Chaosbrine YT
    Chaosbrine YT


  • Kyle McLaren
    Kyle McLaren

    Guys guys hear me out okay what if we put dynamaxing in a Mario game

  • Axel de Sagastizabal
    Axel de Sagastizabal

    Se picooooooooooo

  • Jon Reid
    Jon Reid

    Mario really just went super saiyan

  • Zer0 Zutnamada V
    Zer0 Zutnamada V

    Just beautiful... ❤

  • Christophe des 4
    Christophe des 4

    Did i just watch super sayan mario cat vs ultra darkness bowser world boss ?

  • colton giesecke
    colton giesecke

    ah yes. super saiyan mario

  • jace _468
    jace _468

    Everyone and everything here is made for furries

  • WildGavin RBLX
    WildGavin RBLX

    How many times do I have to defeat this son of a B

  • Reyes Le
    Reyes Le

    One of the rare times were bowser actually looks badass

  • Long Jawn Silva
    Long Jawn Silva

    I see why bowser is angry there’s a furry playing with his son

  • mesafull king
    mesafull king

    Mario became super mario wait

  • ChromaticStar


  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57

    So I guess he's not gay bowser anymore.

  • NaniBel!

    0:00 and Bowser turns to dust

  • Randy JOSUÉ RJ
    Randy JOSUÉ RJ

    Super sonic mario 👌🤤

  • Zelda UwU
    Zelda UwU

    Nintendo: *presents Sephiroth and this Bowser* Microsoft and Sony: °-°

  • Mr Budder
    Mr Budder


  • Anthony Nunez
    Anthony Nunez

    Idk why but this bowser reminds me of the bowser from super Mario color splash

  • Crix

    Why has Mario received so many titles within the Swtiches lifespan, meanwhile Metroid never see's a Nintendo's new system until the end of it's life? Is the Metroid franchise dead?

  • Jack Nguyen
    Jack Nguyen

    What. The. FUCC

  • Samster Entertainment 2
    Samster Entertainment 2

    Super Saiyan Bowser and Mario!

  • PointPlay

    Oh boy I'm waiting for this games so much

  • Ryan Lawler
    Ryan Lawler

    1:15 what is that cat doing

  • One Ntf Boi
    One Ntf Boi

    Loved the old game also can we get some Mario drip memes going?

  • Nigel Joshua
    Nigel Joshua


  • Rob

    Mario gets super saiyan hair lol

  • Darron Your genuine friend
    Darron Your genuine friend

    I assure you is saw Mario go super saiyan

  • DaxGamer 98
    DaxGamer 98

    XD Nintendo laughs at sonic because I plageo a dragon ball z by super sonic and 🤣🤣🤣🤣 now they roast the same with cat mario but with the golden appearance and pointed hairs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chale nintendo now if you fell alone in your 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arokcis

    I pre ordered 3D world for the switch, not 3D universe

  • Junior Delgado
    Junior Delgado

    Never in my life have I been so excited for this and I’m freaking 18 and in college

  • Edvin John
    Edvin John

    Luigi's Mansion 1 - 2 remakes and Galaxy 2 when?

  • Angel Rafael Coral Campista
    Angel Rafael Coral Campista


  • Ady

    Gigantamax vibes coming from this direction

  • Nicolás Rentería
    Nicolás Rentería

    Therapist: Calamity Bowser is not real, he can't hurt you Calamity Bowser:

  • Josue Herrera
    Josue Herrera

    Super sayian Mario vs Mega Dark browser Find out who wins next time on Mario Ball z

  • O_O

    Super Mario Sayan and bowser giga max BEST BATTLE

  • Mandrago 92
    Mandrago 92

    Dinamax Battle 🤣🤣

  • You're Denied
    You're Denied

    Godzilla ?

  • squishy mew
    squishy mew

    ngl, i thought mario was a dead game series

  • OLNG (Omari "Legend" Negus Grant)
    OLNG (Omari "Legend" Negus Grant)

    For a sec, I thought you play as Bowser in the game.

  • Electricity Creeper
    Electricity Creeper

    So basically he's even darker than before

  • Dr. Pasta
    Dr. Pasta

    Cat plant cat plant

  • Apollo /:
    Apollo /:

    They need to make new mario games and not just DLCs

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