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Today we take a look at the 50 step process of starting a new Minecraft survival world!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    Whoops! Uploaded two versions of the same video. For those who didn't see it, you didn't miss much! Just 10 minutes of black screen!

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    • MR.GAMERBOY4000

      Please make another one of these?

    • Luca Trifan
      Luca Trifan

      Sounds like MINCERAFT easter egg to me

    • Midnight_Eclipse


    • OPPLAYER57


  • bing chilling
    bing chilling

    Is it just me or is starting a new minecraft survival world the best feeling in the world?

    • Itz Nix
      Itz Nix

      @BabytinkeRz yeah early game is boring because you have nothing to do. After you get diamond tools and have proper farms you can basically build whatever you want whenever you want. Mobs aren't a huge deal because they basically do nothing (other than creepers)

    • S S
      S S

      Wet vegetables okay wet vegetables 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jon Gore
      Jon Gore

      Totally dude, I love starting new worlds

    • Merino otaku ql
      Merino otaku ql

      in that world

    • Dr Phils Ranch
      Dr Phils Ranch

      Wet vegetables, coming from the guy who’s name is wet vegetables

  • P M
    P M

    When exploring caves: Put all of your torches on the right wall. When you walk back, as long as you keep all of the torches to the left of you, you'll find the way out.

    • purple.

      Oh my goodness, I have never met someone else who does this, until now. We are 4 universes ahead.

    • Cody Harney
      Cody Harney

      Been doing this for years, left when leaving, coming back it's the "right" way home

    • AustraKaiser

      Now this is a pro-gamer move

    • nuggetwiz

      i do it the other way around so the right torches are the right way to go

    • Remix

      i just always place torches on the walls in front of me instead of the sides, so to find my way back i just follow where the torches are pointing

  • Poison Potato
    Poison Potato

    When you realise he's still in the early stages of his minecraft world

    • joseph Aranda
      joseph Aranda

      This might shock you but if you go and find a vein of lapis, mine -4 on (I forgot if it was y or z) and then Dig straight down, the diamonds will appear

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @MYNAMEISNEYMAR yeah I'm not bad at the game I just die by a creeper falling out of nowhere and get mad and think I'm a noob lol

    • Crobat

      @Yahya YILMAZ so?


      i think he just used creative mode

    • The Sesame Guy
      The Sesame Guy

      All hes doing is mining and farms, hes really grinding, wheres the fun at, he never went to the fortress or anything

  • PeaceInExile

    I'd like Mumbo to make an updated version of this when 1.17 comes out to see how it's changed.

    • Tactical_Vector

      @Dilsimer Deep yall talking about this guide changing from updates? man i started my survival world yesterday with 2 of my friends and we already have a damn megabase that we're working on rn

    • Dilsimer Deep
      Dilsimer Deep

      @QuasarEE nop

    • QuasarEE

      Iron farm design aside, 99% of this still applies even in 1.18 😏

  • professional sleeper
    professional sleeper

    Funnily enough, my start was WAAAY different, obviously there's the startup tools and all but I usually just chuck a small signifier of a place where all my items will be, type the coordinates in chat, get some essentials like stone tools and food for one trip, and get to exploring, I just started a minecraft world (literally today) and I have a full set of iron armor, a diamond pick, full set of iron tools, a fast as hell horse with iron horse armor and tons of resources and food from looting villages, with over a stack of emeralds without going into a single cave. The trick is getting a bed asap, keeping it in your inventory and just sleeping the night away when it's about to get dark even if you don't really have a house. This way, even if you have practically no armor you don't need to worry about mobs. And then you get a boat and see where the river takes you, oceans are your friend, you look for shipwrecks and/or desert pyramids looking for loot and more importantly, a saddle. It shouldn't be too hard to find a relatively fast horse, you can abandon your horse if you find a faster one anyway. Then you just look for any and all generated buildings, especially villagers, harvest melons, pumpkins and sugar canes you find along the way. Pillage and scam every village you come across, kill their iron golem if you know how to. Right now I have all the things I stated in the first paragraph along with nether access (thanks broken portals), resources to start a sugar cane farm, pumpkin farm, melon farm and the villagers needed for a villager breeder. A bunch of bread and hay to feed me and my horse. An enchanting table (thanks again broken portals), a bunch of paper. Also I may not have the bookcases needed for proper enchantments but I do have a golden hoe with silk touch (thanks again again broken portals) so whenever I do find a village with bookcases I can just straight up get them without them breaking up into books. I will say, this is a very luck based starting strategy but if you feel lucky and do actually get lucky, this can happen, and if you aren't lucky, well you just got a bunch of exploring done and now know what locations are where. If you are really REALLY unlucky and you didn't see a single thing, I mean... You JUST created this world, nothing is on it, you can just delete it and hope for a better generation for your seccond attempt at a beginning.

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      getting full diamond on the first day is easy especially with 24 hours in a whole day

    • Just A Slice Of Cheesecake
      Just A Slice Of Cheesecake

      keep I mind that this vid was made before ruined portals and shipwrecks even existed

    • Gg_ mask2173
      Gg_ mask2173

      Bro wrote a college essay😅

    • Jordan Beckers
      Jordan Beckers

      Well that comment was long

    • Sri Vallabha
      Sri Vallabha

      @Sophie Wintle yo that’s just sad

  • MarsBarDaBom

    Mumbo: "It's pretty well protected and it doesn't look as ugly as a dirt house." Also Mumbo: Builds a huge cobblestone block in the sky.

    • Stanby Mode
      Stanby Mode

      @Victor Vu dont see how thats false, it doesnt matter whats happening inside of it, its still a big cobblestone block in the sky

    • Victor Vu
      Victor Vu

      False, that's a basic iron farm before mojang changed how villagers worked, you want free iron not spend hours doing useless tasks.

    • Rocky NT
      Rocky NT


    • Iida


    • GamerDos


  • Sweat

    “Caves are a bit scary because of mobs” Laughs in cave update 2021

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @Superocker06 u wasted ur time he probably only got one notification from all that

    • vyl ψ
      vyl ψ

      1.18 caves are legit terrifying

    • Aiden Lilley
      Aiden Lilley

      what in tarnation happened down here

    • Superocker06

      @KawakiPlayz ,

    • Superocker06

      @KawakiPlayz ,

  • Viper

    He should totally make a second version of this since the beloved afk fish farm no longer works in 1.16 😪

    • SamJesus8

      it does still work but you dont use the tripwire hook anymore so its kinda meh

    • Oc3lot Gaming
      Oc3lot Gaming

      @clorpcloclarpcalarp it is 1.18. I cant remember where I found the tutorial though, I will link here when I find it.

    • clorpcloclarpcalarp

      @Oc3lot Gaming but is it 1.16+?

    • Oc3lot Gaming
      Oc3lot Gaming

      There is a way involving putting fish into a water source, then lava auto retracts the fishing rod, and you don't lose durability either!

    • The Minecraft Gamer
      The Minecraft Gamer

      plus now axes do more damage than swords

  • BResch19 Productions
    BResch19 Productions

    Mumbo: make a crafting table Me: okay good I did that! Me: looks away for a second Mumbo: okay now we have our auto chicken thingy Me: skips back a minute

  • Dalton Sankey
    Dalton Sankey

    Tip for transporting villagers: palace water in front of the boat and when you’re about to go over the water source pick it up so you can place it again and repeat. If you need to go up a block put the water on the block you want to go up

  • lindsey

    as soon as i get one diamond i consider my survival world complete

    • Hello

      Me too

    • ChristianNotTristian

      me too

    • Alexander McBride
      Alexander McBride

      wow just wow there is sooo much more to the game

    • ෆℒ𝑒𝓍𝒾 𝓂𝒶𝓎ෆ
      ෆℒ𝑒𝓍𝒾 𝓂𝒶𝓎ෆ

      As soon i have have 5 emeralds and a farm i have no clue what to do

    • Michael Wright
      Michael Wright


  • Atman Mehta
    Atman Mehta

    Consider doing this again for 1.18! Should be interesting to see how things have changed in the game.

    • TheRandomMusicGuy

      Yeah that would be really interesting

  • Dalton2226

    I recently started playing minecraft again and would really like to see a 1.18 version of this because of how different it is

  • sinningchik

    GRINDSTONE is so helpful for enchanting early game. Enchant with any level 3 enchant, if it isn't what you want just grindstone it.

    • shashank ambone
      shashank ambone

      Used to feel the same till i halved my lapis supply looking for fortune 3 lol

  • Bernadine Kamto
    Bernadine Kamto

    Tip: after crafting a stone picaxe you can use the old wooden one for fuel. And for the extra doors there also good for fuel :)

  • Primacia

    Minute 1: Knock some stone off of a mountain to build yourself a little enclave to sleep in overnight since you don't even have a dirt hut yet Minute 6: After you've built your enchanting table and automatic chicken egg farm, you'll want to set up an AFK fish farm

    • Blitz

      U forgot in minute 5 to switch to creative mofe

    • smarty infinity
      smarty infinity

      @keratexas lol

    • Cyprix z
      Cyprix z

      marcos Andrade he’s not that’s someone else’s tutorial he says it in the video

    • RellaHella

      I thought this was a joke until he actually did it

    • Yash Patel
      Yash Patel

      mind expanded couple inches after that jump in content

  • BResch19 Productions
    BResch19 Productions

    I can’t be the only one who thinks it kinda defeats the purpose of enjoying the game if u just make afk farms to do everything for you. I like working on worlds for a long time to make it more fun. Also how do u mine for hours?! I get bored after two minutes

    • Greenxclips

      @ZZZTripleZZZ you thought you ate this comment up

    • Noreen Pitts
      Noreen Pitts

      @ZZZTripleZZZ Correct. No one is telling anyone how to play -IMO, that's one of the coolest things about Minecraft. There are so, so many ways to play it, and all of them are right if you're having fun. That said, it's nice to encounter and chat with like-minded (and also less like-minded) strangers on the internet. :)

    • ZZZTripleZZZ

      Nobody is telling anyone here how to play the game lol? If you don’t want to do the farm step, just, don’t.

    • Stanby Mode
      Stanby Mode

      Afk farms are usually just used to gather resources to build stuff later, and building farms are also a bit fun to build, so the fun isnt in the afking, rather in the building

    • Jack Burnett
      Jack Burnett

      I agree with the farms my friends are making iron gold afk fish creeper sugar cane and xp farms there’s just no fun in doing that whatsoever

  • Fried_ Chicken
    Fried_ Chicken

    This helped me so much i started a new hardcore world and these advises are amazing:)

  • Blizzard Builds
    Blizzard Builds

    Updated version Step 1: Find a Village Step 2: Go in the caves until you get 64 Diamonds Step 3: Go to the nether get netherite Step 4: Enchant and trade with villagers and be OP

  • Dom Terreto
    Dom Terreto

    literally makes a food farm and has 7 steak in his off hand the whole game

    • Stanby Mode
      Stanby Mode

      @VIKAS KARAN M the phrase “no shit” is a way of saying obviously, for example, if someone says 1 + 1 = 2, you could say in that situation “obviously” or “no shit”, you said something obvious which is why they said that

    • Dom Terreto
      Dom Terreto

      @VIKAS KARAN M what

    • Dom Terreto
      Dom Terreto

      @VIKAS KARAN M no shit

    • Dom Terreto
      Dom Terreto

      @TheFlamingBlade ik i was joking

    • TheFlamingBlade

      he just gave himself everything in creative

  • VexNade

    Me: Using a farm to get food, getting my own iron, and fishing on a sand island peacefully with music Also me: *It ain't much, but it's honest work*

    • Craig nichols
      Craig nichols

      Im late here

    • CostalMole280

      How do you think i got my op bow and 22 blocks of iron?:)))

    • Preston Blake
      Preston Blake

      @ghostdtx lol that new season geeks tf outta me

    • ghostdtx

      @Preston Blake tegridy farms snow. Marijuana free cocaine

    • Preston Blake
      Preston Blake

      @ghostdtx everyone could use a lil more godamn tegridy

  • ayt

    8:53 The old netherrack texture brings back memories

  • KobezNBAEditz

    Thumbnail: NEW WORLD DONE WELL! Mumbo: Hasn't even made a bed *NEw WoRLd DoNe WeLL*

    • __Sobek__

      @Spartan Havoc EditorsDREAM

    • Spartan Havoc
      Spartan Havoc

      @__Sobek__ who?

    • __Sobek__

      @Spartan Havoc someone's account got deleeeteeed

  • Mr T
    Mr T

    To transport villagers you can also place water on top of a hill so a waterfall will form, and then travel upstream carefully with the boat. That's much easier and cheaper than using pistons.

  • Smart Shrekyboy
    Smart Shrekyboy

    Starting a new minecraft world is personally my favorite part because it allows you to set up plans and a layout for your world and it is just a clean slate.

  • RyanFlareFX

    50 steps on starting a new minecraft world. Mumbo: Okay so now we are going to build an ender dragon farm.

    • f1rebreather123

      ZegeL Iron Golems

    • s

      @ZegeL ..... _its a secret_

    • ScareBarley 6132
      ScareBarley 6132

      If you watch ssundee sky factory 4 you can watch him make 1

    • RyanFlareFX

      @ZegeL yea



  • Crxzy

    pro tip for caving, Put your torches on 1 side (left or right wall) i put them on the left wall so if a torch is on the left i know i am going deeper. If its on the right then i am leaving

  • SquareisEpic

    I’m never going to organize my storage system in a million years

    • Kineticat

      never ever ever

    • Mrs. Airplane Jane
      Mrs. Airplane Jane

      Hi grian

  • FernTheFenc

    In 1.17, I would recommend mining at Y=6. Bring a water bucket, there's loads of lava.

  • Number Six
    Number Six

    Early game, the only tools I'd ever use iron or above for is keeping 1 iron pick-axe available and 1 shears. Otherwise stone all the way. Your initial iron should go to armor and a shield as you can't mine if you're dead.

  • Conrad Delgado
    Conrad Delgado

    When you start a world I’d recommend getting 64 iron. 9 for tools, 24 for armor (33 total), and 31 for an anvil (64 total)

    • Ao Arashi
      Ao Arashi

      I would rather make shields, buckets and shears instead of armour.

    • The Minecraft Gamer
      The Minecraft Gamer

      63 because axes do more damage, so you don't need the sword(2 iron, so 64-2=62) and use 1 iron to craft a shield(62+1=63 iron).

    • ThePikachu25 YT
      ThePikachu25 YT

      I recommend 71, (1 stack and 7) because it gets you full iron tools and armour (excluding a hoe), a sheild, an anvil, a flint and steel (to light a nether portal and instantly get cooked meat), a pair of shears (for wool and other unique items) and a bucket (to survive large drops and easily build a nether portal)

    • Muckaroo

      Thats a great Idea!

  • ItsLemontree

    Glad i found this video again. Saw it when it first came out and have been pretty much reenacting these tips every minecraft world.


    Step 1: Have fun and do what you want. Figure things out on your own and learn from your mistakes. You'll have a much better experience. Step 2: See Step 1.

  • William Petrie
    William Petrie

    can we just acknowledge that he spawned right next to a nether fortress.

  • Quinn Fox
    Quinn Fox

    Step 1: Chop Trees Step 2: Crafting Table Step 3: Continue to chop trees for tools, replanting as necessary. Step 4: Build a Composter Step 5: Break Grass for seeds. Step 6: Produce Bonemeal for overworldly resources. Step 7: Iron Step 8 Diamond

  • Cabbage Boi
    Cabbage Boi

    How to start a new minecraft world properly Mumbo: *How to complete 80% of the game*

    • KFC

      @captaintoad7006 you beat the game doesn’t mean you can’t compete it, for example I beat Breath of the wild when I kill Ganon but I can still go and gather more items and stuff.

    • KFC

      @Rudy Rude your literally trying to sound smart, this is a Minecraft video do you understand that, it’s not a man who was responsible for the death millions of people.

    • McDonalds chicken nuggets
      McDonalds chicken nuggets

      @captaintoad7006 when you beat the ender dragon *you beat the game* yeahhhh there's no beating the games nAh

    • Ramziez

      YES YOU CAN BEAT MINE CRAFT to do it you bead the endear dragon

    • TheFlamingBlade

      sad mumbo got the things from creative he just goofed in creative and gave himself the stuff or placed the items because in 5:57 he has his iron pickaxe in green yellow bar and his sword in green bar and then in 6:04 its all the same but the ores

  • spamuel98

    I still do everything out of order, lol. I end up making a farm and setting up the basic framework of my main base before I even get an enchanting table, and I waste diamonds left and right making tools instead of an enchanting table because I get hung up on not having all the bookshelves for the good enchantments. I even have a mob farm set up before that enchanting table.

  • SquareisEpic

    I would recommend making an iron chestplate because the first night is always hard to survive.

  • Jr. Junior
    Jr. Junior

    Tip: if you have a two boats you can drive the boat in to the block you need to get up then put another sideways at the edge of the block then break the one the villager is in they'll be put in the new boat on top of the block.

  • Zed Quincey
    Zed Quincey

    we need this kind of video updated to 1.16 please. it is very enjoyable to watch!

  • Logan Villamor
    Logan Villamor

    "because bones are incredibly useful" *proceeds to leave bones in chest*

    • Izzy on the go!
      Izzy on the go!


    • Logan Villamor
      Logan Villamor

      @constellatium oof ok we have very simmilar last names

    • constellatium

      The only word I can think of is bone right now, I have a dirty mind

    • Jota

      Madeline Mandolfo same

    • Madeline Mandolfo
      Madeline Mandolfo

      i saw that XD

  • Anime noob
    Anime noob

    Also when making a new world: I find it handy when constructing a mine to take a bunch of sticks with the crafting table to make a bunch of Stone picks. Lower durability, but they save the durability of the Iron one

    • Naud van Dalen
      Naud van Dalen

      True. I used the stone pickaxe way too long when I played Minecraft while Mumbo Jumbo just skips the stone tools (except 1 stone pickaxe) and goes straight for full iron tools and has a diamond pickaxe after 3 days and full enchanted diamond gear after a few hours.

  • Boris Radosavljević
    Boris Radosavljević

    Great video! I wonder how much different it would be if you re do it in 1.17 or 1.18 snapshots


    Fun fact, for the Iron farms, there can be much tinier versions then just 4 bed rooms for villagerd

  • Dawnforge

    I have watched this video over and OVER and O V E R again and it s t i l l helps me out today. Thanks

  • dawwwidek

    Mumbo: Has two stacks of diamonds. Also Mumbo: *Rails and minecarts are too expensive.*

    • Eduardo Silva
      Eduardo Silva

      OnlySamuru lol that happened to me but no mineshaft

    • freddy fazbear
      freddy fazbear


    • Ruqaiya Ali
      Ruqaiya Ali

      @StarBurst Flame tbh tho when you're in a mineshaft there are a lot of things to find that are useful... also I find WAYYYY more than 20 rails in a mineshaft... I've collected 3 stacks of rails from them alone. It saves a lot of iron in the bigger picture

    • Lazer_ Acskills
      Lazer_ Acskills

      Not if you strip mine

    • Pengu

      @dawwwidek it's mostly rng so i depends

  • GoodISnipr S
    GoodISnipr S

    When making armor, place this amount of material in each craft slot at the start, then you need only add to the top middle slot 2 pieces and you'll make the whole set of armor with minimal clicks/drags/placements/whatever you wanna call it: Put in: 4 0 4 4 1 4 2 1 2 Take out: 1 Chestplate Put in: 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Take out: 1 Legs, 1 Helmet, 1 Boots To make it even faster, hold SHIFT when clicking on the Legs, Helmet and Boots to automove them into your inventory.

  • Julie Kendrick Delaney
    Julie Kendrick Delaney

    Mumbo! You have been my dream. I have been working in creative for years, and scared of survival mode. I have searched for starter tutorials but none that explains this detail. PS, if you have never played, you do not know you need to cut down trees and with what, you don't know about dirt or why, you don't know anything and end up killed so many times you quite, as I have 100s of times. This time I am going to make a real effort. I understand more now and what I should do on the first week or so. I will let you know if your video got me through at least my first night because I know I won't have a bed so fast, but I will try.

  • TheParvitz900

    Just ONE SINGLE thing left: If you (somehow) get Silk touch before fortune (enchanting books from a desert pyramid i guess), enchant another pickaxe (preferably iron, you no want to waste diamonds on a pickaxe that doesn't give you the precious cobble) with it, mine the diamonds you found (and marked the coordinates of) and keep them safe until you get Fortune (preferably 3 but 1 is ok)

  • Zeus Aurel
    Zeus Aurel

    6:04 "after a couple of hours" diamond pick still intact, iron tools still intact, armor still intact, no eggs in the egg farm, no seeds either. mumbo sus

    • Amélie Barrois
      Amélie Barrois

      Also, he had a repeater before going to the nether

    • JackTheName


    • Clips Of The Wild
      Clips Of The Wild

      i saw him in creative on a enchantment table. also, he had 64 of a lot of things AND didnt use lapis when enchanting . hammer sound mumbo used creative people gasp in shock

    • TotherCactus

      He is also in creative mode at 8:00

    • Heg TheBrave
      Heg TheBrave

      I mean, he is not actually playing, he is making a tutorial, for the player following the tutorial those would be the approximate amount of time and resources. RSloftrs have waaay more stuff to do than just play a days worth of Minecraft just do do a 10 min video

  • n3ther1te

    "Make sure you have alot of food, which I have forgotten" That 55 steak in the furnace: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Owley

    For the villager transportation put a block above the piston extend ze piston put another block on the piston and keep on going when you are high in the air construct a bridge and bring the boat across to your base its much easier than like 30 pistons :)

  • ThePurpleMan

    this guide was very helpful for my minecraft survival adventure im doing in 1.17/1.18 but one thing is luck because it could take however long for anybody in which case making your survival world even harder to conquer

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad

    For an updated version, after making everything diamond and enchanted, I reccomend going to the nether and getting 32 ancient debris to upgrade everything.

  • Requitas

    Pro Tip: Everytime you're mining, place ALL torches on the right side. so you never can get lost in complex mines or caves because you just have to follow the routes where torches are left


      Ty for the tip!

    • Anuj Patel
      Anuj Patel


    • Angela Lybbert
      Angela Lybbert

      I do left side but same effect.

    • Edgy Toaster
      Edgy Toaster

      @Silva Delly Rangga nice grammar, also that comment doesnt make any sense

  • Unlimited Everything
    Unlimited Everything

    I’m scrapping one of my old Minecraft worlds, I was playing on it but it felt like I was running around in circles and I never really did anything new, and then I saw an illager right outside the house I made so that was basically it for me lol

  • Angela Cui
    Angela Cui

    it’d be nice to see an updated version of this…

  • ninja adwaith
    ninja adwaith

    thank you, i just got a new minecraft client and now i am able to get playable fps in my game so i am going to do a new start fully survival, thanks again this was a help mimbo great job :)

  • HzKid

    Tip: you only need 10 obsidian because you don’t have to fill In the corners of your nether portal

  • PeaceAndLove USA
    PeaceAndLove USA

    I was with you until you started the automated devices. I prefer to feel accomplished by doing stuff myself rather than have it given to me. Otherwise, my start up is still much different. Day 1: get 3 wood for wooden pick > get stone tools > get 3 wool and a stack of wood > smelt charcoal for torches (coal is for trading) > make torches and a bed > sleep outside before mobs spawn (if I cannot craft the bed, I mine through the night) Day 2-7+: landscaping to make a large open field to build on, and building a wheat farm along the shore because I don't have a bucket yet Day "8": get cocky and fight mobs without armor or iron weapons, only to die and have to delete the world because it's on hardcore XD

  • SquareisEpic

    I don’t care about the learning of this tutorial, I just like to watch this

    • KawakiPlayz

      me too dude but I sometimes use it

  • Nick Shell
    Nick Shell

    This video alone got me from punching trees and hiding underground to building a fully functioning mine and farm.

  • Car productions
    Car productions

    Tip: to start craft a wooden axe instead of a wooden pickaxe cuz you can gather wood faster to get more tools

  • GGianni

    Even though Mumbo is a redstone genius, he still starts chopping a tree at the bottom block.

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @random teenager on the internet it's just a java thing

    • Doge Gaming
      Doge Gaming

      @Extramrdo but it was just a small tree

    • OPPLAYER57


    • MuffinCat


    • f1rebreather123

      @DeusVult they is also useful if you don't know someone's gender, or even if you're just referring to a person in general. It's better to say they than to get corrected because I can't tell someone's gender over the internet.

  • Ben Octari Cat
    Ben Octari Cat

    I saw 1 big mistake: not keeping your torches on the same side of the cave to find your way back if you get lost

  • jojorobino5312

    I always build a decent house before I find diamonds. Wheat farm is also my main source of food for the early stages. As I find animals I build farms.

  • TheGreatWaffless99

    Best tip of them all: SAVE THE DIAMONDS FOR LATER. It makes a huge difference if you come back with a Fortune pickaxe.

  • Liam YT
    Liam YT

    Thanks! this is gonna help me for a new world!

  • FatherGerry

    mumbo completing 75% of the game before making a bed

    • Michael koenig
      Michael koenig

      I went in crative

    • AwesomePotato

      @eeb ! but did he use it :0

    • I.Z SKETCH
      I.Z SKETCH

      In one world I never crafted a bed, Because I stole one from the vilage

    • GdAlphaUltraNoob


    • Multiplication

      @Midnight *uno reverse card*

  • Kyle Garzon
    Kyle Garzon

    I would lovvvveeeee to see a upraised version of this.

  • Ronton

    as someone who grew up on this game and played in from 2012-2017 i love this game get cravings randomly to play when i haven’t played in years everytime i try to reclaim my childhood i get on and get bored within 20 minutes. the game is over run with god tier players now so multiplayer is pay to win on most servers and ppl who r starting with nothing trying to enjoy the game can’t, i NEED a video called “how to play minecraft again and it not be sh*t”

    • Ronton

      to elaborate i think there has to be a way for me to get to the point of being a god tier player again but now it seems that it’s over filled with these really good players making it a spawn and die scenario every time i am to join a game. factions/sky lock were the shit back in the day even mineplex was the shit now it just seems too advanced to start

  • Julie Kendrick Delaney
    Julie Kendrick Delaney

    A good example is I did not know you couldn't break and keep stone without a pickax. How would I know the stick would just make powder. Someone had to tell me. So yes, this helps more than any other, and the more basic you can get, even if a 5 minute video could help. PS. I LOVE YOUR WORK

  • Denisa Tobolova
    Denisa Tobolova

    Thank you for this video it really helped I never played with someone till now I met someone so thank you and also what is the texture pack you use?

  • OMGaming203

    Mumbo: "You need 9 bits of iron and 32 bits of coal." Me: *finds 10 bits of iron* Also me: *deletes world*

    • SAM NEW
      SAM NEW

      @Fightingtype We British

    • SAM NEW
      SAM NEW


    • Best Robo1234
      Best Robo1234


    • foxina29c_YT

      You could use the extra bit for a 🛡

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More

      q key intensifies

  • Ursula

    I miss Y=11, although having different levels for each material does mean I can get more out of any one strip mine per unit area.

    • Cubing Wisdom
      Cubing Wisdom

      7:48 he went to creative

  • getemdaddy

    6:18 “And after a couple hours of mining, I have been able to gather a few resources.” Literally has same number of levels when he did a cut😂😂

  • [ Pewter Apple ]
    [ Pewter Apple ]

    Actually its not tricky to get resources at the start, in my opinion, i remember the needed resources for the house and tools and other stuff i wanna make first.

  • -TheTopAdventure-

    12:10 I just think to this: Use water streams to transport villagers!

  • lazuliman

    This will sound weird by my first priority is to craft a shield as quickly as possible.

    • Yoshi

      yes, im a year late but i do the same

    • Kiwi Site
      Kiwi Site

      oh so you're not from the OG Minecraft version times 😂

    • DeepGaming

      yeah skeletons and creepers are creeps and you need shield to tackle them

    • TOUDyt a
      TOUDyt a

      Same lol

    • Jufnah

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