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Today we take a look at a bunch of different silly mistakes I often make while playing Minecraft.. There are tonnes of em!
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  • Scott Arcuri
    Scott Arcuri

    Honestly I just love how polite Mumbo Jumbo is. He doesn't say things like: "make sure to subscribe and leave a like!" he just writes out, "Consider Subscribing?" I just think he's polite

    • Laura Droke
      Laura Droke


    • Jaimee Bourgeois
      Jaimee Bourgeois

      I’m so greatfull that he doesn’t do those things where it’s like: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE OR ELSE THIS SPIDER WILL CRAWL ALL OVER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

    • Hussein Romani
      Hussein Romani

      And much less irritating when telling u to sub

    • Jace is the imposter
      Jace is the imposter

      That’s why he 8m subs

    • Angelz

      He is a gentleman

  • Handle On A Fridge
    Handle On A Fridge

    “Strip mining in the nether is stupid” that has not aged well due to netherite.

    • Mercy

      Cubfan made a video trying all netherite mining tactics and tnt did end up as best and bed did worse then strip mining.

    • Nalboi Gaming
      Nalboi Gaming

      @Jumpyy Jasminee the red block is netherack and the grey block is netherite

    • Nalboi Gaming
      Nalboi Gaming


    • FemkeUwU

      @Suction Cup Man for the first part, beacons go through bedrock, the second issue requires some dedication tho lol

    • נוה ברנדל
      נוה ברנדל

      What did he say about mean comants on old videos?

  • Dalton Sankey
    Dalton Sankey

    “Strip mining in the nether” 1 year later, everyone’s doing it

    • MadeForMario

      @Nirelusko r/alzheimersgroup

    • Dalton Sankey
      Dalton Sankey

      @gunnar boe ah I just came back to this comment, I didn’t understand back then lol

    • Theo Ryan
      Theo Ryan

      Netherite mining

    • RandomHardcorePlayer

      @Mangobaby cool but with some practise you can be good but play what you like :)

    • Mangobaby

      @RandomHardcorePlayer i explained why. i die in a cave or refuse to survive with a dirt hole because that's beginner level.

  • Zen

    yes he does make more mistake than average but atleast he doesnt give up when just placing 2 blocks like me

    • badrobloxplayer

      wait you guys place blocks?

    • huskydropbars

      @Logan Blakely i give up at the thought

    • Zen

      @Logan Blakelygreat job its better than 0

    • Jumpyy Jasminee
      Jumpyy Jasminee

      Well thats kinda dumb..?

    • Logan Blakely
      Logan Blakely

      @Micah Spillane you do 2? i can only do 1

  • Ma7

    When you make an afk farm, stay tons of hours afk... and realize that the machine is turned off

    • JustRandomPerson_On_YT

      @Anton Kremov so doesnt make any lag (too many entity) and you dont have too many items

    • ZathmireGaming


    • Bekfast

      That always happens to me

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More


  • Sword109

    "Every single time water flows in and destroys one of my redstone contraptions, I seriously begin to rethink some of my life choices." I feel that. I made a 4x4 redstone door underwater. ONCE. and it took me 1 HOUR

  • Elizabeth Harris
    Elizabeth Harris

    i've certainly learned a few things from subscribing to you you make great videos that are a good way at learing how to redstone. even in the one's that aren't tutorials i still learn things i didn't know before

  • Kyler Adams
    Kyler Adams

    "frost walker is a rubbish enchantment" yep, depth strider for life

    • Anthony is The coolest 4444 plush
      Anthony is The coolest 4444 plush

      @HerobrineXPc its are you sure about are you sure about

    • Devan Devanduraipragash
      Devan Devanduraipragash

      @Brevort i just have a set of iron boots with frost Walker So when i neednit it's there My main boots have depth strider

    • Richi Bees
      Richi Bees

      @The Only One I don’t blame him

  • Malik The mad man
    Malik The mad man

    You can just make a constantly up piston with a rail on it for your second rail block stopping the minecart from moving until you retract the piston

  • Nerdy Guy
    Nerdy Guy

    Mumbo: "I wish I was better at Minecraft" Also Mumbo: *Bulds a perfectly symetrical flying base, a massive water base, and a gargantuan orb in survival mode*

    • Wj Kengored
      Wj Kengored

      @when the uh is it the one that came from *THE HOLE* ?


      @X Studio Oh wait until you realise season 8 came out! Oh! How time flies!

    • Ara Atifa
      Ara Atifa

      And also PRO AT REDSTONE. Imagine being pro at redstone.. Just imagine...

    • Goobieguy


    • an human
      an human

      And massive armchair now

  • Cocky Khakis
    Cocky Khakis

    love how some of these (ex: the potion one) aren't even frustrating things everyone does in mc. it's just mumbo talking. i love it /gen

  • D.U.C.K JimBob Animations
    D.U.C.K JimBob Animations

    "we're all human" *sweats in duck*

    • kell¡e1005

      *sweats in gacha kid*

    • A goose
      A goose

      *sweats in goose*

    • Mathilde

      @ana gray Same

  • Alyssa Marler
    Alyssa Marler

    This guy is so down to earth. It honestly makes me a huge fan of the fact that he admits he's human and makes mistakes and laughs at his past mistakes. Honestly the first Minecraft RSloftr I've found to be so down to earth and it's amazing

  • Tyrian3k

    Something fun that most people have experienced: Missing a tiny spot when lighting up your base or another build. Of course the first mob that spawns on that single block of light level 7 will be a creeper that blows a massive hole into something very important.

    • Zip Playz
      Zip Playz

      I've never experienced that

  • yeehaw

    “Your pickaxe is fast? My lava is faster.” -The Nether

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      @mario What

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      @hellohowareyou You good?

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      @Cutie Fox9 *Ahem.* "Me knwo grammar too! It's an uendrrstandable think!" Kill me damn it. That was cringing me to death.

    • anti ded
      anti ded


  • Lou Navas
    Lou Navas

    The lava in flammable builds thing...off, I feel that. I spent a lot of time making a maze with some traps and obstacles to explore, including lava pits to jump over. Unfortuantely...it was a hedge maze. Quite a lot of it caught on fire almost immediately.

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra

    "There's no way you can kill pigs in the Nether" Me: *laughs in 1.16 hoglins*

    • Arfan Eka Diandra
      Arfan Eka Diandra

      @Wyldcard whoops

    • Wyldcard

      U mean hoglins 😐

  • Vampdemigod Gaming
    Vampdemigod Gaming

    Mumbo in 2018: "Stripmining in the nether is a mistake" Everyone apparently took that to heart, because now we use TNT.

  • Gaming Jaye
    Gaming Jaye

    13:02 I did the same the other day with a stack of iron and accidentally made multiple iron helmets and wasted almost 64 iron! Luckily I got a use for them. Great video so keep it up!

  • MasterDaniel

    "We don't make mistakes,just happy little accidents." -Bob Ross

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      @The Middle East Roof Korean Yes

    • Margaret George
      Margaret George

      *insert your pfp here* wait- I LOVE THAT

    • DatsMia

      @Pex ever thought about yours tho?

    • arni d
      arni d


    • ches

      @The Middle East Roof Korean ok boomer

  • Shalz Clips
    Shalz Clips

    Python: Says "hi" Also Python: *goes to sleep immediately*

  • Swammy

    Mumbo you the best!!! You’ve inspired me to make redstone mechanics and more so I would like to say thank you 🙏🏼

  • SquareisEpic

    Sometimes I work very hard on a project, and realize that project looks like I could have made it in 5 minutes

  • Cool Bro
    Cool Bro

    I remember one big mistake I made not so long ago in 2014. It was when redstone was added into pocket edition. And caused me to blow up the TNT inside my rollercoaster because of the stupid redstone torches. Now that sucked so much.

  • mir@

    You forgot one... *when your house is uneven and you can’t fix it*

    • meatism

      that one hurt

    • 🌗𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖🌓
      🌗𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖🌓

      @eon Yes

    • 🌗𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖🌓
      🌗𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖🌓

      It's happend ONCE and ALL of my friends laugh when they look at that house because I am "the builder of the server"

    • SoullessOrca

      Just thinking about it is making me want to scream

    • Vilmonster gaming
      Vilmonster gaming


  • cookigacha 36
    cookigacha 36

    Mumbo "we are all human" My cat watching the TV with me "meow"

    • IqDuelThatDood

      Lmaoooo xD

  • NaegaNova

    I like frost walker. It very useful for transporting wolfs or other pets across a ocean or other larg bodies of water. Also you can use them to stand on Magma blocks without taking damage.

  • Gracie Duenas
    Gracie Duenas

    The one where you get stuck in the search area, so relatable I do it almost every single time I play. Not just on creative if I want to find the recipe and want to leave I still do it!!!

  • StarlightGuilderAfton Sings
    StarlightGuilderAfton Sings

    i absolutely love the "and learning is great" at the end of the video! i was in a bad mood today, and it really gave me a laugh and made me feel better

  • Da Mammoth
    Da Mammoth

    "I was killed by chickens!" Grian:"It wasn't me, it was the man in the chicken costume!"

    • Persephone Gatch
      Persephone Gatch


    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      @Icy The Bunny Ya got a stroke while writing this 'ere comment?

    • Zoo House
      Zoo House

      Lol I remember that prank he did

    • Zip Playz
      Zip Playz

      super true LOL

    • Chenghai Dong
      Chenghai Dong

      You copied it from Grian

  • Techhunter Talon
    Techhunter Talon

    6:50 Favorite Texture Pack will always be Dokucraft. Specifically, the Light variant. Though do keep in mind when in servers to switch between it and the base texture pack to ensure I'm not actually building something that looks horrendous in the base textures.

    • jiggly

      @Testament of Love the one with that mountain skybox is (i think) called epic horizon, its at least the closest ive found

    • Techhunter Talon
      Techhunter Talon

      @Testament of Love I put down the name right there in the first sentence.

    • Testament of Love
      Testament of Love

      You happen to know the name of that texture pack?

  • Dragonfire

    I subscribed to this channel so that i can use it to learn about redstone. Actually, because of this channel, i have been experimenting with redstone doors and elevators and redesigned a really simple java edition flying machine that i knew worked to be my elevator.

  • Cartoonimations

    Bad content? I don’t understand the concept of this. Your always right 99% of the time, your really good at redstone, you have a great sense of humor, and all in all your a lovable guy. This is like taking a bite of cake, spitting it out saying you hate it, just to realize that you ate the entire thing 5 minutes later.

  • Alma Soreq
    Alma Soreq

    4:05 you can get a habit of pressing ESC insied of e and always be able to get out of the inventory

  • sussy

    Mumbo Jumbo: Your’re just gonna starve to death in the nether." Me: *Laughs in 2020*

    • AllAloneAgain

      me: *laughs in 2022*

    • 6wm4 Roblox
      6wm4 Roblox


    • Amir Ait Tahar
      Amir Ait Tahar

      Me: *laughs in 2022*

    • Mudklip

      even with nether pigs i still do

  • Sonja Foos
    Sonja Foos

    Hahaha great video. I can relate to some of them. The shift key when crafting was an issue for me. I had so many diamond helmets and axes at one point I ended up giving them to other players.

  • Rushabh Sadiwala
    Rushabh Sadiwala

    "accidentally setting off your own TNT while making traps" - Tango approves.

  • RaviNevi VIBES
    RaviNevi VIBES

    Ok the E in the creative mode is a lot relatable

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More

      @Rose Lalonde if then say [It's relatable.] end

    • Rose Lalonde
      Rose Lalonde

      I've started doing the opposite and pressing escape to OPEN the inventory, then getting confused when the "back to game" screen comes up

    • Ranpotheinvisableboi


    • KingOzzie lol
      KingOzzie lol


    • Dreamer

      Yes, completely.

  • AllHailOreo

    The frost walker is actually a godsend in rlcraft to get ice cubes. There have been many times when I'm in the middle of a desert and dying from heat and there's a small lake nearby. Can just make a cooler unit and im all good.

  • 1-minute CRAFTS
    1-minute CRAFTS

    one time I made an item farm and i was like "this will only take like 20 minutes" 2 hours later "yes finaly im finished hah now I can have all the bonemeal i wan- wait its a zombie spawner"

  • SephirothRyu

    Mistake 51: Always letting Grian near your buttons (or boottons) and levers.

  • Taweechai Ouypornkochagorn
    Taweechai Ouypornkochagorn

    The time where I just shift click and moving in the search menu happens a lot to me to, but keep up your very good work! It will always pay of in a different role!

  • Psyduck

    6:55 if you take away the blocks texture for this and keep everything else minecraft just looks amazing.

  • JKitSme

    Mumbo: *We're all human* Also Mumbo: *creates a walking village*

    • Tashriba

      Omg true

    • My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
      My Singing Monsters Fan 1023

      He is no human He is a god of his own

    • g

      "He is too smart to be keeped alive!"

    • galaxyskywalker plays
      galaxyskywalker plays


  • 1k with no vids
    1k with no vids

    We can all agree that mumbo never fails to entertain us

  • Andy Lagger
    Andy Lagger

    Yeah, some people really aren’t very productive when they aren’t able to follow instructions. When I found out your spiral door doesn’t use observers and instead uses a hopper and dropper… I used up an hour of my life to learn observer piston extender, and jury rigged it to work on your spiral door frame. The end result is cool as hell!

  • Crxmson

    I wanna say something. Big respect for mumbo jumbo for building all this unless it was someone like grian

  • Sunman

    The creative searcher problem happens almost always to me.

  • JustMii

    I didn’t even know that you needed a silk touch pickaxe to take an enderchest. Thanks Mumbo!

  • Gautam U.
    Gautam U.

    You forgot one of the most important things, Not to bridge with soul sand. it isnt a full block for some strange reason

  • Lyokoheros

    This last mistake was priceless :D (And actually I did forgot that enderchest even needs the silk touch to not break into 8 obsidian block a few times... well once even I didn't notice that and were like "Why I have 8 obsidian in my inventory... and wait, where's the Enderchest!?")

  • Seymour Connor
    Seymour Connor

    Mumbo Jumbo dont listen to them you do the best vids and have saved me tones of time in my life from doing redstone. I have always loved your vids so keep them going. 😀

  • FreyayerF

    That one about following a tutorial from 2013 happened to me in a way I was on a youtubers singleplayer video and someone commented 'what is the seed?' and I gave it. The video was from 1.16 and then they accused me of lying because they were on 1.18.

  • V3 Ethereal
    V3 Ethereal

    "Why is there a giant crater in the shopping district?" "Oh Mumbo's TNT shop just exploded."

    • TheReaperOfLykos76

      TrashCaster ba dum tsss

    • Endminer

      Everyone in the area. First to find mumbo gets 64 diamonds

    • RedTheBunny

      *Calmly takes a sip of tea* Talk to Mumbo, it's the third time this week

    • Commenter Commenty pants
      Commenter Commenty pants

      "Why is there a giant crater in the shopping district?" "A wild Bumbo made his nest there."

    • KBSANGEL 1986
      KBSANGEL 1986

      @TrashCaster I see what you did there bud :)

  • BackSet

    "This is even worse in the Nether because there's no way you can kill off these guys." I come from the future bearing good news.

  • Pog-Roki

    Hi Mumbo! I really like your videos! I hope I will be able to get better at Redstone because of you!

  • Geek Gold
    Geek Gold

    10:42 That hit home with me, happens to me every single time

  • Epic

    Not to mention adding on to the old red stone tutorials:following a tutorial that was made for Java and building it in bedrock

  • A Game's Channel
    A Game's Channel

    A little tip that might save your redstone builds: When making traps that involve TNT, use redstone lamps instead and if they light up, that spot is not safe to put TNT Edit: if none of the lamps light up, replace with TNT

    • Cotten mic muffin🍰✌
      Cotten mic muffin🍰✌

      You are big brain.

  • Fernanda Cappucci
    Fernanda Cappucci

    I love how this is literally a video of a guy explaining what HIS mistakes are and it somehow still manages to get 5K dislikes lol

  • Pusheen C
    Pusheen C

    Mumbo: I don’t like the hyper-realistic textures Also Mumbo, five seconds later: I like these mountains

  • Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell

    Mumbo: I like the idea of the mountains on the landscape. Me: I agree Mumbo 😊

  • Brevort

    This video: titled "Stupid mistakes I always make" Actually this video: Stupid mistakes that other people make that really annoys Mumbo

  • BritishBubbles

    "We're human, at least I hope everyone watching is human" Me; **sweats in British teabag**

    • virus master04
      virus master04

      me: **sweats in slime**

    • Woologic

      **sweats in american**

    • Zack Stump
      Zack Stump

      I feel like British teabag would be a slur

    • ruby ortiz
      ruby ortiz

      @Chica The Chicken :D O MAHH GAHD!kamustaa🙂🙃

    • Lim Kee Chee
      Lim Kee Chee

      Sweats in The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft


    If There is One Thing I Really Really Hate About Iron Doors Its That They Don't Stay Open With A Stone Button But Now I Know To Use A Wooden Button

  • ShadowTheWolf5021

    I love your videos, never give up just because some ugly rats say that your videos are bad, I think they are good, and if you think they are good then that's all that matters! Don't care what they say, just as long as your proud of doing what you love.

  • Manicfestations

    Oh, the pain with accidentally shift clicking in a crafting table! There was one time where I accidentally made about 20 stone swords! I remember thinking to myself "Oh crap, I'm never going to use them all!!!" I still have most of those stone swords...

  • Porquezz

    One day I decided to do some pvp, so I logged on to 1.8.9 After I got bored I decided to go on to my solo survival. I forgot to switch the version. fell into the void (In the overworld) and lost my mega base and everything in my world. That's been gone for a while now, and now I'm farther in a different world. I do that to Mumbo.

  • James_Cinnabond

    I knew I couldn't be the only one who was constantly typing "ew" in the Creative inventory XD

    • ProAlexPower

      I just type ewad like yea

    • migiboo!

      i always typed something like "eeeeeeweawdawdasawadsdawdsdadsasdaws" then i was like oh im still im my inventory

    • OongaBoongaMan


    • Galloping Crew
      Galloping Crew

      James_Cinnabond I wasss omfg thought I was the only one lmao

    • Andy Wang
      Andy Wang

      so correct me too XD

  • Authentic Artz
    Authentic Artz

    Its exciting to know that the mountains on the landscape will soon be real.

  • Soph He
    Soph He

    his frustration with hating the hyper realistic texture packs but liking the sky and mountains is too relatable

  • Da-Boi

    Anyone remember when you didn’t need blaze powder to power brewing stands


    I hate misusing fuel. So, when I need to smelt 1 piece of stone I go to a tree, mine it, turn its wood into planks and then smelt the item rather than using coal. In 1.18 my OCD has grown. I even get a blast furnace or a smoker as soon as possible because it just hurts my soul.

  • Nepheos

    if you often switch between creative and survival (eg. on your server) and accidentally deleting your survival inventory. It's happened so often to me, that I now have backup copies of my precious equipment (netherite armor, equip, tridents, elytra, etc.)

  • Hasan Lakhani
    Hasan Lakhani

    5:23 The order is 1: Enchant Your Pickaxe 2: Enchant Books 3: Combine the books in the Anvil

  • Metal Kitten
    Metal Kitten

    Does anyone know the name of the texture pack he uses? I really like the way it looks

  • DisKorruptd

    I mean... I don't have the group attack problem... my weapon of choice is an axe, a wooden axe does the same damage as a diamond sword, (and it's PVE, so DPS isn't a big enough factor)

  • Pro gaming
    Pro gaming

    if you dont have torches when underwater just use a bucket it works just as well

  • SquareisEpic

    “Strip mining in the nether is stupid” Ancient debris: hey To all those people saying: “nO tHiS wAs MaDe In 2018” I know this was made before ancient debris, that’s the joke

    • SquareisEpic

      @jel I know that’s the joke. I didn’t join a month ago

    • SquareisEpic

      @Matt Mac I know, that’s the joke

    • jel

      @InkShift Chara yeah your wrong

    • jel

      That was 1.12 or more not 1.16 'cause ancient debris didn't exist back then...

    • 4RM

      @InkShift Chara yeah, no.

  • Flapcow

    I actually do use stove buttons with iron doors and it works perfect for me