50 Weird Minecraft Bugs That Are STILL Happening
Bugs are interesting right? You know who else is interesting? My good friend silent whisperer:
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  • silentwisperer

    Thanks for the opportunity toycat! Was really fun making the world :D <3

  • Landen Grunwald
    Landen Grunwald

    "pillager patrols are super rare"

  • Li

    haven’t watched this yet but would bet $50 that the lantern being called “sea lantern” is still a bug and it’s driving toycat crazy

  • JimmalyBob

    For the last bug, I’ve found that it doesn’t reset my skin if I just wait for it to load on the main menu before going onto any worlds.

  • AW Studios
    AW Studios


  • Lyndell

    The “hmm” from the villager with the Minecart bug was so perfect I can’t get over it.

  • Laze

    Why didn’t he mention the “no cave update” bug?

  • Timothy Sullivan
    Timothy Sullivan


  • quince juice walrus flavor
    quince juice walrus flavor

    If you kill a dolphin under water with a flame sword, the cooked cod you get won't stack with furnace cooked cod

  • Mega Rayquaza
    Mega Rayquaza

    Toycat: magma has 2 effects in Minecraft, dealing damage and giving off light.

  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight

    The Feather Falling enchantment may work the same way as Unbreaking, by simply giving you a bigger

  • Bobfs


  • Louis Pienaar
    Louis Pienaar

    Toycat: Chicken head

  • Northy

    Imagine you were to be invited to Hermitcraft. Would you join and play more Java?

  • Robert Morrison
    Robert Morrison

    "I should be slurping that water down, chugging it like a real Steve"

  • 0XBlondie96X0


  • Always Wright
    Always Wright

    The lava clip glitch also works with fire and can set blocks on fire. I learned the hard way...

  • Solomon

    #24: I use this a lot in builds and more, and I don't think of it as a bug at all. I think it's been around since 1.11 or something, also, I get why it happens. The code consideres slabs transparent, solid, and air all at the same time. The half on top is a solid in its hitbox, while it loads as air. Air has no texture for fire (and other reasons), so it shows invisible.

  • Movement Man
    Movement Man

    You know what they say... don’t look directly at the bugs.

  • Poopfromcat

    The biggest bug to date is regarding the coding controlling the Mojang heads, preventing them from putting out a cave update for us all...